Forget it  SJHP Ch-9


Before Feng Rong could react to what had happened, Xi Zhi had already pounced on her and shouted, “Are you alright, young lady? Are you hurt?”


She pulled Feng Rong up, and looked her up and down. She was relieved to see that she had no injuries other than her hair being messed up. As soon as she was relieved, Xi Zhi held Feng Rong back and cursed in the direction the arrow had come from: “Which one of you has no eyes and is shooting at people with arrows?” Xizhi’s roar was full of anger. She was really angry.


The arrow came at Feng Rong furiously and fortunately missed. Had it been a little further away, it would have been a direct hit. Finally, the arrow entered a large tree behind her. The arrow sank completely into the tree trunk, leaving only the tail feathers moving slightly. With a slight movement, it could be seen that the archer had used a lot of power. If the arrow had really hit Feng Rong, her thin body would not have been able to withstand it and she would have died on the spot.  Xizhi was so scared that her legs were trembling.


“Who is shooting arrows? Come out here at once!” Xizhi shouted again, and the woods were surprisingly quiet.


“Which little lady is shouting, eh? Chongguang, we seem to have hit someone.”


A man’s voice was heard from deep in the woods, and after a while, two men on high horses jumped out of the sheltered woods and were quickly in front of them.


“You’re the ones shooting arrows?” Xizhi’s momentum did not diminish at all, and it almost made Feng Rong jump.


Xizhi saw one of them dressed in white brocade robes, riding a red horse. He looked like an immortal.


The other person was dressed in a Xuan robe, with a solemn face, not to mention the backs and waists, but he was extremely sturdy. He looked a bit cold and ruthless. When he saw Feng Rong and the two of them, he nodded slightly and said,”I was the one who shot the arrow, I don’t know if I hurt you two girls.”


[T/N: Xuan means “black or dark]


His tone was cold, but his demeanour was humble and he seemed different from the person who spoke earlier.


“Of course there are injuries. Do you know that if your arrow had been just a little bit higher, my young lady would not have survived at all? Who are you? I don’t know if this hill is a hunting ground or not, but if someone’s life is really hurt, how will it be repaid?


Feng Rong did not utter a single word from start to finish, but Xizhi was already pointing and coughing at people like a defeated rooster, without leaving them any face.


When the man in black saw this, he immediately dismounted from his horse and came up to them, bowing his hand and saying: “I was being reckless. I saw a turtledove in the woods and made a bet with my friend to see who would hit it. I didn’t expect to see anyone in the woods. I apologize to you girls. If you are really hurt, please feel free to tell me, and I will take responsibility.”


“Hēng! Who…”


[T/N: Hēng! is an exclamation. ]


“Xizhi, that’s enough.” Feng Rong interrupted Xizhi and gave a slight curtsy to the man in black. She continued, “I don’t think this young master did it on purpose. In short, I didn’t get hurt, so forget it.”


When Xi Zhi heard this, she became anxious, “Young lady, this can’t be forgotten, you were just a fraction of a second away from dying, I say we shouldn’t let such people go who don’t take human life seriously.”


The man in white couldn’t listen any longer and rolled off his horse with a flourish, and said: “We have already apologized and your master has said forget it, but you still won’t let up. Your lady is a sensible person, but why did she bring a servant like you?”


“Who’s being unforgiving? Who’s being unreasonable? It’s obvious that you almost hurt someone and I’m just saying a few more words!”

Xizhi exploded at once like a cat with fried fur that couldn’t be touched.


“Hou ye!”


“Xi Zhi!”


A man and a woman’s voices, short and sharp, sounded at the same time, one thick and one thin, intertwined in harmony.


[T/N: Hou ye = Marquis. ]


“Marquis?” Feng Rong was the first to react and looked across at the two men in confusion.


“Yes, I am Xu Guan, Marquis of Changping, this is General Huaihua, who has just been appointed directly by the Emperor, little girl, are you afraid?”


Xu Guan introduced himself. He looked at Feng Rong and Xizhi with some pride, and his tone was inevitably a little provocative.


Feng Rong’s heart sank, the Marquis of Changping and the General of Huaihua, neither of them she could afford to mess with, and as her mind wandered, she said: “So it’s the Marquis of Changping and the General of Huaihua. It’s this little girl who couldn’t see Mount Tai. In any case, I’m fine. I didn’t want to pursue this matter, but if you want to make a bet next time, please don’t do it in a crowded place. It was my fault, I hope you won’t be offended.”

[T/N: I know. I’m generous all of a sudden. Its cause I maybe going on a hiatus soon. Just spoiling my readers!!! See you all next week.]

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