GSD Ch14

1% Sunlight


“What’s wrong with you?”

Gido Hae did not show a moment’s hesitation. There was no reason not to use such an efficient guide. There were many ways to stimulate the hand.


Gido Hae’s hands moved like a snake.


He rubbed it and even hi smooth nails with your fingertips. The half-moon shape there was like an eye shape when he smiled. He climbed up the back of his hand little by little with his two thumbs and caressed the protruding wrist bone.

He saw Kim San blinked quickly as his hands got teased. Gido Hae tilted his head and carefully examined his expression, he even swept even his bare arms.

Then the guiding energy increased a little. The warmth creeping up on the capillaries spread everywhere. While not recognizing it, Gido Hae realized that his body was suffering. He realized it because the pain disappeared around the place that touched Kim San.

It’s an unnecessary realization. If he didn’t know, he could have ignored this feeling. A feeling like his sou is about to be broken.

At that time, the one who should be embarrassed laughed brightly unexpectedly. His arms were clutched, but Gido Hae was surprised that Kim San didn’t even try to step back.

“I think I’m better at guiding than before.”


Gido Hae narrowed his eyes as he answered reluctantly.

No matter how far he is from outside the city, this reaction is too naive.

“I watched you Esper’s press conference yesterday.”


“I haven’t heard the sound because I’m not good at handling TV yet, but you were cool.”

Just in time, the guy started to chatter again. Gido Hae was rubbing his forearm, suddenly stopped his hand and asked.

“You don’t know how to handle TV?”

“Yes. As I grew up, my grandfather strictly educated me so that I wouldn’t watch it.””

Cities sometimes had an unstable supply of electricity. Even considering that, he thought something was strange, but seeing what he said constantly, he understood the situation.

It was clear that Kim San’s guardian raised him as if he were quarantined. Kim San himself even believed it was for him to be a guide. Gido Hae didn’t know why the guardian was convinced that he would be a guide.

“I see.”

It was information that could be used in its own way. Perhaps this innocent young guide lacked immunity to the world. It was also good because it seemed that even if the Gido Hae revealed his true color in front of its eyes, Kim San would only look at him strangely for some time.

Guiding energy continued to flow in with the hands held together. The energy that invaded the body of Gido Hae began to heal his broken body. He gradually developed his presence by gently covering the ferocious power.

It was definitely a guide that was unparalleled in Korea and the U.S., but something was strange.

Maybe he feels a little stimulation because he hasn’t been guided for too long. Indeed, there has been no proper guidance for the past two years, when it managed to overcome the runaway crisis. Regardless of one’s will, the feeling of being squeezed inside felt dirty no matter how many times he went through it.

“The Esper’s hands are very warm.”

Gido Hae didn’t mean to keep up with the nonsense about his hands being warm, and he moved his hands to his arms.

Since earlier, it has been slightly annoying wheneven Kim San naively looked at him. Even if the hands of Gido Hae Hae sneak near the tender forearm, or even if they get close enough to feel the breathing between the two.

“Kim San, it’s a secret that you’re my exclusive guide for the time being.”


He stretched out and touch his cheek. There was a constant ferocious impulse. The urge to rip off Kim San, who has such innocent eyes without fear.

He smiled, cringing his neck a little, as if his hands were itchy. He have no idea what the purpose of this silence is.

“Yes. I don’t usually do guiding during the adjustment period of the new guide, so other guidance requests won’t come in.” He said this, but he was going to secretly spread rumors on the contrary. Anyone with information should notice that a guide named Kim San appeared.

Gido Hae sure a lot of people will jump on him and ask him if the rumor is true.

It didn’t matter if he guide someone as he like. Gido Hae can ask Kim San why he broke his promise later and instill a sense of debt. On the contrary, it was Kim San himself who would draw attention with greater suspicion if he tried to keep the secret naively until the end.

Either way, it is a situation where Gido Hae can use him flexibly.

“Yes, I understand.”

Everything bothered Gido Hae even though he heard a satisfactory answer. The touch left on the fingertips seemed to have touched a dough. Gido Hae reached out impulsively to the sensation of his cheeks that would not disappear even if he washed them with water.

The back of the building, which had managed to maintain the shade, became brighter and brighter. Unlike him who was in the shade, Kim San in the sunlight shined bright.

While looking at Kim San, Gido Hae suddenly realized that his hearing had returned to its original state.

“Cheer up at work. Mr. Esper.”

All he could hear now was the breathing of Kim San, the person closest to him.


A few days later, Kim San could not hide his sullen expression on his way to a guiding class. Kim San went to the guide test center yesterday and asked if he could see the list of guides, but he couldn’t find his mom’s name.

Just in case, he even received the list of Esper, but couldn’t find it even if he read it all. In particular, the matching rate with Kim San is written next to each name of the esper, so he confirmed that this is not the list he wants to see.

This is because what his ather said before he died was faintly memorable and bothered me.

‘I couldn’t believe it all. All of them.’


Where should he look next?

Kim San, who was lost in thought, took a rough step. The sunshine was very good today. Kim San was happy because this brilliant sunshine was consistent both in his hometown and in the city. This is because Kim San always felt like my grandfather was with him on such a sunny day.

The process of recalling “Gido Hae” made a subtle smile show.

Kim San didn’t see him a few times, but he always smiled. He liked the habit of Gido Hae because Kim San likes to laugh. However, he got the impression that he was strangely exhausted that day. It was a strange thing. The Esper always looked great.

Is Mr.Esper having a hard time? This time, Kim San recalled the sparkling image of Gido Hae with worries. The class was learning about Esper first. In particular, what kind of pain Esper suffers from fatigue because they were not guided for a long time.

Even when he was young, Kim San was exposed to the news and newspapers several times. Most of the articles that my grandfather classified were like “Resolving Class A Monsters in A City in a row.”

According to the secret he secretly told him, it meant that he had not been guided all along while continuing such an activity. In particular, his matching rate with Kim San is the highest, which is only 43%.

So it must be painful, so why doesn’t he get more guidance?

Kim San was surprised that he had not contacted me for three days, but Kim San waited while fiddling with the cell phone Gido Hae gave him. Seeing that he had been touching his hands for a long time, he seemed to be of help.

It was a very encouraging experience for Kim San, who always played the role of the youngest child in the village, to be able to help someone. In particular, there was a moment when his heart stung strangely when he was holding the hand of Gido Hae. Kim San instinctively knew that the sensation was resonating with Esper’s pain.

The sense of tickling his elbow was still clear with the big hand of Gido Hae. Kim San walked faster because he felt itchy in the part he touched for no reason.

Maybe he’s waiting for him, who still has a lot to learn. It was clear that he was a really kind and considerate person, as well as his uncloudy eyes that he encountered every time.

At that time, a small voice was heard behind Kim San, who was sitting in the seminar room. with a clear sense of ridicule

“Here it comes. The parasite.”

For a moment, the meaning didn’t immediately hit me. It was not until Kim San looked back in a bewildered mood that he realized the meaning of the word. What does he mean by a parasite?

When he made eye contact with guide Cha Ga-Ram, his embarrassment increased even more. This is because there were emotions that Kim San had never faced in person in his life.

Cha Ga-Ram probably want to be Gido Hae’s guide, though just my guess.

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