Chapter 2

At the moment when Yan Junze saw the little girl in red, the map appeared in his mind almost simultaneously.

However, at that time, Yan Junze was completely immersed in the visual sense and the terrifying atmosphere, that he had no time to pay attention to it.

Now lying in bed, he finally had time to see what it is.

The map was not real, but a complete illusion that only existed in his mind. Yan Junze waved his hand in front of his eyes and indeed, there was nothing there.

In the map, a large number of linear veins appeared, with nodes connecting each line to the next. Currently, only one node at the bottom was lit up, while the rest of the nodes were gray.

“This is…”

Yan Junze felt very familiar with this thing, as if he had remembered something, suddenly, he was stunned.

Before the explosion of the laboratory in his previous life, the research on temporal and spatial collapse relied on a kind of quantum map, also called a space-time map. These nodes were quantum convergence points that needed to be overcome in the experiment, formed an energy accumulation areas, which is a collection of nodes converged by some kind of undetectable energy . The entire map was finally connected through node transmission, which result to a progression in time. (Ah, this paragraph can be skipped!)

It’s what people call “traveling through time and space.”

However, Yan Junze thought that the experiment had not succeeded, but now the map was in his mind and it was very complete. Did that mean that the experiment had actually succeeded, but only shown itself this way, using himself as the carrier?

In his previous life, Yan Junze was only an ordinary assistant in the laboratory and was not a researcher. However, the explosion was so powerful that both researchers and assistants were affected.

As he was wondering, Yan Junze was shaken again. After paying attention to the map, the map had clearly changed, and rows of fonts flashed out.

[The construction of the space-time map is complete. The energy of another dimension and the complete dimensional space transverse wave have been detected. Currently being analyzed…]

[Analysis succeeded, currently translating…]

[Translation is successful. The wavelength is called “Resentment” in this world, and a “mission” has been established based on the complete wavelength value. Would you like to display the mission?]

Although he was just an assistant, Yan Junze still had some understanding of this space-time map. The space-time map is highly intelligent, and at the beginning of its creation, it was endowed with the ability to intelligently analyze and construct illusory space-time.

Now, in retrospect, it should be that the space-time map detected an inter-dimensional energy emitted from the ghost and, and analyzed the wavelength value based on the “resentment” to form the so-called “mission.”

Yan Junze guessed that if he wanted to obtain a part of this inter-dimensional energy for the space-time map, he would have to complete the “mission” constructed by the space-time map based on the “resentment.”

But the mission is…

“Display.” Yan Junze hesitated for a moment and came up with this idea.

The next moment, a paragraph appeared in his mind.

[Mission Name: Washing hair

Mission Level: Panic (Low)

Mission Background: March 7th is Ke’er’s birthday. The beautiful and clean Ke’er loves red the most. On this day, her mother dressed her in a newly bought red dress and promised to take her to the amusement park. However, a merciless truck separated them forever. After the accident, Ke’er’s hair became very, very dirty, with sticky blood mixed with brain matter. Ke’er, who loves cleanliness, hates this dirty long hair, so she has always longed to wash her hair, even if she sees someone else wash their hair, she will be perfectly satisfied

Mission Description: Wash your hair in the bathroom at home after midnight, for at least three minutes. During this period, it is strictly forbidden to do anything unrelated to washing your hair

Mission Reward: 100 points of inter-dimensional energy

Mission Punishment: Unknown

Mission Tip: 1. The evil spirit cannot be locked  2. Completing the mission can form a stable rewind line.

Note: You are washing your hair, she is watching.]

Staring at the mission in front of him, Yan Junze was momentarily stunned.

The space-time map released a mission based on the resentment of the captured wavelength. This so-called wave of resentment obviously came from the girl in red he had just seen.

He just didn’t expect that the space-time map would capture so-called inter-dimensional energy this way.

In terms of the intelligence of the map, capturing energy, forming resentment into a mission, and then obtaining energy by achieving resentment, the causal relationship should be interlinked.

In other words, before triggering the space-time map, Yan Junze didn’t dare to have the idea of ​​touching supernatural events, but now it’s different.

Since the space-time map can absorb inter-dimensional energy, if enough energy is absorbed and the entire map is successfully lit up, he may be able to freely transform space-time, allowing himself to return back to Earth before the explosion.

To obtain more energy, he must complete missions.

It has to be said that the way to complete the mission is somewhat strange and terrifying.

Not to mention everyone in this world, at least some people in daily life are very afraid of washing their hair in the bathroom alone.

Because after lowering the head to apply shampoo, in order to avoid shampoo entering the eyes, they are usually closed. At this time, some timid people will always feel scared and think that someone is standing behind them.

That creepy feeling will accompany them until they finish washing their hair.

Yan Junze usually doesn’t have these thoughts, but he has also experienced them. Especially after watching a horror movie, when washing his hair alone in the bathroom, his whole body will unconsciously tense up, and images from the horror movie will appear in his mind, coupled with his own associations, causing him to unconsciously turn his head and look behind him while showering.

If it’s just washing your hair in the bathroom, it’s okay to say, but now Yan Junze is worried whether this process would be dangerous.

At least after midnight, the spirit of the little girl in the red dress will appear in the bathroom. Washing hair in this situation is even more exciting than being escorted to the execution ground.

Now it seems that this “golden finger” doesn’t seem to be of much use!

After releasing the mission, he was left to complete it himself, nothing else matters, but what if there is danger in the process?

Yan Junze continued to let his imaginations run wild, his thoughts kept oscillating between the space-time map and the mission of washing hair, he could no longer fall asleep. Time passed unconsciously, and the clock on the living room wall slowly pointed to two o’clock.

Just at this moment, Yan Junze’s eyebrows suddenly frowned slightly, feeling that there seemed to be a black shadow passing by outside the window of the bedroom.

The shadow was walking very slowly, so slowly that when Yan Junze noticed something strange and immediately turned his head to look with his glasses on, he could still see the passing shadow clearly.

His bedroom was adjacent to the public hallway outside, and usually, when he opened the window, he could see the neighbors passing by. In addition, the lights outside the corridor were sound-controlled, so it could cast the shadows of people passing by onto the window, making it very clear.

The figure that walked by was somewhat hunched and the footsteps were sporadic.

Before long, the sporadic footsteps disappeared, and the dark figure disappeared along with it.

From the looks of it, it should be a neighbor who returned home at night. Yan Junze speculated that activities like playing cards and eating late-night snacks, regardless of time and space, would never change in people’s minds.

There are many people who have such preferences, and it’s normal.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, a crisp knocking sound echoed through the door. Judging from the source of the sound, it should be someone knocking on his own door.

When the knock occurred two nights ago, Yan Junze only heard it in a daze. He didn’t pay attention to it as he was still drowsy, and only remembered it the next day.

However, at this moment, Yan Junze’s heart inexplicably tightened because he unconsciously linked the person who had just passed by in the corridor with the person knocking on the door.

Judging by the person’s walking speed, the time it took to pass by his window and arrive at his doorstep seemed to coincide.

Regardless of whether it was true or not, Yan Junze felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and cold sweat dripped down his back once again.

It was so late at night, and a person was walking around in the corridor with sporadic footsteps, silently knocking on someone else’s door.

This person couldn’t be Batman.

Yan Junze didn’t get up to answer the door, but subconsciously listened for any movement in his parents’ room next door.

The bedroom door was opened, and it seemed like Yan Daguo, his father, walked out with very light footsteps.

Before long, Yan Daguo stood motionless in the corridor outside the bedroom, and there was intermittent knocking on the door of the living room.

Yan Junze lifted his head slightly and stared at the bedroom door, his breathing almost stopping.

Yan Daguo still didn’t move, he stood quietly outside the bedroom door, the strange atmosphere made Yan Junze breathless.

Just at this moment, the knocking sound suddenly stopped.

The sporadic footsteps rang out again, passing by the door and through the corridor. The hunched figure once again appeared outside Yan Junze’s bedroom window, slowly passing by.

Yan Junze could swear that at that moment, his nearsighted eyes behind the glasses were definitely bigger than a bull’s eyes, fixedly gazing at the dark figure passing by outside the window.

The sporadic footsteps were like treading on one’s own heart, strangely synchronized with its rhythm.

Although the shadow was gone, the sound of footsteps could still be heard. It seemed that the person was slowly walking up the stairs. Then, the sound of footsteps disappeared completely .

The sound of the door closing came from the parents’ bedroom, and Yan Daguo also returned to the bedroom at this moment. Throughout the whole time, no one in the room said a word.

So damn weird!

Yan Junze’s thoughts had not settled yet, and he was suddenly taken back again. The space-time map in his mind appeared again.

【New inter-dimensional energy and dimensional space transverse wave detected, analyzing…】

【Analysis succeeded, translating…】

【Successfully translated, mission has been established, do you want to display it?】

Yan Junze never expected that he had captured a new mission in just a short while. He didn’t think too much and immediately had the idea of “displaying”, and then the second mission appeared.

【Mission name: The Old Woman Knocking at the Door at Midnight

Mission level: Panic (Medium)

Mission background: The neighbor, Granny Ren, has been very distressed lately because her children have not visited her for a long time. She misses them very much, especially her grandson, Yu Xiaochang. But Granny Ren cannot tell them. Can you help her?

Mission description: Open the door for Granny Ren when she knocked at 2 am.

Mission reward: 200 points of inter-dimensional energy;

Mission punishment: Unknown

Mission tips: 1. The evil spirit cannot be locked  2. There are side missions that could be triggered in this mission

Note: Granny Ren is not dumb.】

At this moment, Yan Junze found that another node of the space-time map had lit up, and the segment connecting the two lit nodes also glowed slightly, indicating that this section of the spacetime line had been connected.

At the beginning, Yan Junze could see clearly that only one node was lit up. As for the second node, it should have been lit for some reason after receiving the mission: [Old Woman Knocking at the Door at Midnight].

Although he didn’t know why, Yan Junze knew very clearly what the segment between the two lit nodes meant.

The segment representing time could be rewind.

For example, if Yan Junze places the first node at the present and sets the second node five minutes later, he can initiate a rewind at any time he reaches the second node and instantly rewind to the time when he placed the first node.

The rewind must be done manually, that is, only when one consciously places two time nodes to form a period, that one can use this period to rewind.

Beyond this period, it is not possible. Without intentional arrangement, it is also impossible to rewind.

Connecting the two received missions enabled Yan Junze to have the ability to rewind. This time, this golden finger was finally complete.

Maybe he could try the [Washing Hair] mission, but Yan Junze dare not try to rewind now because the energy of the two nodes looked extremely weak.

If he really did it, he was afraid he could only rewind once, the entire space-time map would then be dark and could no longer run. The energy of two nodes that were finally lit up couldn’t be wasted like this…

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