GWTW Chapter 8

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Ever since Fu Cuo uninstalled Weibo, it seemed like his world turned incredibly quiet and peaceful. Even news about The Golden Voice had to be delivered by AK.


“Haven’t you seen it?”

When AK asked this, he realized that without Weibo, he didn’t even bother to turn on the TV. This half month, he felt like he was a monk living in seclusion.


“A little busy.” He said while lying in his bed. His fingers lifted the curtains above, letting the afternoon sun shine right in and making him squint.


According to AK, The Golden Voice has reached the stage of mutual selection between instructors and contestants. Zhong Dao’s first choice was An Jie. Fu Cuo wasn’t too surprised. Out of the four judges, she seemed to like him the most. She doesn’t hesitate to praise him every time he sings. The instructors students choose to follow would usually depend on whether they value themselves or not.


“It’s good to follow An Jie.” Fu Cuo lowered the curtains and said.

“Right! But An Jie didn’t even pick him!” Exclaimed AK on the other side of the phone.


Fu Cuo was still lying in his bed with his eyes closed while listening. The sunlight from before was still branded on his retinas. He spaced out for a while before he realized what AK was talking about. He frowned and opened his eyes, “What? …Why?”


AK said he didn’t know the reason, “He didn’t tell me more, just said that An Jie didn’t choose him but Tang Du did. You also know his character, eight sticks can’t beat a fart[1]Someone who’s not too honest and/or doesn’t like to talk.…”

Fu Cuo sat on the side of his bed. He tried to look for words to say, but he couldn’t think of any. He got up and was still a little blank. His thoughts could only be led by AK’s words. AK said that it was good that Tang Du chose him, or he would be eliminated just after passing the resurrection round. However, Tang Du already had two students with excellent singing skills under him, and they chose Tang Du as their first picks. Zhong Dao staying with him might not be the best choice.


Fu Cuo sighed,  “Well, it’s not the worst that could happen.”

AK also sighed, much heavier than him.

Fu Cuo comforted him, “You don’t have to be the winner to have a good future. Just get into the top 4 or something.”


Maybe because West Wind left the field at top 16 and didn’t even touch the top 8, he really felt that Zhong Dao’s achievements were already pretty good. He fought back while on the verge of elimination, showing that he still had a chance to go further.

After all, no one wanted to hurt him. Just some who really appreciated their mentors and those who wants to help him.


Sui Qingchi came out of the bathroom, greeted by the two dim floor lamps in the bedroom. The eighth episode of CBC’s The Golden Voice was being broadcasted on the wall-mounted TV. The mixed Samoyed laid down under the floor lamp. It wagged its tail and watched as its master in the bathrobe passed by it, walked to the foot of the bed, picked up the remote and turned up the volume.


On the screen, the host was announcing Zhong Dao’s first and second choices for his instructor.


Sui Qingchi wiped the water on his eyebrows with the towel on his neck. The light on the screen made his facial features as sharp as a sculpture. With the reflection of the screen in his deep dark, slightly narrowed eyes, he seemed a little gloomy. He saw that the choice listed by the teenager that looked like himself was An Jie and the second one was Tang Du.


The camera cuts to An Jie who pursed her lips. The host then revealed the choices of the four instructors – Only one lit up for Zhong Dao, and it wasn’t An Jie.


At that moment, Zhong Dao’s expression made Sui Qingchi’s throat tighten. It reminded him of a certain moment many years ago.


He picked up the remote to turn off the TV, but he heard An Jie apologizing to Zhong Dao.

“I’m sorry, Zhong Dao, I really like you, but I don’t have any spots left. If I choose you, I’ll have to eliminate one of my other picks. At your resurrection round, I very impulsively wanted to pick you. For this, I also talked with one of my friends, and after thinking about it, I finally felt that I should go with the four students I have now. Of course, I don’t mean that you’re bad, but it’s precisely because you are on a par with the rest, I can’t eliminate those who are actually excellent because of my personal emotional bias.”

Sui Qingchi frowned fiercely. The sentence “Talked with a friend” made him faintly shudder. He immediately regretted the suggestion he put forward out of pettiness before. He felt a bit betrayed by An Jie and wanted to call to ask why she’d betray him like this. Irked, he picked up his mobile phone but soon calmed down once he saw An Jie’s number. There was no betrayal. Even ghosts would say so too. At least An Jie didn’t say his name. He should be thankful.


Because Zhong Dao came to the bar to sing several times, Yao Ke has been following The Golden Voice for him. After this episode was aired, she caught Fu Cuo at the bar and asked, “Did you watch the episode?”


Fu Cuo guessed as soon as he saw her aggrieved expression, “Saw it.”


“Aren’t you mad?” Yao Ke sat on the high stool, threw her bag on the counter, and fired like a machine gun, “What’s with her?! She said how much she liked and adored him before, but when it mattered, she switched sides! Was it all lies?! She should just star in dramas with those acting skills of hers!


After Yao Ke said this, Fu Cuo also felt that there was some truth. Zhong Dao was misled. Otherwise, maybe his first choice would’ve been Tang Du. He was praised so much by the popular female singer, how could an 18 years old boy not feel validated? But who can be blamed for this? The fickleness of women?


Yao Ke drank a mouthful of the wine Fu Cuo handed her, “And if she wanted to refuse, just say so! Said a lot of bullshit, using excuses like ‘talking about it with a friend.’ Don’t you have your own opinions? Where’s your sense of independence?”


Fu Cuo’s hand that was placing the wine bottle suddenly stopped. He frowned and asked, “…Discussed with a friend?”


“Yes! Didn’t you say you saw it?”


In the evening, Fu Cuo went home to find the episode. After watching it from start to finish, he knew he shouldn’t think too much, but then he heard that An Jie said she “Talked with a friend.” It was clear that there were no clues of the ‘friend’ she mentioned, but he couldn’t help but to suspect Sui Qingchi. This doubt continuously crept in his heart like a volcano wanting to erupt but couldn’t.


But he didn’t want to, dare not to, and absolutely can not directly ask Sui Qingchi about it.


After that, every time he met AK, he couldn’t look him in the eye. He felt like he had deeply wronged the other party.

This matter has been weighing on his mind for several days. And it was suddenly added on by another piece of bad news — Tang Du slipped while taking a bath in his hotel room, dislocated his arm and may have to leave The Golden Voice.


Tang Du was injured, so The Golden Voice will definitely change the instructor. AK came to the bar for a drink and worriedly asked him who it may change to.


“I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe it’ll be someone from LOTUS.”

He didn’t say the name that AK’s thought of, and AK didn’t ask again. He drank silently and said, “I hope so.”


LOTUS was a rock band. Since they were recommended as a judge for Super Sound Sphere several years ago, they haven’t participated in this kind of talent show. Amongst the many male singers of today, the only one who could fill Tang Du’s spot, The God of Singing, in terms of popularity and appeal is him.


Of course, it depends on whether he wants to or not. And fortunately, he probably won’t want to.


That day, Sui Qingchi was doing a photoshoot for the cover of a fashion magazine. Wang Xiaoou happened to see the news that Tang Du got injured and had to withdraw from The Golden Voice. Her whole face was engulfed with worry. Sui Qingchi shouted “Water” several times before she came to her senses and hurriedly grabbed the bottle for him. The studio lights made Sui Qingchi’s forehead sweat, and Wang Xiaoou raised her hand to wipe it.


“What are you looking at?” Sui Qingchi asked, “Your lover?”

“No…” Wang Xiaoou smiled bitterly, “I’m so fat, which man would like me?”

Sui Qingchi frowned, “Fat? What’s wrong with you? I don’t dislike it. You’re good enough. Being my assistant proves it.”


At a glance, why is this… A little nice? Wang Xiaoou looked up and carefully glanced at Sui Qingchi. The water rolled down his throat. It honestly looked utterly hot. He had just wiped his sweat, and the wet paper towel wiped down the bridge of his tall nose. It felt like a very dokidoki[2]Sound of heartbeats, it’s a JP thing. moment. Before coming to Huanyi, she never dreamed that she could get along with Sui Qingchi, a Male God level person. Of course, this ‘Male God’ only referred to his outer appearance, the inside was actually the Male God J– Alas, I dare not say!

“Boss, why did you let me be your assistant anyways?”


Sui Qingchi took two more gulps, put down the water bottle, looked down at her and said, “You looked like you had a good temper.”


Wang Xiaoou thought, ‘Ah Yes, only someone with a good temper could be Sui Qingchi’s assistant. Who else would be able to stand being scolded every day for no reason…’ She couldn’t help but sigh, “Right, having a good temper is one of my advantages…”


Sui Qingchi sloppily screwed on the lid of the water bottle, put it in Wang Xiaoou’s hand and said, “A good temper is a heavenly advantage.”


The photographer showed Sui Qingchi the effect of the film. Wang Xiaoou stood aside and looked at Sui Qingchi’s side profile. Sui Qingchi was really handsome. With beautiful facial features that seemed to fit in a classical western style, his appearance was obviously feminine, but there was also a strong masculine feel hidden in it. Throughout the entertainment industry, there were very few people with this type of look. Zhong Dao might seem to be one of them, but he was still a bit too soft. There was no distinct sense of edge and sharpness like Sui Qingchi right now, but he will surely grow and mature over time.


Sui Qingchi talked to the photographer beside him. His right hand rested on his waist. Just with one hand, he attracted people’s attention. Wang Xiaoou couldn’t help thinking of Sui Qingchi’s last interview. He was asked what kind of girl he liked. Sui Qingchi kept silent and said a single word, “Gentle.”


‘Is having a good temper considered gentle?’ Wang Xiaoou stared at Sui Qingchi in a trance. When he concentrated, the tip of his tongue would occasionally lick his lips out of habit. Subconsciously, the root of Wang Xiaoou’s ear became hot, slightly frightening her. ‘Mother, what am I thinking? My Male God is Tang Du!’


After shooting the cover, there was a simple magazine interview. Liu Mei read the questions that were about to be asked and crossed out the inappropriate ones. Though there was one question she struggled with. She knew that Sui Qingchi wouldn’t like it, but she kept it in. The magazine editor saw the amount of questions that had been crossed out and secretly rolled his eyes.


Liu Mei doesn’t know what people who interviewed Sui Qingchi will say in private, but she knew Sui Qingchi doesn’t like to be asked personal questions. If he thinks the question contains personal matters, the scene will turn … not so pleasant.

Once in a radio interview, the radio host jokingly asked him, “Can you talk about the matter with Ms. Meng Jing?” Sui Qingchi scoffed and asked back, “With who?” The host dumbly repeated the question and so Sui Qingchi immediately took off his headphones and left. The radio interview was conducted in a glass room in Tiananmen Square. At that time, the outside was crowded with people, and the whole square was blocked. There were dense human walls throughout Wangfujing Street[3]Commercial street in Beijing, about 20(?) minutes from where the square is located. that could be seen from behind the floor-to-ceiling glass. They were looking forward to see the Chuunibyou King in the act. And they did! Thousands of people witnessed the entirety of Sui Qingchi’s departure, full of sensation. 


Perhaps the radio host thought Sui Qingchi wouldn’t make him lose face in public. What a naive thought that was. Would Sui Qingchi restrain himself in public? Usually artists would at least say “I’m sorry,” first and then leave, but Sui Qingchi didn’t even consider it. After that, the radio program publicly criticized Sui Qingchi in their official Weibo saying that he didn’t understand basic courtesy at all.


In less than half an hour, they received the benevolent reply of the Heavenly King Sui Qingchi that said, “What you asked before, ah didn’t you know it already? My courtesy is to not ruin your entire business in public for it. And I did just that.”


The radio host then roasted in his private Weibo saying, “Will anyone dare to ask him for an interview in the future?”


Liu Mei sneered and thought, you think too much. Sui Qingchi wasn’t a typical net celebrity. He’s like a sun with great radiation power among the stars. Although it could be harmful, it also shines incredibly brightly. To put it bluntly, the entertainment industry is a business of moths flying to a light. Many moths blindly rush to attack Sui Qingchi, some just for the sake of it.


When the magazine interview reached the last question, Liu Mei held her breath. This question didn’t involve privacy, but it is obviously the kind that Sui Qingchi wouldn’t usually want to hear.


“Last night, Tang Du announced that he’ll withdraw from The Golden Voice due to his injury. Now everyone is curious whether you will become the fill-in-instructor for the show.”


Sui Qingchi was stunned for a moment. He obviously didn’t expect this question. He didn’t even know about Tang Du’s injury. He turned to Liu Mei, who nodded vaguely. She didn’t know how Sui Qingchi would interpret her nod. Sui Qingchi frowned at her, turned around and said to the magazine reporter, “I haven’t heard about it.”


“Then, if it was possible, would you consider coming on?”

“I don’t know. I can’t answer you for now.” Sui Qingchi said, “This is the last question,” And got up. He then stopped in front of the reporter, who quickly stood up and said “Thank you.” Sui Qingchi shook hands with him, nodded to the photographer as he buttoned his coat, and turned away.


The interview ended smoothly. The car drove the group of people back to the company. The ride was a little quiet. Sui Qingchi looked out of the window as if he were thinking about something and subconsciously frowned.


Liu Mei couldn’t guess what he was thinking. In fact, Tang Du was injured a week ago. Two days ago, the program group of The Golden Voice came to contact Huanyi. Hoping Sui Qingchi would come help save the scene. Although everyone knows of the unspoken rule about how ‘The King shan’t meet the enemy’s King’, based on influence and power, Sui Qingchi should be the first candidate on their list. Even if there was only a little hope, they’ll have to give it a try. She knows that Sui Qingchi is unlikely to accept the offer, but the company hopes that he would. Not only because the price offered by the other party is higher than that of Tang Du, but Sui Qingchi has remade West Wind and made a mess of moths during this period. The company also hopes that he could recover his image through this music program. Although it wouldn’t rinse his reputation clean, it could make people remember that he is a good singer and musician again. It’s better than nothing.


Sui Qingchi’s voice suddenly sounded in the quiet car, “Has The Golden Voice contacted us?”

Liu Mei was waiting for this sentence. She told the truth and said, “Yeah, I said you’d think about it.” After a pause she continued, “If you don’t want to go, just forget it.” In fact, even she thought it was unlikely that he’d agree.


Sui Qingchi fell into silence again after listening. Just when Liu Mei thought it was mostly over, she suddenly heard Sui Qingchi say, “Ask them to bring me the contract, I’ll have a look.”


Liu Mei and Wang Xiaoou couldn’t help looking at each other, exchanging equally surprised looks.


A gossip account broke the news that Sui Qingchi wanted to come on to save The Golden Voice faster than the official announcement. At first, many people online didn’t believe it, but after it was officially announced, they had no other choice. After Tang Du, Sui Qingchi will come to The Golden Voice. The Heavenly King and The God of Singing showing up on the same TV program. Although they weren’t going to be in the same frame, this news really excited the public.


Fu Cuo never expected that he would have to wait so long to receive the worst and most unexpected news. He thought he could just wait for AK’s serial lethal call, but he waited left and right and the phone still didn’t ring. He didn’t know what to do.


After waiting until the last episode of The Golden Voice that was recorded before Tan Du’s injury was aired on CBC, Fu Cuo couldn’t wait any longer. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe the day after, Zhong Dao could face Sui Qingchi at any time. He didn’t dare to think about what Sui Qingchi would do to the young man who had been hyped by the public for his similarities to himself. And Zhong Dao didn’t even do anything wrong.


It seems that the more he wants to stay away, the more it backfires


That night, he searched his call history for a while before finding the number and dialing it. The busy sound on the other end of the phone lasted a long time. Fu Cuo suddenly remembered that he’d been blocked. When he had decided to hang up, he heard a “click” in his ear, and the mechanical beeps were replaced by a sudden silence.


For a few seconds, a deafening silence was all there was. After that, a deep breath came.

“What’s up?”


Fu Cuo listened to Sui Qingchi’s voice and remembered what had happened these past few days. He asked with a bit of reluctance, “Did you make An Jie reject Zhong Dao?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m busy now. Wait for me to be free…”

“Busy playing NP?”


Sui Qingchi was stung by this sentence and looked down at the lyrics in his hands, NP? NP, huh?! Vexxed, he kneaded the piece of paper into a ball and threw it out. When he got up, the swivel chair slid out a long way from his vigor. “You play substitutes, I play NP, we’re really similar, y’know!”


“It’s the wind you blew to An Jie. Don’t think I don’t know you…”

“You–” Sui Qingchi stood in the middle of his home studio, looking at the music scores and lyrics dead on the ground, put his hand on his waist, and was furious. “Fu Cuo, think properly! Do you really know me?!”

“You think properly and say that I don’t?”



Fu Cuo didn’t want to quarrel with him. He went straight to the point and said, “Let’s come out and meet.”

“Can’t! Busy!”


“If it’s inconvenient now, tomorrow’s fine. if it’s inconvenient tomorrow, the day after tomorrow’s fine…” Halfway through, Yao Ke suddenly shouted in surprise, “Why’s your nose bleeding?” Fu Cuo wiped his nose with the back of his hand. A brush of red was stroked on his pale skin. He replied, “It’s nothing,” and raised his hand, motioning for Yao Ke to bring him some tissues. Yao Ke hurriedly handed it to him. As he covered his nose with it, he heard Sui Qingchi at the other end asking, “What?”


“Nothing. I was talking to someone else,” Fu Cuo said. “So do you want to meet? You can set the time and place.”

Sui Qingchi was silent for a moment, “What do you want to do when we meet?”


“Sorry, it’s inconvenient for me now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”


Sui Qingchi then hung up the phone. But Fu Cuo was not surprised by this. He put his phone on the counter and wiped his nose again to make sure there was no more bleeding.

Yao Ke could see that Fu Cuo was still staring at his phone, and kindly reminded him, “Hey? They already hung up.”


Fu Cuo was still staring at his phone. He pressed his hands on the counter like a hunter waiting for his prey. Yao Ke looked at his extremely calm and patient side profile. She couldn’t help blankly bumping the jumping deer in her heart a few times. But then the phone actually rang again. The sudden ringtone startled her out of her daze.


Fu Cuo casually picked it up and said, “Hello?”

“Come to me in half an hour.” Sui Qingchi said.

“Where do you live?”

“Can’t find it yourself?”

“…OK.” Fu Cuo nodded, took back his phone, turned back and told Yao Ke he was leaving, “I’ll go out for a bit, be back later.”


Yao Ke was quite curious. She turned her eyes, and with a probing gaze she asked, “Who’s the girl? So fickle.” After barely hanging up for two minutes, they already called back by themselves. Surely even women aren’t so pretentiously fickle these days.

Fu Cuo took his coat, put it on and went out the door, “Don’t insult your compatriots.”


Sui Qingchi hung up his phone and threw it on the table. Looking back at the mess on the floor, he squatted down and picked up the music scores and lyrics one by one. He piled them on the table and roughly put them away. Though suddenly he felt that it wasn’t right. He opened the drawer, but then stopped again when he was about to stuff the stack of scores in.


Forget it, what’s the need? He won’t come in here.

The score was thrown back on the desk with a light “Plop.


As he went downstairs, he saw the acoustic guitar and half-written music sheets on the sofa. He immediately put them all away. He wanted to put them back upstairs. He gave them a quick glance and soon found that there was no need. In front of Fu Cuo, these were comparable to garbage. He frowned, pressed the paper into a ball with both hands and threw them into the trash.



1 Someone who’s not too honest and/or doesn’t like to talk.
2 Sound of heartbeats, it’s a JP thing.
3 Commercial street in Beijing, about 20(?) minutes from where the square is located.
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Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

轻错 (Qīng Cuò lit. Tender Mistakes)
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
"It was me who made the mistake, and you are punishing me for it." The Chuunibyou King and the guitarist whom he once betrayed. Sui Qingchi X Fu Cuo


  1. Nellie says:

    Sui Qingchi: *panic cleaning before crush arrives*
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