HLEI- Chapter 1

Chapter 1

    Qiao Nai had just finished her 24th birthday fan meeting and was scrolling through Weibo in the nanny’s car [1]Because the car can provide daily activities for stars like a nanny, it is called a nanny car. The nanny car can be used as a temporary rest room, changing room, and dressing room..

    She was wearing a royal blue velvet suspender dress, revealing her beautifully curved and smooth shoulders and the swan like slender neck, and even her snow-white skin complemented the dress perfectly.

    But compared with her delicate looking face, these were all pale.

    Qiao Nai has a face that was born for the big screen. Although she is only 24 years old, there is no baby fat on her face. It is said that her beauty goes beyond her outer appearance. As her face has a bit of sharp edges and contours, she looks a bit cold. Her jaw line is sharper and clearer, her eyes are slender and slightly raised, her nose is straight, and there is a very inconspicuous light brown mole on the bridge of her nose.

    The most what everyone comments about her face is “cold, beautiful and beyond reach”.

   Although she is not very old, she usually dresses a bit conservatively, and with her extremely recognizable face, she is also unique in the circle.

    Manager Zeng Nan was sitting next to her. With short hair, she looked very capable. She pointed her index finger, swiping up the screen of her mobile phone, while saying, “Let’s see today’s popularity index.” Qiao Nai put down her mobile phone and looked out of the window tiredly.

    Today is her birthday, so she held a special fan meeting, the popularity should not be low.

    Zeng Nan flipped through the pages quickly, and said with a little regret and joy, “Ah, it’s second.”

   “Very good,” Qiao Nai said with a look of relief, “After all, I don’t have any new works recently. I’m very satisfied with this much popularity.” Without even asking, Qiao Nai already knew who the first place belonged to- the unshakable He Siyu—this domestic entertainment legend whose debut itself brought him to the pinnacle.

    Since his debut, he hasn’t lost the number one spot in the popularity ranking chart for even a day.

    As a top idol, his road to fame is also legendary.

   The first time He Siyu appeared in the public eyes was because of his younger brother He Zhen, who participated in an idol competition. There was a segment in the show that required relatives and friends of the contestants to record videos to cheer him on.

    From then on thousands of people begged him to debut.

    That year, He Siyu, who graduated from the Cambridge University as a top student, originally planned to inherit the family business, but then he succeeded his younger brother and entered the entertainment industry.

    Many thought he was only an idol with nothing but face, and will eventually disappeared after a few days without any works. Who knew that he could sing, play the piano, and even have a black belt in taekwondo.

    His group of fans is considered one of the most powerful, almost like a cheat.

   Therefore, the first place in the popularity index will always belong to He Siyu, the other artists can only compete for the second place.

    “How come his popularity is so high today, almost twice as high as the second place, you. Is there something wrong?” Zeng Nan flipped through her phone and then suddenly patted her head, “Oh, I forgot, He Siyu’s birthday is also today.”

    Qiao Nai vaguely remembered that last year when she was surfing the internet, the social media was full of birthday wishes, but the most of them were for He Siyu.

    He Siyu is full three years older than her.

    She didn’t expect the two people to have such a wonderful fate.

    She crossed her arms and looked outside the window, her eyes drooping slightly, making her look a little lazy.

    “Hey, Nainai, it’s your birthday today, post a Weibo.” Zeng Nan patted her on the shoulder.

    Qiao Nai threw her mobile phone directly to Zeng Nan, “Lazy, do it for me.”

    Zeng Nan took the mobile phone, turned on the camera and said, “Then give me a pose.”

    Qiao Nai was forced to put on her business smile.

    Zeng Nan put down her phone, and said dissatisfiedly, “Hey, can you smile properly, its your birthday today! Can you please atleast look happier?” “Birthday means I am getting one year older.” Qiao Nai pouted and said, “What’s there to be happy about?”

    But still, she gave a big smile. As soon as Qiao Nai laughed, something miraculous happened.

     Two pear shaped dimples appeared on her cheeks, and her smile looked sweeter than honey. All the “coldness” from her face has disappeared, giving people a warm feeling.

     The difference between her smiling and not smiling face was huge, it was almost of they were two different people.

     Zeng Nan immediately took a photo. In the photo, Qiao Nai was smiling very sweetly. The curves of her mouth and the ends of her eyes were curved softly. Looking at the photo, Zeng Nan was very satisfied.

     Zeng Nan is very skillful in operating the Photoshop app, she soon edited the pictures, and posted it on Weibo, all of her actions flowing smoothly.

    “Something to say?” Zeng Nan stopped just before posting.

    Qiao Nai casually said, “Just say thank you for your company this year”

    Zeng Nan nodded and then edited and posted it.

    @Qiao Nai: Thank you for your company this year. I will continue to work hard.


    After posting it, she returned the phone to Qiao Nai.

    Qiao Nai didn’t look at it, and just continued to stare outside the window. She then closed her eyes and said, “I am going to meet Director Chen and the others later, right?”

    “Yeah, many people are vying for the female lead of the IP adaptation of the S-rated film ‘Lost’.” Zeng Nan bumped her with her elbow as she spoke, “By the way, have you read the script?”

    “Hmm.” Qiao Nai nodded and opened her eyes slightly.

    “The role is quite suitable for me, but there are many kissing and sex scenes in it. You know that I have never taken over this kind of role before.”

    “Let’s find a way to make them feel that this role is made for you, and then you can have the capital to talk about those things.”

    As a gold medal manager, Zeng Nan certainly knows how to deal with those old-fashioned fritters.

     Qiao Nai nodded. In fact, she really likes this line of work.

     Although her journey has been smooth since she entered the entertainment industry, she has never had a representative work that has truly penetrated the hearts of the people.

     This time, the team working on this movie is one of the top brass of the industry with many advanced equipment, and have won awards at international film festivals before. Of course, she doesn’t want to miss such a good opportunity to bring herself to a next level.

     After all, if even one opportunity is lost, it is lost forever.

     In this circle, every step matters.

     In fact, Qiao Nai’s debut path is also a legend itself. She was praised for her beauty since she was a child, and her mother encouraged her and trained her to become a star.

    When she was in high school, she was sent to a brokerage company to be a trainee, but she had no background in singing and dancing, and her level was average. At that time, the company’s best evaluation of her was “nothing but beauty”, and she could only shoot some commercials and do some prints. At that time, she didn’t have any professional training in acting, but Qiao Nai liked to read novels since she was a child, and before going to bed at night, she also liked to bring the characters to life and simulate the plot of the novel, so she still had some poor “acting skills” at that time. During an audition, a crying scene directly moved the whole bunch of people sitting there, and the director decided then and there that she must be the one to play the role.

    Since then, she has embarked on the road of fame, winning the Best Newcomer Award in the first year, and the Best Actress in the second year. God-given acting skills and beautiful looks made her famous almost overnight. If it weren’t for He Siyu, she would be the one at the top of the popularity index now. Before, when she was young, all she acted in were simple dramas and scripts like that, and had never been exposed to emotional ones like this. So even though this production has a famous director and an equally good team, Qiao Nai still has a little bit of resistance in her heart. She is not yet mentally prepared to make out with an unfamiliar actor. But she also knows that it is impossible for a qualified actress to not to be in contact with emotional scenes.

    All this time, she felt that this was a hurdle that she had to overcome.

    Qiao Nai thought about it for a few minutes, but then decided to relax and read some comments on her Weibo post just now.

    Unexpectedly, Weibo was blown up within just a few minutes. #QiaoNaiHeSiyu’sBirthdayWishes was on the top of the list. Qiao Nai clicked to open it, and saw that a big V [2]The V stands for VIP. On Weibo, there are clear VIP icons in various colors at the bottom right of their avatar. To become a Weibo Big V, you must have at least 500K followers and be confirmed by the … Continue reading took a screenshot of Qiao Nai and He Siyu’s Weibo photos and put them together. Qiao Nai was surprised to find that coincidentally the two of them, both posted selfies in a nanny car.

    What was even more of a coincident was that the writing below the two people’s post was also the same, “Thank you for your company this year.”

    On top of that, the time at which both of them posted the photos was also very coincidental, Qiao Nai’s was at 18:13, and He Siyu’s was at 18:14.

    Seeing this, a large number of fans are speculating whether the two of them had agreed beforehand to announce something officially.

    13 and 14, isn’t this 1314? [3]When read in Chinese, 1314 sounds similar to 一生一世 (yī shēng yī shì) — “one life, one world,” meaning “for the rest of my life” or “forever.”     A small extra note:- 520 … Continue reading

    And even their photos, they look as if they were taken by each other, as if they were a couple taking pictures of each other and then posting it.

    It will not be an exaggeration to say that this can be a “solid evidence”.

    When she saw this trending search, Qiao Nai’s heart skipped a beat.

    Everyone in this circle wants to take advantage of He Siyu’s popularity, but He Siyu has too many fans, and anyone who even tries to do so will be scolded very badly.

    Except for those wanting to take a shortcut or a grey route, other ordinary artists would not want to have anything to do with He Siyu.

    Qiao Nai had set three rules for herself in this circle.

    First, No shortcuts – never try to ride on anyone’s popularity, don’t cause to much hype, no CP, and no unspoken rules.

    Don’t step on anyone – don’t expose other artists’ black material, and don’t push the highs and the lows [4]It is a idiom- flattering one’s superiors and trampling on one’s juniors.

    Don’t recommend——Don’t recommend resources to others easily, because most people in this circle always value interests over favors, and it’s inevitable that one will be discarded after their value is squeezed dry.

    It is precisely because of these three rules that she has made it so far since her debut without any black material to be exposed about her. Although she is not very popular in the entertainment industry, at least she has no hardcore opponents and many black fans.

    In the past, many people came to Qiao Nai to form a CP and increase their hype, but she firmly rejected them one by one, because most of them were not worthy of her current standing.

    Likewise, she is also not worthy of He Siyu’s current popularity.

    After several years of hard work, she finally got rid of the title of a “flower vase” [5]Someone with only beauty but no brains and became a real actor. She didn’t want to be beaten back to her original state.

    Qiao Nai immediately checked the time, thankfully her Weibo was posted a minute before He Siyu’s.

   Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief – at least she wouldn’t be misunderstood as seeing He Siyu’s post and then posting it herself to gain popularity.

    Afterall, Qiao Nai’s birthday is also today, so it’s reasonable to post a birthday post on Weibo.

    Qiao Nai scrolled down and saw the post by He Siyu.

    His words were really exactly the same as the first half of Qiao Nai’s, “Thank you for your company this year.” The picture below was him sitting in a nanny’s car, wearing a black shirt, and facing the camera halfway.

    It has to be said that He Siyu’s facial features are really unique.

   There is no second male artist who looks as iconic as him in the entertainment industry.

    He Siyu’s brow bone is very high, his nose is high and straight, and he looks a bit mixed racial, but his eyes and hair are jet black, engraved with the deep and low-key characteristics of a Chinese. He is born with smiling lips, even the corners of his lips are a little raised, but most of the time his expression is very cold, and his jaw line is as sharp as a knife, giving people a sense of abstinence.

    This face, even just looking at the photos, gives a sense of oppression.

    It feels as if his eyes are firmly locked onto you, as if, once you fall into them, you will never be able to escape from him no matter what.

    Qiao Nai felt chills all over her body after seeing this photo, and then immediately swiped down, and then turned off the phone.

    And because of this, she didn’t know that just now because of her slippery hands, she accidentally gave He Siyu’s post a thumbs up.


    At this time, He Siyu was relaxing in the nanny’s car with his eyes closed, while listening to music.

    He Siyu rubbed his lips with his thumb, and said to his assistant Xiao He, “What’s the plan for tonight?”

    Xiao He replied immediately, “There is a meet-up regarding a movie cast.”

    “The director and the producer said that if you are interested, we can meet.”

    “I’m not interested in filming.” He Siyu’s slender and bony hand waved lightly towards the air.

    “Well I know, so I rejected it for you,” Xiao He was busy replying to a message, when he suddenly received a text message. After reading it, he stared blankly at He Siyu and asked cautiously, “Well, Brother Yu, uncle sent a message asking if you are going back for dinner today?”

    “He and aunt are waiting for you.”

    He Siyu’s eyes opened slightly, and the corners of his mouth curled into a disdainful arc.

    Today is his birthday, so he doesn’t want to work tonight, but he also doesn’t want to go back to the home where everyone is eagerly waiting for him to go back, and see those disgusting people’s faces. Thinking of this, He Siyu couldn’t help but “tsk”, he then pinched his fingers and said, “Tell them that there is work, so I won’t I won’t be able to go.”

    However, Xiao He had already told Dad He that He Siyu has no work arrangements tonight.

    This will be embarrassing.

    He Siyu slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced at him. He doesn’t need to guess what that expression means.

   He Siyu sighed helplessly, “Well, then, please help me to ask if the director will still there tonight.”

    Atleast, he doesn’t need to go back.

    “Oh, good!” Xiao He immediately took out his phone and started contacting the director’s assistant.

    He Siyu’s good mood today was completely shattered.

    He took out his phone to read some fans’ messages, but after opening the Weibo, he suddenly found that he and Qiao Nai were on the trending search together. At this time, the number one trending search was #QiaoNaiHeSiyuGreetEachOther[hot]#

    Only then did He Siyu discover that Qiao Nai liked the birthday post he just posted. These two people are actually belong to different fields, even though they are in the same circle.

    Because of which there is no intersection between the two. They didn’t even follow each other on Weibo. So He Siyu didn’t know that today is also Qiao Nai’s birthday.

  But he had to say that the post, the writing, and even the timing of the two people are very much the same, as if they have some kind of tacit understanding.

  If He Siyu hadn’t posted it a minute later than her, he would have really wondered if she was also trying to hype herself up by riding on his coattails.

  He Siyu clicked on Qiao Nai’s homepage, quickly browsed through a few posts, and found that except for the Weibo she posted today, all of them were work-related.

  After a quick glance, he scrolled back to the top.

  In the newly posted photo today, Qiao Nai was smiling very sweetly, and the two pear dimples on her cheeks gave people a strange sense of comfort and happiness.

  He Siyu’s mood suddenly picked up a little.

  There was an imperceptible upturn at the corner of his mouth, and his right thumb hovered over the “Like” option under her Weibo post.

  In the next second, he pressed it decisively.

  He Siyu turned off his phone after doing a glorious deed.

  He knew the move would cause an uproar.

  But who told him to have his birthday today, he is also the older one.

  And the little girl took the initiative to like it.

  He Siyu is not a stingy person either. What he did was just a exchange of courtesy and wish each other a happy birthday.


T/N:- Good to have you here everyone!

As you might have read in the description, I have mentioned the ‘Nice CP’. Here the literal translation of the characters mentioned by the author is ‘Naisu’ (奈斯), whose pronunciation is the same as ‘Nice’. So should I keep it as it or change it to Naisu, or if you guys think of anything better for the CP name of the main characters, do let me know via the comments section or the discord of the site.

The Chinese characters of the Main leads are:- He Siyu 贺斯宇    Qiao Nai 乔奈

Last but not the least, if you would like to, do give a try to the other novels on the site.

I am leaving a link to my other translated novels. They are the completed ones. Do give them a try.






1 Because the car can provide daily activities for stars like a nanny, it is called a nanny car. The nanny car can be used as a temporary rest room, changing room, and dressing room.
2 The V stands for VIP. On Weibo, there are clear VIP icons in various colors at the bottom right of their avatar. To become a Weibo Big V, you must have at least 500K followers and be confirmed by the platform.
3 When read in Chinese, 1314 sounds similar to 一生一世 (yī shēng yī shì) — “one life, one world,” meaning “for the rest of my life” or “forever.”

    A small extra note:- 520 means love, whereas 1314 represents 一生一世 yīshēng yīshì (for a lifetime). So, if you say 5201314, you are saying “I love you for a lifetime”.

4 It is a idiom- flattering one’s superiors and trampling on one’s juniors
5 Someone with only beauty but no brains
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Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Hidden love In The Entertainment Industry

Score 9.1
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

    Qiao Nai became famous overnight because of her god-given acting skills and her beautiful face.

    One time when she was walking down the red carpet, she was caught in the same frame as the current top star He Siyu, and a group photo of theirs became popular all over the internet.

    The whole world was begging them to be together, even if it was for the sake of publicity.

    But, Qiao Nai only cared about her career, and announced to the world, “I have no plans to fall in love, atleast within these three years.”

    One sentence broke the fantasy of all “Nice” ((奈斯 (Naisi) has the same pronounciation as Nice)) fans.

    The two later collaborated in a movie together.

    After the last kiss scene was filmed, the two were reluctant to let go of each other.

    It was not too dramatic, but it really moved their hearts.

    After the film was released, the two won awards at many major film festivals.

    At night, He Siyu rubbed his nose against Qiao Nai’s earlobe and said, “When will we make our relationship public?” Qiao Nai thought of her three-year agreement, and didn’t want to slap herself in face.

    On the third day, He Siyu posted a sneak-peek of their sweet couple life on Weibo.

  On the fourth day, when He Siyu was interviewed and asked about his ideal type, he described Qiao Nai, even down to the strands of her hair.


    Under He Siyu’s series of actions, everyone started speculating about the relationship between the two.

    But, Qiao Nai rebutted them every time: “For the promotion of the movie.”

   Fans: The movie has been released for more than half a year, why is the after-sales service so good?

    It continued till some time later, when a photo of He Siyu and a mysterious woman kissing in a deserted street was exposed.

   He Siyu posted a statement on Weibo: [I am indeed in love, but it will take two years, one month and eight days to make an official announcement.]

    His fans calculated that day and realised that it happened to be the same day three years later, when Qiao Nai officially announced that she would not be in a relationship.

    Qiao Nai then replied downstairs: Tell me your ID card number!

    Small theater:

    There was a scene where Qiao Nai had to take the initiative to kiss He Siyu passionately. Due to her inexperience and unfamiliarity with her partner, they had to take several shots.

    He Siyu then proposed to empty the scene to let them get into their characters. When there were only two of them left in the room, He Siyu leaned closer to her ear and whispered bewitchingly: “Try saying my name later in my mouth.”



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