Flower Buyer SJHP Ch6

Li Zhi pressed the teacup to his lips and took a sip. He tapped the rim of the cup gently recalling the scene just now. He was listening to Song Qingbai’s complaint when a crisp and sharp voice caught his attention.


He followed the voice and saw a man on a horse escorting a carriage. A young girl sat in the carriage leaning against the carriage window looking angrily at the man on the horse. He thought she was the one who shouted “Cousin” just now. She was just a young girl. She wasn’t stunning. She could only be said to be charming and lovely. She was wearing a light cyan Ru skirt that was not luxuriant. She was probably in mourning. A white flower was pinned on her head, with two silver hairpins and nothing else. Even her ears were not adorned.


She seemed to be a little angry, her face was a slight red and puffy, but her face looked more like jade. When the man she called her cousin drove the horse away, the carriage also passed the main entrance of the tea house. He saw her suddenly reach out her hand. Her hand looked snow-shite with a jasper bracelet that was slightly red against the background of the flower tree. She broke off a Qionghua fruit and her fingertips became soaked by the morning dew on the branch. She took a slight sniff of the red fruit.


He couldn’t figure out whether the red fruit enhanced the jade-like person or the person brought out the beauty of the red fruit. It was very charming and lovely. Then, he heard her lamenting about being a flower-picking gentleman, which made him laugh.


How great this little person was to know how to pick flowers. The first thing you could do was to get a good idea of what you were speaking about. It was evident that there was no shortage of gaudy books. Thinking of this, Li Zhi couldn’t help laughing.


[T/N: Hi readers!! So I don’t want to be nosy and explain everything but you all may wonder what Li Zhi means when he laughs at Feng Rong. So, the literal translation of  ‘采花人’ is ‘flower picker’. Here, ‘采花’ also refers to ‘deflower’. Then Li Zhi thinks that this little Feng Rong has a supply of adult romance novels when he mentions ‘the gaudy books’. Enjoy reading.]


He said to Song Qingbai: “I’m sorry, I was distracted. Go on. I will listen carefully this time.”

Song Qingbai was helpless. He also looked in the direction Li Zhi was looking at just now, but he didn’t see anything interesting. When he saw that Li Zhi was serious, he carried on with what he just said.


On this side, Feng Rong didn’t know she had broken a branch while others were looking at her. After traveling for most of the day, they finally arrived at the Ci-yu nunnery before dinner was served. After eating dinner, Li Yanting could not stay. Feng Rong sent him to the entrance of the Ci-yu nunnery.


Li Yanting said, “I’m going to go back, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.” Feng Rong nodded in response, and said: “Cousin, be careful on the way.” Li Yanting nodded, and without further delay, led his attendants down the mountain without looking back. Feng Rong watched Li Yanting’s figure fade away. She just felt that she hadn’t seen him for two or three months. He was half a section taller. When standing with her, Feng Rong had to look up. Feng Rong’s eyes were bleary. She looked at her side in a trance. Next to her, a grey-haired stern-looking nanny opened her mouth: “Miss, let’s go in.”


Feng Rong came back to her senses in shock. She looked at the nanny with clear eyes. She couldn’t help feeling guilty. Her palms were suddenly sweating, for fear that the nanny would see something. She hurriedly raised the corner of her mouth and said, “Yes, Nanny Hu.”


The old nanny was surnamed Hu. She came from the palace and was strict in nature. She was brought to the Feng family by Sui shi. She was the closest person to Sui shi. After the Feng family had fallen into ruin, Sui shi dismissed the servants who survived the fire leaving only Nanny Hu to take care of everything after Sui shi’s death. Feng Rong got the news of her grandmother’s passing from Nanny Hu as well.


“Since the death of the master and his wife, the old lady had been suffering from depression, and her health was getting worse and worse. In the past three years, she had seen that the young lady was doing well under the protection of your aunt. The last heavy burden in her heart was also put down. The young lady doesn’t have to be sad, and the old lady was relieved when she left.”


While leading Feng Rong Nanny Hu said: “The old lady also left something for the young lady when she left. This old slave put it away well. May Young lady follow this old slave.”


“I haven’t been by my grandmother’s side for the past three years. It’s all thanks to Nanny Hu’s attentive care. Rong’er would like to thank Nanny Hu for this. ”As she spoke, Feng Rong slightly bowed and saluted Nanny Hu.


Nanny Hu’s face relaxed a bit and she moved to help her: “If this old slave was really useful, she wouldn’t have asked the old lady to mourn and lament in Ci Yu Nunnery all day long, this old slave can’t afford to accept this salute, please get up quickly.”


“Don’t say that, Nanny Hu. When Rong’er was young, she couldn’t even take care of herself, let alone take care of her grandmother. Fortunately, you were always by her side, so that this ungrateful granddaughter could feel a little more at ease.” Feng Rong said and looked at Nanny Hu with gratitude. Xizhi also spoke next to her: “Yes, it’s a shame that Nanny Hu is excusing herself like this.”


Seeing that in just three years, the young lady in front of her had become much more sensible, Nanny Hu was relieved and touched. She reached out and took Feng Rong’s hand, and said with emotion: “Miss has grown up… “


The relationship between Feng Rong and Nanny Hu was further deepened by Feng Rong’s words. At least Nanny Hu was no longer making a stern face and her expression while looking at Feng Rong also softened a lot.

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