FYMWG ch22

He's Jealous

Chapter 022 He’s jealous

Hearing the team manager’s voice, Xu Xizhou quickly wiped the corners of his eyes and stood up from his seat.

He opened the lounge door and found a strange man in a suit standing beside the team manager.

“Hello, Mr. Xu, I’m the special assistant to the president of Ren Enterprise. I wonder if you have time tonight, our president wants to—”

“Sorry, I’m not free today.” Xu Xizhou was really not in the mood to deal with investors right now. He just wanted to be alone and not be disturbed by anyone.

Special Assistant Liu didn’t insist, but his face did not look good.

He returned to the VIP box and told Ren Junyun what had happened just now, with a hint of anger in his tone.

“This Xu Xizhou really doesn’t know what’s good. He’s just a third-rate racer. He didn’t even make it into F1, yet he still put on some air.”

“That kid just lost the race, so maybe he’s not in the mood to eat.” Ren Junyun didn’t think much of it either. He originally wanted to talk to the boy, and perhaps consider sponsoring him, during the meal. Since the young man was so ignorant of current affairs, he was too lazy to bother.

All in all, he had done his best to give the other party a way out of brushing off the Ren family’s face.

In the lounge.

Xu Xizhou sat back in his chair with a regrettable expression.

“Just now… I shouldn’t have rejected that assistant?”

Normally, Zhuang Jingchun would probably say that his impulsiveness may have cost the team a lot of sponsorship. Nevertheless, he couldn’t blame Xu Xizhou at this time.

“Since you’ve rejected them, why do you still think so much? What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I don’t have an appetite. I’ll just go back to the hotel and eat something later.”

“There will be a Sprint race[1]100km dash with no mandatory pit stop. tomorrow. Are you going to face it in this state?” Zhuang Jingchun held his arm and pulled him up from the chair with a firm tone.

“Follow me to eat something and then go back to the hotel.”

He took Xu Xizhou to a Chinese restaurant in town.

Xu Xizhou looked at the menu, seemingly uninterested, and ordered two dishes at random. He guessed that this was a nondescript Chinese restaurant, so he had no expectations. He didn’t expect the food to taste surprisingly delicious when it was served. Especially the Mapo Tofu and Kung Pao Chicken tasted exactly the same as the ones he ate in China.

“How did you find this restaurant?”

“I came to Melbourne to participate in a competition before, and my mother brought me here.”

This was the first time that Zhuang Jingchun took the initiative to mention his competition in front of him. Xu Xizhou suddenly became interested and stared curiously at him.

“Then…why didn’t you continue racing?”

Zhuang Jingchun was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly took off his glasses. He turned his face slightly, and the scar at the corner of his right eye was clearly visible in bright light.

“At the Monza circuit, my car overturned when cornering. At that time, the safety facilities of the racing car were not perfect.”

Xu Xizhou’s hand holding the chopsticks froze. He knew better than anyone else what the consequences would be if a racing car with a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour overturned.

Zhuang Jingchun was extremely lucky to survive.

Xu Xizhou suddenly felt that compared with Zhuang Jingchun’s experience, his feelings of loss and depression were nothing short of a fuss. He even blushed in front of Zhuang Jingchun, which made him feel embarrassed.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked these questions.” Xu Xizhou felt somewhat guilty.

Zhuang Jingchun smiled, unconcerned.

“It happened ten years ago, and I’m not that fragile.”

“Ten years ago?”

Xu Xizhou widened his eyes slightly, looking a little in disbelief, “Then how old are you now?”

He always thought that Zhuang Jingchun was only twenty-five. So, he was almost thirty?

Zhuang Jingchun obviously saw what he was thinking. He narrowed his eyes slightly, turned his chopsticks, and knocked his head in annoyance.

“Don’t ask what shouldn’t be asked. Eat quickly.”

After being comforted by Zhuang Jingchun, Xu Xizhou’s condition improved a lot in the sprint race the next day. Even when starting at the end, he was still able to overtake them and successfully get the points.

Although he missed the podium, Xu Xizhou’s mentality has calmed down. Anyway, there were still seven races to come, and he would win them back one by one.

The second game was in Monaco, with a gap of one month from the opener. Xu Xizhou took advantage of this time to return to school and hand in two papers.

Considering that he was a racer, the school did not require him to attend, and most of his classes were also online. However, this did not mean that the school’s requirements for him would be lowered. On days when he was not training on the track, he would stay in the apartment to check information and write papers.

One week before the Monaco Grand Prix, Wang Miao came to London to see him.

As soon as he entered Xu Xizhou’s apartment, he frowned, “Your place is too small, only about seventy square meters. Why don’t I change it to a villa with a housekeeper?”

“This is enough, Young Master Wang. I can’t afford to live in a villa with my current salary.”

Wang Miao sat on the bed and saw that there were thick piles of English materials on the carpet and on the bedside table, and he became dizzy.

“Do you just stay in the apartment and write papers every day? What a nerd. Let’s go out and be happy[2]Originally in English. with me tonight!”

After all, Wang Miao came all the way to see him, so Xu Xizhou had no choice but to be dragged to the bar by him.

As soon as he entered, his cell phone rang, and it was a text message from Zhuang Jingchun.

——I’m on a business trip in London. Would you like something to eat? I’ll bring it to you.

He came to London too? Xu Xizhou was a little surprised, and was about to reply when Wang Miao snatched the phone from him with one hand.

“Why are you looking at your phone when you come to the bar? Look up, there are handsome guys everywhere.”

Xu Xizhou raised his head helplessly, and after looking around, he was suddenly kind of dumbfounded. Why are there only men here?

“Why did you bring me to a gay bar?” He lowered his voice, his tone a little flustered.

“Relax, this is a rotten country[3]A slang term reflecting a perception of UK as decadent for its attitude toward homosexuality.. Look, there is a handsome guy with blue eyes winking at you at four o’clock.”

“He is winking at you.”

“It’s all the same, it shows that we are attractive.”

Wang Miao enthusiastically dragged him to the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary for him. Xu Xizhou frowned as soon as he took a sip.

Wang Miao finished drinking the Long Island Iced Tea in his cup, and threw a slice of lemon into his cup, “Don’t be so cautious, drink it all, and you’ll relax after drinking it.”

Xu Xizhou stared at the glass of Bloody Mary suspiciously. He didn’t want to show his timidity, so he simply raised his head and drank the glass of wine like a traditional Chinese medicine.

The cold liquor sliding down his throat ignited a flame as it reached his stomach.

Under the blurred and dim light, Xu Xizhou’s handsome face gradually turned crimson. His thick eyelashes blinked, and his expression showed a hint of fragility.

Wang Miao stared at his side face, but couldn’t move his eyes for a moment. He stretched out his hand and was about to touch Xu Xizhou’s face when the cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

“My… phone, give it to me…” Xu Xizhou reached out to him.

Wang Miao glanced at the incoming call and reluctantly handed him the phone.

“Your apartment is not lit, where are you?”

On the other end of the phone, the man’s voice was a little cold.

“I’m—” Xu Xizhou felt a little dizzy, struggling to think of the answer.

The loud background music was transmitted, and Zhuang Jingchun interrupted him directly, “Is it a bar, which one?”

Xu Xizhou said the bar name with a slur. He still wanted to chat with Zhuang Jingchun, but the other side had already hung up. He smacked his lips in disappointment and threw the phone back into his pocket.

“It’s boring. Werther, get me another Margarita.”

“What did Zhuang Jingchun tell you?” Wang Miao looked at him somewhat jealously.

“I don’t know. That guy… he’s always been weird anyway…”

Xu Xizhou drank another glass of margarita. Probably because the alcohol had taken an effect, his tense nerves relaxed a lot, and he felt a little floaty.

“Hey, handsome Easterner, can I get to know you?” A magnetic voice sounded. It was the handsome blue-eyed guy they noticed when they first entered the bar.

“Sorry, he’s taken.” Wang Miao gave the blue-eyed handsome guy a cold look, then directly grabbed Xu Xizhou’s waist and led him out of the bar.

As soon as they reached the door, a slender figure stood in front of the two of them.

“Zhuang Jingchun, what are you doing here?”

“You’re holding my boyfriend, what do you think I’m here for?” Zhuang Jingchun stared at Wang Miao’s hand on Xu Xizhou’s waist, his expression extremely bad.

Wang Miao laughed, “Lao Xu told me the relationship between you was only an agreement, so what you said is not true at all.”

Zhuang Jingchun raised the corners of his mouth ironically, “You can believe this kind of thing, but it’s just a couple’s play/interest. It’s just for fun. Otherwise, you can ask him who he wants to go with?”

“Xu Xizhou, who do you choose?” Wang Miao asked unwillingly.

Xu Xizhou raised his dazed black eyes. He had drunk a lot of liquor, his head was groggy, and in his blurred vision, there seemed to be a pair of familiar green eyes staring at him.

He didn’t even think about it and threw himself into the arms of the green eyes owner.

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1 100km dash with no mandatory pit stop.
2 Originally in English.
3 A slang term reflecting a perception of UK as decadent for its attitude toward homosexuality.
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The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Xizhou was a high-spirited and extremely arrogant young master. That was until the real young master--Lu Rong--was welcomed home, the affection of his adoptive parents for the arrogant and willful Xu Xizhou was instantly withdrawn.  Unwilling, he tried to compete for favor with Lu Rong but was ridiculed, and finally was driven out of the Lu family.  When he was desperate, the mixed-race young master of the Zhuang family coldly threw a marriage contract to him. He thought that the other party was humiliating him, so he tore up the contract and went to his friends for help but he was framed instead. His racing career plummeted and he ended up dying tragically in a car accident.  Returning to that desperate rainy night, when the tall and handsome man handed over the marriage contract, Xu Xizhou only raised a single eyebrow and signed it!  Someone in the beginning (usually cold and aloof): We only have a contractual relationship, you'd better not think of something more.  Someone later (getting more and more irritable): These fans, don’t inconsiderately shout husband! He is obviously my wife!!  **  Watching Xu Xizhou win awards on the track and become an internationally renowned racer, the way the real young master looked at him was getting hotter; his adoptive parents regretted it and wanted to take him home to continue training him. Unexpectedly, Xu Xizhou's grandfather came to their door instead.  Top millionaire Grandpa: I’ll give you 500 million, stay away from my good grandson, do you hear me?  President Uncle: Dad, it's not good to spoil the younger generation like this. Secretary Wang, how much does it cost to buy an F1 team?  Designer Mother: Baby, your boyfriend doesn't seem to have a very good temper, why don't I find you a younger and more handsome one?  A certain someone:…… 


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