GSD Ch17

1% Sunlight

Some of the people living in the city see people scattered into the mountains and islands to avoid monsters as cowardly. In particular, they even misunderstood that they were luring monsters by living together.

Of course, it was all unproven facts. The monster just appeared in the presence of people. no matter the number.

Anyway, Kim San did not understand this urban supremacist mind at all. Therefore, the conversation lingers as if drawing a repeat.

Listening to the strange conversation, Gido Hae suddenly thought. Isn’t it the same for people who live in cities? After all, they are parasitic on Esper.

“Do you not know how to take an aptitude and class from an early age?”

“You’re making a mess of the class progress.”

“That’s…, I’m sorry.

In the beginning, Kim San also said what he had to say quite clearly. However, soon his voice became slightly discouraged by the abusive language of the guides.

In particular, the last apology was quite upsetting. Gido Hae asked Lee Jae-Chul while tilting his head.

“Did Kim San mention anything about other guides?”

“No, he didn’t.”

He was stunned when he saw the look on his face. It had been a while since Lee Jae-Chul was mocked in public. Gido Hae briefly looked back at Lee Jae-Chul with an eye that gauged his usefulness.

Lee Jae-Chul’s face was dark, perhaps because he was exhausted from speaking quietly since earlier.


In response to his question, Gido Hae looked toward the seminar room, and answered Lee Jae-Chul as if it were nothing.

“Other guides call Kim San a parasite.”


It was Lee Jae-Chul, who had seen Kim San twice more in the past few days. It was a big deal because of how friendly he was that he can’t help but speak some nonsense too.

But it was shocking that he didn’t get along with other guides enough to hear such abusive language.

Regardless of whether Lee Jae-Chul was shocked or not, he continued to listen. Gido Hae that something useful would be heard.

“What’s your relationship with Esper Gido Hae?”

“Huh? I nothing to do with him.”

It was a clear voice, he knows he looks stupid without looking at Kim San’s face. Although he expected it, he seemed to keep his words to keep it secret from the outside.

The guides who were already raising a blade at Kim San did not believe what he said. Rather, they thought he was playing with them and more harsh voices were heard.

“You’re being mean. It used to be my seat!”

In particular, the person who has been talking at the forefront has uttered unexpected words since earlier. Apparently, among the new guide, there was someone with a 5% matching rate with Gido Hae.

He did not want to lose the position. There used to be such a reaction among young guides who had not yet experienced direct guiding with Gido Hae.

They didn’t know that they were dealing with a monster or a human cub and were under the illusion that they would be special. Gido Hae was surprised that there was still a guy with such stupid expectations.

Of course, Gido Hae is the cruelest to such men. It was annoying.

In any case, it has been proven that Lee Jae-Chul is not useless.

“Well, the rumor must have spread well. Thank you for your effort.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Other new guides are asking Kim San a question.”

Now tired, Gido Hae roughly summarized the conversation. Lee Jae-Chul is also A-class, but he did not have the ability to listen to conversations clearly on several floors above.

Lee Jae-Chul ponders the word parasite with a stunned look. Gido Hae began to walk again as if nothing had happened.

Then, Lee Jae-Chul rushed after him, completely forgetting to lower his voice, and asked urgently.

“……you’re not going to do anything?”


“Isn’t it better to pay attention to the guide Kim San?”

Lee Jae-Chul’s strange reaction caused Gido Hae to stop walking. It was ridiculous to think that something would bother him. When Lee Jae-Chul saw his cool look, he slipped back with a stinging face.

He doesn’t even bother to show some affection to Kim San?

Gido Hae walked calmly again.

It would save him more time to pretend to comfort Kim San, who he will encounter later. Then Gido Hae would pretend he didn’t know anything.

In the first place, Kim San was a shield to cover his father’s eyes. Wouldn’t it be a better result if he is at the center of such a big fuss?

At that time, the voice that pushed Kim San the most slightly showed his face toward the window. When he checked it reflexively, it was a familiar face.

“Isn’t that Cha Ga-ram?”

Lee Jae-Chul was looking at the same place, frowned, and said. He was one of the guys who had a matching rate with Gido Hae while just working as a new guide.

In particular, Cha Ga-ram’s father was paying more attention because he was a businessman who wants a connection with Gido Hae’s father.

“Let’s go.”

Lee Jae-Chul kept looking at the seminar room and Gido Hae to see if he had lingering feelings , but he entered the building without any regrets.

Gido Hae was more confident when he checked the face of the guy who was at odds with Kim San. He thinks they can start the official guiding. Originally, Gido Hae was going to isolate Kim San a little more and control him comfortably, but didn’t it make things easier?

It was not until a long time later that Lee Jae-Chul followed with a sound of a languishing walk. It was less than Heo Pil-Sik, but his weak appearance, which he sometimes saw, was annoying.

“From tomorrow, bring Kim San to the guiding room.”

“What? Already?”

Lee Jae-Chul sighed as he looked at him after coming back to his senses.

He sighs with the loud sound of the wind. Gido Hae was familiarly suppressed by a ferocious impulse. He never thought his sensitive sense of smell would return in just a few days. On top of that, Gido Hae’s patience was plummeting to the floor in real-time combined with his sharp hearing again.

“Already, yo.”

“……I got it.”

Lee Jae-Chul read the sign quickly, held his breath again, and came up with a positive answer. Kim San’s fate was set anyway, but he couldn’t understand why he was acting so stupid.

“I asked you to find out.”

“I told the president of the association first. Variant cases that are not being dealt with in advance.”

Monsters are like shit, but they were more like shits in that unusual objects often occur. In particular, some cases used to be managed by the Guide Association without even touching them. This is because Esper preferred individual action and failed to form a large association, and the government was unable to work hard on monster-related matters.

Naturally, all the work flowed into the Guides Association. Even the president of the association was an Esper, not a guide.

“Phew……, yes, come to think of it, I thought they wouldn’t approve it.”


Lee Jae-Chul started as if he had noticed something while asking for the list. As if to say something, Gido Hae raised his head once.

“The president of the association cares a lot about the unique case, and I know that handling it will make the city safer, but your fatigue is too dangerous now.”

The degree to which Esper needs guidance after using his ability is called fatigue.

Every Esper is somewhat self-resilient. Of course, compared to the guide’s treatment, it was just like standing still. There was no esper who would take this path and would subject themselves to soul torments.

Even such self-healing wouldn’t work if the fatigue exceeds 90 percent. Most of the time they became time bombs, ready to go berserk.

For the past few years, Gido Hae has managed to match this fatigue level to 89.

“It’s not a day or two fatigue, but you’re making a strange excuse.”

There was only one day two years ago when the fatigue of Gido Hae reached 90. At that time, there was still an A-class guide with a matching rate of 10%. The guide couldn’t sleep for 36 hours and had to hold the hand of Gido Hae and try guiding.

He managed to reduce his fatigue to less than 90, but he is not sure how the experience affected him.

The matching rate converged to 0%. The A-class guide was the last guide with a double-digit matching rate with Gido Hae.

“Let’s reduce fatigue to 70 for now.”

Before that his fatigue stayed at 80, but after that day, it was only maintained at 89. It was also his father’s trick that made Gido Hae use his ability rapidly that day.


Hearing his suggestion, Lee Jae-Chul has begun to think again. The sudden number of 70 was somewhat dubious.

If it was about 70 percent fatigue, most Esper would usually decide to rest. However, it was a figure that was barely affecting Gido Hae, since he was accustomed to pain.

In short, it means that although the figure is not yet considered completely safe, it is enough to use a smoother ability. For the time being, it is necessary to control fatigue and prevent enemies from provoking Gido Hae.

Gido Hae didn’t want to use this dangerous physical condition as a weapon from the beginning. One day, the number of attackers decreased strangely, so he just realized that this time the bomb-like physical condition was also a new danger.

In other words, he used the safety of the city, which would be threatened by his runaway, like a hostage.

So this was definitely a sensible and natural proposition. It’s more convenient to use his skills if he has some time to relax.

But why do the association president and Lee Jae-Chul seem to have other plans?

I wonder how Gido Hae would act with 60 percent sunlight.

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