Chapter 4

Washing Hair (1)

He can’t say it, but Yan Junze really admires Zhou Dali.

The originally serious and terrifying red high-heel event was forcefully rendered into a strong comedic effect by this guy, making Yan Junze couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He suddenly wanted to see what Fatty Wang from Class 6 looked like at this moment.

The two laughed and talked as they walked into the campus. Once here, Yan Junze finally had a sense of comfort after being reborn.

As a former research assistant of the top research lab of country C in his past life, it was completely possible for Yan Junze to obtain a master’s degree in this era, so the knowledge of the third year of high school was not difficult for him.

Instead, he enjoyed the peaceful life on campus.

Well, if there were no ghosts here.

Yan Junze knew that this hope was very slim. In today’s world, where supernatural events were happening one after another, it was impossible for a campus not to be haunted!

To elaborate, the campus was the best breeding ground for supernatural events to spread.

Yan Junze and Zhou Dali were both in the same class, Class 5 of Year 3, which is a  wall away from Wang Shicong of Class 6. Yan Junze even specially inquired about it, and it turned out that Fatty Wang had indeed taken a week off, so what Zhou Dali said was true.

It took Yan Junze a day to roughly figure out the things in school.

First of all, the grade of the original owner of this body belonged to mid-upper level. Therefore, the sudden increase in his grades now was still acceptable and would not cause any suspicion.

Yan Junze was afraid that the other party was a slacker at the bottom of the school. Now that he had taken over as a top student, it would not be good to use his full strength.

Then, there were less than two months left before the college entrance examination, so the studies of the third year became very tense. Even if there was any interference from supernatural events, the Supernatural Events Organization of Shuntian City would prioritize handling any supernatural events for the high school level to ensure a clean, healthy, green and pure learning environment without any negative energy.

The homeroom teacher of Class 5 was a big-bellied middle-aged greasy uncle named Xiang Decai. However, Yan Junze learned that Teacher Xiang’s knowledge was indeed as wide as his towering beer belly, worthy of his description of being full of knowledge.

Yan Junze didn’t have much of an impression of other subject teachers. Apart from Xiang Decai, the only one he remembered was Zhang Tiantian, who taught English. She made Yan Junze’s eyes shine for a moment, but then he immediately extinguished it.

Zhang Tiantian was a cute and petite type of girl. Most boys had no resistance to this type, but Yan Junze was an exception. He liked beautiful women, but not the type that needed him to take care of them completely.

Independent, thoughtful, not cowardly, relying on himself only when necessary, but also capable of handling problems calmly and independently. Yan Junze had no resistance to this kind of girl. (Highlight this important point.)

After a day of classes, Yan Junze found that everything in Shuntian No.3 High seemed normal. He hadn’t heard of any abandoned ancient wells or strange 13th steps, or a fifth toilet stall that he couldn’t enter.

This made Yan Junze couldn’t help but doubt whether the paranormal events group had set up a barrier in the school, isolating all supernatural events from the school.

But, at the same time, Yan Junze constantly reminded himself that there was no supernatural power or cultivation, this is a pure urban supernatural.

Zhou Dali was very active in school, and Yan Junze also learned that this guy’s body size was closely related to his family’s genetics. It was said that he was born weighing a whopping 11 catties.

Moreover, Zhou Dali liked to repeatedly say a low slogan, which was “Third High has Dali, Dali makes miracles”.

He’s undeniably a bear.

Chinese food was eaten in school, so Yan Junze didn’t spend much money on it. Only some students would go nearby to buy some snacks after school.

Yan Junze didn’t have this habit. After finishing his homework quickly, he went home. When he got home, his mother Li Man was already cooking.

Li Man’s work had no fixed hours, it all depended on the cleaning company’s schedule. Sometimes, she couldn’t even go home on weekends when it got busy.

Yan Junze couldn’t cook, so after finishing his homework quickly, he helped Li Man bring the food to the table and cleaned the kitchen.

Later in the evening, Yan Daguo, the father, arrived home, and the family sat around the dining table.

The couple didn’t have much anxiety about their son’s grade. If Yan Junze could maintain his previous grades, he still had a good chance of entering one of the top five universities in the Tianmeng district of Huaying Dadu.

So Yan Daguo was more concerned about his son’s emotional and physical aspect. After eating a few bites of food, he asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Yan Junze knew that his dark circles had betrayed him. He had only slept for three or four hours last night, and it was normal to have this state. He didn’t plan to hide it.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep for a while after seeing that thing. I then fell asleep at some point.”

“Did you hear any knocking on the door?” Yan Daguo asked again.

This question could confirm whether Yan Junze was sound asleep before two o’clock. Undeniably, the knocking on the door of the old woman in the middle of the night was more accurate than an alarm clock.

“No,” Yan Junze concealed the truth.

Yan Daguo nodded his head and roughly figured out Yan Junze’s sleep time.

Li Man asked, “Have you finished your homework?”

“I have finished and also reviewed it,” Yan Junze put down the bowl and the chopsticks, and drank a few sips of soup. “I plan to sleep early tonight and make up for yesterday’s sleep.”

“Okay, rest early,” Yan Daguo reached out and rubbed Yan Junze’s hair.

After finishing dinner, Yan Junze chatted with his parents in the living room for a while. Half past eight, he went to wash up and then went into his bedroom.

To prevent their son from being disturbed, Li Man lowered the volume of the TV in the living room. Although she and Yan Daguo deliberately lowered their voices, their conversation still entered Yan Junze’s ears.

Yan Daguo said, “Tomorrow, you should buy some calming oral medicine from the drugstore to recuperate our son’s body while he is studying.”

Li Man should have nodded and said, “Okay, I will go to the drugstore tomorrow morning. Little Ze has been studying hard during this time. Today is the first time I have seen him finish reviewing his lessons so early.”

“Alas,” Yan Daguo let out a sigh. “What’s going on in this world? Ordinary people are already under so much pressure from daily life, and now there are so many supernatural events for no reason. The dual pressures on the body and mind make it impossible for people to live.”

“Especially when Little Ze is facing the college entrance examination, and our family is in this state. Daguo, can you think of a solution?” Li Man asked.

Yan Daguo fell silent.

After a while, his voice rang out again. “Today, I went to see our factory director. He has connections in the city. As long as we are willing to pay, he said he could help me ask around and get the bathroom issue resolved as soon as possible.”

“How much?” Li Man asked.

Yan Daguo probably gestured with his hand to indicate a number. The conversation between the two fell silent again.

After a while, Li Man sighed and said, “If all else fails, I will ask the company to advance my salary and add our savings, it should be enough.”

“We must resolve this as soon as possible,” Yan Daguo did not stop Li Man. “I will go to withdraw the money tomorrow, and after we have enough, we will ask the factory director to help us out and quickly resolve this matter so that our son can focus on taking his exams.”

Yan Junze leaned against the door of his bedroom and probably heard all of this. He suddenly had some complex emotions towards his parents in this life, and then he walked back to his bed and lay down.

It seemed that the decision to do the [Washing hair] mission tonight wasn’t too late, as long as he could successfully complete it.

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A Contract Marriage With A Baby


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