FYMWG ch17

The Past

Chapter 017 The Past[1]Literally: Life’s Experience

At this time, in far-off B City.

The International Internet Summit Forum was in full swing. In the VIP lounge, a figure in a suit hurriedly opened the door and walked towards the gray-haired old man surrounded by reporters in the center.

He whispered something in the old man’s ear. The old man’s eyes narrowed, and the hand holding the cane clenched unconsciously.

“I’m sorry, everyone, we’ll have another interview next time.”

The old man apologized to the reporter in a very gracious manner, then turned around and walked into the corridor with the secretary.

“Are you sure? He’s really caught?”

“The fingerprints and DNA have been compared. It’s the scum who kidnapped madame and young master back then.”

“Dear heaven[2]CMIIW, 阿典在天有灵啊(lit: Spirit in heaven) seems to be an expression of grief…” The gray-haired old man trembled slightly, and tears glistened in his eyes.

“Officer Wang would like to ask you to go to the police station in person. He still has something to tell you face to face.”

“Okay, I should also go and thank Officer Wang for not giving up for so many years.”

When they arrived at the police station, the old man and the secretary sat in the reception room for a few minutes. Soon the glass door was pushed open, and a tall and thin policeman with a weathered face walked in.

After some exchange of pleasantries, Officer Wang quickly got to the point.

“This time, Wancheng police conducted a joint interrogation with us online. The suspect confessed to the crime. At the same time, we discovered a significant new clue.

“Mr. Ren, you must be mentally prepared for what I will say next.”

The old man seemed to have a premonition, and his left hand tightly grasped the golden silk Nanmu walking staff in his hand.

“The suspect admitted that he kidnapped your daughter-in-law and grandson eighteen years ago, but he denied killing your grandson. According to the suspect, after the police arrived, he and another accomplice planned to drown the baby. However, he temporarily became compassionate, and quietly threw the baby on the mountain. When we found the baby’s hat by the lake, we thought…”

When the old man heard what the policeman said, a frightening light suddenly burst out of his eyes. He swayed unsteadily, but he straightened his back without being supported by the secretary.

Confusion, sadness, and hatred flashed on his face.

“Can you believe what a vicious criminal said?”

“We are mobilizing the police force to go to the lake where the accident happened that year. When the lake is drained and there is no baby’s skeleton in it, it will prove that what he said is true.”

“However, it’s in the wild mountains, my grandson…”

Officer Wang knew his concerns and immediately said, “We didn’t find any bones on the mountain at that time. If your grandson survived, he should have been picked up and adopted by nearby villagers.”

The old man nodded, showing a rare fragility on his usually cold face, “If he is really alive, counting his age, he is now… eighteen years old.”


After learning that he assisted the police capture a wanted criminal who had been on the run for eighteen years, Xu Xizhou was so proud these days that he walked with a straight back.

It took him a week to get his driver’s license, and then he had to go to the club and resign. When the students knew that he was leaving, they all hugged his thigh and cried uncontrollably.

“Brother Xizhou, will you come back after going abroad?”

“I went abroad to compete, not to live there, of course, I will come back.” He patted the head of the kid who was crying on his waist, took out a handful of lollipops from his pocket, and shared one with each other.

“You guys should work hard too. Especially you, Guangyuan. You will be able to participate in the European karting championship in half a year. Let’s meet in the European arena, shall we?”

The boy named Guangyuan was the tallest among them. He was holding a lollipop. His eyes were bright and resolute, and he nodded vigorously.

After coaxing the children, Xu Xizhou went to Meng Hui’s office.

“I didn’t expect you to return back to F2 in the blink of an eye. I knew it was impossible for you to be trapped in this small club.”

“Coach, thank you for taking me in. If it weren’t for you, I really don’t know what value I would have left after leaving the Lu family.”

“You have always been a talented and hardworking child. How could you not find your own value?” Meng Hui patted him on the shoulder with a smile and suddenly turned his gaze to the floor-to-ceiling windows, where the familiar black Mercedes was parked quietly.

“Speaking of which, I really didn’t expect that you and Jingchun would come together.”

When Xu Xizhou and Zhuang Jingchun appeared together at Lu Rong’s coming-of-age ceremony, the news spread like wildfire, and almost everyone in Wancheng knew about the relationship between the two.

Seeing Meng Hui’s teasing look, Xu Xizhou didn’t know how to explain it. It’s probably best not to explain because otherwise, Meng Hui would be so angry that he would have a heart attack if he knew that they were just in a contractual relationship.

“But I’m not surprised. After all, he used to be a racer just like you.”

Xu Xizhou’s eyes widened when he heard Meng Hui’s words, and he looked at him incredulously, “What are you talking about? Zhuang Jingchun also used to be a racer?”

That guy who looked like a business elite and didn’t seem to be interested in anything has ever participated in such a thrilling and exciting sport as racing?

“Didn’t he tell you?” Meng Hui was the one surprised now. He frowned and thought for a few seconds, and said with some uncertainty, “It seems that he still has a hurdle in his heart, after all…”

He realized that he shouldn’t carry on. He quickly stopped talking, and smiled at Xu Xizhou, “Go, don’t keep him waiting.”

Xu Xizhou got into the black Mercedes full of curiosity.

He stared left and right at Zhuang Jingchun’s face. The scorching gaze almost burned a hole in his face.

“What?” Zhuang Jingchun glanced up at him while processing documents on the laptop, “no money to treat me to dinner?”

Xu Xizhou had promised him before that he would treat him to a big meal as soon as he got his driver’s license.

“I still have the money to treat you to dinner, okay? I was just thinking…”

Forget it, now didn’t seem like a good time to ask these questions. What’s more, he was also hungry, so the most important thing was finding a tasty restaurant as soon as possible.

Xu Xizhou picked a Cantonese restaurant that he often visited.

They chose the booth by the window. As soon as they were seated, Xu Xizhou took the initiative to pass the menu to Zhuang Jingchun who sat opposite him. He said with a smile, “You can order first. After all, you are my Gold Master Daddy[3]Financial backer now, so I have to take good care of you first.”

Zhuang Jingchun snorted lightly. The corners of his mouth curled up imperceptibly. He ordered pork rib porridge and some snacks, and when he was hesitating about whether to add a pineapple bun, a surprised voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Xiaozhou, what a coincidence?”

The author has something to say: Finally, the text is getting closer and closer…


1 Literally: Life’s Experience
2 CMIIW, 阿典在天有灵啊(lit: Spirit in heaven) seems to be an expression of grief
3 Financial backer
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The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Xizhou was a high-spirited and extremely arrogant young master. That was until the real young master--Lu Rong--was welcomed home, the affection of his adoptive parents for the arrogant and willful Xu Xizhou was instantly withdrawn.  Unwilling, he tried to compete for favor with Lu Rong but was ridiculed, and finally was driven out of the Lu family.  When he was desperate, the mixed-race young master of the Zhuang family coldly threw a marriage contract to him. He thought that the other party was humiliating him, so he tore up the contract and went to his friends for help but he was framed instead. His racing career plummeted and he ended up dying tragically in a car accident.  Returning to that desperate rainy night, when the tall and handsome man handed over the marriage contract, Xu Xizhou only raised a single eyebrow and signed it!  Someone in the beginning (usually cold and aloof): We only have a contractual relationship, you'd better not think of something more.  Someone later (getting more and more irritable): These fans, don’t inconsiderately shout husband! He is obviously my wife!!  **  Watching Xu Xizhou win awards on the track and become an internationally renowned racer, the way the real young master looked at him was getting hotter; his adoptive parents regretted it and wanted to take him home to continue training him. Unexpectedly, Xu Xizhou's grandfather came to their door instead.  Top millionaire Grandpa: I’ll give you 500 million, stay away from my good grandson, do you hear me?  President Uncle: Dad, it's not good to spoil the younger generation like this. Secretary Wang, how much does it cost to buy an F1 team?  Designer Mother: Baby, your boyfriend doesn't seem to have a very good temper, why don't I find you a younger and more handsome one?  A certain someone:…… 


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