Let's live and see.

1. Let’s live and see.

There’s nothing to eat.

Of course, there is no money.

I held the bowl of rice on the table with my hands.

The rice bowl was not enough to even fill the gaps of their teeth.

It could be guessed from the old house, but the family situation of Myo-Ha and Myo-Ryeong was not good.

Their parents died not long ago of illness, and even the few grains they left were not enough anymore.

We went to the mountain behind and looked for food, but there was no good harvest.

I finally decided.

“I can’t. I need to find a job. Let’s go to a crowded place.”

I asked Myo-Ryeong about my decision.

“How old are we, Myo-Ha?”


“Not our old age, but our present age,”

I replied weakly.

“13 years old.”

“Even adults in this remote neighborhood complain that they have no work, so who would give us work? Isn’t begging better?

“No begging. Let’s have atleast a pride.”

“But we don’t know what’s going to happen. Wouldn’t it be better to move after understanding a little more about what the world is like?”

“I’m worried about that, but I can’t starve to death. And you, you look really hungry.”

Myo-Ryeong waved her hand.

“No, I’m really fine. I’m not hungry.”

“By the way, this is surprisingly good. Do you want one, too?”

I shed tears as I watched the Myo-Ryeong chewing weeds pulled from the road. After all, I have to go find a job

I should go find a job

“It’s bitter, it’s cheap! Look at the item and go!”

“Hey, girl! I have a pretty bracelet!”

After casting the weeds far away from the hand of Myo-Ryeong, I asked a person passing by and went to a crowded place.

After I left home, I decided to find a job by any means, but when I arrived on the street, I felt dizzy because there were so many people.

I stared into the distance with bewildered eyes.

Unfamiliar clothes and an unknown smell.

A heterogeneous atmosphere.

I deeply realized that this is a really different world. My breath was getting short of breath, and Myo-Ryeong whispered next to me.

“Are you all right?”

We clasped each other’s hands, it doesn’t matter who did it first.

It was something I would never normally do, but I couldn’t help it.

We had nothing to rely on but each other in this world.

Holding hands tightly, he cautiously entered the crowd.

” Be careful not to get lost.”

” Yeah.”

I looked around.

There were many people, but there were also a lot of stores.

Originally, in the world, you could find a job by searching on the Internet a few times, but not here.

I had no choice but to go into the store and ask them one by one.

I went into the nearest store.

“Oh, they’re so cute. Did you come on an errand?”

Oh, it’s not an errand…”

All right, now is the time to make good use of this cute hamster-like face.

I spoke as sweetly as I could.

” Do you happen to have a job?”

” Get out!”



I’m very sorry that I would drop this just after picking up. I became to ambitious and forgot to take into account the hard to understand terms, I don’t want you guys to hate a beautiful story because of my shitty translations.

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I Don’t Know Martial Arts

I Don’t Know Martial Arts

무협을 모릅니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Along with his friend, he transmigrated as a person in the martial arts novel Murim Story. The problem is, “What is the old file room? Is it like multi-day work?” “What is the North Sea Ice Palace? Is it something like the Northern Daiko?” My friend is a BL fan,while I’m a romance fantasy fan. “It’s weird, but don’t men watch martial arts a lot? Even if I do, why don't you know martial arts?" "I liked romance fights more than sword fights since I was young." My name here is Ha Myo-Ha. I don't know any martial arts, but I can't run away when I’ve already transmigrated. Fortunately, I've been reading a lot of romance fantasies He has not forgotten the absolute law of fiction. That's... The more you try to stay away from the main character, the more you get entangled! I get closer and closer to the main character 'Yoo Seol-Hwa' on purpose. Besides, I'm a big fan of myself pretty people. Countless beauties and handsome men appear one by one. The martial arts world view is quite a place to live! the moment I thought that ‥. The atmosphere around me is getting weird "You guilty prisoner. Stop digging your grave." From 'Pang So-Seo', a beautiful man with a gentle feeling 'Mo Yong-Hwa', with a cat-like charm, and 'Yoo Seol-Hwa', a man with cold feeling. And even an unknown person who use magic... … . My friend looks crazy picking up fights with these guys. Can I survive here?  


  1. Symphony says:

    Is this novel dropped? There have been no more updates after ch 1.

    1. Shizun says:

      yes this is dropped

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