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Looking at his father, who was drying up like a flower that lost nutrients, young Kim San felt a certain question sprouting in his mind. In the end, it was a question that became inseparable when his father turned his back on the world first and his grandfather’s overprotection became severe.

However, as this question grew bigger, Kim San did not know what emotion was eroding his mind. He just believes that if he solves the question, he will know it naturally.

So he’s about to go a long way. He wasn’t going to come back until then.

“Take care of the house for me.”

Looking at Kim San, Lee Hye-Min could not hide his confusion.

Kim San, who even clenched his fist as if he had made a big decision, was not reliable. The city is so harsh that even if he just blinked, a monster could cut off his nose, but he was so soft that he couldn’t tell his friend. A friend going to the city for the first time.

In addition, when he thought of his grandfather’s unusual home education, his worries grew even more. No matter how far outside the city, it will be hard to find someone as naive as Kim San in the world.

“Don’t worry, go ahead.”

However, Lee Hye-Min had to send Kim-san because he knows what Kim San has been feeling since he was young.


“Are you okay? Let’s go and guide…….”



“Shut it up.”


Symptoms of red vision is eating up Gido Hae’s spirit.

He doesn’t know the existence of this deficiency, but Lee Jae-Chul hurriedly drove the car toward the guide center with his mouth closed. This is because he guessed that the condition of Gido Hae was getting worse.

Although the purpose of an Esper is for peace, Lee Jae-chul could not help feeling like he was going to be terrorize with a time bomb with the person on the passenger seat.


Lee Jae-Chul’s palms became wet to the point where his skin felt numb from the side. He was more nervous than when he was dealing with monsters. The runaway Esper loses his head and destroys everything around him, until they die.


And so far, there have been no cases of S-class runaway.

Because he didn’t want to be the first victim, Lee Jae-Chul drive desperately to reach the guide center.

“A guide, did you prepare it?”


Unlike Lee Jae-Chul’s desperate feelings, Gido Hae is calm. To be honest, going to the guide center didn’t mean anything.

He was notorious for having bad matches with guides. At first, the matching rate, which was barely 30%, fell year by year. But now, he couldn’t find a guide with a matching rate of more than 5% with him.

Other espers do not apply for guidance itself if the matching rate is less than 30%. In general perception, the matching rate of only 30% literally meant that it was not good.

But Gido Hae had no choice. When in a hurry, he had to get a guide with a beggarly suitability rate. If he didn’t even do that, he would literally go berserk.

Even if he could guess what was wrong with the guide. He consciously stopped the memories that came to mind with the rusty smell of the cellar.


Anyway, it was annoying in many ways to take a guide that is only a drop of water on a huge dam, and who couldn’t breathe properly for hours.

In general, the deeper the touch, the higher the suitability rate. At some point Gido Hae did not contact the guide other than the hand. Is it because of the matching rate that is close to the worst? Increasing the guiding level doesn’t make it more efficient.

After confirming that it was the same even if the guide was pushed to the limit, he stopped wasting unnecessary physical strength. It may have been the beginning of his escape from his father’s control, but it has been a long time since he felt bored with the fact that he was being guided. It was unclear whether he would have been active even if it had more efficiency.

On a day with severe deficiency like today, it was impossible to know where he should stop. If he had to mix his body in such a sharp state, he could kill guide while guiding.

“Let’s hurry in.”

Lee Jae-Chul, who finished parking like the wind, quickly ran out of the car. Just in case, he was going to go do something to prevent the guides from running away.

Gido Hae, whose personality is as famous as his face, was also famous among guides in many ways. Lee Jae-Chul entered the center with an urgent mind, recalling some guides who had a suitable rate for Gido Hae.

“Ha. Shit.”

Gido Hae, who was slowly walking behind Lee Jae-Chul, felt uncomfortable as soon as he entered the center. He was standing on the edge, but as soon as he entered the guide center, he felt like his nerve had been directly bothered.

A small, stupid-looking fellow was pointing his cell phone at Gido Hae very openly.

The tactful cubs had long been escaping the lobby of the guide center to escape from the harm. The clumsy-looking guy was flustered by the crowd, but he never let go of his cell phone. Still looking at the camera lens pointing at Gido Hae.

Gido Hae was already irritated in the first place, it didn’t take long before he used his powers. He completely forgot that using more of his powers would cause more pain. He thought it was rather merciful that his power was directed at his cell phone, not his neck.


The stupid-looking man reached for the falling cell phone. However, unlike what it looks like, the cell phone, which was moving quickly , brushed past his hand and fell to the floor. He was going to smash it, but the sound of the screen breaking was smaller than he thought.

Seeing his bewildered white face, Gido Hae approached him impulsively.

“Hey, hey, Gido Hae!”

Lee Jae-Chul, who was ahead of him, sensed his unexpected action and returned in contemplation. Gido Hae proudly ignored the words and continued walking. Then he obediently bent down to his waist and picked up the stupid-looking guy’s cell phone.

He is going to crush it with his own hands to warn him.

“Oh! Thank you for picking it up.”

However, rather than running away, he grabbed his hand.

Gido Hae couldn’t avoid the hand because he showed such unexpected behavior. Normally, he would have pushed it away as if he were shaking off dirt, but his body became stiff.

“That’s very kind of you.”

He couldn’t even understand what the guy said. A refreshing energy flowed in through the hands held together. From the morning, the rusty view began to clear up little by little. The original world slowly returns with the white face in front of him as the center.

He was guided just by holding his hand for a second.


“Oh… the screen is broken.”

Kim San mumbled with Gido Hae in front of him.

As soon as he arrived in the city, Kim San was completely losing his mind. He was nervous to hear that monsters can cut off his nose when he closed his eyes, but monsters didn’t appear as often as he thought.

Rather, it was countless people who made Kim San nervous. It was the first time in his life for Kim San, who is familiar with the countryside with only 20 households, faced such a large crowd.

The confusion was maximized because the place where he got off was a terminal between the city. Even before the monster incident, the terminal of city A, which was used as the capital, boasted a tremendous size. He had to look at the signs and find his way, but there were so many signs that he started getting dizzy. There are so many people who he bumped into. He had been bowing his head to say sorry all day, and he is already exhausted.

Is there something wrong with the way he ask questions? No one answered him properly when he asked for directions. Everyone looked at Kim San’s face and only returned a strange question about how old he was. Since his grandfather always told him not to disclose his personal information, Kim San ran away, carefully deflecting all questions.

Kim San, who finally visited the guide center, had to wander for a long time in the lobby again. This is because he couldn’t tell if I had to go to the guide living center, guide management center, or guide test center of this building.

He tried talking to people who looked like Esper in the lobby, but only strange words came back that he would guide him if he give his number. Like his grandfather, his friend Lee Hye-Min he should not tell his number to strangers. He said that a distant relative lived in a city, and he had a very bad time because he gave some stranger his number. So Kim-san ran away several times again this time. It was definitely an Esper’s uniform, but as Lee Hye-Min warned, he might recommend something like a pseudo-religion.

Kim San, who eventually decided to search for it on his own, was struggling with an old cell phone this time. For some reason, the communication was not good, so he was stretching his cell phone in the air with his hand reaching out for a long time. Obviously, it would be right to do, but strangely, the Internet only showed a white screen.

And he stupidly dropped his cell phone.

He let out a sigh.

In his hometown, the base station is too far away, so he can’t use it well, but he should have studied it in advance. Even though he knew it was a necessity in the city.

Indeed, it was the most pathetic and hectic day since his birth. It was also a day when even Kim San, who did not hesitate, wanted to cry a little.

A person who picks up his cell phone appears.

Kim San assuming Gido Hae is a good guy not knowing he is the one who caused it to drop.

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Guide to Sunny Days

Guide to Sunny Days

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Gido Hae is the only S-class Esper in Korea. He is known for his personality breakdown, he suffers from chronic guiding deficiency due to his extreme low matching rate with guides. Then one day, he realizes that Kim San, a C-class guide, can guide him. Meanwhile, Kim San, who came up from a remote mountain valley. Thanks to his grandfather's unusual education, he grew up to be an innocent young man who knew nothing of the world. After his grandfather passed away, he came to Seoul to become a guide. Kim San has a huge misunderstanding that Gido Hae is a kind person without knowing his infamous personality. Having noticed the fact, he pretends to be a kind person to use Kim San, and he cleverly limits Kim San's residence or radius of action. Gido Hae tried to use Kim San and throw him away when he didn't need him, but…It's not as easy as he thought. *** "So you're going to hold another esper's hand?” "Yes……?" Kim San already had a history. Didn't he just nod his head, saying that he would gladly guide another esper him despite his threat?? Even though it was unpleasant for him?? The view was already red, so only Kim San's white face could be seen properly. The broken reason was trampled by instinct and made a harsh sound without a chance to be slowed. All that was left was red flashing anger. Towards Kim San who keeps trying to run away from him. "I've been letting you off the hook, but you keep on pushing me.” "Uh, Ugh." He pushed Kim San down. An unpleasantness impulsed him when a suppressed groan burst out due to rough hand movements. "I didn't know you'd want to take charge of another Esper." "Well, that's not it...…, Ugh!" A few gestures tore off the clothes that Kim San was wearing. He pushed down Kim San, who was struggling. Kim San's face, which was crushed as if it were buried, is now embarrassed and confused. If you leave things like this, this painful anger will not die down. "I'll make it impossible for you to be a guide."


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