HFILE Chapter 1

<Character Introduction>

Maru (18) ♀

A hamster beastman.

The only hamster amongst the lion-centered elite Royal Family…….

She may be naive but she is very vigilant. She has light brown hair and acorn-colored eyes. 



Salami (18) ♀

A pig beastman.

She’s a noble’s daughter but because she was born a pig, she was despised.

She is a wise and thoughtful fair-skinned beauty with black hair.



Aiden (20) ♂

An elf doctor. 

Contrary to his gentle tone, he seems to be a very fast fighter. 

He’s extremely fond of small and cute things.



Riley (22) ♂

An elf representative.

He has a fierce appearance but his personality is bashful and kind.

He likes fair-skinned beauties.




There are four major races living in the world.

Humans, beastmen, elves, demons――


Humans, beastmen, as well as elves have settled down on the largest continent.

Humanity is a smart race and has created various civilizations.

Beastmen are physically strong and tough, and they can live no matter how harsh the environment is.

Elves have a small number of people on top of hating civilizations, but they have the human’s wisdom and the beastmen’s sturdiness, they can also use magic.


“In other words, elves are the best. Long live the elves. Go eat sh*t.”


In one of the small beastmen’s countries. Inside a small cabin along its border, a petite girl with light brown hair was distracting herself by blaming the elves out of her own stubbornness.

This cabin is her temporary house.

It’s small and shabby, and looking up at the cobweb-covered wooden ceiling, the girl continues to insult the elves.

Then, the door of the room opened with a creaking sound as if it was about to break.


“Hey, Maru-chan. That’s a vulgar word, you know? A girl shouldn’t say “sh*t”.”


It was the black-haired girl who was living in the same room who was rebuking the petite girl. She’s a slightly chubby pig beastman, her name is Salami. She has irreproachable conduct, a pleasant disposition, and is a feminine person.

By the way, the petite girl called Maru was a hamster beastman.


“…… That’s because, Salami. Isn’t it the truth? Because of the elves, we were forced to live in a place like this.”


Slumped on the bed, Maru poutingly complained.

Nothing will be solved even if she complains but, if she can’t even swear, she feels like she’s going to get depressed.


“It can’t be helped. We are not needed in the eyes of the other beastmen, after all.”


Casting down her blue eyes that are like a transparent lake at night, Salami sits down on the nearest chair with a sad expression.

The area lined with these rugged cabins was called the “livestock cabins”.

It’s isolated from the areas where normal beastmen live and it’s covered with transparent walls on all sides, a prison so to speak.

And those thrown in there are, with no exception, will become sacrifices to the elves.


“We got chased away into the livestock cabins and we can’t even fight back. That’s why I believe that it’s forgivable for us to at least complain inside the cabin.

“Eeh, you’re right. But, you’re swearing too much, Maru-chan. Even though you were a princess……”

“Even if you say that….. I’m just a daughter of a lower consort who committed infidelity. And I’m the only hamster amongst all the lion and tiger beastman royalties. I think the country wants to lawfully get rid of me as soon as possible.”

“……Haa~, although I’d love to deny that. Their method of doing it is too straightforward.”


Once every two years, the country of beastmen must offer a female beastman to the neighboring elven country.

They lost in a war with the elven country in the past and were forced to accept that condition.


The elven country won’t attack the beastmen’s country if they offer female beastmen. On the contrary, they will fully assist the beastmen if they’re in trouble.

The beastmen did not hesitate and accepted the elves’ demand, but they added some conditions to it.


  1. The beastmen will prepare 100 young women “between its soils and the elven country” every two years.
  1. The elves may take the women there freely.
  1. The women that can be freely taken are the residents of that land only. They must lay a hand to no other.


The elves’ population isn’t that big. It’s said that they willingly accepted those conditions.

And that same “land between the elven country” was the area that Maru and the others were staying at, commonly known as the “livestock cabins”.


Now, how are the women chosen to be placed into the livestock cabins?

The answer is simple―― they bring the women whom the beastmen deem unneeded.

Specifically, the country will decide if that child is needed or not by the reported official documents.

There’s only one factor to judge, whether she was an excellent beastman or not.


When the baby girl branded with unnecessariness grows to a certain extent, she will be taken by an official and thrown into the livestock cabins.

At that time, the family will be rewarded with money for raising an unnecessary human resource. 

There are surprisingly not a lot of parents who are reluctant to let go of their daughters.


The current beastmen’s ancestors were originally of varied species.

Lion beastmen, tiger beastmen, wolf beastmen…… dog, cat, and chicken beastmen.

However, they have all been mixed together after a long time and the fixed species have disappeared.

It is common for some beastmen to have the strong leopard blood of their ancestors, and their siblings to have strong fox ancestral blood.

The country of the beastmen has started to eliminate those with high concentrations of unwanted blood in an attempt to leave behind a stronger breed of bloodlines.

For example, leave behind the blood of the lion and remove the blood of a rabbit.  Keep the wolf’s blood and get rid of the duck…… and so forth.

Marriage isn’t allowed for the beastmen who are the target for removal.

And if that woman has come of age, she will be thrown into the livestock cabin as a sorting of the weak species.


Maru and Salami were also judged as unnecessary.


“However, who would have thought that even a princess like  Maru-chan was mercilessly sent to the livestock cabin.

“It can’t be helped. A hamster in the Royal Family is nothing more than a shameful existence.”


As the daughter of the Royal Family, Maru was born with strong hamster blood.

Her other royal siblings have the characteristics of a lion and a tiger, with the worst being a panther and a bear.

The Royal Family has a strong tendency to show the characteristics of a strong species. That’s why they were admired by the other beastmen.


And then a hamster suddenly appeared amongst them.

When Maru was born, the surroundings were greatly upset.

And there, she was decided to become a child born from infidelity.



The consort who gave birth to the weak hamster beastman, the chief of the weakest beastmen, has been banished from the continent as a punishment. (TN: So basically, hamsters are apparently so weak that no other beastman species can be weaker than them.)

Although she doesn’t know what the truth really is……


The hamster beastman princess was confined in a small room deep within the castle and she was never permitted to attend any events, she was hidden behind the scenes and lived as if she didn’t exist. She was always publicly set to be sickly.

Then, the moment she turned 18, she was secretly taken to this livestock cabin.


“A hamster…… It’s so cute, though, different from a pig like me.”


Salami said that as if to console Maru.

She is a daughter of an aristocrat, but she was estranged from her family and thrown into this cabin.

The stronger someone is, the more they’re inclined to hate it when someone with weak beast blood appears in their household.


“Salami, you’re smart and cute, too. Because I’ve always been confined inside the castle, I’m ignorant of a lot of things…… That has become clearer now that I’ve started living here with other beastmen which makes me ashamed.


In the livestock cabins, there are a hundred women from all over the country who live here.

They’re all beastmen who their country has deemed unnecessary.

Regardless of whether they’re royalty, noble, or commoner, the women live here while helping each other.

The country of the beastmen’s hierarchy is originally the law of the jungle. The level of the female beastmen gathered in the livestock cabins is pretty much the same.


“Everyone understands your situation. Maru-chan, you can just go at your own pace while learning about the world. “



Maru adored Salami like her own older sister.

Living in the Livestock Cabin for a month, she also thinks of the other women as her family.


“I wish that I could protect you all from the elves.”


Maru squeezes her voice out while biting her lip.

The ignorant and powerless hamster couldn’t protect her people as a Royalty.

She finds her current state pathetic.


“Seeing from the previous precedence…… It’s about time for the elves to come here.”

“There are a hundred women in this area―― that means everyone will be taken away.”


There’s a profound reason why elves wish for female beastmen.

The elves who have strong magic powers have prospered with magic, but in the process, a problem different from that of the beastmen arose.

――Female elves are no longer born.

The direct cause is unknown but they say that it’s because of emphasizing too much on increasing their magic power.

Therefore, the elves were ardently looking for women regardless of race.


Apparently, it was at that moment that the alliance of the countries of beastmen and humans waged war with the elven country.

The elves were overjoyed by the windfall and viciously beat the two races with magic, making them agree to “hand over women as the condition of the armistice”.

And just like this, the human and the beastman countries must take turns in offering women to the elven country every year.


She’s not sure about the human country but, “the elves peacefully take the women in the livestock cabins” ostensibly formed in the beastmen’s country.

However, the women who were forcibly brought here couldn’t fight against their one-sided act.

The women here have never seen what elves look like, but they know that they’re a frightening race.

When she was small, Maru herself saw an image of an elf. The mean-spirited brothers came to scare their innocent hamster sister with the elf picture.


“Look, you’ll become a sacrifice to these guys~!”


What was drawn there was a terrifying creature with sharp fangs, big ears that were three times as large as the face, and bloody eyes. It’s questionable to even call it a living creature anymore.


“A hamster like you will be eaten until there’s nothing left of you~!”


The very young Maru at that time was terrified into tears.

Now, “That appearance was too exaggerated”, she thought, but she’s scared that they truly look like that somewhere in her heart.

Hamsters are delicate and timid creatures.


“Be that as it may, I’m getting hungry.”


Salami, who was resting her chin on her hand, dejectedly looked out the window and said.


“…… I’ll go take a look if there are any food left.”


The meals for the livestock cabins’ residents are distributed from the outside only twice in the morning and evening.

However, everyone was always hungry because the food given was only a minimal diet.

It’s impossible to go outside to get food because there are high transparent walls around the cabins.

This transparent wall was created by borrowing the magic powers of the elves and it wasn’t something that a beastman’s physical strength can do something about.


Going out, Maru walked around the square area that’s called the livestock cabins.

There are about 100 houses similar to those in which Maru and Salami live, there is also a distribution station and an assembly hall.

After confirming that there is no more food at the distribution station, Maru continues to head towards the southern outskirts of the livestock cabins.

The transparent wall was in front of her, reflecting the bright midday light. Even though she can see the scenery behind the wall, it’s impossible to go out.


(Such a hateful wall, if it wasn’t for this……)


Maru glared at the giant wall that was blocking her way and turned her gaze to the side.

Stretching out in front of her was a giant forest between the north side of the elven country and the livestock cabins.

The sacrificial detention center for elves is located on the southern outskirts of the beastmen’s country.

The beastmen only want to interact with the elves within the livestock cabins, without letting the elves step foot into their country.


She saw a lot of fruits growing on one of the forest trees.

It’s early summer―― some trees begin to bloom and bear fruit.

Although she only saw the actual thing after coming to the livestock cabins. A book she read previously in the castle talked about it.

In that same book, it mentioned that nuts were very delicious.


“I want Salami to taste it……”


But for Maru who couldn’t leave outside of the wall, it was a wish that couldn’t be fulfilled.

Even though she’s hungry, even though her friend is heartbroken, even though there are lots of food right in front of her ―― there’s nothing she can do.

The hamster beastman cursed her powerlessness.

Leaning her back on the giant wall and looking up to the sky, she can see a white big bird flying in the sky.


“It must be nice, being a creature that can go wherever it pleases.”


Unfortunately, hamsters don’t have wings.

Also, the bird beastmen who are sent to the livestock cabins have their wings cut with a blade so they won’t fly away and escape. 

Unable to obtain food in the end, Maru curled herself into a tiny ball and hung her head downwards.

She slowly closes her eyes and empties her mind for a brief moment.


Then, she suddenly heard a sound nearby.

She raised her head in a hurry and two of the nuts she was just staring at before fell right next to her.


“Eeh…….? How?”


She looked around her but there was no one……




She searched for a while but she couldn’t find anything in the end.

Salami would start to worry soon so Maru picked up the two nuts and returned to their own cabin.

Receiving the delicious-looking nuts, Salami enjoyed it without holding back.


TN: We have Maru who wishes for the elves to eat ****, while here I am hoping for her entire country to get buried in it. -_-
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    Obviously, the elves are asking for girls, so that doesn’t work out so well, but if the beastmen actually had a wild instinct, they’d be more reluctant to give up their females, even the weak ones.

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