HS V4 Ch-4

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“Tighten your thighs. I won’t put it in.”


The soft flesh of her inner thighs squeezed against his erection. It was a completely different feeling from entering Jaehee’s body, but this was different in its own way. Slowly moving her waist, he kissed the nape of Jaehee’s neck and her exposed bare shoulder.


“Sunbae, are you wet?”


When his erection shaft brushed against her quim, it was smeared with something moist. He licked the back of Jae-hee’s ear and asked in a murky voice, she only groaned weakly without answering.


She felt a huge hard-on between her thighs. He poked the nub with the tip of his erection and rubbed the wet area bluntly.


“Aah… No…”


“This won’t do. You are so wet here. I’ll comfort you.”


When Jae-hee twisted her body, the tip that was poking the wet spot rushed inside. She let out a heavy breath under the pressure. In one stroke, he slid inside Jaehee’s body to the root.


“Ha… Did you know you’ve only had me three times?”


It wasn’t as hard as when she first became intimate with him. Rather, it was she who stood on the edge of his caresses and was wet underneath. Jaehee did not want to admit it and turned her head halfway from the table and looked at Junghoo behind her.


“I’m going insane. A guy like me loses his mind when you make that begging face, do you understand?”


He began to move roughly.


“You said you wouldn’t put it in…”.


“Do you call that an excuse now?”


His hand gently tugged Jaehee’s hair. Then he set his teeth on the nape of her neck that came up to him and bit the bruised spot even tighter.




“Does it really hurt? You said it hurts, but you clamp me like this?”


Jaehee moaned from the exhilarating pain and his manhood digging beneath when he bit into the bruise. Her mind went blank once more. A mass of pleasure and desire naturally occupied the blank place as if it were its place.


“Ugh… aaang… Jung Hoo…Hyuuk!”


When it came to sex, Min Jaehee was honest. Junghoo was driven insane by her body’s inability to conceal the pleasure he gave her. The satisfaction of having the woman he yearned for and desired to hold was so intense that he couldn’t put it into words. He kept Min Jae-hee’s creamy ass as open as he could. He looked at her p*ssy wide open to its limit, devouring him.


“There’s not even the slightest gap. Heh… Sunbae’s body is tailor-made for me.”


“Peog! Peog!”*more noise*


Junghoo’s ministrations turned Jaehee’s hips a scarlet red. Especially where Junghoo’s rough pubic hair smacked her buttocks.


“Aw! Aaang! Aaaaaah!


Her slender body swayed to the rhythm of her grip on the table’s edge, creating a lovely chant. That sound was incredible. Jaehee’s face, voice, and body temperature. She was crying in his arms as if she were at home.


“Scream my name. Cum with my name on your lips, Sunbae.”


“Ju- Junghoo… Jung Hoo… Ahhhhhhh!”


The moment Jaehee screamed after calling his name, Jung-hoo also came and poured his semen inside her.


“ha… don’t move. Because it looks like it will get erect again.”


“Heh… You are… What is this… while eating?”


Jung-hoo did not immediately pull himself out, but instead fell face down on Jaehee’s body. He reached under the table and kneaded her sore breast with enough force to make it grow. She enjoyed the sensation of something warm running down her thigh. The feeling of a hot, sweaty body sticking to her back was strange. Jaehee, on the other hand, blushed when she heard the rough breathing from the nape of her neck because it was erotic.


“Like a beast.”




At Jung-hoo’s question, Jae-hee put her head down on the table.


“Do you want to know what a real beast is? Huh?”


Contrary to his words, he slipped out of Jae-hee. It was the moment when Jae-hee tried to straighten her stiff waist that she felt something flowing underneath her.




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Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae-nim
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Jae-hee took a sip of hot coffee. I can't sleep when caffeine goes into my body. "Have you finished drinking?" "Yes." "Good job."
Jung-hoo smiled. The sound of him putting the mug on the table was especially loud. Then he stood up and approached Jaehee while loosening his tie.
"You're... now..." "I'm not going to let senior sleep tonight."
With her eyes wide open, she looked at Jung-hoo nearing her. "What are you doing?" "Don't you usually scream? Aren't you going to scream?" "Get out of the way, don't mess with me." When he touched her lips, the lips suddenly opened and Jae-hee was surprised and tried to let go of his hand. However, Jung-hoo grabbed Jae-hee's hand and pressed it against his lower lip.
"I kept thinking about you." His moving tongue touched Jae-hee's blunt calluses on the tips of her nails slightly. The hand holding her own was a fine hand without any callus. She was suddenly bothered by her calloused hand that was being held.
"What are you thinking about? I'm still speaking." White teeth bit her itchy finger. "Ugh..." "Sleep with me. Sunbae just nod your head. I'll take care of the rest." As I lowered my head gently, I could feel his black eyes examining my actions one by one.


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