“Dear passengers, your flight is about to arrive at Wancheng Airport, and the ground temperature…”

The pleasant and soft voice of the flight attendant came from the broadcast, there was a faint commotion in the otherwise quiet cabin.

“My goodness, have you seen the breaking news these days? The son that the boss of Lu’s real estate has raised for 18 years is not his biological son, but a wrong one!”

“Which Lu’s real estate?”

“Just the most famous one in Wancheng. Isn’t his son a racing driver? I heard that he has entered F2 and hopes to enter F1.”

“Fuck, how did you find that out ….”

Amidst the noisy discussion, only one boy by the window looked exceptionally quiet. He was wearing a black cap, his side face was angular, his thick eyelashes were slightly drooping. He was closing his eyes and resting. Suddenly, he seemed to hear familiar words. He frowned, and slowly opened his eyes.

It was still a familiar cabin with blue striped seats. This was the third hour after his rebirth, and nothing has changed.

When he got off the plane, he took a deep breath of the smell in the air. The faint smell of grass and a little oil smell didn’t feel pungent to him, on the contrary, there was a sense of freshness in it.

At the exit, the driver of the Lu family was already waiting there holding a sign. Xu Xizhou wanted to laugh a little, even though he was a fake young master, Uncle Zhang still performed his duties as always.

“Little Young Master, you’re back.”

Xu Xizhou competed abroad all year round, he also studied abroad in junior and senior high schools. His time of returning home was very short every time. The driver who rarely saw him was a little happy. However, his brows furrowed slightly from unknown thoughts.

Instead, Xu Xizhou patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhang, I haven’t seen you for a few months. Why is your white hair become more visible? Eat more black sesame to nourish your body.”

The driver sighed and whispered, “Madam and Master picked up the Eldest Young Master a week ago.”

To distinguish Xu Xizhou, the fake young master in the Lu family, it was agreed that he would be the Little Young Master. As for the real Young Master, he was naturally the Eldest Young Master he mentioned.

“That’s good.”

The driver looked at the smile on the boy’s face and felt more and more uncomfortable, “Young master, actually, you don’t have to do this … I know you must feel uncomfortable. Madam and Master should have told you about it in advance.”

There was no need to inform an outsider like him about their family. Xu Xizhou had already wanted to start a new life for a long time.

In late winter, the courtyard of the Lu family was still lush with trees. Xu Xizhou shook his head for a moment as he stood at the gate with his suitcase in hand. Soon, a familiar frivolous smile hung on his face.

“Mom, I’m back.”

Xu Mei was making tea in the living room. When she heard this voice, she looked happy. She immediately put down the teapot, wrapped her shawl, and greeted him with a smile.

It was as if his position in the family had never changed if he ignored the boy who was similar to his age sitting at the other end of the sofa.

Noticing Xu Xizhou’s eyes, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Xu Mei’s face.

“Xiao Zhou, I forgot to introduce your brother to you. This is Lu Rong, your father just changed his name yesterday. You will live together in the future, so you two better get to know each other.”

The boy sitting on the sofa was thin, apparently had not fully adapted to this family.  He looked somewhat timid. When the boy in the cap measured at him, he was also measuring the other.

The man was the same age as him, wearing a black bomber jacket and dark jeans. The tall and handsome man seemed unruly, his whole temperament was outgoing and dazzling. Compared to him, Lu Rong looked more like a fake young master.

Lu Rong bit his lip, and a trace of uneasiness crossed his pretty face. He stood up somewhat nervously and tried to straighten his back.

Xu Xizhou shook hands with him, he said self-deprecatingly,
“I’m sorry, the dove has occupied the magpie’s nest for so many years.”

“What are you saying, Xiao Zhou, your biological parents have not been found. Haven’t we discussed it? You will still live in the Lu family, just like brothers. How can you call yourself a dove that occupied a magpie’s nest?”

Xu Xizhou knew Xu Mei has good intentions, but she didn’t know that sometimes good intentions could bring misdeeds. If he insisted on staying, he was bound to end up the same as in his previous life.

He didn’t explain anything to Xu Mei but went up to the second floor to get his things. As soon as he opened the door of his room, he was taken aback.

Ah yes, how did he forget that his bedroom was occupied by Lu Rong when he came to the house, there were no more of his belongings in this room.

Xu Mei followed him all the way to the second floor. Seeing his dazed expression, she quickly explained, “Xiao Zhou, I’m really sorry. You compete abroad all the year round and rarely go home, your room is always empty. In addition, Xiao Rong has a little calcium deficit. The doctor said that he should bask in the sun more. The sunshine in your room is the best … Xiao Zhou, can you forgive Mom?”

Xu Xizhou turned his head and entered the second bedroom next door, and all his belongings were piled up inside. He rummaged through the box and found his most precious signed poster, only then did he show a slightly relaxed expression on his face.

“It’s okay, this is his home, he can live wherever he wants. ”

Only then did Xu Mei realize that his tone seemed to be wrong. He looked at the poster in his hand. This was an autographed photo of his favorite driver. Speaking of which, Xu Xizhou didn’t bring up the suitcase at all but kept it at the entrance. What on earth is this kid doing?

“Xiao Zhou, you should rest now, I’ll ask the housekeeper to bring up the suitcase.”

“No need, I’ll leave right away.”

“Where are you going?”

Suddenly there was a majestic low voice from behind her. When Xu Mei saw the visitor, a relieved smile appeared on her face, as if the guilt in her heart had finally been shared.

“Old Lu, why are you only coming home now? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The man took off his coat, Xu Mei took it from him, then turned to look at Xu Xizhou, smiled, “Don’t be silly, I asked Auntie Wang to cook some Jiuniang Yuanzi[1]Glutinous rice balls in rice wine.. It must be hard for you to sit on the plane for so long. Have a drink later.”

“Dad, Mom, I’m serious. I’m an adult. You have no obligation to raise this unrelated son. Lu Rong is your biological son. I’ll move out tonight.”

“Where else can you go after leaving Lu’s house? To your scoundrel friends’ place?” The man sneered softly, thinking that he was playing a tantrum. He said with some disdain and ridicule,

“You’re accustomed to being pampered since you were a child. Can you live without the Lu family? ”

Xu Xizhou shrugged, “I really want to try. Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, thank you for taking care of me for so many years.”

He bent down and bowed deeply to the two of them. Only then did Xu Mei see that he was not joking, but that he had really decided to go. Her brows immediately furrowed with worry.

“Xiao Zhou, don’t be impulsive, let’s sit down and have a good talk.”

“Let him leave if he wants to leave. I bet he’s going to come back depressed in two days!”

Lu Feng was angry at the thought of having helped others raise their son for so many years for no reason. He attached great importance to inheritance by blood. If Xu Xizhou was his own son, he could bear his arrogant and domineering temper, but without this layer of blood relationship, the subtle shortcomings of the boy suddenly become unbearable.

See? This is what happened if he were to stay in the Lu family. Any negative emotions will be interpreted and magnified by them, and they will return it to him several folds.

Xu Xizhou made up his mind, glanced at Xu Mei apologetically, clenched the signed poster in his hand, and turned to go downstairs. When passing by the living room, he saw Lu Rong sitting on the sofa and looked at him in consternation.

Xu Xizhou blinked at him, smiled indifferently, and walked out of the door with his suitcase.

The air outside was cold, he took a deep breath, and the cold air poured into his lungs, which made him shiver.

He didn’t feel cold. Instead, he had unspeakable relief and relaxation in his heart. He looked up at the night sky and strode forward.

An hour later, in an apartment somewhere in the city center.

A tall man wearing a black down jacket and holding the car keys looped in his hand said as he pushed the door, “Look at you, why don’t you call me in advance, you must’ve been badly frozen outside, right? Are you not afraid of affecting your class?”

Xu Xizhou changed his shoes and stamped his numb feet at the entrance. When the light turned on, he glanced at the living room. Compared with the Lu family’s villa, it looked much smaller but inexplicably made him feel warm.

Yuan Mu knew what he was thinking as soon as he saw him, and habitually wanted to tease him, “I have to wrong the Young Master … ” then he realized that it was wrong and quickly swallowed the rest of the words back.

Xu Xizhou sat down on the sofa carelessly, but then continued his words, “This living room is indeed quite small, but this Young Master doesn’t mind.”

Yuan Mu kicked him, took out a packet of tea from under the coffee table, and began to boil water.

“I can’t tell at all, you actually have such an interest in maintaining your health.”

Yuan Mu rolled his eyes and covered the teapot. “How could I buy things like tea? He bought it when he was on a business trip.”

Yuan Mu has been his physical fitness coach since he was 15. He has followed him back and forth at home and abroad. Their relationship is that of a teacher and friend. Half a year ago, Yuan Mu and his lover decided to get married. Considering that the separation would affect their feelings, he chose to return home as a private coach.

“I heard that the Trey Team doesn’t intend to renew your contract. What are your plans next?”

The in the kettle made a boiling sound, Xu Xizhou looked at the steaming vapor with blank eyes.

“Take one step at a time.”

A month ago, he learned from the media that he was not the Lu family’s biological child, and was greatly hit. After that, the state of his match declined all the way. Let alone to stand on the podium, he didn’t even enter the top five. The team manager who was full of confidence in him was greatly disappointed, and the investors and shareholders of the team were also dissatisfied with him.

Xu Xizhou couldn’t help thinking that if he had been reborn earlier, at least he wouldn’t have performed so abysmally this season.

Before returning home, Lu Feng talked with him on the phone. At the end of this season, he would not spend any more money to support his racing career, he would only support him to finish college.

Car racing has never been a fair competition. When selecting drivers, the team will comprehensively consider their driving level and financial resources. Now, he was not qualified for any of them.

“Don’t say that. Let’s look at your room.” Yuan Mu was afraid that he would feel uncomfortable, so he changed the topic.

Xu Xizhou lay on the bed, not feeling sleepy at all. He just turned 18 two months ago, and he originally planned to apply for a university in the UK at the end of the season, so that it was convenient to participate in the competition. Now, it seems that he can’t afford the high tuition fees with the remaining salary on his card. But, if he wanted to take the national college entrance examination, then he would have to start over again ….

The mobile phone on the bedside table vibrated. He picked it up and saw that it was a message from Xu Mei.

[Your dad only said that in momentary anger, don’t take them to heart. It’s okay to go outside for a break, but you must remember to go home, okay? ]

Seeing that message, Xu Xizhou’s nose felt a little sour. Even if everything was restarted, that was the home he grew up in, how could he give it up so easily?
He suppressed the feeble emotions in his heart and forced himself to sleep.

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to lose everything. At least he’s still alive ….

Xu Xizhou woke up at dawn. He didn’t sleep well as he had been dreaming about what had happened in his previous life all night. He sighed, glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside, hugged the pillow, and was about to fall asleep when the phone suddenly rang.

He was a little surprised when he saw the caller ID.

When he heard what the man on the other end said, the surprise in his eyes was even greater.

“Are you sure … you are looking for me?”

The author has something to say:
I’m starting a new story, trying a completely new subject. Hope everyone will support it!!
PS: Regarding the surname issue, Xiao Xu followed his adoptive mother’s surname.


1 Glutinous rice balls in rice wine.
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The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Xizhou was a high-spirited and extremely arrogant young master. That was until the real young master--Lu Rong--was welcomed home, the affection of his adoptive parents for the arrogant and willful Xu Xizhou was instantly withdrawn.  Unwilling, he tried to compete for favor with Lu Rong but was ridiculed, and finally was driven out of the Lu family.  When he was desperate, the mixed-race young master of the Zhuang family coldly threw a marriage contract to him. He thought that the other party was humiliating him, so he tore up the contract and went to his friends for help but he was framed instead. His racing career plummeted and he ended up dying tragically in a car accident.  Returning to that desperate rainy night, when the tall and handsome man handed over the marriage contract, Xu Xizhou only raised a single eyebrow and signed it!  Someone in the beginning (usually cold and aloof): We only have a contractual relationship, you'd better not think of something more.  Someone later (getting more and more irritable): These fans, don’t inconsiderately shout husband! He is obviously my wife!!  **  Watching Xu Xizhou win awards on the track and become an internationally renowned racer, the way the real young master looked at him was getting hotter; his adoptive parents regretted it and wanted to take him home to continue training him. Unexpectedly, Xu Xizhou's grandfather came to their door instead.  Top millionaire Grandpa: I’ll give you 500 million, stay away from my good grandson, do you hear me?  President Uncle: Dad, it's not good to spoil the younger generation like this. Secretary Wang, how much does it cost to buy an F1 team?  Designer Mother: Baby, your boyfriend doesn't seem to have a very good temper, why don't I find you a younger and more handsome one?  A certain someone:…… 


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