HFILE Chapter 4

Aiden, the beautiful elf with silver hair and fresh green eyes, works as a doctor.

Be that as it may, the elves who are only second to the beastmen in toughness are almost never sick and it’s not during a war so there are no serious injuries.

And so, it seems that he often sells medicines with various effects or go on business trips for medical examinations.


“Don’t you find it troublesome?”

“It’s okay. I also work as a national representative besides being a doctor, and the demand for the medicines is quite promising.”

Even though they aren’t sick nor injured, the medicines are still being sold?”

“Oh…… Recently, there are things like diet pills and cosmetics, nourishing tonics, as well as aphrod*siacs. Well, it varies.”


Aiden, who looked a little awkward, turned away from Maru and said so.


The elven country is a democratic government.

The representative who holds the most authority currently is apparently that dark elf――Riley.


“Even if you agreed to marry me, you don’t have to force yourself. On the final day of the festival, there will be a confirmation of your intention to marry the other person. Until then, the men won’t do anything. Well, some people make a false start occasionally, but … I’m a gentleman so don’t worry.”


According to the rules of the elves, they will listen to the women’s intentions on the final day of the festival.

It looks like the beastmen have the right to refuse.


“Excuse me, Aiden, do you really want to make me your wife? Do you really know what kinds of women are sent to the livestock cabins?”

-“Yes. They are gentle and sweet beastmen, right?”

“No! Beastmen who have the traits of a useless and weak species get sent to the cabins!”

“Hamsters, in particular, are especially small, fluffy, and adorable, aren’t they? They are also very fertile, they’re the perfect wife…… Oh, of course, I didn’t choose you with the children as my goal. And I won’t force you to give birth if you don’t want children.”


Elves sure are strange creatures, their values are also different from the beastmen.


(Is it really possible to have such generous and gentle conditions?)


……From what she had experienced, Maru couldn’t trust him immediately.


The day she was taken by Aiden, she spent the night with him.

She was wary but he never touched Maru and they had separate rooms.

On top of the fluffy pink mattress, the lone hamster was thinking about her options from now on.



“Oh, right. Do you want to go see your friend?”


The day after staying at Aiden’s house, Maru was invited by him to go to where Salami is.


“Is it okay?”

“You don’t need to ask for permission, you’re not a prisoner. The brides are free to do what they want. It’s different from the country you were in previously.”



Aiden gently soothes Maru who was still unconvinced.


“You must have suffered a lot, to the extent that you’ren o longer able to discern the pain. That’s the same for all the brides who came here. A lot of them have had sad memories back in their previous homes…… I understand that they memories that aren’t easy to forget.”


“However, us elves want to make our wives happy. We want them to be happy here, just as much as they had previously suffered.”



Maru, who nodded despite still being bewildered, agreed to going to where Salami is.

They followed the brick forest road to the assembly hall.

The assembly hall was the birdcage-shaped  building’s designation. By the way, it’s very close.

Once they got in, Salami was standing there with the dark-skinned elf, Riley.





The elves give a gentle look to the two who hug each other as if they had reunited for the first time in years.

Maru’s nose twitched as she rejoiced in her friend’s safety.


There were other beastmen in the assembly hall besides the four.

Looking from their appearances, they look like a rabbit and a cow beastmen, and the rabbit beastman’s belly is big. She’s probably pregnant.


“Those people are?”

“They’re women who have been taken to the elven country before us. They have been telling us the lifestyle here as well as various stories.” 


After hearing the story, Maru trots towards the women and greets them.



“Oh my, hello. What a small princess.”


The women are very friendly towards Maru. Salami also joined them and the chat among the four women started.

Maru, who has been trapped in a small room inside the castle, likes to talk to others.


“Today, we visited other beastmen girls. You two are relatively calm.”


When the rabbit beastman said so, the cow beastman also opened her mouth.


“We were also very scared and were always crying when we first came here. We believe that all beastmen that are brought here are surely very anxious. We wished to cheer them up even if just a little…… that’s why we thought of sharing to you our experience.”


After saying that, the two started talking about when they first entered the elven village. 

They talked about how uneasy they were at first, that the elves were very kind, and that they are now living a much better life than when they were in the beastman country.

The beastmen didn’t look like they were lying.

Maru glanced at Aiden and Riley.


(……Is the purpose of coming here to meet these women?)


It would probably be effective to let the worried beastmen interact with “the beastmen who have been in the elf village for a long time and are friendly with the elves”.

The beastmen’s nervousness might decrease and they would influence the women to lessen their hostility towards the elves.

Doubting goodwill was like a habit that was planted over the years.

Maru is a hamster who is more timid than anyone else.


But so far, the elves didn’t seem to be that terrible.

When looking at them without prejudice, Maru’s impression of them is that they are kind enough to regard their* worries. (TN: The beastmen’s.) 

And it looks like Salami also thinks the same.

She looked at Riley intimately.


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