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‘A gift for me!’  Feng Rong blushed, but in addition, some young girlish thoughts came to her mind. She reasoned that these thoughts were not unfounded. It was because Li Yanting spoke too frankly with her. She knew about his ambiguous temperament.  If they were not cousins, she would have outright asked him. When she thought about his behavior over and over again, it was actually very rude. Because Li Yanting was kind-hearted.


When she took over the sandalwood box, she heard Li Yanling excitedly say: “Sister, open it quickly. I’d like to see what kind of gift it is. Big brother was very mysterious about it. He told us we had to wait for Sister Feng so you can personally open it.” Feng Rong beamed a smile.”If you disappoint your cousin, what will you do?” Feng Rong asked Li Yangting.


As she spoke, she opened the lid and saw a jasper bracelet lying quietly inside. Feng Rong picked it up and felt it was cool. Sure enough, as Li Yanting said, it was carefully carved with some complex patterns. However, Feng Rong looked at it over and over for a long time and didn’t understand what was engraved on it. She just looked at it. It had some strange engravings, and the material was good. It looked really good-looking and precious.


Li Yanling snatched it and looked for a moment but he did not understand the engravings on it and immediately lost interest. She said: “It is unique in addition to the materials used and the pattern is strange, as expected. Only Sister Feng would like it. Sister Feng, wear it.” After speaking, he handed it to Feng Rong. Feng Rong put it on obediently. It was slightly larger and the color was warm, but it set off her delicate and fair wrists. Feng Rong was happy with the gift she received and thanked Li Yanting: “Thank you cousin, I like it very much.” “It’s good if you like it, but I haven’t seen you for more than a month. How come my cousin is estranged from me? In the past, you used to be very quirky and unruly, but now you are more dignified and elegant.” Li Yanting still smiled and looked at Feng Rong carefully.


Feng Rong heard this and stood up. She walked in front of Li Yanting, her thirteen-year-old stature had changed a little, and she was wearing an emerald green dress Ru skirt with a tan-colored shirt today, which made her more graceful. She said in a condescending way: “Well, cousin, I don’t think I was unruly before, right? I thought you had made progress after going out for more than two months. It seems that you are still fighting against me at every word as before.”


“As expected, my cousin still has sharp teeth and an even sharper mouth, which makes people like you.” However, Li Yanting was not angry but smiling, seeing her like this he was actually happy. “You..” Feng Rong was then angry and didn’t want to argue with him anymore. She turned to Feng shi who had been standing on the sidelines and asked for help. “Aunt, look at my cousin, he knows how to make me angry, who is the sharp-tongued between us?”

“All right, all right, just a fight between cousins and you made this big of a commotion.”  Feng shi came to the rescue and chided Li Yangting. “You too, Ting’er, you love to make fun of your cousin, you should get a beating!”


Li Yanting then smiled, “Yes, yes. I know I’m wrong.” After saying that, he smugly cast a glance at Feng Rong, clearly saying: ‘It is you who could not argue against me and cried for help. You aren’t on the same level as me.’


Feng Rong also had Feng shi as her backing, and she didn’t want to talk too much with him. She turned her head and acted coquettishly with Feng shi. This made Feng Shi burst into laughter. Feng Rong also shared some interesting stories with Feng shi, Li Congyan, and other sisters. During this period, Li Yanting interjected from time to time, and the time passed quickly.


After dinner at Feng shi’s courtyard in the evening, Feng Rong led Xizhi back to her own Fengta Pavilion. Fengta Pavilion was her own territory. It was very close to the garden. Beyond the garden was Feng’s Yinchuan courtyard, and Li Yanting and Li Yanling’s courtyards are on the other side. The prime minister’s residence was still quite large, but there were few masters. Except for Li Rui and his wife, Li Yanting, and his sister, Feng Rong, she was also a half master here, and no one dared to neglect her. It was the only two-story courtyard in the whole mansion. Although it was not big, it was superior in sophistication. The first floor was the living room, and the bedroom was located on the second floor. After taking a shower, she lay down on her bed. Xizhi turned off the lights for her. The moonlight was pouring down. When she fell asleep, Xizhi knew that she didn’t like to be in the mosquito net. So she opened a window halfway. A cool breeze of early autumn blew in from the window, bringing a chill.



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