HS Vol6 Ch-4

This relationship is weird.(NSFW)


*Knock knock*


“Sunbae, are you here?”


Jaehee didn’t answer. She just wanted Jung-hoo to leave the place quickly. Before she knew it, she was staring at the door without even breathing.




Contrary to her expectations, the door opened too easily. Jeong-hoo opened the door and found Jae-hee sitting on the windowsill. He came inside without hesitation and closed and locked the door behind him.


“You should have answered if you were inside.”


Jung-hoo’s expression was not clearly visible as he stood right in front of the door. His voice was softer and lower than any sound Jaehee had heard before, almost affectionate.


“I was lost in thought for a moment.”


“I think even Sunbae was wondering what kind of relationship we have.”


Jung-hoo approached slowly, and as he got closer, his expression became clearer. His face was subdued, but his voice was still affectionate, making his appearance even eerier.


“I told Sunbae you can tell them whatever you want about us, but I didn’t mean to imply that you can deny me.”


“It’s not good for you if rumors spread.”


You don’t belong in the darkness like this. Jaehee thought.


“Who decides that?”


Before he knew it, Jung-hoo was standing right in front of Jaehee.


“You have a talent for hitting me on the back of my head since you were young, Sunbae. I really wanted to strangle you earlier. It’s such a small neck that spits out words that deny me.”


Jung-hoo’s hand grabbed Jae-hee’s neck, but he didn’t apply any pressure. He just held it.


“Sunbae was right, it would have been better not to come.”


The hand that held the neck gradually moved up and deep into her hair that was meticulously set. Then, he pulled her hair, and her neck bent backward.




The graceful neckline was exposed defenselessly in front of Jung-hoo. His greedy eyes scanned it like a vampire gauging a woman’s neck before piercing it with his teeth.


“It made me very uncomfortable that you were being observed by so many males. You’re such a pretty person. I must have lost my mind for a moment, please forgive me.”


“Let go…”


Jaehee shuddered at Jung-hoo’s face. She begged for forgiveness with her eyes closed. She grabbed Jung-hoo’s wrist which was holding her hair.




“I could have just looked at you by myself but men are animals with an uncontrollable desire to show off. I could have dressed you up prettily and brought you home and enjoyed all of you alone, but I guess that’s just how men are, Sunbae. ”


“Okay, I get it…uh…”


“The desire to flaunt females…”


Jae-hee couldn’t finish her sentence. Jung-hoo’s teeth sharply bit into her neck. Like a predator that severs the prey’s artery in one shot, he pounced on her.


“Do you know why I dressed you up?” His lips that bit her neck moved to her earlobes and asked in a moist voice.


Jae-hee pushed Jung-hoo with all her might, but he didn’t even flinch. His hands dug into her dress and roughly pulled down her stockings. His fingertips pulled up the end of the panties on her pelvis.


“When you pull it like this, it stimulates this area. Even if I don’t touch it, I can caress Sunbae’s secret spot.” As he flicked the thong string with his finger, the thong was pulled tight as he said. At the same time, he spread apart the thin layer covering her clitoris and labia.




“Your expression looks pitiful. Do you feel like you’re falling apart? If we are not dating, then it’s just a sexual relationship. What’s there to feel inside and outside of a sexual relationship?”


His words and tongue pierced her ear at the same time. His saliva-laden tongue licked her earlobe and forced its way into the narrow hole. Every time he extended and withdrew his tongue, a sound like friction during sex could be heard.




“I was worried that Sunbae’s panties would get wet.”


His finger traced the thong string as well as her labia. The thong’s string was soft, but when Junghoo brushed against it with his finger, she felt a sharp pain. Jaehee sucked the pain down her sobbing throat.


“Ugh…sob…stop, please.”


“I’m doing this to see where Senior is sticking to and begging.” It was the window. She was pleading with her butt pushed back against the window, leaving a handprint on the glass.


“Look at where you’re clinging and pleading right now and tell me.”


It was the window. She was clinging to the window with her palm leaving a mark, and pleading while moving her ass backward.


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Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae-nim
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Jae-hee took a sip of hot coffee. I can't sleep when caffeine goes into my body. "Have you finished drinking?" "Yes." "Good job."
Jung-hoo smiled. The sound of him putting the mug on the table was especially loud. Then he stood up and approached Jaehee while loosening his tie.
"You're... now..." "I'm not going to let senior sleep tonight."
With her eyes wide open, she looked at Jung-hoo nearing her. "What are you doing?" "Don't you usually scream? Aren't you going to scream?" "Get out of the way, don't mess with me." When he touched her lips, the lips suddenly opened and Jae-hee was surprised and tried to let go of his hand. However, Jung-hoo grabbed Jae-hee's hand and pressed it against his lower lip.
"I kept thinking about you." His moving tongue touched Jae-hee's blunt calluses on the tips of her nails slightly. The hand holding her own was a fine hand without any callus. She was suddenly bothered by her calloused hand that was being held.
"What are you thinking about? I'm still speaking." White teeth bit her itchy finger. "Ugh..." "Sleep with me. Sunbae just nod your head. I'll take care of the rest." As I lowered my head gently, I could feel his black eyes examining my actions one by one.


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