Fragrant Plantain Lily SJHP Ch7

Fragrant Plantain Lily


Feng Rong breathed a sigh of relief. In the past, she was young and not sensible. Thus, she was not very close to Nanny Hu. Although Feng Rong came to visit the Sui shi from time to time in the past three years, she had few opportunities to get along with Nanny Hu, thus she was inevitably very unfamiliar with Nanny Hu.

However, she knew that Nanny Hu was rewarded by the nobles from the palace. She was a person who had seen the big scenes. She followed Sui shi only because the two were childhood friends. It was said they were masters and servants but were more like sisters who supported each other.

Sui shi was dead and Nanny Hu had no children. Feng Rong was thirteen years old and needed an experienced person to take care of many things for her. If Nanny Hu could follow her, it would be great!  If she wanted to keep Nanny Hu, it was only natural that she should look up to Nanny Hu.


In a short time, they arrived at a more remote compound of Ci-Yu Nunnery. They entered only to see the main room standing, flanked by two small side rooms. There were a total of three rooms and the courtyard wall formed a quadrangle model. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a Qionghua tree with green leaves reflecting red fruits. It was very charming and beautiful.

“After the old lady was buried, this old slave arranged her belongings and put them in the East Wing room. The main room is locked. Miss, please come this way.”

Nanny Hu led Feng Rong all the way to the East Wing room. After searching for a while, she took out a package and put it on the table. When Feng Rong sat down, Nanny Hu took out a teacup and prepared to pour tea. Xizhi took over and asked Nanny Hu to sit down. Her resourcefulness made Nanny Hu look at her more.

When she opened the package, she saw that there were three semi-large wooden boxes inside, which were a little old and unlocked. Nanny Hu picked up the top wooden box and opened it.

“Here are some jewelry left by the old lady. Although the style is a bit old, these gold and silver materials are very good, and gems and pearls are also good things. The old lady said to leave these to you. If you don’t think these are beautiful, take them to a jewelry store to melt them and rebuild them.

The inside of the box was as Nanny Hu said, filled with gold and silver jewelry. There were pearls and hairpins too. Feng Rong glanced at them. They were all very precious.

Feng Rong’s face moved, and she nodded. When Nanny Hu saw it, She picked up the second box and said: “Here are some land deeds and silver tickets. The Feng family suffered three years ago. The old lady sold some for a living, but in fact, most of them are still there. Although the operation of shops and farms is much worse than before there was still some income in these past two years. In addition to the land deed, there are two thousand Liang silver tickets, which are the old lady’s private money. The old lady said these are all left for the young lady as a dowry.”

After the relics were handed over, Feng Rong had to pay respect to the Sui shi. Sui shi’s tomb was in the back mountain of Ci-yu Nunnery. In fact, the Feng family’s cemeteries were all here. Sui shi’s, including Feng Rong’s father and mother, were all buried in the back mountain of Ci-yu Nunnery.

The reason why Sui shi chose to stay at Ci-yu Nunnery was more or less because of this. After taking a short rest, Feng Rong took the scriptures she had copied at the minister’s residence and offered them to Sui’s tablet before going to the back of the mountain to offer incense.


[T/N: Hello dear readers! Surprise surprise, two chapters this week! Cause it is a short chapter. And your xiao encyclopedia is back again. Idk if you were wondering what the topic of the chapter meant. It was basically a type of lily. Since I am a curious cat, I did. So I did my research and the lily is considered the flower of the Death and most often used in funerals. The meaning of lilies in the language of flower means devotion, purity, and rebirth. So, it is a very apt name for the chapter.

Have a good day or night. XDXD ]

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