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Beauty, who are you?

Tang Mingxi stared at the mirror for a full five minutes. After confirming that the bewitching strange beauty in the mirror was himself, he couldn’t help but ask again, ‘Who are you, Beauty?’

“Second Young Master .…” Aunt Wang, the nanny, cautiously pulled Tang Mingxi out of the chaotic state.

With tears in his eyes and a lifeless expression on his face, he looked down at his slender and fair body, as well as the disappearing six-pack abdominal muscles.

He looked up again at the unfamiliar room, with its exquisite chandeliers and handmade cashmere carpets, full of luxury and decadence, laziness, and a passionate atmosphere.

Outside the window, it was snowing heavily—obviously, it was still summer last night.

Was it all a dream? Everything should be a dream, right?

Aunt Wang thought that Tang Mingxi was still angry because of his husband Ye Heng’s retaliation, so she comforted, “Second Young Master, calm down. Ye Heng didn’t mean to fight back. You don’t have to harm yourself to punish him.”

Tang Mingxi’s mouth twitched when he heard the name “Ye Heng”.

The facts were in front of him, and he had to admit that he had transmigrated into a book. He also transmigrated into a novel that he had read, and became a cannon fodder ex-wife with the same name as him, except for his face.

Yes, he was a scum cannon fodder, and Ye Heng was the male protagonist of “The Best Son-in-Law in the City”.

In the novel, this person, who pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger, was a big demon who killed people in the blink of an eye and was even more villainous than the villain Boss. And Tang Mingxi now became the cannon fodder first wife who beat and scolded the male protagonist in the early stage of this waste male protagonist’s counterattack, and finally died without a burial.

Tang Mingxi remembered that he was drinking with a client on Wall Street one second ago, and the next second he transmigrated to this novel he had read.

In the original novel, Ye Heng, the eldest son of the Ye family, who was the richest man in Yunjing Capital–the whole country even, was exiled to Ningcheng in the south with his seriously ill younger sister because of his mother’s failed struggle for power. He was rescued by Old Master Tang as he lingered on death’s door.

In order to repay Old Master Tang for his life-saving grace, Ye Heng concealed his identity and promised to become the son-in-law of the Tang family. He became engaged to Tang Mingxi a year ago.

He originally thought that after getting engaged to Tang Mingxi, he would be able to afford his younger sister’s expensive treatment. Who knew that Old Master Tang would, unfortunately, die half a year later.

After the old man’s death, Tang Mingxi changed drastically. Instead, he regarded Old Man Tang’s kindness as a means of humiliating himself—who could bear to marry a male “wife”?

Furthermore, it was not Tang Mingxi that took him as a wife, but Tang Mingxi was the “wife”!

As a result, Tang Mingxi used Ye Heng’s seriously ill sister in the hospital as blackmail material and insulted Ye Heng extremely, beat and scolded, and tortured him in every way.

The fate of offending the male protagonist can be imagined. It didn’t take long for Ye Heng to use his own abilities to restore the identity of the legitimate son of the Ye family in Yunjing with an iron fist method.

After the power was in his hands, the first unlucky one was Tang Mingxi!

In the ending of the original work, Tang Mingxi had a miserable end, he was locked up in the little black room by Ye Heng and tortured in turns with eighteen punishments.

In the end, his half-dead unrecognizable body was thrown into a group of sharks, and he was bitten to death by ten thousand sharks alive!

It could even be said that the dismemberment of five horses is light, this is simply … leaving no corpse at all.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Master?” Aunt Wang’s voice sounded again.

At this moment, Tang Mingxi’s back was already soaked in a cold sweat. This hellish start made Tang Mingxi almost faint and fell to the ground.

His family is rich, his parents are still alive, and he graduated from Harvard Business School only half a year ago. No matter how you look at it, he is a proper winner in life. Why did he die young (TvT).

It’s just that going back now is also a dead end. Since he’s already here, might as well make himself comfortable.

Since he transmigrated to become Tang Mingxi, he must not let his fate repeat the same mistakes.

“You said just now, where is Ye Heng?” Tang Mingxi calmed himself down, he was so frightened that his voice was a little hoarse.

Aunt Wang said, “Second Young Master, Ye Heng has been kneeling in the blizzard for a day and a night. Don’t worry, he’s still kneeling in the yard, no one would dare to let him up without your order!”

Tang Mingxi, who originally wanted to hug the male protagonist’s thigh, “….”

Can the world get any better ಥ‿ಥ

That’s right. Since Ye Heng joined the Tang family, he hadn’t had a good life for even a single day. It was common for him to be scolded and insulted, and it was considered light if he was not given food.

Last night, because he was worried about his sister who was seriously ill in the hospital, he secretly ran out to take a look at Ye Yue, but he was discovered by Tang Mingxi who became furious.

The two of them moved their hands at the entrance of the stairs. Tang Mingxi was born with a weak body, how could he be Ye Heng’s opponent.

Ye Heng fought back for the first time, and pushed Tang Mingxi down the stairs, causing Tang Mingxi to slam into the wall, and die in an instant!

Aunt Wang continued to complain, “Ye Heng should take a good look at himself. He was just a son-in-law who had no power and no background. He thought he was backed by the old man’s last words, and dared to our hit Second Young Master. Second Young Master was just a little stricter than usual. Last time, he was hanged on for three days and three nights as a lesson. He was beaten and scolded because he’s the first to make a mistake.”

Every time Aunt Wang said a word, an invisible knife was inserted into Tang Mingxi’s chest.

After getting figuratively stabbed for a few times, Tang Mingxi was so angry that he held on to the bed cabinet, spit out a wisp of soul tremblingly, and completely broke the idea of hugging the male protagonist’s thigh.

And according to the original book, this seemingly harmless guy is very intelligent, if he hugged his thigh, he might be able to find out that “Tang Mingxi” has been replaced.

When the time comes, not only will Ye Heng kill him, but the Tang family will kill him as well when they know that he is a turtledove occupying the magpie’s nest!

Thinking of this, Tang Mingxi sighed: My life is even more bitter than a bitter gourd.

“Aunt Wang.” Tang Mingxi interrupted Aunt Wang’s complaint, thinking of the male protagonist kneeling in the yard, he imitated the tone of the original body owner, and said arrogantly, “What is Ye Heng doing kneeling in the yard, do you want to let Big Brother and the others see it on purpose? Then they will say that I abused him?”

He thought to himself: Hurry up and let the male lead get up!

Aunt Wang patted her head, “Yes, yes, Second Young Master, you are still very considerate. This little bitch is really scheming! I’ll take him to kneel in the room!”

Tang Mingxi, ‘? That’s not what I meant.’

In less than a moment, Ye Heng was roughly dragged by the servant and stumbled into the room.

He had been kneeling for a long time, and his knees were severely frostbitten. He failed to stand firm in the last step and fell directly to the ground.

The “boom” sound woke Tang Mingxi, who was sorting out his memories.

Seeing Ye Heng, the original novel’s protagonist who was about to kill him, it’ll be a lie if Tang Mingxi said that he was not afraid.

But seeing Ye Heng’s current appearance, even Tang Mingxi, who had read the original novel, couldn’t help but gasp.

Ye Heng didn’t have any good flesh all over his body. His eyebrows were gloomy, there was blood on the corners of his mouth. His pale bare skin was littered with bruises and big or small scars.

The young man wore only a thin sweater and knelt in the snow for a whole day, his lips were chapped and black, and he could only vaguely see his stunning appearance.

What’s more, when Tang Mingxi saw his face, he was even more shocked—the young man’s figure had not yet grown, and his outline was immature. In the original novel, he only turned seventeen this year before he became engaged to Tang Mingxi, and only waited until he was an adult to marry Tang Mingxi.

The day of the wedding was the date of Tang Mingxi’s death in the original novel.

Well, there is at least a year to think about how to divorce and run away. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

Tang Mingxi breathed a sigh of relief in bitterness but still kept his expression unchanged.

Although Ye Heng was lying on the ground, he raised his head. The long bangs covered his eyebrows, his crow feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly, and a pair of peach blossom eyes stared at Tang Mingxi calmly, like a cold viper lurking in the dark.

Tang Mingxi’s scalp was numb when he looked at him, and he only felt that there was a monstrous murderous intent and hatred under those eyes.

The blizzard outside roared past through the window, and the cold wind was raging, as sharp as a sword, covering the entire Tang family’s old house with frost and snow. Tang Mingxi’s room was obviously covered with a soft woolen carpet, and the hot heat was blowing on his face, making his room as warm as spring. But at this moment, under Ye Heng’s indifferent gaze, Tang Mingxi only felt that the room was even colder than outside.


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I Don’t Want To Be A Villain

I Don’t Want To Be A Villain

IDWTV, 我真没想当反派啊!
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Tang Mingxi transmigrated into a novel about the counterattack of the useless male protagonist and became the male protagonist’s wife. In the novel, the wife tortures and beats the male protagonist in every possible way in order to humiliate him. But in the end, the male protagonist broke his hands and feet and threw him into the sea, where the sharks bit him. Tang Mingxi, who had crossed over: … Of course, quickly hug the male protagonist’s thigh as soon as possible! Treat him well, feed him, give him clothes, and become the white moonlight in his heart! However: “Report to Young Master Tang, Ye Heng has been kneeling in the blizzard for a day and a night!” “Report to Young Master Tang, Ye Heng has been hanged at the door for three days and three nights!” “Report to Young Master Tang, Ye Heng went to see that little bit*h Tang Nuo again!”   #Am I really can't save it?#


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