FYMWG ch26.2

The Grandson of the Richest Man

Chapter 26 The Grandson of the Richest Man (2)

Monte Carlo is a seaside city where celebrities gather. In the evening, a grand banquet would be held on the cruise ship by the sea, and many F1 racers would be invited to participate.

Xu Xizhou leaned against the window sill, looking at the cruise ship not far from the sea somewhat ruefully. When he was watching the F1 qualifying today, he felt the heat of the scene. Most of the stands were fans of F1 racers, holding posters and banners, excitedly shouting their idols’ names.

He wondered if there would be a day when he could also enjoy this treatment.

“What? Do you want to take a cruise?” Zhuang Jingchun walked over from behind.

Xu Xizhou shook his head, returned to the sofa, and sat down. He picked up the barbell on the carpet and fiddled with it.

“By the way, is Uncle at the hotel? Should I go see him?”

“He’s strolling in the city. He is very familiar with this area.”

Morocco[1]Monaco borders the country on three sides, and the official language is French, which is France’s Huayuan[2]Back garden. I thought it was a place’s name, turns out it has another meaning such as the development of economic strategy, kind of like a city with beautiful scenery, I guess..

Xu Xizhou nodded. As he was about to say something, the phone rang. It was Lu Rong.

Zhuang Jingchun watched Xu Xizhou go to the balcony with a guilty conscience. His eyes narrowed slightly.

When Xu Xizhou came back, the coffee bag on the table was crumpled into a ball by Zhuang Jingchun.

“It’s late, why is Lu Rong calling you at this time?”

“Uh… he said he brought me a gift and wanted to give it to me.”

Zhuang Jingchun snorted coldly, “Let’s talk about it after the game.”

“But–” Before Xu Xizhou’s voice fell, the doorbell rang outside, and he smiled embarrassedly, “He stays in the hotel next door and insisted on giving it to me.”

“If you don’t want to see him, why don’t you… hide first?”

Zhuang Jingchun’s face turned black like the bottom of the pot, and his green eyes looked at Xu Xizhou gloomily.

“I’m your boyfriend. Do you want me to hide?”

“That’s not what I meant…” Before Xu Xizhou finished speaking, he discovered that Zhuang Jingchun started to take off the thin cashmere coat in front of him.

“Wha–what are you doing?”

“Since you are my contractual boyfriend, you have to act as one.” Zhuang Jingchun only had a light-colored shirt left on his body. He unbuttoned his neckline and wrinkled his collar. His handsome brows were languid.

He put one hand on Xu Xizhou’s shoulder and looked at him with a smile, but his tone was gloomy.

“Why are you still stunned? Open the door.”

The door opened, and Lu Rong, who had obviously freshened up, stood outside the door in good spirits, carrying a paper bag.

There was a smile on his handsome face. As he was about to open his mouth, his gaze fell on the face of the man next to Xu Xizhou, and he froze.

Zhuang Jingchun wrapped his arm around Xu Xizhou’s waist from behind and looked at him with a fake smile.

“Long time no see, Young Master Lu.”

“Why is Young Master Zhuang here too?” The smile on Lu Rong’s face cracked, and he clenched the bag tightly.

“Of course I want to watch my boyfriend’s game. Not to mention we have such a good relationship. I don’t want to be separated from him for a moment.”

As he spoke, he squeezed Xu Xizhou’s face affectionately.

“Xiaozhou, what do you think?”

Was this Zhuang Jingchun trying to strangle him to death?

Xu Xizhou’s waist was grabbed so hard that he was almost out of breath. However, he still faced Lu Rong with a standard fake smile.

“That’s right. He is just that clingy. Don’t mind him.”

“I really can’t see Young Master Zhuang can be so silly.” Lu Rong’s tone of voice was a bit weird, and Zhuang Jingchun’s arm around Xu Xizhou’s waist seemed to be an eyesore.

There was inexplicable anger accumulated in his heart, and he didn’t look very good when he gave the gift to Xu Xizhou.

“Young Master Zhuang, I heard you are French. You should be familiar with Morocco, right? May I take the liberty to ask you some questions?”

When he said these words, he just wanted to talk to him alone.

The corner of Zhuang Jingchun’s mouth curled up and he let go of Xu Xizhou’s waist.

“My pleasure.”

The two went to the glass roof on the top floor of the hotel.

Lu Rong lowered his eyes and looked at the brightly lit track under his feet.

“Zhuang Jingchun, you and Xiaozhou are not really together, right?”

Zhuang Jingchun was slightly taken aback and looked at him warily.

“I heard from Wang Miao, that that guy can’t control his tongue as soon as he gets drunk. In fact, I could guess without him saying it.”

“Xiaozhou has never liked boys before, so how could he suddenly be with you? Later, when he returned to the F2 arena, I understood.”

Zhuang Jingchun chuckled, “What’s wrong with being a contractual boyfriend? In short, he is with me now. And you, an outsider who has nothing to do with him, are not qualified to clamor here.”

“I’m not qualified?” Lu Rong laughed mockingly. Although he was about the same age as Xu Xizhou, his temper, and personality were much older, and his eyes often had a depth that didn’t match his age.

“My biological parents are his adoptive parents, and he is just like my younger brother. In terms of qualifications, I’m afraid I’m more qualified than you.”

“Do you really think of him as a younger brother?” Zhuang Jingchun folded his arms and stared at Lu Rong suspiciously, his deep green eyes were like a sharp dagger.

“Besides, he has nothing to do with the Lu family. Don’t forget that your biological father threatened to sever the father-son relationship with him. Why do you bother to come here to pretend to be kind?”

“That’s what my dad said impulsively. The Lu family will always be his home, and Xiaozhou has nowhere else to go.”

Lu Rong’s tone was almost hysterical. He clenched his fists and glared at Zhuang Jingchun.

“I know that when Zhang Yan bullied Xiaozhou, you helped him. He had imprinted on you and wanted to repay your kindness. I can understand that. But Zhuang Jingchun, I advise you not to pretend to be affectionate. If it weren’t for you to give him a seat in F2, Xiaozhou wouldn’t look at you at all. And I can give these things to him in the future.”

The corner of Zhuang Jingchun’s mouth twitched, and he suddenly clapped his hands.

“What a touching brotherhood, but… a brat who hasn’t graduated from college like you wants to fight me? Let’s talk about this when you can take over the Lu family’s company.”

After speaking, Zhuang Jingchun ignored Lu Rong’s extremely ugly face, turned around, and left.

Xu Xizhou sat in the room, waiting anxiously. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted him.

“You two didn’t fight, did you?”

Zhuang Jingchun massaged his forehead helplessly and looked askance at Xu Xizhou, “Do I look like someone who argues with brats?”

No matter how sophisticated and calm Lu Rong was to the outside world, he was essentially still a youth in his early twenties, and Zhuang Jingchun’s aura in front of him was almost crushing.

Thinking of this, Xu Xizhou suddenly pitied Lu Rong a little. After all, Zhuang Jingchun’s poisonous tongue was not something an ordinary person can stand.

“That’s good, it scared me. What did you two talk about?”

Zhuang Jingchun looked at Xu Xizhou’s eyes, and suddenly remembered the imprinting thing that Lu Rong said, and inexplicably felt upset.

“Nothing, just exchanged a few polite greetings and checked each other’s current situation.”

Seeing Xu Xizhou still wearing daytime clothes, he frowned slightly, “Why don’t you take a shower? It’s almost ten, go to bed quickly.”

Urged by Zhuang Jingchun, Xu Xizhou had no choice but to take his pajamas and go to the bathroom to shower. When he came out after washing, he found Zhuang Jingchun sitting at the table looking at the tie that Lu Rong gave him.

When Xu Xizhou walked next to him, he heard him tut in disgust.

“The color is really ugly.”

“I think it’s okay, it’s not as ugly as you said.” Xu Xizhou said. He took out the tie and brought it around his neck.

“Maybe it will come in handy when I meet some investors at a reception next time.”

“I am your investor. If you dare to meet me with this tie, I will immediately withdraw the investment.”

Zhuang Jingchun took the tie away from him and threw it back into the box.

“Dry your hair quickly and go to bed.”

The next day, Xu Xizhou woke up early in the morning. He often got up early on the weekends when there was a game.

While eating breakfast, he didn’t meet Zhuang Jingchun who lived on the same floor as him, but met Father Zhuang.

The other party somehow got a poster with his head on it, and the word “Refuel[3]Jiayou. Fighting. Since our dear Xiaozhou is going to race, this one is more fitting XD.” in Chinese was written on it.

“Xiaozhou, good luck with today’s game. Just do your best.”

Although Xu Xizhou was a little disappointed that he didn’t see Zhuang Jingchun, his mood brightened instantly when he saw the poster in Father Zhuang’s hand.

The morning was a free practice session. After running more than a dozen laps, Xu Xizhou went back to P room[4]Pit House to hold a technical meeting with the engineer to discuss how to adjust the performance of the car. The lessons of the last fuel leak were vivid in his memory, and Xu Xizhou will never allow himself to repeat the same mistakes.

After the meeting, Xu Xizhou still had various data and forms in his mind. He was stopped by the team manager as soon as he walked out of the meeting room.

“Xu, someone sent you something.” The team manager winked at him and smiled meaningfully.

“It seems that you have a fanatic fan.”

As soon as Xu Xizhou entered the lounge, he was startled by several huge flower baskets in the center of the room. On the round wooden table, there was also a square gift box.

The gift box was pure white with a dark green ribbon. Xu Xizhou was a little confused. He opened it and found that it was a well-made black suit with a dark green pinstripe tie inside.

Looking at that tie, Xu Xizhou thought of someone almost instantly. He touched the silky tie, his heart pounded, he was a little pleasantly surprised, but also somewhat unsure.

That guy wasn’t at the hotel early in the morning, did he go to buy him a gift?

As if answering his question, the phone in his pocket rang.

He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the caller ID.

Zhuang Jingchun sat at the desk by the window, cleared his throat, and asked after a few seconds, “Have you received the gift?”

“I got it, the tie looks great. However, why do you buy so many flower baskets?”

Zhuang Jingchun paused while holding the pen. He just asked someone to pack a suit and send it over. How could there be a flower basket? Could it be that the manager sent it on his own initiative?

“Maybe it was given by someone in the store. It’s good that you received it. I have a video conference in the morning, and I will watch the game in the afternoon.”

Xu Xizhou answered softly and hung up the phone. He walked to the flower basket with some doubts and found a gold-plated letter inside.

Written on it was a line of beautiful and elegant Chinese.

—-Baby, I wish you the best of luck! Get the results you want!

Xu Xizhou shivered violently. He can now confirm that these flower baskets were not sent by Zhuang Jingchun. Was it really one of his fans?

But this ‘baby’ was too mind-numbing!

Xu Xizhou was at a loss and stuffed the letter back again.


1 Monaco
2 Back garden. I thought it was a place’s name, turns out it has another meaning such as the development of economic strategy, kind of like a city with beautiful scenery, I guess.
3 Jiayou. Fighting. Since our dear Xiaozhou is going to race, this one is more fitting XD.
4 Pit House
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The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Xizhou was a high-spirited and extremely arrogant young master. That was until the real young master--Lu Rong--was welcomed home, the affection of his adoptive parents for the arrogant and willful Xu Xizhou was instantly withdrawn.  Unwilling, he tried to compete for favor with Lu Rong but was ridiculed, and finally was driven out of the Lu family.  When he was desperate, the mixed-race young master of the Zhuang family coldly threw a marriage contract to him. He thought that the other party was humiliating him, so he tore up the contract and went to his friends for help but he was framed instead. His racing career plummeted and he ended up dying tragically in a car accident.  Returning to that desperate rainy night, when the tall and handsome man handed over the marriage contract, Xu Xizhou only raised a single eyebrow and signed it!  Someone in the beginning (usually cold and aloof): We only have a contractual relationship, you'd better not think of something more.  Someone later (getting more and more irritable): These fans, don’t inconsiderately shout husband! He is obviously my wife!!  **  Watching Xu Xizhou win awards on the track and become an internationally renowned racer, the way the real young master looked at him was getting hotter; his adoptive parents regretted it and wanted to take him home to continue training him. Unexpectedly, Xu Xizhou's grandfather came to their door instead.  Top millionaire Grandpa: I’ll give you 500 million, stay away from my good grandson, do you hear me?  President Uncle: Dad, it's not good to spoil the younger generation like this. Secretary Wang, how much does it cost to buy an F1 team?  Designer Mother: Baby, your boyfriend doesn't seem to have a very good temper, why don't I find you a younger and more handsome one?  A certain someone:…… 


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