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The response to “Wish Petal” was hot. Su-Gyeom couldn’t say it was awesome, but it was enough to say it was successful. U-PITE has imprinted on the fans as well as the general public.

Although it is often believed that idols only sing similar dance songs, U-PITE gave the image of performing ballad songs well through this “Wish Petal.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“What are you watching?”

“Huh? Uh, just our ranking.”

Han-Sol scratched the back of his head embarrassed by Su-Gyeom’s question. Su-Gyeom burst out laughing at the reaction.

“I can’t believe we got such a good result.”

“I know, it’s amazing to me, too.”

Su-Gyeom responded with a grin at Han-Sol’s words. After a short conversation, there was an awkward silence between the two.

Su-Gyeom was worried because he told Han-Sol that he would commit assault in the future.

Of course, he didn’t lie or point out what was not confirmed, but he was still sorry. Above all, Su-Gyeom couldn’t believe that the sweet and kind Han-Sol would hit someone. Even if that’s true.

“Sol, you know what?”

“…Yes, go ahead.”

Han-Sol said with a rather bitter smile as if he knew what Su-Gyeom was going to say. Su-Gyeom looked at his face, his lips stuck together for a long time.

“It’s all right, you can say it.”

“No, I just don’t want you to pay too much attention to what I’m saying…….”

Su-Gyeom muttered quietly because he felt sorry. Then Han-Sol smiled brightly. The smile was so bright and pretty that Su-Gyeom felt even more uncomfortable.

“To be honest, I still don’t know. I thought a lot after hearing what you said. Did I really, why? What happened? Is it true? Oh, of course, it’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that I had that many thoughts.”

Han-Sol quickly added a back remark as if he was worried that Su-Gyeom might misunderstand. Su-Gyeom nodded lightly at the words.

“I know, what you mean.”

“Thank you for knowing.”

“No, I don’t want you to thank me.”

While he was endlessly sorry, Han-Sol said thank you, so Su-Gyeom even waved his hand. Then Han-Sol laughed playfully.

“Hey, I said thank you. Why are you sorry?”

Su-Gyeom laughed after. His attitude was clearly an effort to relieve the awkward atmosphere. A part of his heart felt sorry and grateful.

“Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it. But I don’t think I would have done it for no reason.”

“I don’t either! I don’t think you could ever do that for no reason.”


“Of course!”

Han-Sol smiled at Su-gyeom’s confident words. He seemed genuinely pleased.

“Thank you for believing me.”

“Hey, why are you thanking me for that? What did you usually do? Honestly, I can’t believe it either. That’s how good your image is.”

“I feel good that you say that.”

Su-Gyeom felt more comfortable with his sincere words. When his posture became as comfortable as his comfortable mind, he put his head on Han-Sol’s shoulder and leaned on it.

His broad shoulders supported Su-Gyeom’s small head with stability. As both his mind and body became at peace, he fell asleep easily.

“Are you sleeping?”

“Yes, I am sleeping.”

“Sleep comfortably. Why do you sleep like that?”

“It’s comfortable now.”

Su-Gyeom replied, muttering in a sleepy voice. Han-Sol listening smiled pleasantly. His body trembled lightly as he laughed, but even that tremor was just comfortable for Su-Gyeom.

“You know, Sol…….”


“No matter what happens, I’m on your side.”


“Yes, really.”

“……it’s touching.”

“I really wanted to tell you this.”

In his past life, he couldn’t say this to Han-Sol because many things were constantly happening at the same time.

Su-Gyeom trusts him more than anyone else, but he couldn’t ask him if he was okay or say something for him.

It remained unsatisfied.

In fact, he lived without knowing what happened to Han-Sol. It was because so much happened that he was out of my mind. Then too much time passed and he missed the chance to give him comfort.

To say what you have to say at the right time. He learned from a single death that the fact was really important. Therefore, Su-Gyeom vowed to say what he wanted to say so that he would not regret it later in this life.

Feeling relieved, Su-Gyeom smiles happily and rubs his head on Han-Sol’s shoulder. Han-Sol gently swept Su-Gyeom’s hair, which was rubbing like a cat.

Su-Gyeom felt drowsy and was falling asleep.



Su-Gyeom opened his eyes with a strange sound at the voice calling him. When he looked at the other person with resentful eyes who interrupted his sweet sleep, the person laughed as if he was ridiculous. The person was Lee-Gyeom.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Let me talk to you.”

“No, I’m going to bed.”

“If you sleep now, you can’t sleep at night.”

“Am I a baby? If I sleep now, I can’t sleep later?

“It’s about the same.”

“What are you saying?”

Su-Gyeom’s eyes widened at Lee-Gyeom’s sudden initiation of a quarrel. Regardless, Lee-Gyeom only shrugged his shoulders lightly. The bad luck made Su-Gyeom feel emotional.

“What is it, say it!”

“Not here.”

“Ugh, it’s so annoying.”

Su-Gyeom jumped out of his seat while complaining. Han-Sol looked at Lee-Gyeom with a firm face, but Su-Gyeom, who was still drowsy, was too busy to see Han-Sol’s expression.

While following Lee-Gyeom to the veranda, Su-Gyeom still did not like what he called him. In the meantime, the reason for following Lee-Gyeom was simple. It was because he was wondering what the hell he was going to talk about.

When he stood on the veranda, which felt a little chilly, Su-Gyeom’s sleepiness vanished. Su-Gyeom glared at him resentfully.

“Hurry up.”

“That’s really not true.”


“I don’t know who I am dating, but definitely not true.”


“I’m telling you.”

Su-Gyeom closed his eyes tightly at Lee-Gyeom’s words. He’s called him as if he’s going to tell an important story.

He can’t believe it’s just that. Do you want to fight? Su-Gyeom glared at him, pressing down his anger.

“Whatever it is, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“……I got it.”

Su-Fyeom wanted to get angry, but for a moment, Lee-Gyeom looked so desperate that he couldn’t say anything that came to mind. Of course, it may be unfair, but there would be no need to say it so desperately.

“Not at all. I mean……”

“I know”.

“Don’t get me wrong.”

He honestly didn’t understand what the misunderstanding was. First of all, Lee-Gyeom’s words don’t sound like a lie. Right now, you may not have someone you like, but what about the future? Su-Gyeom didn’t understand how on earth he could say that so firmly.

Liking someone is an emotion you can’t stop.

“I got it for now. All right, let’s just say it is. I don’t want to insist it’s not. There could have been a misunderstanding. But no matter who you like, I won’t blame you for that. Just don’t let the romance rumor go off.”

It’s actually a sex scandal.

Su-Gyeom emphasized by swallowing back words. Then Lee-Gyeom looked at Su-Gyeom with a firm expression. Su-Gyeom felt the gaze and kept saying things that came to mind.

“To be honest, I don’t remember the other person either because I was out of my mind at the time. But well, who cares. Anyway, even if you don’t like anyone now, in the future…….”

“Who says I don’t like anyone right now?”

“Huh? Do you like someone?”

Su-Gyeom’s eyes widened in surprise at Lee-Gyeom’s rough words. Lee-Gyeom stared at Su-Gyeom.

Is this the confession scene? Please tell me your thoughts through a comment.


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A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

망돌의 공식 수가 되겠습니다
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a ‘bottom’ in the coupling fans had pushed. But because I resented such an image, I attempted to change it by growing out a beard, tanning, and even packing on muscles. As a result of my transformation, an irreversible loss of fandom began… Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down. Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a ‘bottom’ and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be. Then one day, as I had wished, I inexplicably returned to my early debut days… Now all I wished for was happiness! As such, I had vowed to become the ‘bottom’ of U-PITE in earnest and walk only on the path of success. However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my ‘bottom’ act.


  1. Sadie Woods says:

    Even if it IS a confession, as who I’m guessing the final pair is going to be (RIP Yoo-Chan), it won’t go smoothly. Well, it wouldn’t even if they weren’t the final pair with these guys. It’s too early in the plot! But I doubt the confessions would all be believed right away.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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