Hello, Sunbae Notice

Hello there, readers.

I have some bad news for you. Tamagotl, sadly, will be closing at the end of August. I won’t be able to upload my translations here anymore. I’m currently working hard to transfer my translations from this site to Foxaholic. If some chapters begin to vanish from here. You can find them there.

Here are the links to the new site.
A Contract Marriage For A Baby

A Contract Marriage For A Baby – Foxaholic 18

A Contract Marriage For A Baby – Chapter 1 – Foxaholic 18


Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae – Foxaholic 18

Hello, Sunbae – Vol 1 Ch-1 – Foxaholic 18

It will take some time for me to adjust to the new site. However, I will soon begin uploading new chapters on a regular basis.

Warm regards,

One thought on “Hello, Sunbae Notice”

  • Waaa… I’m so happy you will be able to move and continue. I love this serie! T^T I was so scared after reading the announcement and came to check right away. Q~Q Thank you for your work and updating! I will wait! *Sits Patiently*

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