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When Two Shou’s Meet, One Must be the Gong (6)

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Du Guzhou’s thick eyebrows furrowed together, his hawk-like eyes were filled with coldness and oppression as they looked at Yue Chu. His thin lips were tightly pursed together, and his entire person exuded disgust.

Why is Yue Chu always so annoying?!

The aura of a top alpha rushed out at Yue Chu. Such a ‘soft’ and ‘flower-like’ omega naturally could not withstand the pressure. Yue Chu pretended to be afraid and took an involuntary step backwards before immediately stopping. Despite the fact that his body was trembling hard enough for the naked eye to see, he still held his head up, unwilling to back down.

Upon seeing this scene, the nearby alphas couldn’t help but feel pity for Yue Chu, thinking that Du Guzhou was being too aggressive. After all, Yue Chu had been a weak, tearful omega just a while back.

Wei Xieyang clenched his fists, a burning fire raging in his heart. This fire mixed with self-deprecation and a touch of warmth,[1]warmth/gratitude for Yue Chu almost engulfed his entire heart. Something that even he had given up on, had received someone else’s worry. No matter what Yue Chu’s purpose had been, his[2]Yue Chu words had moved him.[3]Wei Xieyang

He stood in front of Yue Chu and sneered: “Du Guzhou, you’ve gone too far.”

Du Guzhou clenched his jaw and put on a grim expression. He wanted to give an explanation, but fell silent upon meeting Wei Xieyang’s cold and mocking eyes. He didn’t understand why Wei Xieyang insisted on standing by Yue Chu’s side, just like how Wei Xieyang didn’t understand why he[4]Du Guzhou stood by Zhou Ran’s side.

Wei Xieyang’s line of sight landed on the pale-faced Zhou Ran. This omega’s tricks had been exposed by Yue Chu, and he now lay against someone else’s body, trying to reduce his sense of existence and trembling like a little white flower that was about to be blown away by the wind. If this had been before, Wei Xieyang wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention to such a person, but because Yue Chu insisted on seeking justice for him, then it would be better to end this once and for all.

Wei Xieyang: “Zhou Ran, you of all people should know best whether or not I pushed you. Since you don’t want to give me an apology, I’ll request an investigation from the student union. I hope you can come clean on your own.”

Zhou Ran raised his head in disbelief, but quickly lowered it again after meeting Wei Xieyang’s piercing gaze. He clenched his fists, not even feeling the pain of his fingernails digging into his palm. He was full of panic, fear, and embarrassment, making him look like a trembling rabbit that had been cornered by a fierce dog.

It was all Yue Chu’s fault, why did he have to jump in the middle of fray and speak up for Wei Xieyang? Given Wei Xieyang’s usual character, he would’ve just mutely stood against the condemnation. Zhou Ran had been relying on this as part of his calculations.

Zhou Ran lowered his head and said through gritted teeth: “I won’t apologize.”

He had done a preliminary sweep of the area before acting out his plans. There was no surveillance or passerbys, even an investigation would never be able to expose the truth. There was no need for him to be afraid.

Wei Xieyang had seen through his thoughts from the very beginning. There were always people who thought they had trump cards hidden up their sleeves. Little did they know that others already knew, but were too lazy to deal with them.

Yue Chu’s goal had been achieved, if it weren’t for the fact that he was in public, he would’ve given himself a pat on the back.

“System, how many points did I get?”

The little bear waved its wand over its head and called up the score calculating screen. It didn’t even bother to take a look before finding a small corner for it to squat in.

[The common[5]the author started differentiating tasks after Yue Chu received a special task in ch5 task has been completed. The conversation was strongly related to the given phrase, and the emotions were well conveyed.

Changes were made to the world plot, and light emotional fluctuations were detected from the protagonist. 

Final score: 8.1[6]points were out of 10 last chapter, but in this one the author made them out of 100, so I changed 81 to 8.1 for the sake of consistency points (excellent)

Reward: 8 tea art points

Keep up the good work!]

[Special task completion requirements, white lotus must admit their mistakes and kneel on the ground, begging for mercy: Failed! (not cool enough!)

Reward: 0 tea art points

Please work harder!]

Yue Chu was momentarily stunned. He hadn’t expected the special task to end in a complete failure. It turned out that the system’s requirements for face-slapping white lotus was way higher than that of being green tea; it had failed him on the spot.

The little bear twitched its ears and immediately regained its spirits after hearing the score. It gleefully flew over to Yue Chu’s side, unable to hide the triumphant smirk on its face.

Little bear: [Mission failed, loading punishment: The host will be forced to confess to Du Guzhou in 5…4…]

Yue Chu froze, his eyes narrowing, the system had never told him about the punishment. But time had run out, as soon as the countdown was up, Yue Chu felt his uncontrollably body walk in front of Du Guzhou and look at him with sparkling, affectionate eyes.

Yue Chu: “Classmate Du Guzhou, I like you! I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted to tell you the secret buried in my heart. I’ve liked you for a long time and didn’t want to have any regrets. Please rest assured, I won’t try to destroy your relationship so don’t feel burdened.”

His voice was crisp, and could be clearly heard through the midst of excitement. The corners of his eyes had turned red due to his strong emotions as he expressed his sincere feelings while maintaining a proper distance.

The classmates who had yet to disperse looked over at the scene with green eyes.[7]gossipy eyes They clapped, whistled, and hooted; not only did they not blame Yue Chu, they were even extremely excited to see such a scene. It was customary for a top alpha like Du Guzhou to be liked by multiple omegas, so Zhou Ran and Yue Chu were seen as evidence of Du Guzhou’s charm.

Wei Xieyang slightly raised an eyebrow at this scene. He wasn’t angry, instead, he felt that it had been hard on Yue Chu. It was evident that he liked Du Guzhou very much, yet he still stood up for Wei Xieyang and talked back to Du Guzhou. What a fool.

Du Guzhou didn’t feel touched at all, on the contrary, he felt as if someone had stuffed an entire durian down his throat (durian was his least favorite fruit). He was so disgusted that he almost vomited out the contents of his previous meal. The noise from the classmates around him made him feel even more irritated.

Du Guzhou didn’t believe that Yue Chu liked him, not even a little bit. Yue Chu’s existence always made him feel as if there was something stuck in his throat, making his entire being feel unwell. This sudden confession had made his frustration levels peak, but he had nowhere to vent his anger. He couldn’t think of anything proper to say in this situation and could only turn around angrily and leave to show his attitude of clear rejection.

Yue Chu watched him leave with bright eyes before smiling, as if he had finally let go of something. Such a strong, yet fragile appearance, attracted pitying gazes and comforting remarks from everyone present. His actions had also served as evidence that his accusations against Zhou Ran were true.[8]Wei Xieyang let him confess to Du Guzhou, meaning that Wei Xieyang would also let Zhou Ran approach Du Guzhou

And Yue Chu? 

System, go fuck yourself! Yue Chu was about to explode.

Yue Chu’s punishment didn’t end until the entire crowd had dispersed. He looked at the little bear with a half-smile and lightly tapped his arm. Very good, the little bear had succeeded in pissing him off.

[What are you doing? This is assault! Assault! I’m going to report you to the higher ups!!]

Yue Chu pinched the little bear’s wings as it struggled pitifully, its tears floating in the air. It didn’t mean to, it really forgot about the punishment! And added onto that, it hadn’t expected Yue Chu to actually fail the special task!

[AHHHH! Bear abuse!]

Yue Chu mercilessly beat the little bear until its face was blue and swollen. He flexed his wrist before calmly straightening out his slightly messy hair and sleeves in front of a mirror.

Yue Chu: “That was just a warning because it was your first time. But if there’s a next time…”

Yue Chu trailed off and grinned cruelly, making the little bear shudder so much it almost peed its pants.

The little bear hurriedly shook its head, swearing that it didn’t dare to do it again.

The little bear explained: [The punishment is there to ensure that hosts will complete their tasks in a efficient manner. It won’t turn on as long as your tasks are successfully completed. If you fail a task, the system will choose a random punishment for you. The punishment will not directly harm the host, however, the system doesn’t account for any possible consequences the host will face.]

Consequences? The consequences were that all of his previous efforts had gone to waste. The entire school now thought that he had a crush on Du Guzhou.

The little bear was quite happy. Wasn’t this just perfect? Everything was back on track, and he wouldn’t have to worry about OO[9]term author uses for Omega x Omega love.

Yue Chu ignored the ecstatic bear, he had already begun to draw out a plan on how to turn the tables.

The results of the investigation came out quickly. The student union had found evidence through a reflective surface. Wei Xieyang hadn’t made a single move, it had been Zhou Ran who slammed into the railing to frame him.

There was an uproar among the melon-eating[10]gossiping crowd for a while. It had been unexpected for such a noble and beloved omega to make such a calculated move. Zhou Ran was unable to recover from this blow and was suspended[11]raws said that he was expelled, but he comes back to school later for slandering a member of the royal family. However, a noble omega like him was still better off than a ruffian like Zhou Heng. The worst that could happen to him was a sharp reprimand. He would soon be able to resume his studies again, although his reputation would not be as good as before.

“I never expected Zhou Ran to be that type of person, I used to like him a lot.”

Kaokaokao,[12]raws used this I suddenly think that compared to someone like Zhou Ran, Yue Chu is actually more sincere. If you like someone, tell them. If you want to reject someone, reject them. If you want to maintain your relationship, maintain it. I see him following behind Wei Xieyang everyday like a little tail. It’s kind of cute.”

“I see it differently, I think Yue Chu might be the one behind the scenes.”


However, Yue Chu didn’t get to hear their heated discussions. He was currently looking at the scene in front of him with a smile plastered on his face. He gently twirled the pen in his hand as he internally beat up the little bear again.

Du Guzhou was indeed an arrogant and inconsiderate person, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how to admit his mistakes. With the truth in front of him, he realized that Zhou Ran really had blinded him from the truth. And so the moment he got the news, he appeared in front of Wei Xieyang and gave him a very sincere apology.

Currently, he was wearing his mecha combat uniform. With his handsome face full of apology, he knelt on one knee in front of Wei Xieyang and expressed his deepest apologies with a hand held to his heart.

Yue Chu let out a light chuckle. His interest had been aroused, this guy is hard to deal with.

A condescending alpha lowering himself down for an apology. What omega in the world could resist, let alone his fiance, Wei Xieyang? Very good, Du Guzhou, this fellow, had given him quite a surprise.

The little bear lazily sunbathed on the table, picking its nose. It occasionally shook its erlangs legs[13]sitting position where you cross your legs, one over the other and smacked its mouth. For its host, who liked to turn easy mode into hard mode, it only had one thing to say, you deserved it!

Wei Xieyang helped Du Guzhou up and accepted his apology. The displeasure in his heart had yet to completely dissipate, but in face of Du Guzhou’s rare humility, the fire raging in his heart had nowhere to escape.

The two people looked at each other and laughed. All their past disagreements washed away at this moment, leaving them in their former state of tacit understanding.

Wei Xieyang glanced over at Yue Chu. Yue Chu was actually a person who was soft on the outside, but tough on the inside. Be it his way of speech, or his actions, he was always extremely soft and gentle. With a smile on his face, his heart remained strong despite wind or rain. Only when facing Du Guzhou would his strength slowly turn bitter. Independent people would never receive the love of others.

As soon as Du Guzhou entered the room, Wei Xieyang noticed that Yue Chu’s eyes would constantly fix onto Du Guzhou, and that his smile was getting gentler and gentler. He clearly liked Du Guzhou a lot, but was unable to get closer to him due to various reasons.

Wei Xieyang didn’t understand why he felt bad for his rival: Idiot! Why did he[14]Yue Chu fall for someone he shouldn’t have fallen for?

He gestured at Yue Chu: “You should also apologize to Yue Chu.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, heaven and hell collided.

Yue Chu swept non-existent dust off his sleeve and reservedly stood up, giving Du Guzhou a slight nod as a greeting. However, his smiling eyes gave off a sense of superiority and provocation. He slowly walked over to Wei Xieyang’s side, standing opposite of Du Guzhou.

Yue Chu: “Only someone as kind as His Highness would forgive you so easily. If it were me, I would’ve never believed Zhou Ran. With skills on that level, anyone with eyes would be able to tell that he was acting. I’ll always believe in His Highness and stand by his side instead of breaking his heart by believing other people.”

Du Guzhou pursed his thin lips. His pitch black eyes burned with anger, and he clenched his fists where no one could see. He had nowhere to let out his anger.

He coldly looked at Yue Chu: No one will think you’re mute, even if you keep your mouth shut![15]he’s saying that Yue Chu should shut up, because even if he doesn’t talk, no one would assume that he was a mute person, so he might as well not have to confirm that he can talk since everyone … Continue reading

Yue Chu chuckled: I say, with the way you do things…Wei Xieyang is truly pitiful.

The author has something to say:

The first few chapters have been edited. They’re a bit different from before.[16]This was a message from years ago, you’ve all been reading the most up to date version, don’t worry!

The translator has something to say:

I forgot to mention this in ch3, but I actually changed the author’s words when it comes to task completion.

The author wrote the task completion panel in huge blocks of text, so I formatted it a bit, and I used roman numerals instead of writing out the numbers.

The author is also quite inconsistent throughout the story, the system’s name often changes from Green Tea Savior to Green Tea…the tasks originally were just called tasks, but now they have different tiers (common, special, etc.), and even the scoring system is sometimes out of 10 and sometimes out of 100.

So I’m going to try to make everything more consistent throughout my translation instead of translating the raws word for word (pfft not that I was ever doing that in the first place, ‘readability over reliability!’, said me, and only me, cuz no one else would ever say that)


1 warmth/gratitude for Yue Chu
2, 14 Yue Chu
3 Wei Xieyang
4 Du Guzhou
5 the author started differentiating tasks after Yue Chu received a special task in ch5
6 points were out of 10 last chapter, but in this one the author made them out of 100, so I changed 81 to 8.1 for the sake of consistency
7 gossipy eyes
8 Wei Xieyang let him confess to Du Guzhou, meaning that Wei Xieyang would also let Zhou Ran approach Du Guzhou
9 term author uses for Omega x Omega
10 gossiping
11 raws said that he was expelled, but he comes back to school later
12 raws used this
13 sitting position where you cross your legs, one over the other
15 he’s saying that Yue Chu should shut up, because even if he doesn’t talk, no one would assume that he was a mute person, so he might as well not have to confirm that he can talk since everyone already knows he can
16 This was a message from years ago, you’ve all been reading the most up to date version, don’t worry!
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The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After Yue Chu was defeated and died, he was dragged into another world by a system. As long as he could destroy the feelings between the two protagonists and stop the destruction of the world, he would be able to overturn the tragic end of his original world. Yue Chu didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. From then on, he began to earnestly study the art of being green tea((people who look harmless and pure on the outside, but are very calculating)), walking further and further down the path of being green tea. But why did the green tea keep on targeting the wrong person?? CP: Always-targeting-the-wrong-person-green-tea shou VS Always-being-used-as-a-cannon-fodder gong
One sentence summary: It doesn’t matter who he is, green tea comes first.


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