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There was a brief silence. Su-Gyeom’s big eyes moved busily in the strangely heavy silence. Meanwhile, the chat window was going up scary.

“He is jealous. Yoo-Chan said he liked me and so I asked Lee-Gyeom to touch me.”

Lee-Gyeom showed a strong reaction.

In this life as well as in the previous life, Su-Gyeom was the one who played the role of trying to spark flies for the ship, but Lee-Gyeom is not the same.

He doesn’t know what happened to Lee-Gyeom, but Su-Gyeom couldn’t miss this current opportunity.

Su-Gyeom lowered his head slightly as if shy, lowered his gaze, and slapped Lee-Gyeom on the shoulder.

“Oh, what! Why are you jealous about that?”

It was a reproachful remark, but the smile with a slight smile was just shy and sweet. Fans who saw this almost cried in the comments.

[What’s wrong with you guys? I’m so scared. What’s wrong with you guys?..]

[Was today the last day of my life?]

[Don’t make me misunderstand]

[I’m so serious]

[It’s raining hard]

[Is it just meI need clarification.]

[Stop it!! Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What are you going to do if a rookie gets a scandal!!!]


While measuring the time to draw the line, he knew that it was time and finished.

“Oh, Lee-Gyeom, it’s burdensome! I belong to everyone. Don’t try to restrain me.”

For a moment, Lee- Gyeom narrowed his eyebrows disgruntled by Su-Gyeom’s words. He quickly relaxed his expression as if he realized the camera was in front of him, but Su-Gyeom only saw the change in that moment. He was embarrassed because he couldn’t understand why he looked so dissatisfied.

The chat window became more active.

[Song Su-Gyeom, you fox… I love you…]

[Cute cutie to change something cute]


[Did you see Lee-Gyeom’s disappointed expression? Did you see it?]

[I love U-PITE]

[I don’t know. Why don’t you two kiss?]

[I just came in]

[What was that just now?]

[Lee-Gyeom’s expression]

“Ha ha, there must have been a lot of things that the two of them talked about secretly. I’m a little sad”

Tae-Won intervened in the conversation, shaking generously as if trying to calm the atmosphere. However, unlike his kind smile, his tone was somehow cold.

“I know. Except for us, just the two of you. No? Three? Anyway, it’s too much.”

Without having time to find out why Tae-Won was like that, this time Han-Sol talked to him. Su-Gyeom sneaked a glance at the two of them because he felt a little cold.

Just in time, Min-Seung sent a sign to end the broadcast with a gesture. Su-Gyeom was relieved.

“It’s sad because of our next schedule, but I think we have to end the broadcast here.”

“Thank you for coming.”


“See you at 2 pm on DJ Yanglim’s exciting afternoon radio!”

“Bye! See you later!”

“Thank you for coming in today.”

Starting with Su-Gyeom’s greeting, Lee-Gyeom, Tae-Won, Han-Sol, and Yoo-Chan all calmly greet each other. Leaving the chat of the fans who were disappointed behind, U-PITE ended the live broadcast.

“Wow, did you see the number of viewers just before the show ended today? There are 19,000 people. 19,000 people.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah. If I had broadcasted a little more, there would have been more than 20,000 people.”

“Oh my god!”

Su-Gyeom also raised his voice with shining his eyes at Min-Seung’s exciting words. The excitement sped up the conversation. Su-Gyeom was just excited and forgot the subtle atmosphere just before the end of the broadcast, hummed.

“We can go do the radio live now.”


Su-Gyeom smiled brightly and walked in line with Min-Seung walking ahead. He was just proud to think that he successfully dragged the aggression on the live broadcast without caring whether the members were following behind or not.


“Hello! Nice to meet you.”

U-PITE entered the radio broadcasting room where preparations for the broadcast were in full swing, Yang-Lim was reviewing the script, got up from her seat and greeted them kindly.

“You can sit down.”

The radio writer said cheerfully. U-PITE bowed to the writer and sat down one by one.

Radio broadcasting was a relatively less familiar to Su-Gyeom. He looked around the broadcasting room with a curious mind.

He heared a knock, and Min-Seung appeared with a man pulling a cart.

“What is this?”

“The lunch box that the fans sent.”

“Oh my god!”

It was not the first time to receive the commonly-known tribute lunch box, but he couldn’t help but be amazed every time he received it. Looking at the beautifully packed lunch box, soothed his heart’s throbbing with emotion.

The eyes of the U-PITE members were soaked in happiness as they received the lunch box handed over by Min-Seung one by one. Min-Seung delivered lunch boxes to Yang-Lim and the staff of <Exciting Afternoon>.

“Wow, do you have ours, too? Thank you. I should take a picture.”

Yang-Lim must have received lunch boxes from idol fans once or twice as much as he was on a radio show, but he thanked them with sincere emotion.

Then he recommended U-PITE to take a picture. U-PITE stood up next to Yang-Lim, and Yang-
Lim showed the lunch box clearly. Then, the photographer of “Exciting Afternoon” ran as if he had been waiting and skillfully pointed at the camera.

“Thank you~ I’ll enjoy the food.”

As soon as the photo shoot was over, Yang-Lim smiled brightly and thanked him once again. Thanks to his soft and friendly personality, the atmosphere before filming was good.

Su-Gyeom felt that the radio broadcast would go relatively well. He calmed down his trembling heart, hoping his hunch would be right.

It wasn’t long before the <Exciting Afternoon> broadcast began.

“Hello, I’m DJ Yang-Lim of this exciting afternoon!”

As soon as the broadcast began online, Yang-Lim skillfully made a greeting. Then, he read the script’s phrase smoothly.

In addition, he quickly read text messages from viewers flying in between with accurate pronunciation.

Su-Gyeom was deeply impressed by Yang-Lim. He was doing the radio broadcast and his job brilliantly.

In fact, Su-Gyeom had a dream of becoming a radio DJ later on. It is important to be successful as U-PITE, since he will not be able to be an idol forever, so he should prepare for other things and then maybe he could be a broadcaster.

Even baked on his own judgment, he didn’t think he could be an actor. Being good-looking is not enough to be the male lead.

Su-Gyeom is alson thinking of working as a solo artist, but he doesn’t know if I’ll do well or not every time he release a song. At least, it seemed to Su-Gyeom that a radio DJ could do for a relatively long time without any ups and downs.

“Now, let me introduce today’s guest. I’m already getting a lot of text messages to hurry up nd introduce them.”

At Yang-Lim’s words, Su-Gyeom came to his senses. While he was lost in thought for a while, it was already time to introduce.

“Today’s guest is the hottest rookie group these days! It’s a U-PITE!”

“What’s this planet?”

“Hello, we are U-PITE!”

As soon as Yang-Lim’s words were over, Tae-Won started an introduction. The rest of the members took over his words. “They are here. Finally, U-PITE is here on an exciting afternoon. Aren’t you coming too late?”

“I know, I’m sorry we should have come a little earlier.”

“Ha ha, when the next album comes out, please come to us first.”
“Of course!”

Yang-Lim and Tae-Won exchanged conversations with each other, speaking generously. Soon after, Yang-Lim asked the members to introduce themselves.

“Hello, I’m the leader and rapper of U-PITE, Sun Tae-Won!”

“Hello, I’m lead vocalist Lee-Gyeom.”

A simple and ordinary introduction followed. Su-Gyeom winked at the camera and waved his hands.

“Hello! I’m U-PITE’s main vocalist and everyone’s lover, Song Su-Gyeom.”


Yang-Lim burst out laughing as Su-Gyeom’s words were funny. As his laughter subsided, Han-Sol took over the introduction.

“Hello, I’m Han-Sol!”

“Hello, I’m Do Yoo-Chan.”

“Good. We listened to the introduction of U-PITE members. There’s an impressive introduction, so I can’t skip it. Everyone’s lover, Song Su-Gyeom, can I ask you something?”

When Yang-Lim made a mischievous expression and started, Su-Gyeom swallowed his dry saliva with tension.

Su-Gyeom you did this to yourself, now welcome to the hot seat. I’m not busy now and would be going back to my old update schedule

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A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

망돌의 공식 수가 되겠습니다
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a ‘bottom’ in the coupling fans had pushed. But because I resented such an image, I attempted to change it by growing out a beard, tanning, and even packing on muscles. As a result of my transformation, an irreversible loss of fandom began… Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down. Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a ‘bottom’ and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be. Then one day, as I had wished, I inexplicably returned to my early debut days… Now all I wished for was happiness! As such, I had vowed to become the ‘bottom’ of U-PITE in earnest and walk only on the path of success. However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my ‘bottom’ act.


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