Chapter 06 Meeting the Parent?

Xu Xizhou couldn’t remember how long he hadn’t worn a formal suit. Even when he attended the team’s reception before, he rarely wore a formal suit to attend. Now standing in front of the mirror, he felt awkward.

“Mr. Xu, this set is especially suitable for you.” On the corridor outside the fitting room, the sales manager looked at the upright young man in the mirror with admiration in his eyes.

Xu Xizhou tugged at the neckline and felt a little short of breath. He knew that it was not just because of the clothes, but because he had to see Zhuang Jingchun’s mother soon!

Can’t this guy tell him in advance? In any case, he should at least give him time to be mentally prepared!

Seeing Xu Xizhou’s hesitant expression, the manager seemed to have misunderstood something, and smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, the account will be recorded in Mr. Zhuang’s name, you just need to dress appropriately.”

Xu Xizhou blushed and turned white, and his whole body was uncomfortable. In the eyes of others, wouldn’t he be the little white face[1]Young, pretty boy that Zhuang Jingchun nurtured?

However, since he’s been regarded as a little white face, why didn’t he…

A smile graced his face, giving him a feeling of being coquettish, and said, “Then wrap up the sets I’ve tried.”

After buying the suits, Housekeeper Chen took him to the barbershop again and cut his overly long hair shorter, which made him much more refreshing than before.

They were going to eat at the Luting Water Pavilion, which was the most famous lakeside restaurant in Wancheng. Xu Xizhou has been here several times and has fed the black swans in the lake.

He walked into the revolving door absentmindedly and was led by the waiter to the private room in the center of the lake. To his surprise, Zhuang Jingchun was the only one sitting in the spacious private room.

He sighed softly and stared at Zhuang Jingchun with some precautions.

“My mom is still on the way, she would not arrive any time soon. We need to do some preparatory work.”

Zhuang Jingchun was still wearing a black suit, but there was an emerald brooch on his chest, which matched his eyes very well.

“Given that we’ve only met twice, there are things we need to agree upon.”

Zhuang Jingchun pushed a piece of paper over, “Read it quickly, you better keep it in your mind.”

Xu Xizhou picked it up to look at it, and suddenly laughed, who the hell made this dog-blooded script for them?

“A year ago, you fell in love with me at first sight on the F2 arena, but I am an insensitive straight man and I am unmoved by your pursuit. Until that rainy night, when I was lying on the ground in despair, you appeared in time, like the hero who saved the beauty, which deeply touched my fragile and broken heart …”

Xu Xizhou gritted his teeth and gripped the piece of paper fiercely.

“Who the hell wrote this up?”

“Secretary Zhou, it’s a little illogical, but we’re short of time and will make do with this.” Zhuang Jingchu calmly took a sip of tea.

“You were watching the excitement from the side at the time, right? I bet you enjoyed the fucking show, huh!”

Zhuang Jingchun raised his eyelids, “Speak less dirty words, my mother likes educated people.”

Xu Xizhou was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, but he had already signed the agreement, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and noted down the contents.

He suddenly thought of something and said worriedly, “We don’t need to do any intimate actions later, right?”

“What’s your definition of intimacy?” Zhuang Jingchun adjusted his glasses and looked at him with deep green emotionless eyes.

“Holding hands, hugging, or kissing?”

Words that clearly represented some affection were spewed out of his mouth, but they sounded alienated and indifferent.

“Or … go one step further?”

I’m really out of my mind to ask him such a question.

Thinking of Zhuang Jingchun’s secret that he accidentally encountered in his previous life, Xu Xizhou shrugged his shoulders discreetly.

“OK, just pretend I didn’t ask.”

Presently, at the entrance of Luting Water Pavilion.

A beautiful and gentle woman wearing a classical Chinese cheongsam and wrapped in a cashmere shawl was waiting at the door.

After a while, a white BMW stopped in front of the cloister, and a young woman with a bright face and light makeup walked down. Following the woman out of the car was a tall and thin young man with glasses and a scholarly appearance.

“Auntie, why are you waiting outside?”

“Xiao Wan, you are…” Jiang Xia didn’t expect that her niece would bring another person here.

Wen Wan said something to the young man beside her, walked quickly to Jiang Xia, held her hand, and whispered, “Auntie, this is my colleague I told you about earlier. He graduated from Stanford and is good-looking, what do you think?”

“Xiao Wan, we’re going to see Jingchun’s boyfriend today. It’s not good for you to be like this.”

Wen Wan chuckled twice and patted Jiang Xia’s hand, “Auntie, I’ve already asked his secretary, his schedule is so full every day, and he doesn’t have time to talk about his boyfriend. I guess he just found a random person to show you, maybe it’s a hired actor. Isn’t this popular among young people now? Hire a fake partner to go home for the New Year or something.

Just take this opportunity to let him meet my colleague, maybe something will spark between them.”

When Wen Wan said this, Jiang Xia was also a little uncertain. The child suddenly said that he had a boyfriend a few days ago, and he took the initiative to say that he would bring his boyfriend to see her. Her son instantly became so obedient, but it made her feel a little suspicious.

She glanced at the young man who was standing not far away. His appearance and educational background couldn’t be nitpicked, and he looked calm. If he were to stand side by side with Jingchun, they actually would look good together.

Jiang Xia blinked, and was soon relieved, beckoning to the young man.

“Are you Xiaoqiu? I heard from Xiaowan …”

When the private room door opened, Xu Xizhou never expected that he would be greeted by such a scene.

Zhuang Jingchun was obviously also a little caught off guard. He frowned slightly and stood up from the seat.

“Mom. Wen Wan, why are you here too?”

“Our school is not far from here, can’t we stop by for a meal?” Wen Wan winked playfully and pulled her shy colleague to sit next to her.

“By the way, this is my colleague, Qiu Wen, who graduated from Stanford and is now a lecturer. He is about to be promoted to assistant professor. If I remember correctly, it seems that you studied for your master’s degree at Stanford, right?”

Xu Xizhou was stunned for a moment, but when he saw Wen Wan’s colleague shyly looking at Zhuang Jingchun’s appearance from the corner of his eyes, he immediately understood.

Good grief, his fake boyfriend was still here, but he’s already on a blind date over there.

“You are indeed mistaken. I studied for my master’s degree at MIT, and I only went to Stanford for half a year as an exchange student.” Zhuang Jingchun obviously understood what Wen Wan was doing, and his eyes swept toward her sharply.

Wen Wan blinked at him and took Jiang Xia to sit down as if she was not afraid of the excitement.

“Who is the person sitting next to you? Can you introduce him to us?”

She had been observing the boy around Zhuang Jingchun since she came in, and the two of them didn’t seem to be close. It seems that her guess was right.

“It’s a friend of mine.”

Considering that Wen Wan’s colleague was still here, Zhuang Jingchun did not make the scene any more unsightly. What’s more, Jiang Xia probably saw what was going on between him and Xu Xizhou. It was not that simple for him to be as perfunctory as in the past.

Xu Xizhou felt the faint awkwardness in the scene, and when he was gloating at Zhuang Jingcun’s misfortune, there was an additional message on his mobile phone.

[My cousin may have seen something, you have to find a way to deceive her.]

[I think this Xiaoqiu looks pretty good, why don’t I go first, and the two of you can chat here?]

[You don’t want to enter the F2 scene anymore?]

This sentence was simply Xu Xizhou’s weakness. His eyes darted around, and suddenly he had a brilliant idea.

Wen Wan was touching up her makeup in the restroom. She flipped her hair and sent a message asking her colleague how he felt about Zhuang Jingchun. She smiled with satisfaction at seeing the other party’s answer, put the phone in her Chanel bag, and walked out of the restroom.

In front of the sink, she bumped into Xu Xizhou who came out from next door.

In the room just now, this boy and Zhuang Jingchun hadn’t said a single word in total. It could be seen at first glance that they were in an employment relationship. She didn’t intend to pay any attention to him and wanted to leave after washing her hands, however, a gentle voice suddenly sounded behind her.

“Miss Wen, you are Jingchun’s cousin, aren’t you?”

At this time, the young man in front of her showed a completely different look than when he was in the private room. There was a hint of paranoia and madness in his eyes.

“Can I help you?” Wen Wan looked at him with a frown.

“Do you know what Jingchun usually likes? The New Year is coming soon, and I want to give him a gift.”

Why did this actor add his own scene? Wen Wan’s eyebrows were still furrowed.

“I think Jingchun doesn’t seem to like you very much, does he?”

Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished saying that, the boy in front of her immediately showed a somewhat hurt expression and laughed at himself, “Yes, I know he has never liked me, and I dare not show how much I like him in front of outsiders, because I am not worthy of him. Apart from that kind of relationship, we shouldn’t have anything to do with each other.”

The two buttons on his neckline were opened at some point. Wen Wan was a little puzzled when she heard him until she accidentally saw the red marks on his collarbones, and suddenly it seemed like she had been struck by lightning.

She was already a mother, so she naturally knew how those marks came about. Furthermore, she didn’t know whether this was only her illusion, but there seemed to be a few bruises under the red marks.

My god, my cousin looked indifferent and abstinent, did he actually have this kind of unusual hobby?

She was originally wondering, if the two of them really wanted to act, they should deliberately pretend to be in love. Now that the boy said that, everything made sense.

She was so nosy that she almost pitted her colleague!

Seeing Wen Wan return to the private room in a rage and found a lame reason to pull her colleague away, Xu Xizhou winked at Zhuang Jingchun.

The corners of Zhuang Jingchun’s mouth curled slightly, and he took a sip of the red wine in the glass.

After a while, Jiang Xia also went out. Who knew what Wen Wan said to her outside, when she came back, her face became extraordinarily complicated.

“What did you do in the restroom?”

Xu Xizhou remembered his Oscar-level performance and felt that it was a pity that he didn’t go to the entertainment industry.

“I temporarily thought of a new script, it’s guaranteed to be logical and has no flaws.”


“The only bad thing is that your image is a bit of a scumbag in this script, but I think you wouldn’t mind, right?”


1 Young, pretty boy

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