GSD Ch18

1% sunlight

“Gido Hae?”

Gido Hae was agonizing by an incomprehensible doubt, and raised his head. Suddenly, after hearing Kim San’s story a while ago, he remembered Lee Jae-Chul’s behavior of acting like a desperate son of a dog. Several intentions were read as his head spun fast.

“Lee Jae-Chul, are you doing some stupid tricks now?”

“……Yes, I wish I could use you for a long time somehow.”

Lee Jae-Chul did not deny Gido Hae’s sarcastic words. Rather, he expressed his feelings more honestly. It was because he had already experienced several times that lying would only lead to Gido Hae’s distrust.

If Gido Hae’s fatigue reduces even a little, the number of monsters that can be handled increases several times. In the long run, it was a shortcut for people in the city to be safe. In the process, there was no reason for Lee Jae-Chul to refuse if he could deal with long-standing troubles.

He honestly hoped that Kim San would continue to stay by Gido Hae’s side. Until the authenticity of the ‘alternative drug’ is confirmed. Gido Hae seems to be looking for it with considerable confidence for some reason, but in Lee Jae-Chul’s view, such drug is unlikely to be developed.

And it’s even more unlikely, but it’d be even better if Kim San and Gido Hae would have a harmonious relationship.

“I thought who was going that guide against me first, but you’re fast.”

“It’s good for you to live without suffering. Why do you talk like that?”

Lee Jae-Chul was angry, but he sweated behind his back. Just in time, the skin, which had been heated by the heat outside, was cooled by the cool air in the building.

Fortunately, Gido Hae did not strangle him with psychokinesis. Gido Hae was just lost in thought with a doll-faced expressionless face.

Lee Jae-Chul thought from time to time. After destroying his father, what would Gido Hae want to do?

Is there anything he wants to do other than destroy your father?

“Don’t be silly. I’ll never rely on a guide.”


Gido Hae spat out these words and headed back to the association president’s office. Just like when he lightly ignored Kim San’s difficulties and casually passed by.

Therefore, Lee Jae-Chul looked back with guilt once again. Thinking he’ll have to ask what the hell’s going on later.


“At this point, at least, a guide with a high matching rate appeared…….”

A middle-aged man, who looked just like Gido Hae, sat leaning against the backrest and read his subordinate’s report.

On the top floor of a tall building overlooking City B at a glance, the man frowned and questioned the authenticity of the information. His son, Gido Hae, enjoyed playing with information too much.

Soon, Do-Hyun clicked his tongue and put down the documents. No matter how many times he thinks about it, there was a lot of information that was too sloppy. There were many things that were unclear, which his son should have fabricated.

But that’s why, it could be a real trap.

As Gido Hae’s father, he clearly knew his chronic fitness. It was him who made the body to be blessed in the first place.

Gido Hae always followed his “education.” He was a good son who laughed when asked to laugh and trained until he passed out, but why did he suddenly decide to run away?

Do-Hyun remembered the day when his son, who had only been gentle, calmly killed all the Esper he had attached as a guard and held hands with Heo Pil-sik. Anger quickly rose, frowning at the displeasure.

“As expected, I should have been more alert.”

So that he can remain a good son forever.

Of course it’s not too late. If he is punished for a chronic lack of guidance, Gido Hae will soon come to your senses. He’ll come back to the groundbreaking drug he’s made for him, repenting his mistakes.

Now with a little more deficiency fueling the plan was a success. Just a little bit more. But of all people, a guide with this kind of high matching suddenly appeared.

“I’ll have to find out for sure whether it’s true or not.”

If the information is real, nothing has changed. He can just use the new guide.

Looking down at the black-moving crowd under his feet, Do-Hyun raised the tip of his lips meanly. Although he had a similar face, he had a very different impression from ‘Gido Hae.’

7% sunlight

After the class, Kim San could not hide his disappointment as he returned to his accommodation.

Sunlight followed Kim San all the way here without even understanding his feelings. Cicadas also cried loudly as if teasing his dizzy judgment.

Why do they keep saying that?

It’s already been a week since he was first called a parasite. Cha Ga-Ram rarely opened his heart to Kim San. It seemed like he didn’t even want to talk to him anymore, perhaps because he made a mistake he is not aware of.

When Kim San first heard him being called a parasite who came to the city, he corrected the misunderstanding. He doesn’t have to beg because he is paid for the guide activities, and fortunately, there’s no parasite because he had been taking an anthelmintic at the health center on time. So why can’t they eat with him?

When Cha Ga-Ram heard that, he ran even more wild. Cha Ga-Ram said Kim San was completely ignoring what he said. Kim San wondered because he could no longer focus on what Cha Ga-Ram said. In addition, he was a little embarrassed when he talked about parasites, Kim San couldn’t help but feel it was unfair. There seemed to be something unusual about the conversation method of the city.

Kim San was repeatedly called a parasite and he became tired. Also, there was a part of him that slowly realized.

Maybe Cha Ga-Ram just doesn’t like Kim San.

What they said didn’t mean literally. It took Kim San a while to notice it because he didn’t hear such consumptive sarcasm, but now he can see for sure. Maybe coming to the city and being a guide can actually make someone angry.

Kim San thought they should clear up the misunderstanding and become friends, but it was impossible. Kim San believed that he could have more fun if he made a friend who lived in the city, but it was a pity.

Today, Kim San had no choice but to apologize for being late. His grandfather must have cared for Kim San and educated him like that, but it could also be annoying for someone. Of course, Cha Ga-Ram did not accept the apology, but only returned a big laugh. It was a big shock for Kim San since he believed he would be forgiven if he apologized.

Two weeks have already passed in a flash since he came to the city. Until now, Kim San has received countless monster notifications, but he has not seen monsters. He is just getting tired of relationships with people.

As expected, city life is not easy. Kim San thought he knew why his grandfather was worried.

Park Joo-Hoon was waiting for him when he returned to the room with a feeling of sadness. With a very flustered face.

“Hey, Kim San. Are you serious about that?”

Except for the first day, Park Joo-Hoon returned to the room well. Every time, Kim San welcomed him like his own brother. Park Joo-Hoon was awkward at first, but soon adapted to Kim San. Thanks to this, the two became quite close despite their short period of time.

Lee Jae-Chul came a few more times, and seemed to be worried about whether Kim San was doing well with Park Joo-Hoon. In particular, Lee Jae-Chul seemed to have a lot of concerns about his relationship with other new guides, so Kim San just repeated that it was okay because he was afraid that the good ahjussi would worry more. Originally, he didn’t have a habit of conveying the words of people around him recklessly.

“Hyung, did you have a good trip?”

“Huh? Yes, yes, yes. Did you have a good trip, too?”

He asked him out of the blue, but Kim San calmly and calmly greeted him first. Park Joo-Hoon felt that he asked too much at first glance, quickly eased his momentum and received greetings.

On the other hand, Park Joo-Hoon still has a bit of difficulty dealing with Kim San. In particular, when Kim San showed an innocent look without knowing the world, he naturally shut down his harsh mouth. He was unnecessarily bothered by this younger brother, who seemed to understand almost no swearing.

But today, he came across a truly shocking rumor.


There was something wrong with Kim San’s answer. It was the first time he saw Kim San always walking around like a hamster collecting food so deflated.

Park Joo-Hoon’s face hardened. The rumor he just heard flashed through his mind.

“Did something happen? Is it because of Gido Hae?”

“What? Oh, it’s not.”

Kim San’s big eyes dodged. Anyone could see Kim San was lying.

However, Park Joo-Hoon was more worried about his safety than his lies.

“Hey, Kim San. Gido Hae is such a crazy guy. Are you okay?””

“Hyung, Mr. Esper is not crazy. ……I don’t know him personally.”

Kim San avoided Park Joo-Hoon’s gaze again when he added. Park Joo-Hoon hit his chest with frustration because he knew if a monster could speak, it would be a better liar than him. In addition, that’s not the problem now, but Kim San had a guilty look just because he lied a little bit.

“No, Kim San, first of all, what happened out there?”

I was surprised how it became 7% sunlight all of a sudden.

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