Fight Off The Annoying Team Ch 3

Fight Off The Annoying Team

The training room, the bunker, as its name, they really had to reach each pedal that appeared in quicksand quickly, and the person who was shot down and made three mistakes was judged to be out.
[Someone In The Crowd]
“Stay away from her. She is a sham little witch, and always pretends to be weak. If she get into the punishment room, we will be out of luck!”.
“Yes, that’s right! Although Lu An Ru defeated Li Yilan in the monthly test and choose to strike, Li Yilan has defeated everyone else in his class. I have to admit that Lu An Ru is a good one, she is in 14th place in the monthly examination but pretended to be weak, it’s disgusting!”
Lu An Ru heard the words, and instantly make her shiver with the word “Training Room”, cause it reminded her of a terrible punishment.
Different training rooms have different types of punishment. For example, there is a sand pit punishment room, which is the quicksand drowns out the body, making us overwhelm and run out of breath.
Absolutely, the punishment room sounds scary, but in fact, it’s not intense as running fast in the sandpit. The scary part is physiological, it will drain all the patience and confidence of the losers. In a truly dark environment, you have to calm down. Once you panic and miss the clues of the first appearance, the punishment time will increase continually.
But if you didn’t miss any single clue from the start, follow the lead step by step. You can get out of the punishment room within 3 hours. Also, if you finish half an hour longer than usual, you will lose your break time.
However, following the clues is easier said than done!(Hufftt!). Lu An Ru suddenly remember the first-class sandpit training room, where of the 57 people at that level in the club and only 3 people didn’t enter the punishment room.
Counted, Gao Ying is the first person in the primary martial arts club, followed by Li Yilan and Ning Guang. Lu An Ru who was half-hearted stayed up until eight o’clock in the evening and struggle to get out of the punishment room. She had to stay up late to make up for the missed afternoon classes and homework.
Perhaps, because she was like most people, just a regular person, she often goes into the punishment room, and Li Yilan didn’t even know her before the monthly exam.
After the monthly examination, the way Li Yilan and other people behave towards her it’s not the same anymore. Even though he’s different from the most man who talks good or bad behind her, whenever he encounters Lu An Ru’s contemptuous glance at the exit door of the punishment room, he secretly curses out familiar words.
“She’s Pretending Again!”
If only Lu An Ru heard it and looked at each other, the man will at least immediately run away. Those who are highly intelligent would say “Don’t worry about this, it’s only because you are too humble, which makes people a bit unbearable” as the saying goes, you will have no friends when you are too pure.
The people close to Lu An Ru were all her teammates for the entrance examination. In fact, if Lu An Ru didn’t mean to be so arrogant, the only person who knew the pain was herself. In 24 hours, she was able to set aside all her limitations within only 10 minutes. Therefore, every time she takes an exam, she chooses to make a quick decision, she is used to it. She is afraid to show her weakness or even reveal her secret.
Since she was a child, she wakes up unnaturally and forgets everything. And, whenever she sees her mother’s in tearful and worried face, her heart will hurt too. So she keeps telling herself not to make her mother sad anymore.
That’s why she forced herself to exercise, also she got help by every time she heard the special code from her younger brother call, it was like an information call from her brother “Sheng Ming”. Then she will force herself to quickly concentrate her mind and bring back her memory, so she practices for ten minutes to reach the limit.
While thinking about it, makes her shoulder bumped.
The strength is very particular about the method and method and takes the body which was supposed to be tilted toward the center of quicksand, back in the opposite direction. Lu An Ru winked gratefully at Gao Ying, and then continue to pay attention to the thread that might appear on quicksand at any time.
[Suddenly] In the blink of an eye, a light blue pedal appears diagonally.
Judging from the distance between the two pedals, and considering the fact that the pedals they are standing on disappear within five minutes unless someone with strong legs can jump easily, others will definitely not be able to jump without a warmup.
From the overall situation, it seems necessary to create a space for jumping by clearing the field. In this case, there are no weak players who can enter the Yuexiang intermediate level. Compared with the other three clubs, the martial arts club is known to have much higher training intensity. People know that a moment of weakness means elimination.
They automatically imagined their camps, omitted the formalities, and began to fight.
Gao Ying pulled Lu An Ru behind her for the first time, blocking Li Yilan’s heavy punch aimed at Lu An Ru.
[Since Gao Ying passed the junior level exam and suffered many losses in Lu An Ru at that time, she changed her brute force style. She approached the ancient books of her family and began to practice Taichi. (Chinese Martial Arts)
Like a breeze, both her hands wrapped around Li Yilan’s sandbag fists, pushing and shoving him to resolve his move. With a graceful posture, she took the time to turn her head and warned Lu An Ru “Focus! Unless you want to go into the punishment room, I won’t wait for you!
“OK”. Lu An Ru solemnly agreed. Automatically focus to protect the three people around her, and getting ready for battle. The three of them are related. There are Ning Guang the prince of Xia Guo, Li Mo who is the deputy general of the shadow guard, and Liao Lang, the son of Colonel of the Royal Guard of the Xia Kingdom.
Stay around in connection, doesn’t mean that he is weak, Ning Guang has received intensive training from a private physique teacher since he was three years old, and has been familiar with the use latest weapons. Even if there is a difference between virtual electronic weapons and real guns in class, Ning Guang’s teacher will only teach ahead of time, and there will never be a situation where Ning Guang is unfamiliar with weapons.
After all, even a small mistake can cost his teacher future, or even his life.
As for the other two, Li Mo and Liao Lang were strong, and their mission was to protect Ning Guang. With these three people around, Lu An Ru would have been a hard, unless she accidentally fell into a bunker, or run out of mind to get someone to grab a ticket, it would be very difficult for him to knock him out in a fight. Also in fact, Ning Guang private lessons are far more than the curriculum in the academy, but for some reason Ning Guang is always present in every Huang Qite’s evil physical training class. Gao Ying and Ning Guang as the main force in team, Li Mo and Liao Lang were on the side, makes Lu An Ru happy about it.
Whenever he saw the resentful eyes both of them, full of chagrin and hatred that he wanted to beat her but they can’t, Lu An Ru would take care of that person more. The people attacked again and again, whoever protects Lu An Ru, they were not afraid to offend anyone.
In Yuexiang, especially in martial arts club, there is no privilege for the most powerful country. Even if the prince from the strongest country, Xuang Guang, no matter how he is praise by a lot of people, still have not to special to be promoted to the intermediate level of Martial Arts, there is no exception. The people are talked about the reason why Lu An Ru and Ning Guang are chose to the martial arts club became a hot topic, they’re gossiping in the spare time before the class start. Sheng Ming, Lu An Ru’s younger brother was the president of law clubs, he went in and became the group’s favourite.
And looking from Lu An Ru’s image, she is more fit in the healing club. It’s said that the president of the the healing club invited her to join, but was declined. No matter which side she choose, she is more fit in the martial arts club.
Lu An Ru choose the martial arts club like a vicious witch, with a deceptively sweet appearance, and doing all the bad things tormenting people.
Some people have no choice but get a conclusion that Lu An Ru is just looking for fun, it’s seems like she’s having pleasure from someone else’s pain. They are barely figure out the reason why Lu An Ru joined the martial arts club, but Ning Guang reason, still makes them unbelieveable. In their opinion Ning Guang is most suitable in literature club, which specialized in “The Study of Dark”, “Kuan Tao”, and “The Art of Imperial Mind”. Ning Guang joined, and so many people flattered by him.
Anyway there is a private tutor for the royal family, so Ning Guang can stay in the literature club and finish the intermediate course easily, and choose martial arts as a minor. It’s not a pleasure to train a fighter. Still can’t figure out what is Ning Guang trying to do, so they prefer to speak with their fist. Heaven has no way to go, and insist on staying in hell to be humiliated, don’t blame them for being rude!.
The 2-3 people standing face to face, the five of them exchanged glances and reach a tacit understanding. They gathered together to supress the five of them, and the rest of their position could be set free for a while, before fight off the annoying team first.

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Magnificient Years

Magnificient Years

Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Synopsis : [Main Line] Lu An Ru : “My existence is to break the unfairness”. The crowd insult : “Sorry to say, You’re such a big BUG”. [Introduction] Lu An Ru : “The future I want is simple, it’s only you and me in the glorious times, and no one could snatch it away”. The crowd laughing : “Look at that! shameless people are going to show off again in the daytime”. Then there is a man behind Lu An Ru, the corner of his mouth curled up like this the last mercy of God before reaping her life. The crowd lowered their voices down : That’s right, give us more shit. I can’t beat a man or curse a woman, what else can I do? o(╥﹏╥)o)


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