HLEI- Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2

    This made her totally confused. She then opened the Weibo and found that the number of forwarded posts about herself had exploded.

   Even the trending topic hung above was, #HeSiyuQiaoNaimutuallikes#,

    It was then that she realized that she had accidentally given He Siyu’s post a thumbs up.

    Qiao Nai immediately checked He Siyu’s homepage, and found that he had also liked her post.

    Qiao Nai gasped involuntarily, and then muttered to herself, “Why did he like mine? Could it be that his hands also slipped?”

    Qiao Nai roughly flipped through a few comments.

    @Brother Siyu keep walking the road of fame: It’s the first time my brother likes someone’s Weibo post, wanna see what happens next!

    @He Siyu, the center of the universe: No way?!! Even on my death bed I will not accept this!

    @I don’t know you: Yet another popular female star.

    @Qiao Nainai; the unparalleled: Our Nainai is a top female artist of the industry, what more heat do we need?

    @He Siyu’s little wife: My God, my husband’s jaw line is sharper than my future.

    @This melon can’t be eaten: Another melon to eat?

    @Just want to eat a ripe melon: No comments unless official announcement.

    @A rational analyst: The probability of two people’s hands slipping at the same time is pretty low, the probability of two people’s hands slipping at the same time and posting a similar post with similar writings is even more low, and two people’s hands slipping and the time of posting the similar posts to be 1314, the probability is way too lower. To sum it up, I think a large number of fans of He Siyu are going to heartbroken today.

    @Upstairs is right: The upstairs is right.

    Anyway, many of her and He Siyu’s fans were in a heated battle.

    Qiao Nai found out that there was also the formation of a ‘Nice CP’.

    Many CP fans began to pick up on the previous interactions between the two. Qiao Nai saw a cutout photo of the two people who had attended an event together and accidentally looked at each other from a distance away. This totally looked as if they were flirting with each other from a distance.

    Also, some quick hands had already cut some of the usual video clips of the two into MVs [1]Music Video. One of the shots shows He Siyu performing on the stage, when suddenly his eyes locked in one place, and the next second the camera turns to the audience, Qiao Nai was looking at the person on the stage with a moved and fascinated expression.

    Then the background disappeared, as if the two people only had each other in their eyes and coupled with He Siyu’s love song, it was like a year’s worth of dog food [2]It’s something along the lines of, feeding the public with their public display of affection, giving them something to talk about..

    If she, the heroine of the MV didn’t know the truth, even Qiao Nai herself would have believed it.

    But she suddenly realized that her most important task right now was to get into the character.

    Qiao Nai immediately opened the script, took a deep breath, closed her eyes to steady her emotions, and found the scene where the female lead felt attracted to the male lead for the first time.

    – The female lead was homeless, so she asked if she could spend a night at the male lead’s tattoo shop.

    – The male lead agreed, and at night the he hugged her on the bed while saying, “The bed at home is a bit small, I’m sorry.” Saying this he hugged her even more tightly.

    – The male lead is described in the original novel as: Tang Mi had never seen such a delicate but handsome face before, his eyes look as hazy as the misty morning, and when he looks at you, there is a bewitching charm in them that can’t help but make one intoxicated.

    – It’s like a sugar-coated poison that tempts and urges you to give it a try even when you know that you will be doomed once you eat it.

    After reading this, another image from the fan-made MV suddenly appeared in Qiao Nai’s mind.

    He Siyu was sitting in the audience, his affectionate eyes fixed on someone, moving according to the other person’s movements, and the next shot was of Qiao Nai walking up to the stage to accept her award.

   It felt like no matter how much attention he got, he only had eyes for her.

    Suddenly, Qiao Nai felt that the whole scene was very ambiguous, it really gave people the feeling of being in an atmosphere full of ambiguous feelings.

    Taking advantage of the feeling, Qiao Nai immediately turned off her phone and went back to the private room, and said to Director Chen, “Director Chen, let me act out the inner emotions of the female lead when the male and female lead spend the night together for the first time.” Director Chen nodded.

    Qiao Nai took a breath, and then got into the scene.

    She showed a kind of shyness belonging to s young girl who just had her first awakening in love, but in that shyness she also had the feelings of anticipation and fear, as if she wanted to go ahead but dare not touch those kind of hazy feelings.

    Just this one look full of emotions, and Director Chen was instantly convinced.

    A director of Director Chen’s level had seen many actors, and he only needs a moment to know the actor’s skills. He was sure that Qiao Nai was the person he was looking for, “No wonder your acting skills have always been recognized by everyone. This is it.”

    “And it is also because such high acting skills, I believe that you will definitely bring the character to life.”

    Hearing Director Chen’s words, Zeng Nan knew very well that the other party wanted to finalize Qiao Nai as the female lead, so the right to choose now fell into Qiao Nai’s hands. She was afraid that Qiao Nai would make a decision directly due to excitement, so she immediately took control of the conversation and said “By the way, Director Chen, I wanted to ask about the emotional scenes in the script, whether there will be a stand in or…”

    “Ah, getting a stand-in is naturally impossible. If a script wants to show true feelings, the emotions of the actors must be to the point of being unable to differentiate from the reality, if there are stand-ins, the audience will not be able to completely immerse in the plot, and not to mention we want to compete for the foreign awards. If we use a stand-in, won’t it be a joke.”

    This is also reasonable, but Qiao Nai still had some concerns.

    “It’s like this. Our Qiao Nai has just been on the rise in the past two years, and there are many boyfriend fans. I’m afraid that too much of the emotional scenes, will affect her image.”

    The director was stunned for a moment, but then expressed his understanding, “That’s true, but I have to discuss this with the scriptwriter later to see if the emotional scenes can be reflected in some vague ways of expressions. Although I can discuss this, but I can’t give you a guarantee. Everything will be based on the final effects.”

    Hearing this, Zeng Nan was satisfied, “Well, okay, then I will go back with Qiao Nai to think about the script and arrange the schedule, and will give you an answer within a week.”

    “Well, no problem.”

    When they were preparing to leave, Zeng Nan suddenly thought, “By the way, have you decided on the male lead?”

    In a movie with many emotional scenes like this, actors would usually want to know their counter part before making a decision.

    Otherwise, if it is an actor who does not have the ability or is a bit of repulsive character, then the whole cooperation may end up being unpleasant.

    So it is better to ask first.

    “No, it’s not easy to choose the male lead for this script. I did have several candidates before, but I’m not particularly satisfied with them.”

    After answering, Director Chen then asked Qiao Nai, “Do you have any recommendations?”

    The male lead in this play is the kind of handsome and charming prodigal [3]spending money freely and rather wastefully scumbag. Looking at the whole entertainment industry, there are not many actors who fit this image.

    Qiao Nai shook her head, “I can’t think of anyone for the time being.”

    “Yeah, we’ve actually met quite a few first-line actors, and I always feel…” Director Chen dragged his voice, “It’s a bit off-putting, I am not getting that ecstasy feeling.”

    Zeng Nan threw a wink towards Qiao Nai, “Okay then, let’s stop here for today.”

    “Okay, I look forward to our cooperation.”

    After Qiao Nai left, Director Chen looked satisfied, “I think the role of the female lead is made for Qiao Nai.”

    Producer Zhang sighed, “The difficult thing to deal with now is the male protagonist.”

    Director Chen, “Yes, the description of the male lead’s appearance in the original novel is too good. I did a market research before, and it seems that the image in the readers’ minds is mostly of He Siyu.”

    Producer Zhang nodded, “His face really fits the description.”

    Director Chen’s face showed sudden embarrassment, “But he has never acted before. I don’t think he can handle those intense emotions.”

    “And that too of a scumbag,” Sister Zhang couldn’t help laughing out as she said, “I think He Siyu has that aura, just how many women end up falling for him by his single glance.” Director Chen still had that bit of a embarrassed smile on his face.

    “He will come in a while, let’s wait and see,” said Sister Zhang, “Maybe his true self is that of a scumbag, and he can just act himself by then.”



1 Music Video
2 It’s something along the lines of, feeding the public with their public display of affection, giving them something to talk about.
3 spending money freely and rather wastefully
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Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Score 9.1
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

    Qiao Nai became famous overnight because of her god-given acting skills and her beautiful face.

    One time when she was walking down the red carpet, she was caught in the same frame as the current top star He Siyu, and a group photo of theirs became popular all over the internet.

    The whole world was begging them to be together, even if it was for the sake of publicity.

    But, Qiao Nai only cared about her career, and announced to the world, “I have no plans to fall in love, atleast within these three years.”

    One sentence broke the fantasy of all “Nice” ((奈斯 (Naisi) has the same pronounciation as Nice)) fans.

    The two later collaborated in a movie together.

    After the last kiss scene was filmed, the two were reluctant to let go of each other.

    It was not too dramatic, but it really moved their hearts.

    After the film was released, the two won awards at many major film festivals.

    At night, He Siyu rubbed his nose against Qiao Nai’s earlobe and said, “When will we make our relationship public?” Qiao Nai thought of her three-year agreement, and didn’t want to slap herself in face.

    On the third day, He Siyu posted a sneak-peek of their sweet couple life on Weibo.

  On the fourth day, when He Siyu was interviewed and asked about his ideal type, he described Qiao Nai, even down to the strands of her hair.


    Under He Siyu’s series of actions, everyone started speculating about the relationship between the two.

    But, Qiao Nai rebutted them every time: “For the promotion of the movie.”

   Fans: The movie has been released for more than half a year, why is the after-sales service so good?

    It continued till some time later, when a photo of He Siyu and a mysterious woman kissing in a deserted street was exposed.

   He Siyu posted a statement on Weibo: [I am indeed in love, but it will take two years, one month and eight days to make an official announcement.]

    His fans calculated that day and realised that it happened to be the same day three years later, when Qiao Nai officially announced that she would not be in a relationship.

    Qiao Nai then replied downstairs: Tell me your ID card number!

    Small theater:

    There was a scene where Qiao Nai had to take the initiative to kiss He Siyu passionately. Due to her inexperience and unfamiliarity with her partner, they had to take several shots.

    He Siyu then proposed to empty the scene to let them get into their characters. When there were only two of them left in the room, He Siyu leaned closer to her ear and whispered bewitchingly: “Try saying my name later in my mouth.”



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