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Private: The Guide Is Fixing His Regrets

Private: The Guide Is Fixing His Regrets

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
So-Won made up his mind. I'll treat him not as a monster but as a human being. So-Won became an A-class guide. However, the Esper matched with him was "Monster" Kang Tae-Woo, who could not record a matching rate of more than 5% with any guide. Due to the lack of guiding, So-Won is unable to approach or guide Tae-woo properly for 8 years, and Tae-woo, who participates in the gate in that state, eventually dies from a serious injury. So-Won, who lost his mind due to belated guilt and regret, returns to eight years ago and opens his eyes. In order not to lose Tae-Woo like before his regression, So-Won first asks for a match with Tae-Woo.... [Preview] "I'm sorry, Mr. Tae-Woo.... I'm sorry…." Towards Tae-Woo, I apologized to him who was already dead. It was heartbreaking that the waves gathered into his heart. It hurt so much that So-Won began to cry louder. "How can I...." It was not until he saw the big sobbing So-Won that Tae-Woo realized that the So-Won in front of him was real. Tae-Woo sprang to his feet. A guiding machine that was narrowly attached to his body fell from Tae-Woo's movement. One fell off and took another off. Guiding machines that were intertwined with each other began to fall off. There were no guiding machines left to cover Tae-Woo's body. Tae-Woo's disastrous condition was revealed as it was. His swollen and bloated body, wriggling blood vessels, sweaty skin from a long illness. Tae-Woo could not hide his embarrassment as he looked down at his body exposed in the dark. So-Won wrapped his arms around Tae-Woo's body and hugged him. Tae-Woo's body came into his arms. His rough skin, his thick, stiff veins, was felt. The flesh was burning hot. The more that happened, the more So-Won hugged Taewoo. He could feel Tae-Woo stiffening under So-Won's arm. "Lee So-Won, it's dangerous." Tae-Woo warned. The warm energy flowing into his body shook with his reason that was barely being held. Tae-Woo felt like he would hug So-Won right away. Even though he knew he shouldn't do this, he wanted to hold this kindness in his arms forever after hugging Sowon without a break. "It's dangerous... Lee So-Won..."." Tae-Woo, who was held in So-Won's arms, murmured. It was a fierce, low voice that seemed to scratch his neck as if he was holding something in. So-Won have goosebumps. However, he did not let go of Tae-Woo and hugged him even more strongly.  


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