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“Yes. I’m explaining it because you said you were from outside the city. It’s a custom that still remains in places where you rarely see guides or esper.”

Since he had never heard of such a custom in his village, Kim San wondered and nodded for now.

Now that he thought about it, Kim San had never had this kind of conversation in the village.

“That’s why we recommend an early guide aptitude test. The guide’s concept of sex has the greatest impact, so it is better to form the right gender perception early on.”

“Correct gender recognition?”

“Yes. If you have a wrong concept of sex through TV or other media, you will suffer greatly while working as a guide.”

At the same time, the teacher took only three of the numerous books piled up on the platform and placed them next to him. He even rechecked the book’s contents as he would give it to Kim San. The books on the podium boasted various thicknesses, but the selected ones belonged to the thin side.

Listening to the series of explanations, Kim San was getting a huge realization. To be exact, why his grandfather raised him so severely.

He has never seen a show of adults doing it late at night. Kim San’s house didn’t have a TV in the first place. Sometimes, even in mobile libraries in the city, he could choose books only with his grandfather’s permission.

Come to think of it, so did the villagers. The man downstairs, who had been talking about something excitedly for a while, would urgently shut up when Kim San came—looking at his grandfather’s eyes, always shining brightly behind him.

Lee Hye-Min, who played with him the most, was naturally dissatisfied with her grandfather’s rigorous education. It was seen as excessive control for young children. So he rebelled against his grandfather a lot instead of Kim San, who had a gentle personality.

Then one day, there was a day when Lee Hye-Min went to negotiate with her grandfather and returned after a long time. Looking at Kim San, he made a very complicated expression and said. Don’t watch TV or something. Go to the mountain behind and ride the slope. He was surprised that he gave up easily when he went to persuade his grandfather.
Byung-Jae Hyung once told him about his girlfriend and said something Kim-san didn’t understand. Byung-Jae Hyung, called by his grandfather that night, was severely scolded and returned to the city earlier than usual that summer.

In other words, it was all protection for oneself.

His grandfather forbade Kim San to learn too much about Esper or the guide’s news, regardless of such sexual issues. Kim San was told that he would know everything after he grew up.

Thanks to this, Kim San is now blank. If you have to learn something, you can know anything most efficiently and safely as a guide who just steps in.

Now that he realized his grandfather’s consideration, his nose felt sore. However, Kim San tried not to cry. When he realized how much he was loved, Kim San thought it was better to smile than cry.

“Did you get basic sex education?”

“Oh, I didn’t… I think I got it.”

In addition, the teacher continued to ask questions about Kim San’s lack of immunity. After experiencing a dream for the first time in adolescence, Kim San only heard his grandfather’s explanation that such body communication was an act of affection. Even in the eyes of young Kim San, he clearly remembered his grandfather’s expression, who seemed to be embarrassed.

Thanks to this, Kim San, free from his thoughts, smiled innocently with slightly red eyes and cheeks.

“……I see.”

The teacher, staring at the face, left only one of the three books he had left aside and put them all back in place.

It was the book with the thinnest and largest picture on the podium.

“First, let’s talk about Esper’s power-expressing mechanism.”

The gender gap between the guides seemed extreme, so the teacher concluded that he would learn that part later.

“Did the other four go to practice today?”

Four guides were gathered.

Among them, a yellow-haired guide sitting in the front replied confidently.

“Yes, I was the only one who participated as an assistant guide.”

It’s only been three days since the class started, but is he already doing guiding? Kim San was told not to worry when he received the registration certificate yesterday because he would be able to guide after enough class.

Is it because curiosity transparently appeared on Kim San’s face? The teacher quickly went on with the explanation.

“In cities, people usually complete a guide aptitude test around the age of 14. Among them, guides with high grades go to practice in advance to adapt to the atmosphere of the field. The same is true of the Cha Ga-Ram guide here.”

Perhaps he noticed Kim San from outside the city was worried. The teacher calmly explained that it was not too late yet.

“According to the guide association’s policy, you can only do hand guidance before you become an adult. Of course, it’s not the only way, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.”

Why couldn’t they often practice when they only had to hold hands? Are they being considered because they are a minor? Kim San had doubts, but he kept silent to ask later.

There was a yellow-haired guide who was confidently answering earlier. Kim San looked at Cha Ga-Ram with envious eyes. However, Cha Ga-Ram ignored Kim San with a slightly subtle expression.


Kim San walked through the halls holding the book given by the teacher.

The living center where the guides live was also close to the main building they had just visited. General work was done in the main building, and there was also a guiding office so guides could quickly be dispatched in an emergency.

The thin book given by the teacher was a book with many pictures. Strangely, the explanatory phrase was aimed at children, but it was strange. Is it supposed to start with this thin book?

On the way here, he opened it and found a picture of a man and a woman standing upright while naked, so Kim San hurriedly closed the book.

On the first day, Kim San left the seminar room alone early. The other remaining guides seemed to learn more, but he was curious.


The light was brightly lit in the accommodation. Before he came out, Kim San remembered turning off the lights. It looked like his roommate had returned.

“Oh, you’re here.”


A man with dark skin greeted Kim San as soon as he entered. At first glance, he looked older than Kim San, so he bowed politely and greeted him.

“Haha. You’re saying hello in a cute way. Nice to meet you. I’m Park Joo-Hoon.”

The man came up and laughed, raising Kim San. His hair is styled unusually, and his piercing on several ears was not common. However, he was quite a likable person when he smiled coolly.

“I’m Kim San.”

After asking about their age or grade, the two naturally exchanged words comfortably. Park Joo-Hoon looked curiously at Kim San, who was acting carefree. Few people treated him without hesitation from the first meeting because of his slightly sharp appearance.

“I’m going to have lunch now. Will you join me?”

Despite being shy, Park Joo-Hoon casually asked Kim San to eat. Fortunately, Kim San’s first impression was alright. He would have requested another roommate if they didn’t get along.

Kim San nodded quickly because he was hungry. Surprisingly, there was pizza on the table of the accommodation.

In a village without a pizza restaurant, pizza was a precious food that could only be eaten on the day the aunt went to the city. Kim San, still thinking of exploring food near the guide center, washed his hands, went to the table, and sat down.

The smell of warm pizza raised expectations, but he waited patiently for the time to eat. The guide said he would receive all the necessary activity expenses for his life. When the money came out, Kim San thought he should buy something delicious and pay back Park Joo-Hoon.

Park Joo-Hoon, watching Kim San waiting for him with his hands on his knees, smiled again and gave him a slice of pizza.

He was a little worried because Kim San was about the same age as his younger brother, who would be attending college by now.

A booklet Kim San put on the table came into Park Joo-Hoon’s view.

“Hmm? Did you get this in class?”

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Guide to Sunny Days

Guide to Sunny Days

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Gido Hae is the only S-class Esper in Korea. He is known for his personality breakdown, he suffers from chronic guiding deficiency due to his extreme low matching rate with guides. Then one day, he realizes that Kim San, a C-class guide, can guide him. Meanwhile, Kim San, who came up from a remote mountain valley. Thanks to his grandfather's unusual education, he grew up to be an innocent young man who knew nothing of the world. After his grandfather passed away, he came to Seoul to become a guide. Kim San has a huge misunderstanding that Gido Hae is a kind person without knowing his infamous personality. Having noticed the fact, he pretends to be a kind person to use Kim San, and he cleverly limits Kim San's residence or radius of action. Gido Hae tried to use Kim San and throw him away when he didn't need him, but…It's not as easy as he thought. *** "So you're going to hold another esper's hand?” "Yes……?" Kim San already had a history. Didn't he just nod his head, saying that he would gladly guide another esper him despite his threat?? Even though it was unpleasant for him?? The view was already red, so only Kim San's white face could be seen properly. The broken reason was trampled by instinct and made a harsh sound without a chance to be slowed. All that was left was red flashing anger. Towards Kim San who keeps trying to run away from him. "I've been letting you off the hook, but you keep on pushing me.” "Uh, Ugh." He pushed Kim San down. An unpleasantness impulsed him when a suppressed groan burst out due to rough hand movements. "I didn't know you'd want to take charge of another Esper." "Well, that's not it...…, Ugh!" A few gestures tore off the clothes that Kim San was wearing. He pushed down Kim San, who was struggling. Kim San's face, which was crushed as if it were buried, is now embarrassed and confused. If you leave things like this, this painful anger will not die down. "I'll make it impossible for you to be a guide."


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