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While Su-Gyeom was mesmerized and looking at the four people, the cell phone was constantly ringing. Their eyes seemed to say, “Don’t answer the phone,” but they couldn’t ignore the call from the director, the agency’s top authority. There was no reasonable reason to do so.

“Hello, hello……?”

In the end, Su-Gyeom answered the phone while looking at the members. He thought that he might get burned by the intense gaze.

-What’s wrong with your voice?


-What’s the matter?

Seo-Wook seemed to have noticed something strange as soon as he heard Su-Gyeom’s voice.

The reason was clear. It was because the four people in front were glaring at Su-Gyeom. They are also the same people who confessed to him.

But even if his mouth was torn, Su-Gyeon couldn’t say it straight. Oh, no. He wouldn’t do it even if his mouth was torn.

“Oh, nothing.”

Su-Gyeom lied.

-Something’s wrong. If you don’t tell me, I’ll go now.

“……Oh, nothing’s going on.”

-I’ll go now.

“Now, hold on…… Director? Director?”

Su-Gyeom shouted vainly at the disconnected cell phone. It’s amazing that he noticed something happened in that short call. Su-Gyeom couldn’t believe that the director of the agency would run right away.

Moreover, it was close to midnight now. Even if it was a lover, they would not necessarily go right away at this late hour. Su-Gyeom was embarrassed that the director would know what was going on.

It occurred to me. It would have been better that way. Only then did Su-Gyeom feel much more relieved.

“The director is coming.”


“Yes, now.”

So, please get out of here.

He couldn’t actually say those words but his lips turned upwards. Su-Gyeom answered Lee-Gyeom’s question as if he had been waiting and looked at the four with expectations.

However, contrary to what was expected, the four stood still and remained in place. They even started to have a mysterious conversation that was not understandable to Su-Gyeom.

“It’s better.”

“I know. At this point, we have to ensure everything is sorted”

“That’s right. We can’t do this forever.”

“I think so too.”

What are they even talking about?

He doesn’t know the meaning of the conversation, but for some reason, Su-Gyeom’s eyes trembled uneasily because it was not a good sign for him.

“Well, what are you talking about?”

“We will arrange it.”

Su-Gyeom swallowed his dry saliva and opened his mouth again.

“Well, what do you mean by that? What do you want to organize? Wait, answer me! What do you mean, what is it, what is it!” The four of them left Su-Gyeom’s room like what they had been holding out until a while ago was all a lie.

It was very grateful that those who were about to take off Su-Gyeom’s pants immediately stepped down on their own, but when they stepped down like this, it was uncomfortable.

Su-Gyeom called the four urgently, but none of them stopped. He even looked determined as if he was going to war.

At this point, Su-Gyeom couldn’t stay still either. Su-Gyeom quickly followed the members to the living room.

“What’s that?”

Four people turned after hearing Su-Gyeom’s voice. However, the energy from them was terrible, so Su-Gyeom soon regretted his actions.

“Why, why do you… Is that so… I’m curious because you’re talking nonsense…….”

Su-Gyeom lowered his voice and muttered as if he were making excuses in a crawling voice.

Then Han-Sol burst into a small laugh. However, it was completely different from the bright smile he usually showed, which made him feel good just by looking at it.

“Hyung, do you really want to know?”


Su-Gyeom barely answered Han-Sol’s question after swallowing his dry saliva.

In fact, he have some bad premonition in his mind until he gave a short answer. It was because he was afraid to know the truth when he thought it was something that kind and warm Han-Sol could ask like that. Why, isn’t there a saying that ignorance is bliss? That’s how heavy he felt when he said, “Do you really want to know?”

“It’s the difference between four or five.”


Su-Gyeom couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he heard something he shouldn’t have heard.

He doesn’t know, but the four probably meant the members. But why five?

Of course, there are five U-PITE members, including himself, but in context, it was strange to add him.

Then, no way…….

“Do you mean the director…?”

Su-Gyeom carefully put the anxious thoughts that flashed through his head, and soon burst into a false laugh and shook his head.

“Haha, that can’t be true.”


“…How could it be, by any chance?”


“No, it’s not, is it?”


“Ah, answer me!”

The only thing he heard was silence. Su-Gyeom didn’t expect that not hearing an answer would be so nerve-wracking.

It was absurd that the director would like him, but at the same time, it was also ridiculous to think the members would fall for him.

Well, yes, he tried up to a hundred to a thousand and flirted with the members. The members misunderstood it and had a crush on him. Of course, this also didn’t make sense in Su-Gyeom’s common sense.

However, if Su-Gyeom had to add a reason, it was even possible to rationalize it by saying, ‘It’s his fault.’

But the director was different.

What’s so regrettable about that great director, he likes a rookie idol who has nothing. The idol belongs to his company. Even the gender is the same.

“Hey, no matter how hard it is, that’s not it. Why would the director like me?”

“I can give you tens of thousands of reasons, why someone would like Hyung.”

Yoo-Chan responded firmly to Su-Gyeom’s self-deprecating words.

Su-Gyeom was honestly moved by his unexpected immediate answer.

Although his confession was still embarrassing, it made Su-Gyeom’s heart cry when he heard from someone, “There are tens of thousands of reasons to like you.”

Even if he was not fond of the other person, anyone would be agitated by these words. Su-Gyeom soothes his trembling heart by self-justifying himself.

“Uh, anyway, the director like me? I don’t think so. It’s impossible.”

“Well, whatever. It’s fine.”

Lee-Gyeom interrupted and answered.

If Lee-Gyeom had answered more seriously, it would have been easier for Su-Gyeom to deny it. However, when he tried to pass over the director’s feelings as if it was nothing, it became more worrisome.

Su-Gyeom swallowed his dry saliva and looked at the four people nervously. Then Su-Gyeom immediately came to his senses. It was because it was time for the director to arrive soon.

Let’s bounce. He should leave for now.

It was not something he would think about long enough. Su-Gyeom immediately rummaged in his pocket. Then, without delay, he entered the room and picked up the cell phone that was rolling on the bed. Su-Gyeom doesn’t know where his wallet is, but there was a card linked to his cell phone, so it would work out somehow.

“Where are you going?”

“Wherever. Don’t look for me. Don’t worry. I won’t miss our schedule.”

When Tae-Won asked, Su-Gyeom answered quickly and roughly wore his shoes. However, as soon as Su-Gyeom was about to open the front door, the door opened on its own.

To be exact, it was open outside. And the person who opened the door…….


Su-Gyeom stepped back when he saw the person he didn’t want to face the most right now.

I knew it! The director has feelings for our bb too.

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A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

망돌의 공식 수가 되겠습니다
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a ‘bottom’ in the coupling fans had pushed. But because I resented such an image, I attempted to change it by growing out a beard, tanning, and even packing on muscles. As a result of my transformation, an irreversible loss of fandom began… Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down. Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a ‘bottom’ and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be. Then one day, as I had wished, I inexplicably returned to my early debut days… Now all I wished for was happiness! As such, I had vowed to become the ‘bottom’ of U-PITE in earnest and walk only on the path of success. However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my ‘bottom’ act.


  1. Sadie Woods says:

    There’s always a power dynamic element with all the issues that come with it when that higher position joins the competition. This can be fluffy and fun but only if everyone plays fair (or at least unfair in the same way). The worry of course is the director will use his privileges to threaten his way to the top. I don’t necessarily get that vibe from him of course, but I hope this goes in a warmer direction than that nonetheless. I’m rooting for a harem ending though at this point. Haha! I just love everyone too much to choose.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  2. KK says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh the cliffhanger

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