GSD Ch15

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“I’m annoyed.”


a clear contempt

Kim San was surprised by the raw feeling aimed at him. It was only the third class. Even in the last class, those four came just before class, so they never looked at each other.

Why on earth would he say that?

Kim San turned back to the front for now, though he was wondering. Because he heard the teacher coming from outside the door.

“Did you just see that? A stupid expression?”

“That’s funny.”

Even in that short moment, the four exchanged conversations in a small voice. Strangely enough, only Kim San can hear it.

Although he doesn’t have this experience, he knew well that it was an act aimed at him.

“Hello, everyone.”

“Hello, Sunbae.”

[ Sunbae: An upperclassman or senior, in the context of South Korea.]

When the teacher came, Cha Ga-Ram smiled brightly as if he had always done so. When he called “Sunbae,” he didn’t forget to look at Kim San by rolling his eyes. The meaning of the gaze was incomprehensible, so Kim San’s eyes widened, and looked back at the teacher.

Not noticing the subtle air inside the room, the teacher immediately started the class.

“Today, we will learn in detail about the conditions of the esper when they are tired, and learn why guides shouldn’t recommend guiding recklessly.”


To make matters worse, Kim San was surprised to hear today’s topic. Just yesterday, he was the one who gave the guide to Gido Hae behind the building.

Could it be rude or threatening?

Kim San soon had a new concern, glistened his eyes, and focused on the teacher’s words.

” Esper falls into a state of extreme instability. It’s often as if a person in danger of drowning catches and sees whatever is nearby. A panicked person is likely to have no means. There is a great chance of sinking with them, not recognizing the guide rescuing them.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to have scared Gido Hae. However, the more he heard, the more worried he was for Gido Hae. Isn’t he a great person? Not asking for a guide when he desperately needed it.

“So we encourage safe guiding under the protection of the association. If possible, use the guiding room inside the center.”

Gido Hae said that day was a “secret”, he was strangely silent for a long time and looked down at Kim San before he disappeared.

Recalling the appearance of Gido Hae stepping down neatly, Kim San felt regret again. Maybe he hesitated when he needed more guidance. Kim San can’t believe he can show such a caring attitude even when he is sick.

The class went on for a long time after that. Most of it was about Esper. Kim San is more curious about guiding, but he might have to ask separately later.

While the teacher was writing something on the blackboard for a while, he could feel the gaze from the back. Looking back reflexively, he made eye contact with Cha Ga-Ram again. There was still contempt that Kim San could not understand.

He was embarrassed, but this time Kim San was able to look ahead calmly. Throughout the class, he had carefully considered the attitudes of other guides. His heart ached and hurt at the contempt of others, and felt it was unfair.

Soon after, Kim San realized. Is there any reason why others would like him?

In the village, everyone loved Kim San. That’s because Kim San and the villagers have known each other for a long time.

Kim San also loved everyone in the village.

Even in such a village, fights sometimes broke out. Furthermore, wouldn’t there be many misunderstandings between those who have lived in a different environment from the beginning, such as the city and the outside?

If he had done something wrong, he can correct it and apologize. Kim San found the answer and felt more comfortable. He planned to talk to Cha Ga-Ram later.

“Next, about Esper’s rating structure…….”

Kim San felt hungry.

Kim San quickly shook off the ache in his chest earlier, decided. After today’s class, he will buy the pizza recommended by his roommate Park Joo-Hoon again.


“Kim San checked the active guide and Esper list?”

“Yes. I think he is looking for someone.”

At Lee Jae-Chul’s words, Gido Hae leaned on the sofa.

So Kim San is trying to find someone. Gido Hae thought he was just a kid who wanted to be a guide and enter the city, but did he have any other purpose?

“By the way, you want me to spread the word?”

“Stop making me say it twice. It is annoying.”

“It’s about the guide Kim San, why do you have to? Isn’t it enough to hide him?”

When asked by Lee Jae-Chul, Gido Hae touched his head with a bright smile. Lee Jae-Chul, knew well that he is about to get angry and soon took a deep breath.

“Phew, you’re mind is really dark…….”

“You already knew it. Why are you talking nonsense?”


As he said, it was Lee Jae-Chul who said it would be difficult to completely hide Kim San’s existence. However, it was not difficult to prevent covering it up, and rumors would deliberately spread.

Gido Hae was watching the scene, leaning on the sofa with his hair swept up as if he were lazy. Only two sofas and a desk were inside the desolate office of Gido Hae in the guide center.

“In this case, you have to throw some delicious bait. Just like a pet.”

“What kind of horrible thing are you talking about……. Phew. Though that Kim San might be in danger.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”


Lee Jae-Chul’s face stiffened. Gido Hae laughed at it and gave Lee Jae-Chul a comfortable excuse.

“Well, I won’t attack Kim San directly. At least, I’ll have to put up with him until my guiding is over properly.” Lee Jae-Chul recalled Kim San’s delicate position and finally frowned.

l Gido Hae won’t touch Kim San. At least for the time being, as he said.

His fatigue was now at a dangerous level. And Kim San was the only one who could heal it now. If it is true that Gido Hae cares about Kim San, Kim San’s death was like provoking Esper on the verge of runaway. Even if it was a lie, Kim San was needed. If Kim San is gone, Gido Hae would be a “runaway” esper.

No one wanted to directly press an Esper’s detonator, which was like a bomb. Especially, if one doesn’t want to destroy the city itself, they wouldn’t get rid of Gido Hae.

Gido Hae plans to discard him after relieving his condition.

And now they’ll be thinking in secret. Everyone thought they might be able to manipulate the distracted S-class Esper with Kim San as bait.

Watching Lee Jae-Chul busily organize his thoughts, Gido Hae stretched with his cheek slightly leaning on the sofa he was leaning on. The person looking down was dizzyingly gorgeous. On top of that, there was a subtle smile and pretty appearance on the outside.

“You smell like garbage today, did you go through a trash can before coming here?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you punk.”

It’s always been that kind of verbal abuse that pops out of that mouth.

Lee Jae-Chul once asked when he had just met Gido Hae. Why is he smiling brightly whenever he curses or says bad things.

Originally, the smile of “Gido Hae” was famous. Even when he’s still wearing a nice, polite, and nice Esper mask.

Then, from the moment he joined hands with Heo Pil-Sik, president of the association, Gido Hae showed his true colors. Heo Pil-Sik joined hands with Gido Hae and saw through his fake mask then soon regretted it.

At first, everyone was worried about the sudden abnormal behavior of Gido Hae. He’s always lacking guidance, so they are afraid he might have a headache. However, the explanation that returned was nothing short of spectacular. Gido said that now he is free from his father, he doesn’t have to act like a good son.

Only then did Heo Pil-Sik realize perfectly why the son of the enemy joined hands with him. He hasn’t told him the details until now, but Gido Hae also wants to destroy his own father.

In fact, it didn’t matter because Lee Jae-Chuk didn’t care about Gido Hae’s personality from the beginning. However, he had a natural question when he saw Gido Hae smiling brightly while spouting verbal abuse. If it’s okay to stop acting like a good son, he didn’t have to laugh.

It’s good to see the stupid people get bewitched by his face.’

For the first time, Lee Jae-Chul realized for the first time that not only the human ability but also personality were important.

If he had known that he would be the most frequent victim of abusive language like this, Lee Jae-Chul would have liked to have realized it a little earlier.

“Since it smells, why don’t we go outside and talk?”

“Let’s start…”

The annoying thing about Gido Hae was that he even used honorifics well.

One day, he asked if it was also for fooling others. Lee Jae-Chul couldn’t hold back if he had any questions.

The answer that came back then was a little bit more of a creepy sort.

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Guide to Sunny Days

Guide to Sunny Days

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Gido Hae is the only S-class Esper in Korea. He is known for his personality breakdown, he suffers from chronic guiding deficiency due to his extreme low matching rate with guides. Then one day, he realizes that Kim San, a C-class guide, can guide him. Meanwhile, Kim San, who came up from a remote mountain valley. Thanks to his grandfather's unusual education, he grew up to be an innocent young man who knew nothing of the world. After his grandfather passed away, he came to Seoul to become a guide. Kim San has a huge misunderstanding that Gido Hae is a kind person without knowing his infamous personality. Having noticed the fact, he pretends to be a kind person to use Kim San, and he cleverly limits Kim San's residence or radius of action. Gido Hae tried to use Kim San and throw him away when he didn't need him, but…It's not as easy as he thought. *** "So you're going to hold another esper's hand?” "Yes……?" Kim San already had a history. Didn't he just nod his head, saying that he would gladly guide another esper him despite his threat?? Even though it was unpleasant for him?? The view was already red, so only Kim San's white face could be seen properly. The broken reason was trampled by instinct and made a harsh sound without a chance to be slowed. All that was left was red flashing anger. Towards Kim San who keeps trying to run away from him. "I've been letting you off the hook, but you keep on pushing me.” "Uh, Ugh." He pushed Kim San down. An unpleasantness impulsed him when a suppressed groan burst out due to rough hand movements. "I didn't know you'd want to take charge of another Esper." "Well, that's not it...…, Ugh!" A few gestures tore off the clothes that Kim San was wearing. He pushed down Kim San, who was struggling. Kim San's face, which was crushed as if it were buried, is now embarrassed and confused. If you leave things like this, this painful anger will not die down. "I'll make it impossible for you to be a guide."


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