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Su-Gyeom, who went to meet composer Jae-Jin without much thought, felt despair in front of Jae-jin’s tightly locked room.

Obviously, Han-Sol said he had to meet Jae-Jin today in the morning, so he thought Jae-jin would be nearby. He thought he only locked the door because he was out for a while. However, Su-Gyeom’s idea was nothing but an illusion.

When he called Jae-Jin, he said he went to the countryside on a day trip because there was no contact.

Su-Gyeom, who unintentionally faced the wind, was staring blankly at the closed door.

While he was out, he was planning to have lunch with Jae-Jin, but all of the original plans looked wrong.

“Sol said he was busy tomorrow, but he must have misunderstood the date.”

“It was a shame, but there was nothing I could do.”

It was somewhat unfair for Su-Gyeom, whose main habitat is the accommodation, to leave the house without work, he is not leisure enough to walk around to go around if it isn’t work.

It was time to turn around to go back to the accommodation.

“What are you doing?”

He looked back at the familiar voice, and saw Lee-Gyeom standing behind him.

Su-Gyeom, who met him when he had nowhere to go because his appointment his was broken, raised his voice with joy.

“Oh, Lee-Gyeom! Are you here to see Jae-Jin? But he’s in the countryside right now.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. You should come next time.”

“Oh, well. That’s fine.”

Unlike Su-Gyeom, who became quite depressed due to Jae-Jin’s absence, Lee-Gyeom seemed a feel it was a shame, but he didn’t seem too disappointed.

Su-Gyeom quickly looked at Lee-Gyeom, who was in the same situation as him.

“Lee-Gyeom, then you don’t have anything to do right now, do you?”

“Uh… Why are you asking?”

Su-Gyeom smiled satisfactorily at Lee-Gyeom’s answer.

Yes, lucky. It’s good for him.

” Oh, really? That’s good. I felt it was unfair when I came out and would go need to go back into the dorm right away. Let’s eat and go back.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“Oh yeah!”

Su-Gyeom was genuinely happy. As Su-gyeom, felt it was best to stay at home, so when he came out with a big heart, but there was nothing he became upset and felt it was unfair as there was nothing to do.

Then, he met Lee-Gyeom who also wasted my time, so it was a relief.

“What should we eat?”

“Oh, let’s search for it.”


“The hashtag of a good restaurant!”

Su-Gyeom replied brightly to Lee-Gyeom’s question. He quickly searched for “#Su-gyeom_If you don’t eat, I’ll eat you” on SNS with a blue bird on it. A list of many good restaurants came out.

He felt hungry just by looking at the picture.

“Hand-made burgers, pasta, and so on. An oven pizza sounds good, too. There is also an omurice restaurant. The variety of Korean food sounds delicious, too.”

Among the many restaurant, he recited the most eye catching food. Lee-Gyeom shrugged. He was trying to find food through the hashtag again, wondering if there was anything else.

“I like everything so you can choose.”



After hearing the answer, Su-Gyeom smiled satisfactory. Unlike him Lee-Gyeom did not eat unbalanced meals.

Although he doesn’t like paprika, it isn’t a big deal since there aren’t a lot of food with it.

“Hey, lets eat tonkatsu! The tonkatsu here is very thick.”

Su-Gyeom pushed a picture of a tonkatsu to Lee-Gyeom. The tonkatsu almost the size of the fist looked apetizing. It also isn’t that far from the company.

“40 minutes by subway and about 20 minutes by taxi.”

“Let’s take the taxi and I’ll pay.”

“Huh, really? Great.”

Su-Gyeom smiled broadly and quickly stood beside Lee-Gyeom. Lee-Gyeom took the lead while he reluctantly followed.


Before long, the two arrived at a tonkatsu restaurant. Su-Gyeom ordered a thick tonkatsu and cold buckwheat noodles set, while Lee-Gyeom ordered a set meal with udon in tonkatsu.

“Wow, it looks delicious.”

Su-Gyeom happily bit a piece of the tonkatsu. The juicy pork cutlet maintained a moist texture even in its thick thickness. The cabbage salad served together was also fresh and delicious.

“My fans know how to eat it!”

It was a food that perfectly matched Su-Gyeom’s taste, though he simply have a child’s taste. Su-Gyeom, who was so happy, was also eating the cold buckwheat noodles.

“Oh, but why aren’t you eating?”

While Su-Gyeom was eating, Lee Gyeom was just watching him eat.

I’ll open it. Looking at the smile, I felt good, but I was worried because I wasn’t eating this delicious food in front of me.

“I’m eating.”

“You didn’t even touch it.”

“I did.”

“Oh, what the heck!”

Lee-Gyeom replied casually, and he stabbed the pork cutlet with chopsticks. Su-Gyeom was outraged by the energy, but he looked fine. Rather, he even seemed to be enjoying himself.

On the contrary, Su-Gyeom made a dissatisfied look at his eyes his, and soon the irritation that had risen for a while in the pork cutlet in front of him melted away.

“As expected of our Orbis…You know my taste best.”

“It’s hard not to know your taste.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“That’s how simple you are… “


Su-Gyeom raised his voice and quickly closed his mouth. He came in with his face covered with a hat and a mask, but he need to be discrete not to catch people’s attention.

Lee-Gyeom laughed quietly as if he had even noticed that Su-Gyeom could no longer be angry because of the people.

In the end, Su-Gyeom made a brave move and emptied all the pork cutlet and cold buckwheat noodles.

“Oh, I’m full. Thank you for the meal!”

Su-Gyeom said in a happy voice, forgetting the irritation earlier. Somehow, Lee-Gyeom paid for the taxi himself, but he also bought him food. Thanks to that, Su-Gyeom felt even better.

“Oh, it’s an arcade. Do you want to go in?”

He was so full that he needed to move and digest. Well, in fact, if you think about it, how much activity it would be in the arcade, but now he is too full to think about it.

“All right.”

Lee-gyeom agreed with Su-Gyeom. They went inside the arcade and could hear the electronic sound of the game everywhere.

It was fortunate that there were not many people because it was weekday daytime. Su-Gyeom quickly changed his 5,000 won bill into coins.

“Will you use that much?”

“Yeah, 5,000 won at the arcade is the price of chewing gum. It disappears in seconds.”

”It’s not because you’re bad?”


Su-Gyeom, who was furious, was the first to head to the gunfight game with a lot of activity. It was a game to catch zombies, but he had played it a few times before.

“Do you know how to play this?”

“Don’t you just have to shoot?”

“Yes, just shoot them all .”

Su-Gyeom, who fiercely responded to Lee-Gyeom’s answer, slipped the 500 won coin he had exchanged. The game started as soon as he inserted the coin.

“Oh, zombies, oh, zombies, I hate them so much!”

“Why do you play this game when you hate it so much?”

“‘I want to kill them because I don’t like zombies”

At his reasonable answer Lee-Gyeom quietly shook his head. The two shots for a while. Although it is the first time with Su-Gyeom, who has experience, the two quickly met the first-stage boss without dying a few times thanks to Lee-Gyeom, who has good dynamic vision and quick response.

“Oh, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”

“Don’t die.”

“Even if you tell me not to die, it’s going to go my way… Oh, I’m dead.”

Su-Gyeom pushed the coin in a mixed mood. While Su-gyeom was just resurrected, Lee-Gyeom died this time.

“Hey, why did you die?”

“Why did you die then?”

The two, who had done quite well before the boss, quickly squandered 5,000 won. Su-Gyeom’s eyes drooped as he looked at the words “GAME OVER” written on the screen.

“You are dead.”

“Let’s change more money.”

“What did you say to me earlier? Didn’t you ask me why I am using that much?”

“I’ll change for some coins.” When Lee-Gyeom notice he was in a disadvantage, he said what I wanted to say and went to change coins. Su-Gyeom wanted to punch his back, because he was so annoying.

“I changed it.”

“Heeek, how much did you change?”

“20,000 won.”

“What… Where’s the person who said 5,000 won a lot?”

Su-Gyeom grumbled but received a 500 won bill that Lee-Gyeom gave him. Su-gyeom, who filled the coin, looked around.Among them, he stopped in front of the claw machine. It was a puppet, a claw machine full of pretty cute dolls with pink hair and blue eyes.

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A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

망돌의 공식 수가 되겠습니다
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a ‘bottom’ in the coupling fans had pushed. But because I resented such an image, I attempted to change it by growing out a beard, tanning, and even packing on muscles. As a result of my transformation, an irreversible loss of fandom began… Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down. Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a ‘bottom’ and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be. Then one day, as I had wished, I inexplicably returned to my early debut days… Now all I wished for was happiness! As such, I had vowed to become the ‘bottom’ of U-PITE in earnest and walk only on the path of success. However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my ‘bottom’ act.


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