FI Ch62

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There was a cold silence. Su-Gyeom regretted his actions because he thought he was being too honest. But he couldn’t lie to anyone who asked the truth.

“See, this is why I said I didn’t want to say…….”

“I hit a person……? Who?”

“……a station staff.”


At Su-Gyeom’s words, Han-Sol burst out laughing. Tae-won then burst into laughter feeling speechless.

It was understandable because Han-Sol, who is famous for his good personality, was the person who committed the assault.

Han-Sol himself might have thought it didn’t make sense, and Tae-Won, must have also thought it was ridiculous.

Tae-Won went through a long six-year trainee like Su-Gyeom and has watched Han-Sol for as long as Su-Gyeom. He must also be well aware of how polite and good Han-Sol is. That’s why it was hard to believe that he hit the station staff.

Unfortunately, this was true.

“One is rumored to be dating, and the other is assaulting. Is that it?”

When asked by Seo-Wook, Su-Gyeom shook his head again this time. It would be nice if these two ended up, but it was because they didn’t.

“There’s a rumor that the members are at odds.”





The members each asked back to Su-Gyeom’s answer. They are now more friendly than any other group. They seemed to be amazed by the rumor that the members were at odds. But it was also the truth.

“Tae-Won and Lee-Gyeom fought. There was a video, too.”


“You two were fighting so fiercely…”

Su-Gyeom added with a smile after Tae-Won asked back. Then Tae-Won and Lee-Gyeom faced each other with surprised eyes.

“What else is there? Oh, yes. There was a controversy over a member’s behavior. The behavior controversy was an extension of rumors of discord among members and assault…… The person even took drugs…… narrow.”

“Drugs? Who did drugs? Who?”

Su-Gyeom, who had been lamenting, belatedly tried to cover his mouth, but he couldn’t take back what he had already said.

Su-Gyeom, who felt a cold and frozen atmosphere at the word drug, closed his eyes tightly.

“Drugs, what do you mean? Who does drugs?”

When even Seo-Wook answered in a calm voice, Su-Gyeom bowed his head again. He held his breath for a second and finally answered.



Seo-Wook responded as if he could not believe Su-Gyeom’s words. Well, who can believe it? When he saw the article in his previous life, Su-Gyeom was also so surprised that he thought he was falling backward.

“I did?”

Yoo-Chan seemed perplexed. Su-Gyeom couldn’t answer even when asked back. Then Yoo-Chan looked at Su-Gyeom again and asked.


“Uh, I don’t know what’s going on either. You said you didn’t, but you didn’t explain anything to us.”


Yoo Chan did not say anything to Su-Gyeom’s explanation. Naturally, silence crushed the space with horror.

Su-Gyeom wondered how to break this silence with his dry lips. But no words managed to escape his lips that could help ease the atmosphere. Yoo-chan must be so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak.

“……I see.”


Yoo-Chan grinned bitterly and murmured. He couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t accept it. Su-Gyeom was heartbroken when he replied he understood.

Who can take the phrase ‘you’ll be on drugs in the future’ in a good mood?

Su-Gyeom couldn’t bear to see Yoo-chan like this.

“The reason is… I don’t know why.”

Yoo-Chan readily admitted what might be very painful to him. Instead of accusing Su-Gyeom of lying. Yoo-Chan looked so sorry and grateful, it made Su-Gyeom’s heart even heavier.

“……it was worth talking about.”

After a long time, Tae-Won burst out laughing and muttered. He hasn’t even talked about Yoo-Chan’s gay theory and Su-Gyeom’s military illness yet, but when he said what broke out one by one, they seemed to understand why they disbanded.

“……I know. That’s understandable.”

This time, Lee-Gyeom smiled bitterly and responded. Han-Sol and Yoo-Chan also shook their heads without answering, but Su-Gyeom could not respond like them.


“Why are you sorry? We are the ones who did it.”


“Truth is always painful. You don’t have to be sorry at all for telling that.”

Han-Sol’s voice was somewhat subdued, but his expression was bright. Su-Gyeom felt even worse because he is forcing himself to smile for him.

“Then what’s military disease?”


The time has come. Su-Gyeom coughed in vain at Lee-Gyeom’s sudden question. However, he already answered all the questions so far. He couldn’t just keep his mouth shut about the military disease.

“Oh, that’s just…… It’s just that I’m a little…… I wanted to be a man. So I tried to buff a little.”

However, no matter how honest he doesn’t need to answer everything. Su-Gyeom decided to answer vaguely rather than properly explaining. He decided to speak in a roundabout way.

“You know what a man looked like? I tried to build some muscles.”

“Su-Gyeom, you?”

“Well, yes….”

“Did you gain muscles?”

“Uh, uh… I only ate protein powder, chicken breast, and peanut butter for three meals, so I gain some.”

“……crazy guy.”

“I know, he was a madman.”

Su-Gyeom felt angry after hearing Lee-Gyeom, but he admitted it without hesitation. He was out of his mind. He didn’t know how he managed to eat those things three meals every day.

“That must have looked bad to the fans. Well, that’s understandable. I’m buffing and pretending to be strong…….”

“I can’t imagine it.”

“I know. I can’t believe what you said. Muscular Song Su-Gyeom.”

Fortunately, the members were hooked on a different point. Su-Gyeom breathed a small sigh of relief.

“It was a mess.”

Seo-Wook, who was silent, muttered. Su-Gyeom nodded as if he agreed.

“So U-PITE was disbanded, why are you working part-time at a PC room? You are not working in the entertainment industry anymore.”

“There should be someone who sings it for me…”….”

“I didn’t do anything for you?”

“You did a lot of it. You tried to find me jobs, but even that didn’t last long because the people who were watching didn’t appreciate it.”

“No, it’s not that, but did I let you live by working part-time?”

“Oh, that’s….”

Su-Gyeom tilted his head at Seo-Wook’s question.

Looking back, Seo-Wook tried to help several times since then. He even came to his part-time job and told Su-Gyeom to come into his house.

“Oh, you helped me a lot. Well, I’m sorry, I meant I had my regrets too.”

Seo-Wook closed his mouth tightly at Su-Gyeom’s words. He seemed to be lost in deep thought.

“Yes, let’s say it happened. So why did you die?”

“It’s just that I’m sad…… I regretted it…… I drank and rolled on the stairs.”

“That booze. I told you not to drink.”

When Seo-Wook said scary things, Su-Gyeom was scared for a moment. But on second thought, at that point, U-PITE had already been disbanded. Even yesterday, the director recommended drinking first. He was upset because he couldn’t get angry, saying, “You did tell me not to drink right?”

“But it was after U-PITE was disbanded!”


“Anyway, please don’t let U-PITE break up in this life.”

“Don’t fight, don’t hit anyone, don’t make your relationship obvious, don’t…… Don’t even take drugs.”

Su-Gyeom looked at the members’ faces one by one and said. There could be no opposition. The members nodded lightly.

I’m glad they managed to talk about it. Now there are no more secrets.

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