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When Two Shou’s Meet, One Must be the Gong (5)

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The scene looked like it had come straight out of an idol drama. The two protagonists of the scene faced off in the center of the large basketball court, like players preparing for tip-off.[1]when you play basketball, the game starts with two players standing in the middle and trying to catch the ball that the referee throws

Yue Chu chuckled lightly: This is way too organized to be an accident. I wonder what the always arrogant Wei Xieyang thinks of all this. Hey look, he has a really ugly expression on his face, and he’s looking at Zhou Ran with an icy gaze full of impatience.

Yue Chu stroked his chin, he had to give it to Wei Xieyang’s good looks, even his angry expression made him look particularly attractive. However, his current situation seemed to be at a disadvantage. 

Wei Xieyang stood alone on one side while Du Guzhou, Zhou Ran, and Zhou Ran’s friends stood on the other. Zhou Ran’s tender white arm was red, and tears cascaded down his pretty face making people feel heartache for him. His friends circled around him, glaring at Wei Xieyang with righteous indignation. Meanwhile, Du Guzhou was frowning as he gave Wei Xieyang a look of disapproval.

Even in the face of this destitute situation, Wei Xieyang’s lone figure showed no signs of weakness. He stood there alone, with his slender back held up straight, like a stubborn pillar that would never bend.

Du Guzhou: “Xieyang, what’s going on? How am I supposed to help you if you keep your silence?”

Wei Xieyang coldly replied, “I’ve already told you it has nothing to do with me, what else do you want to know?”

Du Guzhou: “Then where were you at the time? What were you doing? Can anyone testify for you?”

Wei Xieyang: “Why do I have to tell you?”

Du Guzhou let out a sigh, “Do you have to be this stubborn?”

Wei Xeiyang curled up his mouth in a sneer, still holding up his head proudly and refusing to explain. ‘Stubborn,’ every single time they argued, Du Guzhou would use this word to describe him. After a long time of hearing it, even he himself wondered if he was too stubborn.

Zhou Ran’s friend unceremoniously butted in, “Your Highness, why won’t you say it? We all know that its because you hate Zhou Ran for walking too close to Du Guzhou so you hit him! Zhou Ran likes Du Guzhou and just wanted to say a few words for him. Why can’t you tolerate something as small as a conversation?”

Zhou Ran weakly leaned on one of his friends looking helpless. He gave a bitter smile and turned his face away to wipe his tears away as if he didn’t want others to see his fragile and embarrassed side.

Zhou Ran: “I was in the wrong, you guys shouldn’t blame his highness.”

After saying this, he cradled his arm in a way that deliberately exposed the blood-red bruises to everyone, triggering a wave of pity for him.

Zhou Ran’s friend felt heartache for him and immediately said: “They’re just engaged to each other, they’re not even married yet. What right does he have to lay such a heavy hand on you?”

Zhou Ran weakly shook his head, and bit his lips, as if asking everyone to stop talking.

Condemning eyes shot at Wei Xieyang from all sides, like sharp needles piercing him onto a pillar of shame.

Yue Chu raised an eyebrow and asked the little bear, “Did Zhou Ran just steal my lines?”

The little bear was enraged, [Can you not ruin the atmosphere?!]

The little bear seemed to be very angry. It stared at Zhou Ran with red eyes and its mouth chanted: [I hate white lotus!]

The little bear heatedly rushed towards Yue Chu and vigorously waved the magic in its wand, [Host, us green tea systems are mortal enemies with the white lotus systems. We can’t let that white lotus rob us of our limelight! Charge in and defeat that white lotus!]

Yue Chu was speechless, he didn’t understand, just what exactly was the difference between green tea and white lotus? Both were equally annoying.

Little Bear: [The green tea system has activated. 

Special Task 1: “Defeat the white lotus, let the green tea live on. Green tea will never lose!” If a score of 90 or above is given, you will be rewarded a chance to pass up a common task.]

Yue Chu silently took two steps away from the little bear, its eyes had turned so red that even its body had burst into red flames. Its entire body was as hot as a burning ball of gas, making Yue Chu’s forehead sweat.

They[2]green tea and white lotus must really really hate each other.

Yue Chu shook his head, it didn’t matter whether or not he completed the task. But he couldn’t watch as his target was harassed. Opportunities to brush up his favorability didn’t come by often. He really had to thank Zhou Ran for sending an opportunity to his doorstep.

Yue Chu walked to Wei Xieyang’s side and gave him an innocent greeting: “Your Highness, are you okay?”

“I heard that something happened to you so I rushed over. What do all of these people want from you?”

Wei Xieyang frowned, what was Yue Chu trying to do? Even if he had come forward to gain Du Guzhou’s favorability, it shouldn’t be done in this way, he would just end up getting caught up in this mess.

Wei Xianyang: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Even though he didn’t like Yue Chu very much, he didn’t want to drag him into this.

Of course, Yue Chu didn’t listen to him. He glanced over at Du Guzhou who was standing in front of Zhou Ran and suddenly spoke up as if he had reached an understanding, “Your Highness, don’t be angry with Du Guzhou, he’s just spoiled by you and doesn’t know how to be sensible. He didn’t do it on purpose, don’t blame him. If you want to clear anything up, just say it, you shouldn’t keep it all kempt up inside.”

Wei Xieyang gave a cold snort. Du Guzhou hadn’t given him any opportunity to explain. He[3]Du Guzhou had treated him[4]Wei Xieyang like a criminal the moment he[5]Du Guzhou had arrived. It was clear that Du Guzhou had condemned him in his heart from the very beginning. After hearing Yue Chu’s words, the fire in Wei Xieyang’s heart grew even larger.

Zhou Ran’s friends could no longer stand back, they didn’t know where this person had come from, but the more he spoke, the more unhappy they became.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you butting in?”

Yue Chu blinked his eyes. His large, beautiful eyes were as pure as water. The word ‘pure’ was practically engraved into his pupils, making the people’s sharp accusations seem repulsive. In an instant, he had made the scales tip in his favor.

Yue Chu: “Hello, I’m His Highness’s classmate. I heard there was a fight and came here to take a look. His Highness is a really nice person, he’s helped me every time I get bullied. Everyone here already knows that I’m really weak and stupid and only know how to cry. It was His Highness who taught me to keep my head held high. I’ve become an entirely new person thanks to him. His Highness used to protect me, and now I’ll protect him. I won’t let anyone bully him.”

Everyone suddenly realized: It’s true. For the past month, Yue Chu really hasn’t cried at all. He’s even stood up for himself. It seems that this was the result of Wei Xieyang’s helping hand. It all made sense, Zhou Heng and his friends’ expulsion was probably also the handiwork of Wei Xieyang since no one else would dare to bully Yue Chu after that.

Zhou Ran’s friend gave a sneer: “Bully him?[6]Wei Xieyang  He’s the one doing the bullying! Look at Zhou Ran’s arm, he’s[7]Wei Xieyang the one that pushed him!”[8]Zhou Ran

Zhou Ran weakly grasped his arm, but the red scratches could still be seen from between his fingers.

Yue Chu walked up to Zhou Ran and attentively observed the injury before softly inquiring, “Then, why did His Highness push you?”

The corner of Zhou Ran’s mouth bent down bitterly, and he cast a longing gaze at Du Guzhou before quickly looking away and lowering his head. The silence spoke for itself. 

Zhou Ran’s friend immediately spoke up for him, “What other reasons could there be? He was jealous that Zhou Ran was walking next to Du Guzhou. But the two of them were just walking next to each other to prepare for the next game. As the commentator, Zhou Ran just wanted to understand the players a bit more. But His Highness wouldn’t even let something as small as this go and went as far as to hurt him!”

Yue Chu retracted his hand and hesitated as if he didn’t know whether or not he should speak up. He chewed on his soft red lips so that everyone could see his inner turmoil.

Yue Chu straightened up his weak back and seriously declared, “You’re lying. His Highness isn’t the type of person to do that. I’ve also had a crush on someone before so I know how painful it is. But no matter how painful it got, I’ve only ever thought of being regular friends with him, nothing else. Everyone can ask around, I’ve actually done quite a few things in the past to make His Highness unhappy, but His Highness just ignored it. Let alone hitting me, he didn’t even bother to say anything about it. His Highness could tolerate someone as blatant as me, so he can definitely tolerate you.”

Yue Chu turned his gaze to Wei Xieyang and gave him a tender smile. He’d definitely get a lot of favorability points for this public confession, right?

Wei Xieyang looked away coldly: Idiot, now the entire school knows that you have a crush on Du Guzhou.

How daring, Yue Chu even dared to confess to Du Guzhou in front of him! However, he didn’t feel as angry as he did with Zhou Ran. Instead, he felt that Yue Chu was rather pitiful.

Everyone was stunned for a while, after asking around, they confirmed that Yue Chu had a crush on Du Guzhou and that Wei Xieyang had just ignored it. Damn! This was too exciting! Those two were from the same class meaning that Yue Chu had more chances than Zhou Zhou.[9]Zhou Ran’s nickname And, asides from the fact that Yue Chu was weak and cried a lot, he was actually quite an attractive omega.

Zhou Zhou’s[10]Zhou Ran’s nickname friend grew uneasy and immediately retorted: “You’re talking nonsense, Zhou Zhou and Wei Xieyang were alone at the time. If it wasn’t Wei Xieyang who pushed him, do you mean that Zhou Zhou fell by himself?”

Realization suddenly dawned on Yue Chu: “So that’s how it was. You’re the one that said it, not me.”

Zhou Zhou’s friend almost died from anger: “That’s not what I meant. Whatever! Zhou Zhou would never tell a lie!”

Yue Chu gave a shrug: “His Highness is even less likely to tell a lie.”


Du Guzhou had a headache. He impatiently interrupted the dispute. He really didn’t have the patience to deal with the feud between omegas. He had already wasted 20 minutes of his training time, and the argument would have no end if he didn’t stop it.

Du Guzhou acted as a peacemaker: “This matter ends here. It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. Xieyang, you should go back first. Since Zhou Ran is hurt, I’ll take him to the infirmary.”

Wei Xieyang gave a bitter smile. Was this really his fiance? Not only did he[11]Du Guzhou protect his[12]Wei Xieyang rivals, but he[13]Du Guzhou even personally sent them away.

The stinging sensation in his heart almost overwhelmed him, but the pride he had as a prince made Wei Xieyang forced him to keep his dignity. He stubbornly raised his head as he silently watched Du Guzhou walk over to Zhou Ran and carry him in an embrace. The scene stung his eyes, but he could only force his eyes to stay open so that his tears wouldn’t fall.

However, Yue Chu didn’t agree.

“Zhou Zhou, you should apologize, and Du Guzhou, you should also apologize.”


1 when you play basketball, the game starts with two players standing in the middle and trying to catch the ball that the referee throws
2 green tea and white lotus
3, 5, 11, 13 Du Guzhou
4, 6, 7, 12 Wei Xieyang
8 Zhou Ran
9, 10 Zhou Ran’s nickname
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The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! [Quick Transmigration]

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After Yue Chu was defeated and died, he was dragged into another world by a system. As long as he could destroy the feelings between the two protagonists and stop the destruction of the world, he would be able to overturn the tragic end of his original world. Yue Chu didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. From then on, he began to earnestly study the art of being green tea((people who look harmless and pure on the outside, but are very calculating)), walking further and further down the path of being green tea. But why did the green tea keep on targeting the wrong person?? CP: Always-targeting-the-wrong-person-green-tea shou VS Always-being-used-as-a-cannon-fodder gong
One sentence summary: It doesn’t matter who he is, green tea comes first.


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