HFILE Chapter 2


That evening, there were movements in the livestock cabins.


“The elves are here!”


The hen beastman who was acting as a watchman shouted like a warning, and the beastmen who heard that jumped out of their beds.

Maru and Salami also put on their jackets over their nightwear and went out of the cabin.


“Salami, are elves…… the kind who attacks in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t know. Everyone was brought here without being provided any knowledge.”

“……There are screams coming from over there, though.”


Maru and Salami look at each other’s fear-stricken faces.


“I’ll go check what’s going on……! The elves could be eating the women in  the livestock cabins.”

“Wait, what are you saying!?”

“Salami, run away.”

“You can’t, Maru-chan!”


Shaking off Salami’s hands, Maru ran towards the direction of the screams.

If the other women are being harmed, she believes that she has to help them.


 (I may be a small, powerless, and ignorant hamster, my royal registry may have been stripped along with my living here in the livestock cabins―― I want to properly carry out my duty of “protecting the citizens”.)


After she sprinted along the narrow path, she was able to see the actual damage.

Men who appear to be elves deeply concealed with black hoods are catching the women.

The women in the livestock cabins have fallen into a state of panic.


“Nooo! Let me go!”

“Please, let me go! Aren’t there other women besides me?”


Their reactions vary but the women are all resisting.


“Please stay still. Seriously…… Didn’t the beastmen’s country agree to hand over one hundred women? Why does it become like this every single time?”


Maybe they have gotten numb to binding up the women who refuse to listen to them, the elves’ actions gradually become rough.

When a tall man held his hand up in the air, a huge magic circle appeared and white light illuminated the surroundings.

When a tall man held his hand up in the air, a huge magic circle appeared and white light illuminated the surroundings.


The beastmen were defeated in the previous war by this magic circle’s attack.

The women who were exposed to the light unsteadily fell to the ground.


“Now, take them.”


The man who used magic instructed those around him and the incapacitated women were being loaded into the carriages one after another.

Worried that the women were k*lled by the magic, Maru spontaneously jumps from the shadows.


“Wait, what have you done to the women!?”


Suddenly seeing the hamster rush in, the surrounding men looked at each other in bewilderment.


“You don’t have to worry, they were simply put to sleep. They should be awake by tomorrow morning….. Oy, bring this woman, too.”

“Stop! Those women have already suffered enough, Don’t hurt them anymore……!”


Maru tries to convince them desperately but she lost her words when someone pinned her from behind.

One of the men in black hood captured Maru.


“Yes yes. We understand so please stay still for a bit, okay? Even we don’t want to treat you this roughly.”

“Making the women faint like that, what are yough*…… nh……” (TN: she groaned while saying “you”.)


Out of nowhere, sudden drowsiness attacks her and Maru collapses forward.

When she did, the man behind caught her.

For sure, he must have used the same suspicious magic as the man who gave them orders earlier.


(I smell a nice herb-like scent for some reason……)


While thinking that, Maru lost consciousness.



TN: Me after translating chapter 1: Hmm, let’s wait until ch 2 is finished because first chap’s too deppressing. Maybe ch 2 will be better.
Me at ch2: Welp…
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  1. xchechechex says:

    Was this all of chapter 2? It ended in such a Cliff hanger D:

    1. fluffyplatypus says:

      Yes. It was very short so I managed to finish it within the day. 🙂

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