IDM Ch 0

Episode 0

He possessed a character in a martial arts novel alongside his only friend.

The question is,

“What is the old file room? Is it like multi-day work?”

”What is North Sea Ice Palace? Is it like Northern Daiko?”

My friend is a BL fan and I’m a romance fantasy fan.

Hey, can we just go to another world? We’re fine except for martial arts.

I tried desperately, but nothing changed.

“…I’d rather be a rolling stock suffering from mining.”

“…I’m a waste host.”

“But don’t men watch martial arts a lot? Why don’t you know martial arts, anyway?”

“I liked love fights more than sword fights since I was young.

“Will we be able to survive here?

We stared at each other blankly.

At first, I didn’t know that this place was a martial arts novels.

I thought it was just an ordinary Eastern-style worldview.

If it wasn’t for that voice.

“Yoo Seol-Hwa! Yoo Seol-Hwa!”

What are you talking about? You can’t come in right now!”Yoo Seol-Hwa said. He is the main character of the martial arts novel Moorim Story, which is so famous that we, who are fans of other genres, have often heard of it.

I read only a few pages of the martial arts novel because it was difficult, but I remember the name of the main character because he was my type.

I stood up and looked out the window.

The drunk man next door was screaming for the main character.

“That man is going crazy again today,”

said my friend Kim Da-Eun, who turned her head and became a child, scratching her stomach.

“Did you sleep well, Han-Woo?”

“Are you up already? Get some more sleep.”

“I can’t sleep because I’m hungry. Oh, I’m really hungry. Do you have anything to eat?

As soon as I woke up, I looked at Kim Da-Eun, who was searching the kitchen, and I bowed my head.

“What’s wrong?”

“My friend becomes my sister overnight.”

“I want to deny that I became a brother and sister with you. Oh, there’s leftover porridge from yesterday. We only have one serving.”

“Hey, do you want to play rock-paper-scissors? Let’s give it to the winner.”

‘No, now is not the time.’

‘Rock, paper, scissors!’

I instinctively put out scissors.

Dae-Eun, who notice, stared at me without saying anything and opened her mouth.

“Let’s go three rounds.”-

“…Just eat it all.”


I went outside to get some water while Da-Eun was eating porridge.

My face was reflected on the surface of the water as I tried to scoop water full of pots by the local stream.

His eyes are round, his face is round, and he is cute like a hamster.

Why is this face in the martial arts world?

This face is like a heroine’s younger brother in the world of romance fantasy. I sighed naturally because I was disappointed.

“Why does it have to be a martial arts story?”

“Everything is fine except martial arts, but I can do it really well if it’s not martial arts.”

When I struggled back home with the jar, Da-Eun, who had finished eating porridge, was waiting for me.

I put down the jar and Da-Eun sat in front of it.

Then Da-Eun seriously opened her mouth.

‘Ha Myo-Ha.’

‘Ha Myo-Ha’ was the name of this body.

I asked cautiously.

“Why do you call me that all of a sudden?”

“I’ve been thinking, let’s not use our original name in this world,because other people will think it’s suspicious. ”

I nodded.

“I see.”

“You should call me Myo-Ryeong too… Oh, but wait a minute ”


“No, Myo-Ha is a year older than Myo-Ryeong.’

“Yes, he is.”

“Then shouldn’t you call me oppa, not Myo-Ha?”


I immediately got up from my seat and moved away from Myo-Ryeong.

The young master’s stomach grumbled.

“Do you hate it too much?”

“Can’t you just call me by my name?”

I haven’t eaten anything yet, but I feel like throwing up.

“Please stop that.”

‘Don’t you like the word oppa?”

Then… Myo-Ryeong looked up at me in a cute way.

“Aren’t you oppa?”

And I really threw up.

“Yoo Seol-Hwa! Yoo Seol-Hwa!”

Again today, the man next door called Yoo Seol-Hwa.

I stared blankly out of the window.

“Where has he gone since this morning? Today, I’m going to kill him!”

The child, who hid himself sloppy next to the water jar, was dozing off while squatting.

As soon as I saw the child’s white hair covered with dirt and dust, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Thanks to a friend who was passionately telling the Moorim story to me, I knew some characteristics of Yoo Seol-Hwa, and one of them was that he was white from head to toe.

Yoo Seol-Hwa has been bullied by people because he looks like a ghost because he has white hair and skin like silk since he was young.

There was only one child with white hair in this neighborhood, so it was clear that he had a unique story.

I’ll let Myo-Ryeong know about this first.

I ran to the room.

“Myo-Ryeong.Oh, I’m glad you’re here.”

Myoha, said with a worried face.

“Let’s find something to eat in the mountain behind us today. We ran out of rice.”

“Myo-Ryeoung, this is not the time to say that. Do you know who’s in our yard right now?”

“Who’s there?”

“Yoo Seol-Hwa!”


we whispered, leaning back, sneaking into the window, glancing with our eyes.

“Is that him?”


“‘Wow, his hair’s really white.”

“It’s not time for admiration. What should we do?”

“What should we do?”

” Leave him alone. Later, when he wake up, he’ll go somewhere else.”

I looked at Myo-Ryeong in amazement.

“Let’s just leave him alone?”

“Then what? You want to help him hide?”

Myo-Ryeong looked at me with a very surprising look.

“What’s the point of making a fuss when we don’t know how to live right now?”


” And you know, if you’re involved with the main character, you’ll have a hard time. We should try not to get involved with the main character.”


As I continued to blur the end of my words, the frustrated Myo-Ryeong screamed.

“Oh, what’s wrong with you? You know I hate Oh Ji-ram!”

“No, I’m not trying to play Oh Ji-ram!”

I shouted, too.

“Think of what we’ve seen so far! Most of the main characters in the novels tried not to get involved with the original characters!


“But what happened? They ended up getting involved! You know it too. The more you try not to get involved with the main character, the more you get involved with the main character!

“But it’s only in novels…!”

“We are in a novel”

Myo-Ryeong was speechless.

I spoke seriously.

“Even if you avoid the main character in the world of novels, you will definitely be involved. Same with us.”

I said after looking at the main character who is still dozing off.

“Let’s approach the main character actively. The more you try to get involved with the main character, the less you get involved with the main character, right?”

It was my idea, but it was a really genius idea.

After a while, I took a deep breath and went outside right away.

The child’s eyes slowly opened when he felt a sign of someone approaching.

I approached the child.

The child’s body flinched.

I asked.

“Come inside-”

The child ran away before I finished talking.

I looked back at Myo-Ryeong with the meaning of ‘I told you so’


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I Don’t Know Martial Arts

I Don’t Know Martial Arts

무협을 모릅니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Along with his friend, he transmigrated as a person in the martial arts novel Murim Story. The problem is, “What is the old file room? Is it like multi-day work?” “What is the North Sea Ice Palace? Is it something like the Northern Daiko?” My friend is a BL fan,while I’m a romance fantasy fan. “It’s weird, but don’t men watch martial arts a lot? Even if I do, why don't you know martial arts?" "I liked romance fights more than sword fights since I was young." My name here is Ha Myo-Ha. I don't know any martial arts, but I can't run away when I’ve already transmigrated. Fortunately, I've been reading a lot of romance fantasies He has not forgotten the absolute law of fiction. That's... The more you try to stay away from the main character, the more you get entangled! I get closer and closer to the main character 'Yoo Seol-Hwa' on purpose. Besides, I'm a big fan of myself pretty people. Countless beauties and handsome men appear one by one. The martial arts world view is quite a place to live! the moment I thought that ‥. The atmosphere around me is getting weird "You guilty prisoner. Stop digging your grave." From 'Pang So-Seo', a beautiful man with a gentle feeling 'Mo Yong-Hwa', with a cat-like charm, and 'Yoo Seol-Hwa', a man with cold feeling. And even an unknown person who use magic... … . My friend looks crazy picking up fights with these guys. Can I survive here?  


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