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When he entered the accommodation, Lee-Gyeom welcomed Su-Gyeom. It would be more appropriate to say that he made eye contact with Lee-Gyeom, sitting on the living room sofa, rather than saying he welcomed him.

“I got something to eat. Did Sol bring it in?”

Su-Gyeom had a playful voice, but he said it proudly.

At the end of the meal a while ago, Su-Gyeom remembered to order additional short rib patties and braised short ribs to wrap because he wanted to feed the members something delicious. Seo-Wook smiled leisurely and allowed Sugyeom’s request.



“You are…… No, that’s enough.”

“What? Why did you stop talking?”

Lee-Gyeom acted as if he were going to say something important but soon cut off what he would say. Su-Gyeom, who was curious, looked at Lee-Gyeom with resentful eyes. Regardless, Lee-Gyeom seemed to have no intention of continuing his words again.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Never mind. Go in and sleep.”

“I’m not sleepy!”

“You’re going to sleep if you lie down, even if you’re not sleepy.”

“Well, that’s true, but…….”

Su-Gyeom, who could not answer back, stuttered in embarrassment. Then Lee-Gyeom snorted as if he knew it.

Su-Gyeom glared resentfully at Lee-Gyeom and soon relieved his glaring eyes at the thought that came to mind. Lee-Gyeom narrowed his eyes to see what Su-Gyeom wanted to say.

“Say it.”

“Oh, awesome. Did you notice that I wanted to say something?”

“I can read your thoughts. It’s weird that I can’t.”

“You don’t speak very nicely. Bad luck.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Lee-Gyeom was not affected by Su-Gyeom’s attack. He only answered him in a casual way. At that appearance, Su-Gyeom sincerely felt unlucky but soon realized he was disappointed and endured the irritation.

“You know, Lee-Gyeom.”


“Sol seems jealous of me. What should I do?”

“…… what?”

At Su-Gyeom’s words, Lee-Gyeom asked back as if he was suspicious of what he had heard. Su-gyeom repeated the exact words once again.

“I think Sol is jealous of me because I’m close to the director.”

“Jealous of you? Not the other way around?”

“Opposite? Jealous of the director? What? Why would he be jealous of the director?

Su-Gyeom, crumpled his face as if indicating he was saying all sorts of things. Then Lee-Gyeom clicked his tongue, telling him to listen.

“That’s what you do.”

“What? What did I do?”

“Never mind. You don’t understand even if I tell you. Forget it. Han-Sol is funny. You pretended you weren’t.”

“Why are you picking a fight? And why is Sol so funny? He can be jealous.”

The furious Su-Gyeom raised his voice. Regardless of that, Lee-Gyeom only laughed and shook his head.

The choreography for the first digital single album, “Wish flower,” has been released. Since the song is a calm ballad, the choreography was also relatively simple. It was a choreography that could be monotonous, so they used a standing microphone.

Thanks to the fact that it was not difficult to learn, U-PITE was able to complete the choreography in a day. Even that included when Su-Gyeom, the weakest dancer, learned everything.

“It’s done!”

Although he did crawl.

Su-Gyeom lay on the floor in relief that he had mastered the choreography. He naturally crawled and lay down on Tae-Won’s thigh.

“Hyung, I worked hard.”

“Yes, you did a great job.”

Although everyone practiced the choreography together, Tae-Won kindly accepted Su-Gyeom’s playful words. Su-Gyeom groaned like a cat and buried his face in Tae-Won’s lap.

“Let’s take a break for 10 minutes and do it five more times.”

“Wow…… the devil.”

At Tae-Won’s words, Su-Gyeom raised his face and stared resentfully at Tae-Won. Even so, Tae-Won only shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll take a video while you guys are resting. Just do what you do.” Manager Min-Seung took out the camera as if he had been waiting.

No matter how natural the scene was, it was true that it was a bit burdensome because he couldn’t just relax in front of the camera. However, Su-Gyeom thought that even this was the path to success, so he was looking forward to it.

Su-Gyeom smiled brightly, drawing a V shape with his hand toward the camera approaching him. Of course, while lying on Tae-Won’s knees.

“Su-Gyeom is totally out of his mind. It’s hard.”

Tae-won looked at the camera and pointed at the stretched Su-gyeom with his finger when he heard that. Su-Gyeom seemed to have thought of something.

“It’s because of you.”

“What did I do?”

“I guess everyone thinks it’s their physical strength. I can’t keep up with your stamina. Do it gently.”

“Oh my… you are funny, Su-Gyeom.”

“Be gentle when you use your body.”

Su-Gyeom hit the chain once more. Of course, it would be a story related to choreography practice in a situation. Still, it left room for imagination as much as possible regarding body use depending on the listener.

“Our Orbis, we’re practicing hard. Please look forward to it!”

In time, Han-Sol intervened and organized the atmosphere. Su-Gyeom looked at Han-Sol at the satisfactory timing, but when he made eye contact with Su-Gyeom, he turned his head. He thought it was just him, but it wasn’t an illusion, no matter how much he thought about it.

Han-Sol is avoiding Su-Gyeom. He thought it was a coincidence, but as it overlapped several times, he couldn’t think of it as a coincidence anymore.

After today’s practice, Su-Gyeom vowed to talk to him about why he was doing this.

But that was the next thing. The urgent thing was the recent shooting.

Su-Gyeom smiled brightly at the camera as if nothing had happened, got up from his seat, and leaned against Yoo-Chan.

Yoo-Chan seemed surprised for a moment and smiled shyly, and gave Su-Gyeom his shoulder so he could lean comfortably. Su-Gyeom naturally made eye contact with Yoo-Chan and murmured.

[Korea is also an oil-producing country]]

Author: What’s your nickname?

Did you see TaeGyeom explode?

Oil-producing countries, go away. These are our country’s oil-producing assets.

LWhat are you saying hahahaha

L That’s true.…. Yes… That’s right.…

[It’s not your first time, right?]

Author: Work like DP

I’m not the only one looking at Su-Gyeom lying on Tae-Won’s knees, right?

L Is it because they did that thing, so Tae-Won is lending his knees?

L I was so surprised.

L Are they really dating?

L What? What’s going on?

L You don’t know. They are dating

L They are in the same boat.

L Stop speaking backward!

L So you don’t like it?

L I love it. They should get married.

[You have to be gentle when you use your body]

Author: Ship TaeGyeom

You have to be gentle when you use your body.

You have to be gentle when you use your body.

You have to be gentle when you use your body.

You have to be gentle when you use your body.

You have to be gentle when you use your body.

Are you crazy?…

What the hell are you doing, man? Take it easy on everything you use

What the hell are you doing, huh? I know. Let’s know together.

Tae-Won, did you use your body to do something, so Su-Gyeom was forced to say that on air?

Tell me in more detail.

L I thought I was going to faint there too……

L??????? Did he say this on air? I didn’t get to watch today’s broadcast. Did the broadcast get banned?

L○○○○○○I told him to be gentle with Tae-Won

L Oh my…

[Sugyeom is leaning on YOO CHAN]

Author: 200 ml milk side dish

Su-Gyeom, aren’t you smiling because you’re leaning on him?

My heart is burning

[Lee-Gyeom’s residence…]

Author: It was Lee-Gyeom

It’s Lee-Gyeom’s fault.

Please make a fuss about Lee-Gyeom picking him up at his house.

Lee-Gyeom at his house while they cuddle

L Let’s go

L Steal him

L Steal him

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