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However, the number of Esper residents was no different from other cities. This reality was entirely possible due to Gido Hae alone. Since it was originally the capital, it was socially beneficial to use City A, which had the most infrastructure left.

Therefore, he always did his duty faithfully. Lee Jae-Chul, who became an Esper to save many people, will firmly protect his back as long as he fights against monsters.

“Uh……, yes.”

Lee Jae-Chul nodded bitterly as he watched the Gido Hae prepare to go to the mission in a light manner.

Lee Jae-Chul was also well aware that Gido Hae Hae was using his sincerity. The two were in a relationship that was held together out of necessity anyway.

Gido Hae’s act of killing monsters on time was also the reason why society tolerated his personality. Gido Hae used this fact since he was clever. He knows he doesn’t have a substitute.

However, Lee Jae-Chul often felt that it was unnatural for Gido Hae to kill the monster even though he knew the facts.

He asked why he worked so hard to kill monsters, maybe because his curiosity got the best of him that day.

It’s annoying to kill people.’

What if it wasn’t a bother?

Just assuming it, Lee Jae-Chul felt his spine shiver. It was a useless worry. As long as the Gido Hae was in his right mind, there was no need to think about it.

“What are you doing? Get your car ready.”

“Do you think I’m your driver?”

Looking at Gido Hae year with his chin raised, Lee Jae-Chul clicked his tongue and collected documents. He complained but naturally started the car.


After he became Gido Hae’s exclusive guide, Kim San was taken to the guide living center. It was a new building built in the center of city A, where guides lived.

“Is it this way?”

The C-class guide said that it is common for two people to use one accommodation. He was worried that his roommate, used to having a large space alone, wouldn’t welcome him even though he was in the same C-class. Although his roommate did not return overnight, his worries remained.

It was just that. The stagnant air inside the building, which remained cool all day, was, too, awkward.

Everything was going too fast. Thanks to this, his mind was a little tired.

His grandfather categorically said that Kim San had the talent of a guide since he was young.

That’s what his mom used to say as soon as he was born. Therefore, Kim San, who grew up thinking he had the talent of a guide, seemed nervous when he entered the examination.

“Oh, there it is.”

Unlike the small town he lived in, the building was too big and complicated. Kim San looking around the hallway with his new guide ID card in his hand, finally found what he was aiming for. It was a pay phone that he found after asking hard.

The cell phone, which had been repeatedly plugged in and turned on, broke down. He promised to contact Lee Hye-Min, who was entrusted with managing the house, but it took him so long.

“Hello, it’s me, Hye-Min.”

-The number is weird

“Yes, it’s a pay phone because my cell phone is broken. There’s a pay phone in the building here.”

– Did you break it again?


Lee Hye-Min gave a big sigh. This is because he knows Kim San so well that he often drops things.

-How’s the guide going?

“Yes, I got a grade. I’ve also been assigned accommodation.”

– Really? That’s good.

Kim San chatted for a long time about how big and bright the building used as accommodation. He also boasts that it is cool without waiting for the breeze in the mountain. Kim San was glad that he was able to be a guide, adding to the fact that they provided accommodation and food.

Lee Hye-Min suddenly spoke anxiously while Kim San showed off what he had seen in the city for a long time.

-Don’t trust anyone so easily, be careful.

Knowing that she was worried about him, Kim San again talked about what happened yesterday in a bright voice. It is about a very nice person he met.

“It’s okay. I met a kind person.”

He didn’t bother to say who it was. This is because Kim San was curious if he could just say the name of the S-class Esper, Gido Hae. He is especially worried about the secret that he told him yesterday.

However, despite Kim San’s efforts, Lee Hye-Min sighed deeply.

-You always do that when you see someone in a good light. Don’t do that again.

“Did I ?”

Kim San’s eyes widened, and he expressed doubts about Lee Hye-Min’s conclusive worries. No matter how much he thinks about it, he doesn’t believe he is naive.

Then, across the phone, Lee Hye-min’s smirking voice was heard.

-You didn’t even know Byung-Jae next door was teasing you.


Only then did Kim San recall his heartbreaking memory.

Byung-Jae was the older brother who lived in the village only in the summer because he went to college in the city and came to stay in the village only during summer vacation.

In the past, he told Kim San that he could go to school, even if he lived in the countryside, in the future.

Thanks to this, Kim San was quite yearning for the school, and he followed Byung-Jae, who attended such a place.

When he saw Kim San, he always called him a chick. Kim San asked what it meant, and Byung-Jae hesitated and said it was a compliment. After that, he believed him and let him call him a chick. Kim San doesn’t even know he’s teasing him for being short.

-You believed that the aunty played with monsters in the mountains behind our village for five years.

“I did…”

Since then, Lee Hye-Min has criticized how well Kim San trusts others and does not know how to doubt those he once trusted.

Kim San just laughed, listening to his friend’s worries silently. He was happy with the response to his worry, and now he thinks it’s all a good memory.

Then suddenly, Kim San was surprised to see the clock in the hallway. This is because it was a time when he was informed that I had to come to the orientation.

-So be careful. People in the city are more harmful than monsters.

“Yes, yes, I will. Hye-Min, I have to go to class now.”

Yeah. Call me often.-


Kim-San was excited about going to class. Technically, it’s not a real school, but it felt good to participate in the class as a guide.

With such excitement in his heart, Kim San returned to the building where he met Gido Hae yesterday. According to the guidance, the new department on the 5th floor will help him prepare before class.


“Hello, guide Kim San.”

A middle-aged woman who was waiting opened her mouth.

“There are many new guides in this course. I’m Lee Sun-Hye, a B-class guide. As for the title, call me either a teacher or a senior at your convenience.”

The teacher introduced herself as a retired guide, looked at the clock, and started the class.

“ It’s been about three days since we started this class. There will be little difficulty in keeping up with the content. Guide Kim San.”


Usually, there are about three people who take classes together. As a guide is a job that is needed to do from time to time, it is difficult to collect and teach courses with complete attendance.

“Oh. Come to think of it. You said that you came from outside the city, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“……The guide aptitude test itself is a unique case that was done very late.”

While repeatedly thinking while looking at Kim San’s profile, Lee Sun-Hye raised her head, judging that understanding the situation came first.

“What does the guide Kim San know about being a guide?”

“Uh……, I know that the guiding is done by physical contact, and without the guiding, Esper suffers.”

“You know the basics.”

The teacher nodded and rummaged through the various papers on the platform. She was looking for the right book for Kim-san.

“In general, you know that the higher the level of contact, the more efficient the guiding is, right?”


Kim San, who only vaguely understoat the level of contant, nodded confidently. His grandfather tried to provide as much common sense education as possible at home, but he was also a little old. He doesn’t seem to know anything.

“Except for hand guidance, the higher the level of contact that the guide thinks is, the more efficient the guiding is.”


“Do you have any experience as a guide to Kims San?”

“What? What kind of experience?”

Are you asking me about my experience as a guide? He helped Gido Hae yesterday. Is it true that he can help by holding an Esper’s hand?

However, soon after the teacher pulled out some documents, the question he asked was very unexpected.


“Ah… no.”


Kim San replied, blushing without realizing it. He knew what it was, but it was that kind of movie or media his grandfather restricted the most. Thanks to this, Kim San, who has no immunity, felt a little ashamed of this conversation.

The teacher, who felt the sign closely, corrected the attitude at once.

“It was only in the pre-Monster world that this guiding behavior was taboo. However, such thoughts are easily sold as outdated ideas.”

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Guide to Sunny Days

Guide to Sunny Days

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Gido Hae is the only S-class Esper in Korea. He is known for his personality breakdown, he suffers from chronic guiding deficiency due to his extreme low matching rate with guides. Then one day, he realizes that Kim San, a C-class guide, can guide him. Meanwhile, Kim San, who came up from a remote mountain valley. Thanks to his grandfather's unusual education, he grew up to be an innocent young man who knew nothing of the world. After his grandfather passed away, he came to Seoul to become a guide. Kim San has a huge misunderstanding that Gido Hae is a kind person without knowing his infamous personality. Having noticed the fact, he pretends to be a kind person to use Kim San, and he cleverly limits Kim San's residence or radius of action. Gido Hae tried to use Kim San and throw him away when he didn't need him, but…It's not as easy as he thought. *** "So you're going to hold another esper's hand?” "Yes……?" Kim San already had a history. Didn't he just nod his head, saying that he would gladly guide another esper him despite his threat?? Even though it was unpleasant for him?? The view was already red, so only Kim San's white face could be seen properly. The broken reason was trampled by instinct and made a harsh sound without a chance to be slowed. All that was left was red flashing anger. Towards Kim San who keeps trying to run away from him. "I've been letting you off the hook, but you keep on pushing me.” "Uh, Ugh." He pushed Kim San down. An unpleasantness impulsed him when a suppressed groan burst out due to rough hand movements. "I didn't know you'd want to take charge of another Esper." "Well, that's not it...…, Ugh!" A few gestures tore off the clothes that Kim San was wearing. He pushed down Kim San, who was struggling. Kim San's face, which was crushed as if it were buried, is now embarrassed and confused. If you leave things like this, this painful anger will not die down. "I'll make it impossible for you to be a guide."


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