SMLF Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The dazzling sunlight through the window poured through Irene’s closed eyes.


“Ugh… … .”


She frowned and opened her eyes.


The hangover made her head throb with pain.


Besides, she felt sick and thirsty.


But she didn’t want to wake up because she didn’t get enough sleep because she was studying yesterday.


‘Yes. I need more sleep.’


She tried to ignore her hangover and closed her eyes.


How long has it been?


Suddenly, the feel of the duvet felt different from usual.


‘My bed… Was it this soft?’


At that moment, Irene remembered that her own blanket was as rough as a towel.


She raised her heavy eyelids in her puzzled heart and opened her eyes.




Unexpectedly, a brightly lit white ceiling greeted her.


Her hazy mind was suddenly awakened.


‘What is that expensive looking light? Where are the blue molds I met every morning when I woke up?’


But somehow, this situation was not unfamiliar to me.


She remembered what she had been through when she first came to this world.


‘Is this another different world? I was already in a novel, wouldn’t it be like a classic novel? Oh, it probably not.’


I closed my eyes tightly in a dizzy feeling. She felt her heart racing fast.


Irene took a deep breath to calm her restless mind.


At that moment, the cozy and warm scent pierced her lungs.


‘Where does this pleasant scent come from…? It’s like aromatherapy.’


Irene followed her scent and turned her head like a bee searching for flowers.


“…… !”


There, a man with broad shoulders and a strong muscular body was sleeping on my stomach.


‘Is it a dream?’


She blinked her eyes a few times.


‘Such sweet scent from this muscular man…? But can you smell the scent in dreams?’


Irene was startled for a moment and jumped up. The wind blew the blanket over him.


At that moment she let out a scream inside, slumped her down and pulled her blanket up to her chest.


And she ripped off her hair because of shame.


‘What the hell happened yesterday… I must have slept with this man because I was drunk?’


At that moment, it was as if she had been banged in the head with a hammer.


Even though she came from a modern world where love was free, this situation was outside her mentality.


Even before she came to this world, she was a ‘devotee’ who only fell in love with 2D characters.


But to have an accident like this! And with a real man!


It was a time when I was so absurd and stunned that I sat blankly.




Suddenly, the sound of a long, harsh sigh of a man was heard.


Irene was startled, and she instinctively held her breath. And she carefully rolled her eyes, and she looked at the man.


‘Hey, it doesn’t look like it’s bad.’


She could see the edge of the duvet draped narrowly over his hip.




Irene put her hands to stop her scream, which was about to burst out of the shock of her moment.


But she was very strange.


Although she was confused and confused, she continued to look at him.


‘What kind of man’s ass… No. Ugh? What did I say!’


Her face turned red.


This is because the bends of the man seen through the thin duvet evoked more erotic imagination than being naked.


‘This man must have been covering the entire blanket, when did this happen?’


Irene recalled and pulled up the blanket to cover herself.


‘You idiot! It was because I take all the blankets. What should I do? Should I cover him with the blanket now?’


Irene grabbed one of the blankets and bit her lips.


She had to see the man’s naked face as she covered her body like this.


She couldn’t keep her on one quilt either.


She couldn’t do this or that and she was in trouble. Suddenly, a man’s arm rested his chin move on her thigh.




At that moment, the hard and strange feeling she felt on her thighs made her startled and turned into ice.


‘Uh, what? Le-let’s calm down. yes. You have to get out of here!’


Irene quietly exhaled the paused breath and carefully reached out her hand towards his arm.


‘Careful, careful… You must never wake him up!’


Irene trembled, and she carefully raised the man’s arm.


‘What kind of arm is so big and heavy? It’s like lifting a piece of iron!’


It was then.


A man’s soft bass resounded as if it filled the quiet room.




‘Ugh! Are you awake?’


She swallowed her saliva in a moment of tension.


‘Please go back to sleep. Red Sun! No, Abracadabra! Sleep!’


Irene silently memorized all her incantations as she thought of her, wishing him to fall asleep.


Fortunately, she could hear the colorful, peaceful breathing sound as if the spell worked.




She sighed in relief as she soothed her startled chest.


‘Thank god. I have to leave now.’


Irene got her body up to put on clothes.


‘By the way…Who is this man?’


A sudden curiosity made her stop.


At that moment, she remembered the first time she went to a pub frequented by commoners last night.


And the man with the warm eyes in the wall was sitting in front of him and smiling brightly.


‘Ahh! you idiot! How do you forget that? Oh no. It’s all because of those shocking real muscles!’


She ripped off her hair, blaming the pitiful man’s muscles.


Last night she enjoyed talking to a real man for the first time in her life.


With such a man, she seems to have heard at first glance that she would be happy even if she was in a relationship.


In addition, she received a notification of acceptance from a place she had been looking forward to yesterday, and drank with him happily.


He said that Irene was staring at him without her realizing it.


He was about 190 centimeters tall and had broad shoulders like swimmers.


He was very different from overtrained muscles for the purpose of building muscle.


So… Should I say it’s sleek and beautiful?


At that moment, the man’s angry back muscles twitched.


Irene, who had always liked only 2D, was the first to see her in her life, and her eyes widened at his muscular live-action.


‘It’s really beautiful. I want to touch it.’


Her right hand, out of her control, turned towards him as if possessed.


‘Huh? What am I doing!’


She stopped her right hand quickly with her left hand.


And she fell in love with the 2D character and marveled at his own kinky powers she had never had with a real man.


Still, her gaze remained on his back muscles.


As if she was in front of a beautiful painting, which she said was constantly moving, her fingers kept creaking against her will.


Besides, her eyes were also getting cloudy as if she had lost her senses.


‘No matter how lonely you are, this is not the case! It is a crime to do this without permission!’


Irene shook her head violently to drive out the lewd demon who tried to control her own body.


However, a scar that ran long across his back from the man’s right shoulder to near his left flank caught her eye.


‘This scar… it must have hurt a lot. Were you a knight? When I saw you yesterday, you just looked like an ordinary commoner.’


She thought back to when the man was sitting in front of her.


At that time, she ordered a glass of beer herself and was sipping it.


‘Haha… I’m Going crazy. I was drunk with a glass of beer, even though I couldn’t resist even with three bottles of soju. Well, it was my first alcohol with this body.’


When she lived in the previous world, she drank bomb liquor like water even when she was making it at home.


But she couldn’t even drink tea with Irene’s body.


It was a pity that she could no longer pursue her hobby of soothing her sorrows with magic.


‘Such a weak body!’


She rubbed her body and smiled sadly.


‘By the way, what is this scar, this strange feeling that I have seen somewhere…?’


Irene frowned and bit her lip.


Then she shook her head again.


‘No. When will I ever see a scar like this?’


Irene narrowed her eyes and looked at the man.


‘But this man… It looks a little different from yesterday.’


It was then. The man’s hair began to glisten in golden light in the sunlight streaming through the window.


‘Huh? He had dark brown hair yesterday…? What happened?’


Irene tilted her head and quickly rolled her eyes and looked around her.


As expected. A dark brown wig appeared beside the bed.


‘…What is that tuft of hair? Maybe a wig? Then that man… You were originally blonde?!’


She immediately remembered a scene from the original that she had read over and over again.


Scars across her back, blonde hair shining like gold.


‘Ugh! This man…!’






Then the man’s groan was heard again.


Irene rolled her eyes and covered her mouth.


She recalled a scene from <Became Their Flower>, a webtoon based on a novel, which she had read before entering this world.


‘Yes. I think it’s very similar to Male Lead back!’


However, the tense expression on her face quickly dissipated.


She thought as she shook her head.


‘It’s not that man. There’s no way something like a romance novel in which a good man I met by chance in a pub only frequented by commoners was a male lead.’


Then the man who was lying turned his body towards her as if tossing his body.


Suddenly, a part of the man entered her retina.




Irene was startled and closed her eyes tightly, and she quickly threw the blanket over him and covered him.


It was a moment that was short enough to blink an eye, but Irene saw his lower body.


I only saw it in a video that my best friend sent me!


The place where you wake up in the morning!


“I saw… ugh!”


Irene quickly shut her own mouth. In an instant, her face became red.


Ugh… hot! You are a very healthy young man in many ways!’


Irene lost her mind for a moment, but she quickly cleared her mind again.


‘No! What are you doing? I will wake him up like this still… I’m curious, so I’ll just look at his face and get out of there quickly!’


Irene tried not to look around, and she turned her gaze to the man’s face.


At that moment, she was surprised once more and had no choice but to open her eyes wide.


‘That face…! Could it have been a real Male Lead?’



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I Was A Fan Of Second Male Lead, But Male Lead Followed Me

I Was A Fan Of Second Male Lead, But Male Lead Followed Me

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: 서브남을 덕질했는데 남주가 따라왔다
Oh My God! I accidentally became Male Lead first love! ‘Where does this pleasant scent come from?’ Irene turns her head to follow the scent, like a bee searching for flowers. There were strong muscles, wide shoulders, scars across the back, blonde hair shining like gold... Oh man! ‘Is it a dream? No. Oh my God, did I something happen?


Jade, the Second Male Lead of the original novel [Became Their Flower]. The Prince's capable aid and a sweet flower smile only to Female Lead are attractive. Seo-young became a fan of him by accident. But was it called lucky (Fans never get lucky) Irene is an extra who doesn't have a single line in the original. Still, the fanaticism beyond time and space continues. .... Oh wait! Something's not right I was a fan of the Second Male Lead, but why Male Lead followed me? No way... One plus one?


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