Hotel Ch 3.2

The First Hotel

But unfortunately, the other party behaved differently than what she’d expected, only hearing an earnest question: “Why me? What is Ancheng? Why did I have that dream? What’s with that dead today? Are you guys ghosts or human?”


Yan Li was slightly stunned with this series of questions.


“Why could I not save that woman when I obviously had that dream three days ago, clearly…I could have stopped it.”


Yan Li was startled. She gently said: “You couldn’t stop it.”


“Xiang Ya, you will come to learn about the company’s affairs. I have sent you an email about the next hotel along with the departure time and the location. Keep in mind that the only thing you’ve to do when you get to those hotels is sleep. Remember everything in your dream and you must not get injured. When you wake up, you will naturally know what to do.”


Yan Li finished in an ambiguous manner and she’s very unyielding, not giving Xiang Ya a chance to refute.


At the end, she amiably said: “Welcome to Ancheng family, do you have anything you want to say?”


Since things have reached this point, how could Xiang Ya not understand that the job offer was not illegal, but very dangerous.


Her lips trembled, “Can I-I quit?”


“Not possible, little cutie.” Yan Li’s warm voice was threatening, “I will give you a special phone to contact me with. Also, don’t casually investigate me anymore, I could see everything you did.”


Yan Li was used to the carrot and stick method, finally speaking in a normal manner: “Don’t be afraid, you will like this job and you don’t have to worry about the stress of life.”


Xiang Ya was silent. In fact, her mind was now a mess and she didn’t know how to deal with the situation in front of her.


The busy tone in the phone stop, and the next moment, there was a knock on the door, scaring the restless Xiang Ya.


Her eyelids twitched violently and said in a loud voice: “Who is it?”


There was no answer, so Xiang Ya apprehensively opened the door, only to see a package file on the ground. There was no suspicious person on the street.


Xiang Ya opened the package. Inside was an old-style, black phone and a thin document.


Looking through the document, it was obviously a recruitment contract, but there was a familiar signature at the end.


It was her father who signed on her behalf.


A slight chill rose on her back. She felt like she was enveloped in a thick fog, impossible to see what lay behind it.


Her parents’ disappearance, the bizarre hotel…what’s behind all this…


She tightly squeezed the phone, her breathing was completely disrupted.


A week later, a torrential rain in Jiang’an.


Xiang Ya stood in front of a four-star hotel in Jiang’an. The rain splashed on her black umbrella, spattering puddles of water.


She ignored the wet clothes clinging to her body. Her uncanny gaze fell on the resplendent high-rise. She never could imagine that a terrifying ghost was hidden here.


She heard from a local driver that this place was very popular. Many people would fly here to travel and they all chose this hotel.


On a rainy day, this hotel has many check-ins. Xiang Ya put away her umbrella and walked into the lobby.


The floor was polished and bright enough to illuminate shadows. A huge clock regularly struck, and it was exactly 10 pm.


Carrying a large umbrella, Xiang Ya slowly walked towards the front desk and said, “Hello, I’m here to check in.”


“How many?”


“Manager Yan requested me to do a sleep examination here.” She pursed her lips.


The receptionist was slightly confused, she didn’t know who manager Yan was, but the next second, she didn’t seem to see Xiang Ya, she sat down and resumed her work.


Last time, she thought that the service attitude of that hotel was bad, but this time Xiang Ya witnessed this outrageous scene with her own eyes, and her throat felt dry.


Until an ice-cold hand patted her shoulder.


“Turned out you are Manager Yan’s recommendation. Welcome, I am the manager of this hotel, how can I help you?”


Xiang Ya turned around, only to see a fat man with a greenish-gray face in a dark gray suit, looking at her with a smile.


The author has something to say:


Xiang Ya: The first day on the job, I wanted to resign.


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I became a hotel tester in a supernatural hotel [Unlimited]

I became a hotel tester in a supernatural hotel [Unlimited]

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After her parents disappeared, Xiang Ya was left with a huge debt. When she had a headache on how to pay back the money, a job posting was shoved into her door.
A mysterious website recruits hotel testers and offers extremely high salaries, she only needs to hand in the her accommodation experience and propose a solution at a designated hotel. Her heart moved and submitted a resume, and received an invitation from a hotel that night.
The first hotel was unbelievably popular. There would be elevator full of people going up and down in the middle of the night. There was always a woman who pushed the stroller, walking in the corridors, and sharp-teeth kid would stare at people for candy.
Xiang Ya tried to ignore these unscientific anomalies until she dreamed of a murder in her sleep, and three days later, her dream came true. At this moment, she believed that the job she was applying for was somewhat scary.
Crime detective, Zhang Fanyu noticed a strange girl who always appeared at a hotel where a murder or an impending death occur.
With great difficulty, he finally caught the suspect in a remote valley.
In the end, the suspect climbed up from a grave with a pair of white bones on her back.
"I'm suspicious" is written all over her.
After resolving another hotel guest's case, Xiang Ya wants to give it a honorable send off. Just that, right after she pick up the other party's bones, an outrageously handsome policeman is standing solemnly in front of the grave.
Xiang Ya stared at the muzzle aimed at her, and pointed to the bones on her back: Uncle police officer, I'm intending to help her putting on a new dress, would you believe me?
Zhang Fanyu sneered: Nowadays, the suspect are being novel and refined about grave digging.


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