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When Two Shou’s Meet, One Must be the Gong (9.1)

Yue Chu walked down the flower garden which was paved with stones, and saw a familiar figure at the end of the road. He raised the corners of his mouth, eyes flashing with interest.

A tall alpha stood there with flowers blooming by both his sides. However, their delicate beauty didn’t arouse the slightest ounce of warmth from him, instead, his imposing manner grew increasingly colder.

The little bear flapped its wings full of regret. What a good gong, what a good alpha. Sigh. If its host had chosen Du Guzhou as his target, he would’ve probably had at least two children by now. But no, look at the mess they were in right now, wu wu wu.

The little bear had nowhere to vent his anguish, and could only meekly lie down on a flower, swaying sadly from side to side.

Yue Chu gave a lighthearted greeting, “Classmate Du Guzhou, what a coincidence.”

It looked as if Du Guzhou wasn’t stupid. He’d already seen that the key of the problem lay with him. Yue Chu was very curious what Do Guzhou would do. Will he threaten me? Bribe me? Or something else. Ah, how exciting.

Du Guzhou looked down at the omega condescendingly. Yue Chu, the top omega of the Yue family. When he had first entered school, he had been the existence that all alphas yearned for, but this yearning had quickly turned into disgust at his squeamish crying.

But he didn’t know when it had started. Yue Chu had changed, but also not changed. He looked as soft as one of the flowers in this garden. It only took a bit of force for him to be trampled underfoot and crushed in the soil. But something had been silently changed, and those who reached out their hands to touch him would be stabbed by thorns.

Du Guzhou: “I heard that you’ve also signed up for the mecha competition?”

Yue Chu didn’t shy away, his smile grew pleasingly brighter and brighter, but the words that came out of his worth were not as pleasing to the ear.

Yue Chu: “Yes. His Highness is also participating in the competition, so how could I fall behind? After all, I look forward to the day I stand next to the same podium with His Highness.”

Du Guzhou sneered: “An omega…”

An omega who couldn’t see where he belonged. Always wanting what he shouldn’t want. Should he be called stupid or naive?

Du Guzhou turned his back to the sun. Half of his face was hidden in shadows as dark as ink. He walked towards Yue Chu step by step, his black military boots making rattling sounds, like the footsteps of the god of death.

Yue Chu wasn’t shaken in the slightest. Looking at Du Guzhou, let alone the general[1]general from chapter 1, he couldn’t even compare to Yue Chu. He was still too tender[2]inexperienced. The smile on his face seemed to be stuck there, it was so fake that the corners of his mouth almost stretched over his entire face. The smile didn’t budge, not even after Du Guzhou’s shadow completely enshrouded him.

Du Guzhou: “What’s your purpose in approaching me? I’ll be honest, your confessions make me feel disgusted. I don’t like omegas like you at all, so don’t try to make small tricks in front of me. The only person I recognize as my fiance is Wei Xieyang. Even if your Yue family tries their best, you won’t achieve your goal.”

Wei Xieyanh’s heart was pure, and he was naturally unable to see the dark twists and turns. But Du Guzhou had a clear understanding of the Yue family’s calculations. He was very clear on the fact that Yue Chu was definitely not as innocent or harmless as he seemed.

Yue Chu raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t expected Du Guzhou to have such a high IQ. It was beyond his expectations. But, he found it very strange, how come Du Guzhou had a high IQ when facing him, but when it came to someone like Zhou Ran, who was clearly acting, he had an IQ of zero?

The little bear rolled its eyes. Yue Chu couldn’t even understand something as simple as this? Then it,[3]the little bear an expert, would explain: Simply put. You think an alpha can’t see through those little thoughts? Of course they can! It’s just easier for them to bask in the glory. So their IQ is high when they need it, and low when they don’t need it. Improvise, adapt, overcome![4]

Yue Chu laughed, how practical.

Yue Chu put his hands in his pockets. His white school uniform made his skin as white as jade. The breeze brushed across his cheeks and blew past his fluffy chestnut colored hair. As he stood among the flowers, he looked like a little prince who had just walked out from a comic.

It was just that the little prince’s eyes were not very friendly. There was a bit of aggravating contempt in those black and white pupils.

Yuechu: “You think too much. Narcissism sometimes turns out to be a mental illness. You should go to a metal hospital and get a check up so you don’t miss out on treatment.”

Du Guzhou hadn’t expected Yue Chu to be capable of saying such harsh, sharp words. The disgust in his heart grew stronger and stronger, making his sword eyebrows wrinkle in dissatisfaction.

Du Guzhou: “You’re an omega, yet you don’t even know how to be elegant. The Yue family should bring you back home and retrain you.”

Yue Chu took a step toward Du Guzhou. The distance between the two was so close that they would’ve looked like a couple if not for the thunder and lightning flashing in their eyes.

Yue Chu: “So what if I’m an omega? I need to be elegant, quiet, and obedient? Is your head full of cement? You’re as stubborn as a stiff, 3,000 year old mummy.”

Yue Chu looked Du Guzhou up and down, his dark eyes filled with malicious provocation. His thin, rosy lips moved slightly as he mercilessly spat out harsh words like a thorny rose.

In a very light voice, like the murmuring between lovers “While I don’t like alphas like you, the engagement between you and Wei Xieyang…well, who knows what’ll happen in the end?”

Du Guzhou let out a sneer. Yue Chu had had so much to say, but all he had heard was the last sentence. At the end of the day, Yue Chu just didn’t want him to get married.

The wind blew lightly, causing a pink petal to fall onto Du Guzhou’s dark blue sleeves. The golden cufflinks shone brightly, complementing the pink petal.

He picked up the petal and rubbed it between his fingers. The originally delicate flower turned into a pink pulp before falling onto the pebbles, no longer as bright as before.

Du Guzhou brushed past Yue Chu and left behind a sentence in a low voice, “We’ll have to wait and see.”

The smile on Yue Chu’s face didn’t budge at all. His black shoes stepped on the flower petals on the pebbles before he turned around and gracefully left.

I’m looking forward to it.

As a bystander, all the little bear wanted to do was ask both parties: Don’t you realize you’re on two completely different pages???

Oh well, even if Du Guzhou went crazy, he probably still wouldn’t think that Yue Chu wanted to dig his corner.

The translator has something to say:

Hello! Back from my 2 month hiatus.

This is one of the only chapters I will be splitting (I simply wanted to get something out there), I’ll post the other half very soon and everything else from then on will hopefully be full chapters.

I’ll try to update 3 to 5 times a month.

Happy reading!


1 general from chapter 1
2 inexperienced
3 the little bear
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The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After Yue Chu was defeated and died, he was dragged into another world by a system. As long as he could destroy the feelings between the two protagonists and stop the destruction of the world, he would be able to overturn the tragic end of his original world. Yue Chu didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. From then on, he began to earnestly study the art of being green tea((people who look harmless and pure on the outside, but are very calculating)), walking further and further down the path of being green tea. But why did the green tea keep on targeting the wrong person?? CP: Always-targeting-the-wrong-person-green-tea shou VS Always-being-used-as-a-cannon-fodder gong
One sentence summary: It doesn’t matter who he is, green tea comes first.


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