FI Ch48

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“Hey, but if you’re so embarrassed, I’ll look too trashy!”

Su-Gyeom spoke more exaggeratedly to soothe his embarrassment. However, Yoo-Chan’s face, which once turned red, did not return to normal. Perhaps because his original skin color was so white, his face seemed to be exceptionally red now.

“Your face is going to explode!”

“I’m sorry, but I would be looking forward to it.”


Su-Gyeom lost his words and his eyes widened.

What does he mean sorry?

And what does he mean he’s looking forward to it?

“Why are you looking forward to it?”

“I didn’t know why hyung would say that.”

He still can’t understand. While Su-Gyeom was working hard to understand what he said, Yoo-Chan smiled and emphasized.

“I’ll look forward to it.”


Yoo-Chan hid himself in his room without answering back to the question he asked. Su-Gyeom lay alone in the living room and blinked blankly.

“How long are you going to lie down?”

Tae-Won, who was leaving the room and heading to the kitchen, clicked his tongue when he saw Su-Gyeom.

Actually, it was understandable. When Su-Gyeom arrived at the accommodation, he was laying on his back alone and motionless. Even when the members were busy changing clothes and taking a shower, he is still laying down.

Thinking that it was time to get up, the body chose to lie down independently without following the brain’s command. In the end, he kept lying blank and looking at the ceiling.

Taewon came out of the kitchen.

“What are you doing lying down all the time?”



“Yes, lying down is my hobby.”

“What an uproductive hobby.”

“Yes, I think so, too. “

He laughed, saying, “Hurry up and take a shower. So that you can sleep.”

“Can’t I not wash up?”

“If you ask like that, there’s nothing I can do.”

At Su-Gyeom’s question, Tae-Won was lost for words. It’s not like there’s a law that you can’t sleep without taking a shower.

“Then go to your room and lie down.Your back will hurt.”

“’Well, I don’t want to. I’m going to wash up.”

Su-Gyeom was fickle. At the words, Tae-won furrowed his brows dissatisfiedly and clicked his tongue, but Su-Gyeom did not care.

In the first place, Su-Gyeom didn’t intend to sleep without washing. He had to remove his makeup, because he felt uncomfortable wearing it to sleep.

However, he didn’t want to move so much that he just said something that doesn’t made sense.

“Then take a bath quickly.”

“Please wash me.”

“Go and wash up before I really wash you.”

“Wash me! Wash me!”

Su-Gyeom said playfully. Of course, he didn’t really mean to ask Tae-Won to wash him up. As always, he meant to play a prank on Tae-Won.

“Oh, oh, oh! What, what! Drop me off!”

Therefore, it was unexpected when he lifted and move Su-Gyeom.

Su-Gyeom struggled with his big eyes wide open. However, Tae-Won did not seem to have any intention of letting Su-Gyeom go.

“Ah, what are you doing?! ”

Tae-Won finally took Su-Gyeom to the bathroom.

Su-Gyeom was genuinely embarrassed because he begged to be washed, but he didn’t know he would really move himself to the bathroom.

“Take it off.”


Su-Gyeom doubted his ears.

Right now… Did Tae-Won really told him to take his clothes off? Really?

Surprised, Su-Gyeom looked at Tae-Won with surprised rabbit eyes.

“Take it off.”

“What’s wrong with you, hyung?!”

He guess he didn’t hear it wrong. Tae-Won looked so serious.

He narrow the distance by taking one step at a time, and he was really ready to take off Su-Gyeom’s clothes right away.

“You asked me to wash you.”

“Oh, of course I’m kidding! You can’t be serious No, you want to wash me?”

“Well, I can.”

“No, you have to say you can’t! Hurry up and get out! Hurry up!”

Su-Gyeom quickly kicked Tae-Won out of the bathroom, disgusted with Tae-Won’s serious words. He was not easily pushed by Su-Gyeom, but fortunately, he didn’t hold out at all with strength.

It was difficult, but Su-Gyeom, who kicked Tae-Won out, finally wiped his sweat.


“Wake up.”

“I don’t want to…”

“Don’t you know that waking you up is in my daily routine.”

“ I don’t know. ”

“Hurry up and wake up.”

Lee-Gyeom took the blanket away from Su-Gyeom. Then, he raised Su-Gyeom sat him down.

As soon as he was about to feel dissatisfied that he was moved, Su-Gyeom’s closed eyes opened to the fact that it smelled savory and sweet.

“What is that smell?”



Su-Gyeom jumped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. As Lee-Gyeom said, several thick hot cakes were stacked on the plate. It was a perfect table with sausages, bacon, and ricotta cheese salad.

Su-Gyeom sat down at the table smiling as brightly as ever. Starting with orange juice filled with large glasses, Su-Gyeom took the hotcake off the front plate. He also didn’t forget to sprinkle a lot of maple syrup.

“Um, it’s delicious.”

Su-Gyeom trembled with happiness.

There was a smile on Yu-Gyeom’s mouth when he saw it. He quietly took the salad to Su-Gyeom’s plate. It was a salad made only of light and soft baby leaves and fruits, as if to matched Su-Gyeom’s taste, who hates bitter grass. In addition, he added a lot of ricotta cheese.

“Eat vegetables, too.”

“’I don’t like vegetables.”

“Half is cheese.”

“That looks like it.”

At Lee-Gyeom’s words, Su-Gyeom pretended to be unable to win and ate the salad. In fact, Su-Gyeom liked the salad made by Lee-Gyeom. The vegetable was not bitter, there was plenty of fruit, and there was plenty of ricotta cheese, which was quite delicious for a salad.

“Hyung, what are you doing today?”

Su-Gyeom, who was eating breakfast excitedly, thought about his schedule today when asked by Yoo-Chan. After checking it over and over again, Su-Gyeom opened his mouth after realizing that there was nothing important.

“Me? I don’t think there’s anything today.”

“Then do you want to go somewhere with me?”

“Oh? Where?”

“There’s a place I want to go with hyung.”

“With me?”

“Yes. With hyung.”

“Uh… That….”

Su-Gyeom’s words were cut off by Han-Sol’s words.

“You have to meet Jae-Jin today.”

“Oh? Really?”

” Didn’t he just tell you he would drop by this week?”

Jae-Jin was an exclusive composer belonging to the company.

He said he had something to say to Su-Gyeom, then he asked him to come when he had time this week.

Today was Thursday. Even if Jae-Jin won’t come to the company on weekends, there is one more day left before Friday. Therefore, Su-Gyeom tilted his head at Han-Sol’s words.

“Jae-Jin is busy tomorrow.”

“Oh, really? Did he tell you?”

“Yes. Was it Tuesday? Anyway, I ran into him on my way to the practice room.”

“Is that so? That’s what they said, Yoo-Chan. I don’t know where it is, but let’s go together next time.”

It was a suggestion from Yoo-Chan, who rarely got along with the members. He was afraid he would distance himself, so Su-Gyeom was burdened by the fact that he could not accept the suggestion.

So, even if it doesn’t work today, he really wanted to listen to Yoo-Chan as soon as possible.

” It’s okay.”

Yoo-chan laughed, saying it was okay, but he couldn’t hide his disappointed voice. The voice broke his heart. Su-gyeom quickly opened his mouth.

“Yoo-Chan, shall we go tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow, too! Do you have free time the day after tomorrow! Or when are you free?? Let’s go another day!”


“Sure! Is it just today?”

“We can go another day! ”

“Of course, if it needs to be today, I’m sorry… . Still, let’s go another day, okay?”

Su-Gyeom couldn’ t disappoint Yoo-Chan, as hyung. He looked at Yoo-Chan with a determined look.

“Then… shall we go tomorrow?”

“‘Yes, sounds good! Let’s go tomorrow!”

Su-Gyeom folded his eyes and smiled broadly. Only then did Yoo-chan smile clearly without any hint of shadow. Su-Gyeom was relieved only after seeing that expression.

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