Flower picker SJHP Ch5

It was quiet at first, but when they reached the street, there was gradually the sound of hawkers from the surrounding stalls.


Feng Rong didn’t come out much, so she lifted the curtain. She put one hand on the carriage window, the other hand supported it, and her head rested on her arm to look outside.


She saw the warmth of the people outside, the smoke from cooking, the people coming and going, and various stall vendors passing by her eyes from time to time. All of it was so colorful she felt overwhelmed.


Because of the reign of a female emperor in the country of Qu, the common people were enlightened. Women’s status was not limited to one-third of an acre in the deep house’s backyard. At that time, it was nothing for women to show one’s faces in public. There were women who were doing business with great success. What’s more, women were also able to be officials, but few women had such intelligence. Therefore, Feng Rong’s move was unusual.


Li Yanting saw that she was fascinated, so he drove his horse over and said, “I remember seeing my cousin seldom coming out. I thought you didn’t like coming out, but looking at you, it’s clearly not like that.”


Feng Rong tilted her head, leaned against the carriage window, and replied, “Who said I don’t like to come out, I’m just too lazy to move.”


“Yes, Yes, I forgot that you were so lazy. In the past, you liked to sleep every winter. Sometimes we couldn’t see you all day. Yan Jiang also said that you are a lazy cat who loves to sleep.”  Li Yanting hummed and laughed.


When Feng Rong heard this, her face flushed and she was a little annoyed.”Well, sister Yan Jiang actually made fun of me like this. I didn’t know it before, but now I do. When I go back I have to find her to settle the account with her!”


Li Yanting laughed out loud when he saw her being embarrassed. “What kind of account are you asking her for? It’s obvious that you are flustered, and took offense.”


“Cousin!” Feng Rong became more and more annoyed. In front of him, she was unable to refute. Her face grew redder and she couldn’t say a word except call his name.


“Okay, okay, I’m teasing you, you’re taking it seriously.”  Li Yanting saw that she was furious, so he stopped provoking her.   As soon as his legs clamped on the horse’s belly he rushed to the front leaving Feng Rong alone. Her face was red and white in anger.


At this time, the carriage happened to pass by a teahouse. Two Qionghua trees were planted in front of the teahouse, and the Qionghua fruits were just growing so well. When the carriage approached, she only needed to reach them with one hand.


Her thoughts had not yet returned and she had already reached over gently. A red Qionghua fruit stained with dew was in front of her. After a tug, the fruit fell from the tree into her hand. When Feng Rong saw it, she couldn’t help but smile. She smelled what was in her hand and thought of a poem she was taught.


“If a flower can be plucked, it must be plucked.

Don’t wait until there are no flowers, only to break the branches.

Although I don’t pluck a flower, it’s a fruit,

But in the end, let me be a flower-picking gentleman.

When the Qionghua blooms, it’s as big as a disk and as white as jade.

In autumn, the fruit has another flavor,

A seductive color that makes people happy when they see it.”


With this in mind, the anger earlier provoked by Li Yanting had also dissipated a lot. This was how she had always got along with Li Yanting, he loved teasing her. They could not say a few words before Feng Rong would get so angry that she would get ready to leave the city gates immediately. There was nothing to see.


She retracted her half-crawling (reaching out) body, took the Qionghua fruit, and sat back in the carriage.


The flower picker’s eyes were attracted by the flowers, but she didn’t know that she had also fallen into the eyes of others, which had become another kind of scenery.

Upstairs in the teahouse, in an elegant room, leaning against the window, Li Zhi’s hand was holding a teacup. The teacup was frozen in the air while his thoughts went away with the carriage far away.


Another chattering man saw that he looked dazed. He stretched out his hand to shake in front of Li Zhi and asked, “Jun wang jun wang, did you hear what I said?”

“Hmm? What did you say just now?” Li Zhi looked back with a trace of confusion in his eyes.


Seeing him like this, Song Qingbai was very angry and immediately said with hatred: “I just said that the old man in my family was restless again. Recently, he has always been mysterious and seems to be secretly communicating with… I said, jun wang, what are you looking at?”


[T/N: Finally!!! Entry of male lead! I was waiting for this. XDXD ]

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