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Indirect mentions of rape.

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It had been many years since Yue Chu had gone to school, and he felt a sense of novelty. As soon as he walked into the classroom, the people who had been joking around fell silent and a few curious gazes landed on him. Yue Chu glanced over and the owners of the gazes quickly looked away and continued whispering to one another, pretending as if nothing had happened. But their eyes, which would furtively glance over from time to time, betrayed their true thoughts. 

Yue Chu put his backpack down and noticed that there was a piece of cloth draped over his desk, he couldn’t tell how long it had been since the cloth had last been washed. He lifted the cloth in disgust, only to find that the desk had been densely covered in words. The words were written in handwriting so ugly that they looked like they had been hurriedly scribbled down by a ghost, however, the characters were still recognizable. The words had been there for a long time, even though Yue Chu wiped them off with his fingers, their traces still remained on the desk, causing Yue Chu’s expression to turn dark.

He looked around the entire classroom until his gaze fell upon a desk with “Zhao Heng” written on its name card. Hm, it was clean and looked unoccupied, he was very satisfied.

Yue Che dragged the desk over and swapped it with his own. Under the surprised eyes of his classmates, he took out his books one by one and placed them on the desk. He sat upright and reviewed his lessons, luckily, they were similar to the lessons of his original world, otherwise, he would have become illiterate. 

The little bear flew out again and tentatively peeked through the window before excitedly biting its furry paw.

[The protagonists are coming over, host, prepare yourself!]

Yue Chu continued to read his book and tranquilly said: “Okay, prepare myself? Then hurry up and tell me the story’s background information.”

Up until now, he still hadn’t been told the names of the two protagonists, the system was even more unreliable than he had originally thought.

A thick book immediately appeared in the little bear’s paws. It put on glasses and started flipping through the book. It didn’t take long for the little bear to find the world’s story.

The plot was actually quite simple, but also quite unpleasant. Of course, if it had been pleasant, then it wouldn’t have needed anyone to save it. The world had an ABO setting, the setting’s details were not further elaborated upon as it was common knowledge.[1]if you don’t know what ABO is, check out this unofficial guide (not written by me)

The protagonist gong[2]the top/seme/1/etc. of a relationship – Du Guzhou, alpha, born into a prominent background. Due to the divorce of his parents and strict teachings since his childhood, he was cold and unsmiling. Born to a family of general’s, his goal was to join the army. He was very capable and his family held high hopes for him. As long as nothing unexpected occurred, he would become a rising star in the future. According to the routine of most novels, the story should have ended with him becoming one of the top five interstellar generals. His journey to the top was very smooth, the only bump in the road being his arranged fiance, the shou, Wei Xieyang. 

The protagonist shou[3]the bottom/uke/0/etc. of a relationship – Wei Xieyang, the only omega to be born into the royal family, beautiful, proud, and a loner. As an omega, his own worth was nothing compared to the worth of his marriage, and so, not long after his birth, he became Du Guzhou’s arranged fiance. The two couldn’t be said to share deep feelings of mutual love, but at least they got along well.

The real change occurred after their marriage, Wei Xieyang had been marked and needed an alpha’s pheromones to calm him down every time he was in estrus. However, during this period of time, Du Guzhou, who only wanted to climb to the top, was at the front lines and had no time to go back. Every month, Wei Xieyang was tortured by his estrus period, which was painful at best. His situation became worse and worse until it eventually reached the point of threatening his life, and he had to be escorted to the front lines to find Du Guzhou.

But fate would never miss an opportunity to play tricks on people, the spaceship he was on was hijacked by interstellar pirates. How could the beastly pirates be indifferent to such a beautiful omega in estrus? Since then, he had fallen into the abyss. The only thing keeping him alive was revenge.

For his revenge, Wei Xieyang not only destroyed the star pirates but also began to demolish the structure of ABO society. He wanted to transform all alphas and omegas into betas, there would be no estrus period and no gender discrimination, he wanted to create a world that he envisioned. In order to realize this wish, he defied all opposition, forcibly ascended the throne, imprisoned his father and brother, and spent large amounts of money to establish three secret laboratories which were quietly conducting human experiments. 

When Du Guzhou returned, he found that his partner was no longer the person he remembered him to be. Subsequently, he discovered the laboratories and traced the clues back to Wei Xieyang – the hidden mastermind behind the scenes. The two broke into a fierce argument, leading them to become mortal enemies. The struggle between the military and the royal family was chaotic, causing the empire to fall into dire straights which attracted the attention of foreign enemies who almost wiped out the entire empire.

In the end, Wei Xieyang was defeated by Du Guzhou. In his last moments, he detonated a quantum bomb, causing the entire capital to die with him. With the upper echelons of the empire basically wiped out, the empire rapidly declined and was soon swallowed up by the vast universe.

The two protagonists were the main energy source of the world. Their simultaneous deaths would mean the collapse of the world, which would lead to the serious consequence of hundreds of millions of lives being wiped out.

The little bear finished reciting the information recorded in the book with a heavy tone. It took off its glasses, wiped a tear from the corner of its eye, and fluttered its small wings as it flew over to Yue Chu. 

[Please, you have to save this world.]

Yue Chu took the chance to gently rub the little bear’s head while everyone else was looking at the two protagonists. He didn’t make any promises, but said, “Don’t you think the names of the two protagonists are really unlucky?”

Little bear: Ah?

Yue Chu: The characters in Du Guzhou’s name look like the characters in the phrase ‘forever alone,’[4]it was more along the lines of ‘destined to always be alone’, but I thought ‘forever alone’ had a nice sassy ring to it so lol, my bad, I was having too much fun and Wei Xieyang’s name means that his life will end soon, it was destined to be a tragedy from the very beginning.

Little bear: Uh…

Yue Chu: Not to mention that both of them are cold and arrogant. If you made them sit face to face, they would just mutely sit there with an ‘if you don’t speak, I won’t speak’ attitude, how could they not clash?

Little bear: This…

The two protagonists didn’t enter the classroom, instead, they stood in the middle of the doorway arguing about something in lowered voices with ugly expressions on their faces.

Yue Chu finally got to see the appearance of the two protagonists. He had to give it to them, the descriptions in the book were really accurate. They had red lips and white teeth,[5]a common chinese phrase used to describe a good-looking person slender bodies, haughty eyes, and exuded pride.

Little bear snuck a few glances at Yue Chu and couldn’t help but feel that the way he looked at them was a bit off, it couldn’t hold itself back from flying in front of him and waving its paws.

[The Green Tea System[6]the author keeps on switching between ‘Green Tea Survival System’ and ‘Green Tea System’, for the sake of being concise, I’ll just use ‘Green Tea System’ has been activated.

Task 1: Please use the phrase, ‘You’re so good, he doesn’t know how to cherish you.’ during a conversation, there is no word limit and no required style of speech. The subject of the conversation should be closely related to the given phrase. The system will give you a score upon completion, the score is based on the amount of impact you have on the world. Don’t be too tactless, you can do it!]

Yue Chu pondered over it for a while before slowly getting up and walking towards the two protagonists.

Du Guzhou and Wei Xieyang were standing opposite of one another. Obviously, they were fiances, but it seemed as if they were two mountains separated by a moat. One had an air of forbearance and icy anger while the other had an air of pride and cold dissatisfaction.

Du Guzhou: “Can you stop being so headstrong?! I have to do an exercise routine every morning, I don’t have time to pick you up every day.”

Du Guzhou didn’t understand why Wei Xieyang insisted on arguing with him over this matter, Wei Xieyang should’ve known that he didn’t have any time spare at all.

Wei Xieyang pursed his lips, his beautiful face seemed to be covered by gray clouds. Obviously, they were engaged to one another, yet they never spent any time together, what was the point of doing this? Du Guzhou was always telling him that he had no time, but all Wei Xieyang wanted was for them to spend a little time together.

Wei Xieyang lowered his gaze, “Forget it then.”

Even though he had said it out loud, he secretly held onto the hope that Du Guzhou would realize that wasn’t what he[7]Wei Xieyang actually wanted. It was a pity that Du Guzhou let out a relieved breath, making Wei Xieyang’s mood drop to rock bottom.

Yue Chu took the opportunity to smoothly step into the conversation, “Your Highness, I can pick you up every day.”

Wei Xieyang’s large cat-like eyes looked at him with undisguised contempt, what was this person butting in for?

Wei Xieyang abhorred Yue Chu, all he knew how to do was cry, and cry. He cried when he was bullied, he cried when he failed a class, he even cried when he fell down. Was he made of water? Since he liked crying so much, he should go live next to the seaside and contribute some saltwater to the sea. However, today’s Yue Chu looked a lot more pleasing to the eyes. At least, he had a straight back and steady eyes, he no longer looked like a timid snail.

Wei Xieyang raised an eyebrow and very naturally changed his relaxed posture into a vigilant one. What? Had the Yue family’s sweet flower finally come to his senses and decided to steal his[8]Wei Xieyang’s man? How interesting, Wei Xieyang was very clear on the fact that Alpha’s liked soft and delicate omega’s the most, but he had never been afraid of challenges.

Du Guzhou’s brows slightly furrowed and he took a step backwards, not intending to have any sort of interaction with Yue Chu. Although Du Guzhou didn’t like Wei Xieyang, he respected the engagement between them, if there were no accidents, they would spend the rest of their lives together. Adding on to that, Du Guzhou really hated Yue Chu. Soft and weak omega’s would only bring trouble to him, and he didn’t have time to deal with the aftermath.

Judging from appearances alone, Yue Chu actually had the upper hand, not because he was more beautiful than Wei Xieyang, but because he had a nonaggressive air around him, anyone who saw him would see him as a gentle beauty. Being like this had both its advantages and disadvantages; the advantages being that people put down their vigilance around him, and the disadvantage being that he looked easy to bully.

Ultimately, Wei Xieyang wasn’t one to slap a smiling person,[9]chinese idiom, Yue Chu hasn’t done anything wrong so Wei Xieyang won’t do anything wrong to him either so he stayed in front of Yue Chu, waiting for him to speak.

Yue Chu: “Is he Your Highness’s fiance?”

Wei Xieyang remained cold: “Who else would it be? Don’t tell me that you just found out today.”

Yue Chu: “But he didn’t even help you carry your backpack.”

Wei Xieyang glanced at the backpack in his hands and frowned in disgust, he wasn’t a wastrel who needed someone else to help him carry his backpack.

Yue Chu: “The sun is so bright outside, yet he won’t even help hold an umbrella for you. Your face is already red from the sun, doesn’t it hurt?”

Wei Xieyang scoffed, he had truly seen it all now. Daring to sow discord, did Yue Chu really think he wouldn’t see through these little tricks? It was so laughingly stupid that Wei Xieyang didn’t even know what to say.

Yue Chu took a step forward, nimbly grabbing Wei Xieyang’s backpack and placing it on the desk. He took the books out of the backpack and put them down very neatly. There was a bit of shyness in his sweet smile, “You’re so good, he doesn’t know how to cherish you. In the future, I’ll carry your backpack and hold an umbrella for you, okay?”

The little bear thumped onto the ground with a large thud, its limbs twitched as its eyes rolled to the back of its head, and it almost died out of anger. What was more important, being angered to death, or the task? Of course, it was the task! And so, the little bear quickly got up from the ground. It dragged its bruised and battered body in front of Yue Chu before taking out a loudspeaker and roaring at him.

[You’re an omega, an omega! The target of your green tea should be the alpha, Du Guzhou, not Wei Xieyang! You’re the same sex,[10]thats rich coming from a system that chose ABO as its first world do you hear me? Wei Xieyang won’t ‘get’[11]the bear was so angry that he used the english word for ‘get’ your green tea art at all!]

Yue Chu acted as if he couldn’t hear the clamoring of the little bear, and very gentlemanly pulled out a chair for Wei Xieyang, waiting for him to sit down.

Wei Xieyang was so disgusted that he thought he was having auditory hallucinations, but after looking around the classroom and seeing everyone’s thunderstruck expressions, he finally realized that Yue Chu had really said those crazy words just now.

Wei Xieyang: “Are you sick?”

Hah, what a clever trick, a delicate and noble omega carrying his backpack for him. Wei Xieyang estimated that if this really happened, within a day, the rumors about him being a bully would be everywhere. And naturally, after dragging his reputation to rock bottom, Yue Chu would be able to take advantage of his situation and snatch Du Guzhou away.

Yue Chu lightly coughed twice and smiled sweetly, “How did you know I was sick? Thank you for caring so much about me, but I’m feeling pretty good right now. I was locked in the bathroom all night long, I probably caught a cold. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine.”

The expression on Wei Xieyang’s face grew a few degrees colder and his focus instantly shifted from Yue Chu’s crazy words to the fact that he had been locked up. Locked in the bathroom all night long? Who was it? Who dared to do that to a weak omega?!

The little bear feebly raised a paw: Host, the target…you’ve got the wrong target…

Yue Chu turned around, using his shoulder to send the little bear reeling through the air, before quietly making it back to his seat. After noticing Wei Xieyang’s cold gaze on him, Yue Chu smiled and raised the textbook in his hand, indicating that class was about to start and that he was reviewing course material.

Wei Xieyang snorted and sat down in his seat. Still pretending? He didn’t know when Yue Chu had suddenly loved studying! What a fickle person! However, he really needed to investigate what had happened to Yue Chu. Someone committing such an atrocious act right under his nose meant that they truly didn’t put him in their eyes.[12]It might look like Wei Xieyang is paying extra attention to Yue Chu, he isn’t. He doesn’t like Yue Chu at all. Wei Xieyang is a softy, not a tsundere.

Wei Xieyang didn’t care about what happened in the classroom, he preferred to be alone. The only exception to this was Du Guzhou because of the agreement between their families. Therefore, he truly didn’t know anything about Yue Chu being bullied.

Du Guzhou saw that the two had gone back to their own seats and put his backpack down, not taking this little episode to heart. Neither Wei Xieyang nor Yue Chu were particularly important people in his life. He could spare 10% of his attention for them, but the remaining 90% was spent on the glory of the empire.


1 if you don’t know what ABO is, check out this unofficial guide (not written by me)
2 the top/seme/1/etc. of a relationship
3 the bottom/uke/0/etc. of a relationship
4 it was more along the lines of ‘destined to always be alone’, but I thought ‘forever alone’ had a nice sassy ring to it so lol, my bad, I was having too much fun
5 a common chinese phrase used to describe a good-looking person
6 the author keeps on switching between ‘Green Tea Survival System’ and ‘Green Tea System’, for the sake of being concise, I’ll just use ‘Green Tea System’
7 Wei Xieyang
8 Wei Xieyang’s
9 chinese idiom, Yue Chu hasn’t done anything wrong so Wei Xieyang won’t do anything wrong to him either
10 thats rich coming from a system that chose ABO as its first world
11 the bear was so angry that he used the english word for ‘get’
12 It might look like Wei Xieyang is paying extra attention to Yue Chu, he isn’t. He doesn’t like Yue Chu at all. Wei Xieyang is a softy, not a tsundere.

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