Hotel Chapter 3.1

The First Hotel

It seems that this job was not illegal, but it was also exceptionally bizarre. Xiang Ya felt distressed but still brought the money to the police station to report the case.


Arriving at the police station, Xiang Ya lowered her head while putting it into her bag, and inadvertently collided with a man who hurriedly turned a corner.


With a bang, all the paper documents in the man’s hands fell to the floor, Xiang Ya hurriedly picked them up for him. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the uniform and apologized: “I’m sorry, uncle policeman, I’m in a hurry and didn’t look clearly.”


The man who had picked up the paper on her back paused for a while, then slowly turned around and asked, “Uncle?”


“Ah?” Xiang Ya raised her eyes and happened to meet his eyes. What she saw was an extremely handsome man who did not look old at all.


Xiang Ya’s face flushed red, knowing that she had said the wrong thing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m blind.”


“You don’t have to curse yourself like that.” The corner of his mouth twitched, took the documents from her hand, stood up and left.


Xiang Ya had a lot of things on her mind so she didn’t focus on what happened just now. She quickly took her bag and went into the hall to report a case.


After telling her story, she saw a civilian police went out to investigate. A curtain from the nightmare flashed in her mind, she asked the female police officer who’s recording her statement  in a low voice: “Sister police officer, I’d like to ask if there has been any homicide in the Shi Er Wang hotel?”


When a homicide is involved, the policewoman stared at her warily and asked: “Why would you say that?”


Xiang Ya scratched her head: “I had a nightmare in that hotel, and I felt very worried, so I wanted to ask.”


The nightmare was completely nonsense, but the policewoman seemed to see Xiang Ya’s panic, and out of comfort, she went to the intranet to check the case.


Half an hour later, the policewoman walked out of the archives, “Beauty, there is no homicide. There has been no homicide in that street for ten years.”


Hearing this news, Xiang Ya breathed a sigh of relief, she smiled and thanked her and left the police station.

The policewoman watched her leave, and shook her head regretfully. She heard it when she recorded her statement just now. She thought that the young lady was under too much pressure right now, she even believed in such nonsense like meeting a ghost.


The third day arrived unwittingly. The police investigate that the money was clean and it was from a person named Yan Li. However, she’s in a foreign country and couldn’t be contacted. Moreover, her relatives and friends could not be found in the country for the time being. So the money was still returned to Xiang Ya.


Xiang Ya walked out of the police station with a complicated feeling. The money went round and round and still went back to her hands.


She’s been thinking back about the past days, from when she’s picking up that flier to checking out of the hotel room. There were actually a lot of things that didn’t make sense that night, even the person that invited her to participate in the interview was abroad. The police couldn’t figure it out, which further shows that the Ancheng website was strange.


Xiang Ya continued to brood as she strolled down the sidewalk. Soon, a piercing siren sounds from behind her, wailing to an unknown place. She glanced at the police car curiously, and only retracted her gaze when the car was far away.


While she’s walking toward the junction in front of the bun store, the boss of the small Internet cafe was squatting and holding a bowl of luosifen and gossiping with others.


“I heard there was a murder in the hotel. The cleaning lady came in and got so sick from the smell that she vomited.” The woman said with the vegetable basket in her arm.


Xiang Ya’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the word “murder” and slowed down to listen.


“Was it a man or a woman that died? The ruckus was so terrible, did they caught the murderer yet?” The boss listened in disgust, and the bowl of noodles was put down.


“A woman, they didn’t catch them. I heard that when the cleaning lady went in, there’s only the deceased on the bed. There’s no one else in the room.”


“Auntie, do you know anything else…” The boss was not satisfied. It is rare that a murder occurred here, which always arouse the curiosity of the people.


“No, that’s all I’ve heard.”



Xiang Ya’s complexion was solemn, she turned her back from the path to her house and headed straight to Xi Er Wang hotel, hoping that it wouldn’t turn out the way she had dreamed.

But the reality was always the opposite. When Xiang Ya arrived at the hotel, there were several police cars parked outside, and police officers in uniforms were going in and out of the entrance. And the surrounding was filled with onlookers.


The auxiliary police came over to disperse the crowd. Xiang Ya was pushed back by others. She turned and looked back, only to see the people carrying the stretcher out. The white cloth that covered the body, seemingly spotted Xiang Ya. A wind blew, blowing away a corner, and she saw the side face, the exact match of the woman in her dream.


“Ahhh” Xiang Ya screamed and was knocked down by a passerby. The crowd surged and immediately created a ruckus.


Zhang Fanyu set up a cordon. He frowned and stared at the noisy crowd on the opposite side. Without a word, he followed Teacher into the hotel.


Xiang Ya declined the aunt who wanted to help her up. She was scared out of her wit while walking back home.


“The dream came true, how could it be?! Are those people ghosts?” She kept asking herself.


Returning home, Xiang Ya sat dumbly on the wooden bench until there’s a vibration from her trouser pocket. She took out her phone and saw a string of unfamiliar numbers.


This scene almost overlapped with the rainy night three days ago. A nameless fear ran through her spine, as if a ghostly hand gently caressed it.


Her scalp goes numb.


She watched her phone vibrate relentlessly. She didn’t answer, and the next second, the phone vibrated again.


Her slender fingers hesitantly touched the machine and cautiously answered the call. “Hello?”


“Miss Xiang, do you still remember me? I’m Manager Yan who informed you of the interview a few days ago.” The female voice in the microphone chuckled.


Xiang Ya was shivering all over, but she resisted the urge to throw the phone. She tried to stabilize her voice: “What do you want from me?”


“Miss Xiang was so brave. You didn’t scream and throw away your phone ….”


Xiang Ya paused, and sneered in a small voice: “If it breaks, I don’t have the money to repair it.”


“Hahahaha…” The laughter was light and quick, making people chill for no reason.

“Xiang Ya, you are really more interesting than I thought. I’m looking forward to working with you.” Xiang Ya was about to open her mouth, but the other side continued, “Congratulations, you have been hired by our company, and you will be transferred to a regular position without a probation period. I will transfer the 100,000 yuan tonight since you need it, treat it as advance paid.”


Yan Li thought that since Xiang Ya was currently short on money, she would be very happy to hear these words. After all, she had seen many people who became filthier than the evil spirits just for the sake of money.


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I became a hotel tester in a supernatural hotel [Unlimited]

I became a hotel tester in a supernatural hotel [Unlimited]

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After her parents disappeared, Xiang Ya was left with a huge debt. When she had a headache on how to pay back the money, a job posting was shoved into her door.
A mysterious website recruits hotel testers and offers extremely high salaries, she only needs to hand in the her accommodation experience and propose a solution at a designated hotel. Her heart moved and submitted a resume, and received an invitation from a hotel that night.
The first hotel was unbelievably popular. There would be elevator full of people going up and down in the middle of the night. There was always a woman who pushed the stroller, walking in the corridors, and sharp-teeth kid would stare at people for candy.
Xiang Ya tried to ignore these unscientific anomalies until she dreamed of a murder in her sleep, and three days later, her dream came true. At this moment, she believed that the job she was applying for was somewhat scary.
Crime detective, Zhang Fanyu noticed a strange girl who always appeared at a hotel where a murder or an impending death occur.
With great difficulty, he finally caught the suspect in a remote valley.
In the end, the suspect climbed up from a grave with a pair of white bones on her back.
"I'm suspicious" is written all over her.
After resolving another hotel guest's case, Xiang Ya wants to give it a honorable send off. Just that, right after she pick up the other party's bones, an outrageously handsome policeman is standing solemnly in front of the grave.
Xiang Ya stared at the muzzle aimed at her, and pointed to the bones on her back: Uncle police officer, I'm intending to help her putting on a new dress, would you believe me?
Zhang Fanyu sneered: Nowadays, the suspect are being novel and refined about grave digging.


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