HLEI- Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1

    Qiao Nai would never have imagined that one day, half of the top trending topics would be related to her.




    These three entries were currently the top three most searched ones.

    But at this time, Qiao Nai’s car was just reaching the entrance of the hotel, because of which she didn’t know that she was already in the midst of a heated discussion among the netizens.

    Qiao Nai and Zeng Nan were just about to get off the car when they saw a girl standing at the door of the restaurant.

    The girl was holding Qiao Nai’s support card in her hand.

    “Could it be a fan?” Qiao Nai’s assistant Qiqi pointed at the girl infront of the restaurant doors.

    Zeng Nan looked vigilant, and reached out to block Qiao Nai, “Except us, no one knew about today’s itinerary. Let’s wait first and see what she wants to do.” Qiao Nai hummed, put on sunglasses, and sat back on the seat, leaning in and watching the scene with cold eyes.

    She has also seen a lot of fans like this. Although the other party just seems to be a powerless little girl, Qiao Nai is a little disgusted with the behavior of interfering with one’s privacy by asking about their undisclosed itinerary and then blocking the path.

    The girl was hesitating at the door, holding Qiao Nai’s support card in her hand, and a headband with her name written on her head. She looked down and around, as if looking for a place to put those things.

    Seeing her still standing there even after a long time, Zeng Nan said impatiently, “What is she doing?” Then she patted Qiqi on the shoulder and said, “Go down and ask about the situation.”

    Qiqi nodded and got out of the car. She then walked up to the girl and said something to her, she then took the stuff from the girl’s hand, after which the girl left.

    Qiqi returned to the car and said, “She happened to come here to eat, but her classmates looked down on her for idolizing a star, so she didn’t want to bring those stuff in, but she was also reluctant to throw them away, so I kept them for her.”

    When Qiao Nai heard Qiqi say this, her expression returned to before, “Is chasing stars a shame?” “

    “She looks like a high school student, maybe studying is the most important thing for them.” Qiqi shrugged and made a guess.

    Qiao Nai was noncommittal. Zeng Nan said, “Let’s go in quickly. Let’s not make Director Chen and the others wait for us.”

    Qiao Nai pushed up her sunglasses put on her mask, stepped on her high heels to get out of the car, and walked in, all the while swaying her slender figure along the way.

    Although her face was covered, the aura surrounding her was definitely not something belonging to an ordinary person.

    Under everyone’s eyes, she entered a private room. Inside, sitting there was a man and a woman. They were Director Chen and the producer, Sister Zhang.

    Director Chen is a middle-aged man with slightly long hair and a slight aura of an artist. Sister Zhang looks about 35 years old and very capable.

    As soon as Qiao Nai entered, she politely took off her sunglasses and mask, and apologized first, “I’m sorry, I just encountered some accidents and was a little late.”

    “It’s not late, we just arrived early.” Elder sister Zhang politely pointed to the man beside her and introduced them to each other, “This is Director Chen, Director Chen, this is Qiao Nai.”

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Director Chen shook hands with Qiao Nai politely.

    After everyone sat down, they started talking about business. The director first gave a general introduction of the script. “Lost” is adapted from a novel of the same name. It tells the story of a girl, Tang Mi whose life till now was nothing but filled with angst. When she was at the most bottom point of her life, she even wanted to commit suicide. But just then, she met the male lead, Song Yi, and was attracted to him and then fell madly in love with him. She thought he was her only light in the midst of darkness, but she didn’t expect the other party to be a master at playing with emotions. He was someone who was never bounded by emotions and had ambiguous and intimate relationships with all kinds of women. Tang Mi was just one of his many lovers. Knowing this, she saw nothing but despair in front of her. Thrown back into the abyss by the same person who brought her out of it, she finally decided to leave him in order not to lose herself too much.

    After listening to the summary, Qiao Nai said, “I feel that the script is quite suitable for me. The heroine is very distinctive and layered.”

    “Yes, we also think that your image and temperament are more suitable for the female lead among the other actresses, so I wanted to meet you.”

    “And we also wanted to know about your schedule and itinerary.” Sister Zhang tentatively asked.

    Qiao Nai glanced at Zeng Nan’s face from the corner of her eye, and when she saw Zeng Nan stroking her hair, Qiao Nai said, “The schedule is not yet confirmed.”

    Director Chen nodded and said, “For this drama, our goal is to attract the foreign audiences. Since the concept of the story is that of a literary romance film, and somewhat a tragedy, the overall tone will be more darker and restrained. In terms of character of the lead roles, the actor needs to be able to express the unsaid lines and the emotions hidden behind them from just a look, so the requirements for the acting skills of the actors are also relatively high. The female lead you will be playing, goes from an innocent and depressed little girl at the beginning to falling in love and having an amorous relationship to the decisive indifference at the end. The character changes are very three-dimensional, so for any good actor, it will be a very challenging attempt.”

    The more Qiao Nai listened, the more excited she became.

    As an actress, this is indeed a rare opportunity and role.

    The only fly in the ointment [1]something like a small issue in an otherwise perfect setting is that there are too many intimate scenes in the play, and that somehow becomes an obstacle for her.

    But Qiao Nai also knows that, ‘An actor who can’t shoot good emotional or sexual scenes [2]The original word here was ‘pornographic scenes’. I thought that it will not fit correctly in the paragraph, so I changed it to something else. Please let me know if the original will be better … Continue reading is not a good actor.’

    A good erotic scene is actually the sublimation of the relationship between the hero and heroine.

    It is natural for many excellent foreign actors to dedicate themselves to art by even going so far to show their nudes. This is their professionalism.

    Maybe Qiao Nai needs to take this step in order to grow more.

    After thinking for a long time, Qiao Nai asked Director Chen, “Do I need to try out a scene?”

    “Although I am very sure of your acting skills and have seen your works before, but you have never been in touch with emotional scenes, so I want to ask if you could try a love scene, it’s the kind where the girl falls in love with a man and looks forward to it.” Director Chen said.

    “Okay, but I may need to prepare my emotions a little bit, does Director Chen mind?” Qiao Nai said after taking a sip of water.

    “It’s okay, please go ahead.”

    Qiao Nai picked up the phone and went to the toilet.

    This is her habit before entering a play.

    She likes to find a place where she can be alone, and then think about the script.

    Qiao Nai turned on her phone, hoping to find the script that Zeng Nan had sent her before.

    But she suddenly found that her mobile phone was full of notifications.

    She just thought that they were birthday wishes from everyone, but she saw her best friend, Song Ru’an’s message at first glance, “Weibo is blown up, are you and He Siyu real?!!!”



1 something like a small issue in an otherwise perfect setting
2 The original word here was ‘pornographic scenes’. I thought that it will not fit correctly in the paragraph, so I changed it to something else. Please let me know if the original will be better or any other word that will be more suitable here.
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Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Score 9.1
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

    Qiao Nai became famous overnight because of her god-given acting skills and her beautiful face.

    One time when she was walking down the red carpet, she was caught in the same frame as the current top star He Siyu, and a group photo of theirs became popular all over the internet.

    The whole world was begging them to be together, even if it was for the sake of publicity.

    But, Qiao Nai only cared about her career, and announced to the world, “I have no plans to fall in love, atleast within these three years.”

    One sentence broke the fantasy of all “Nice” ((奈斯 (Naisi) has the same pronounciation as Nice)) fans.

    The two later collaborated in a movie together.

    After the last kiss scene was filmed, the two were reluctant to let go of each other.

    It was not too dramatic, but it really moved their hearts.

    After the film was released, the two won awards at many major film festivals.

    At night, He Siyu rubbed his nose against Qiao Nai’s earlobe and said, “When will we make our relationship public?” Qiao Nai thought of her three-year agreement, and didn’t want to slap herself in face.

    On the third day, He Siyu posted a sneak-peek of their sweet couple life on Weibo.

  On the fourth day, when He Siyu was interviewed and asked about his ideal type, he described Qiao Nai, even down to the strands of her hair.


    Under He Siyu’s series of actions, everyone started speculating about the relationship between the two.

    But, Qiao Nai rebutted them every time: “For the promotion of the movie.”

   Fans: The movie has been released for more than half a year, why is the after-sales service so good?

    It continued till some time later, when a photo of He Siyu and a mysterious woman kissing in a deserted street was exposed.

   He Siyu posted a statement on Weibo: [I am indeed in love, but it will take two years, one month and eight days to make an official announcement.]

    His fans calculated that day and realised that it happened to be the same day three years later, when Qiao Nai officially announced that she would not be in a relationship.

    Qiao Nai then replied downstairs: Tell me your ID card number!

    Small theater:

    There was a scene where Qiao Nai had to take the initiative to kiss He Siyu passionately. Due to her inexperience and unfamiliarity with her partner, they had to take several shots.

    He Siyu then proposed to empty the scene to let them get into their characters. When there were only two of them left in the room, He Siyu leaned closer to her ear and whispered bewitchingly: “Try saying my name later in my mouth.”



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