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Lee Jae-Chul prayed for his life and dug into the front, fearing that South Korea’s only S-class Esper would brutally kill civilians.

“Gido Hae! We’re done with our work. Let’s go now.”

He almost chewed my tongue while talking in a hurry. He is nervously calculating how many times he could endure if his power was directed at him. Even though the midsummer heat was squeezing out moisture from the whole body,he felt cold in this situatio.

“Come on, guys. Go home. You can’t come in here when the alarm is up!”

At Lee Jae-Chul’s words, the two ran away as if they were waiting. Naturally, when the eyes of the Gido Hae were directed at the two, Lee Jae-chul was again stunned and blocked in front of them.

So that he can block the eyes of the Gido Hae.

“Don’t they are civilians…….”

“Who’s going to kill them,you?”


He just wanted to tell him not to touch them, but he got goosebumps when he heard the answer that he didn’t want to kill them naturally. However, Lee Jae-chul answered calmly at this moment.

He felt fortunate that the damn hateful honorifics came back.

Gido Hae looked down at Lee Jae-Chul as if judging him. He ignored his assumptions of him thinking he would attack civilians for no reason

“Why are you procrastinating?”

Lee Jae-Chul was angry again at the words of Gido Hae, which seemed to be dragging his feet, but he endured it.

Lee Jae-Chul lamented that he had to take charge of the mess done by Gido Hae every time. But he couldn’t quit, so he was just frustrated.

“……Yes, let’s go.”

He quickly took the lead and headed toward the car.

He thought he should contact the guide association in advance. This is because of Gido Hae’s condition today, he felt like he had to get a guide right away.

In addition, he also vowed to tell people around him that he was uncomfortable. Because people wanted him to keep stuck next to him.

A few hours before Gido Hae dealt with the monster.

Kim San decided to cry just one last time before leaving the village.

As soon as he thought about it, thick tears flowed down. The heavy tears that fell quickly soaked the portrait of his grandfather.

“Grandpa. Uh, I miss you.”

It was a tear that had gathered in his heart without realizing it, but it took an instant to dry them. Kim San, who was crying sadly, calmed down by rubbing his red eyes. He has been crying hard, so it’ll take some time for tears to fill his heart again.

It’s already been a month since his grandfather’s funeral. It wasn’t enough to heal the pain, but it was a delicate time when you couldn’t just cry.

Is it to show everyone how strong you are? Grandfather always had a stern face. Even in the portrait photos that he had taken of Kim San without him even knowing.

Perhaps the grandfather was stubborn and touggh so that when his grandson became alone, he could easily think the tough him..

Kim-san hasn’t fully understood it yet, but he have been stubbornly protecting Kim-san in his own way.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry to worry you.”

But now Kim San had to stand alone. He needs to go to the city that his grandfather hated.

“But I’ll live happily.”

Kim San, who was making eye contact with his grandfather again, put the picture back in place. He was the first person he would see when he entered the house.

“Well, I’ll be back.”

He deliberately gave out a courageous voice. That was his grandfather’s will.

He didn’t learn from my grandfather to procrastinate. So, Kim San turned around and left the house again this time. There were only a few simple clothes and daily necessities in the bag on his back. In the first place, this out-of-town life was far from being able to have many things.

When he came outside, the dull summer sun penetrated his skin pleasantly. He was used to getting sweaty. Electricity was sometimes cut off, and it was common in this hot summer.

“It’s hot.”

25 years ago. The world has changed dramatically.

The monster’s flower, which suddenly appeared in the world, spread to the ground like a virus. The scientific knowledge and weapons that mankind has accumulated have unfortunately been helpless for monsters who follow this strange unique law.

People struggling to survive somehow soon noticed. That the terrible flower would appear in a particularly crowded people.

When it was proved by several experiments, the mass migration of people began. The population, which had been concentrated in the metropolitan area, began to disperse.

It was the Espers who saved the people who were destined to wander around away from each other forever.

The Espers, who began to awaken at one point, each had a strange power. And that power was a very good weapon in combating monsters.

People began to unite around the slowly increasing Esper. Unfortunately, walking around in a small number did not mean that there was a 0% chance of encountering a monster.

People then soon realize that the mortality rate itself has not changed much before when they were from living together in the city. The monster has led to a sharp drop in crimes. The population that was victimized by serious crimes was now victimized by monsters. It was all thanks to Esper, who rose to an appropriate number.

The mass migration of people began again. This time, not to disperse by ostracizing each other, but to unite properly.

Having calculated the number of people as many as the Espers could handle, they followed the trail of existing civilization and properly dug up the city. Due to the urgent situation, people could take a breather even though it was a bad name like A, B, and C.

Since it was a city built around Esper, administrative power was no longer fully reached outside the city where the Espers did not reside. In particular, support for mountains and rural villages that were not appropriate for the city to be built was almost cut off. In recent years, when the Esper-Guide system was stable, it was still better than before, but mountain life was still harsher than in the pre-Monster era.

Because of Korea’s mountainous eaa that could not be secured sufficiently. Therefore, monsters appeared slightly more frequently than other countries.

Those digging into the mountains thought this distance was beneficial enough to bear the inconvenience that administrative power could not reach.

As the gathered people gathered together, and as the people who left the place forced to endure inconvenience as they left, life began.

And things were different for each person. Urban life was not an option, especially for the elderly who lost their daughter to the monster disaster in the city. Enough to decide to raise a baby in a rural village where there is not enough supplies.


When he thought of his grandfather who raised him while suffering in this remote area, Kim San felt emotional again. However, he raised his head on purpose, pressing down firmly on his emotions for a long time like a snowball fight with the sun

Now she shouldn’t conform to this grandfather’s stubbornness and go to the city.

His grandfather’s will was short and blunt. But Kim-san knew how warm and affectionate it is.

Kim San, who was well emotionally adjusted the back floor and yard of the house. It was a necessary task to prevent too much dust from accumulating because he didn’t know when I would come back.

His body was wet with sweat while he was moving for a while, but it was still bearable heat today. Only then did Kim San, stretched out his waist and headed to the rusty gate.

Cicadas also cried in the trees in the yard. While not knowing the feelings of the person leaving.

“Are you really going?”


When he left the gate, Kim San’s friend, Lee Hye-Min, was leaning against the wall. It must have been quite hot, but he seemed to be considerate of Kim San, who said goodbye to his grandfather.

After casually handing over the lunch box in his hand, he hesitated and asked again.

“Do you have to go?”

Lee Hye-Min also knew his grandfather’s will. In this neighborhood where there were few people of their age, the two were best friends.


Kim San replied stubbornly, although he knew the concern. He had to go to the city and know why his mom had to disappear like that.

Kim San’s mother was a guide. And she disappeared from her last mission before she managed to reunite with his family. They said that she had retired as a guide who was then only allowed to marry and give birth to Kim San.

His sad was searching for his mother and slowly dried up. When Kim San turned five years old, he missed his mother so much and passed away like dew on a summer day.

He hadn’t askied this question in front of his grandfather. He grew up early enough to know that his grandfather was worried about his daughter.

So he was surprised when my grandfather left a will like that. He thought that he already knew everything.

I’m excited for Kim San to meet Gido Hae. I’m not sure if I should call it Monster’s flower or Flower of the Monster, but decided to use Monster’s flower.

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Guide to Sunny Days

Guide to Sunny Days

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Gido Hae is the only S-class Esper in Korea. He is known for his personality breakdown, he suffers from chronic guiding deficiency due to his extreme low matching rate with guides. Then one day, he realizes that Kim San, a C-class guide, can guide him. Meanwhile, Kim San, who came up from a remote mountain valley. Thanks to his grandfather's unusual education, he grew up to be an innocent young man who knew nothing of the world. After his grandfather passed away, he came to Seoul to become a guide. Kim San has a huge misunderstanding that Gido Hae is a kind person without knowing his infamous personality. Having noticed the fact, he pretends to be a kind person to use Kim San, and he cleverly limits Kim San's residence or radius of action. Gido Hae tried to use Kim San and throw him away when he didn't need him, but…It's not as easy as he thought. *** "So you're going to hold another esper's hand?” "Yes……?" Kim San already had a history. Didn't he just nod his head, saying that he would gladly guide another esper him despite his threat?? Even though it was unpleasant for him?? The view was already red, so only Kim San's white face could be seen properly. The broken reason was trampled by instinct and made a harsh sound without a chance to be slowed. All that was left was red flashing anger. Towards Kim San who keeps trying to run away from him. "I've been letting you off the hook, but you keep on pushing me.” "Uh, Ugh." He pushed Kim San down. An unpleasantness impulsed him when a suppressed groan burst out due to rough hand movements. "I didn't know you'd want to take charge of another Esper." "Well, that's not it...…, Ugh!" A few gestures tore off the clothes that Kim San was wearing. He pushed down Kim San, who was struggling. Kim San's face, which was crushed as if it were buried, is now embarrassed and confused. If you leave things like this, this painful anger will not die down. "I'll make it impossible for you to be a guide."


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