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As the meeting dragged on, U-PITE was forced to take a break.

Han-Sol and Tae-Won disappeared because they were going to the bathroom, and it was unknown where Yoo-Chan went.

So Su-Gyeom and Lee-Gyeom were standing apart.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“‘I’m fine. . .…I’m not okay, to be honest, but what can I do? It’s okay because I’m not hurt,”

Su-Gyeom said honestly in a bitter voice when asked by Lee-Gyeom. He was really surprised, and he was still so scared that he didn’t know what to do. But he is a position where the camera is in front of him, and this broadcast was really important to him.

So he had to be okay even if he wasn’t okay.



Su-Gyeom opened his eyes and stared at Lee-Gyeom at the sudden criticism.

Despite Su-Gyeom’s fierce eyes, he did not seem to intend to take back what he said.

“You idiot.”

“‘Why are you picking a fight all of a sudden? Why am I an idiot!”

“You still don’t know why I’m doing this. That’s why you are an idiot.”

“No, you’re fighting me because you have a problem with your personality, how would I know why?! Answer! There’s a difference with proble, and personality problem!”

Su-Gyeom answered with a huff, but Lee-Gyeom was still unshakable.

Su-Gyeom was heated to the fullest by the reaction. When Su-Gyeom was about to open his mouth to say something, Lee-Gyeom said.

“When you’re not okay, make a fuss about not being okay. Usually, you make a fuss about nothing, but why do you stay still when it’s important?”

The broadcast is more important.

Su-gyeom swallowed the last words he was going to say. It was because it didn’t seem good to say it now.

He understands why Lee-Gyeom is saying that. It’s not a very pretty and beautiful way, but Lee-Gyeom was now worrying about Su-Gyeom in his own way. Knowing that, Su-gyeom could no longer say anything to him.Instead, there was something set to say.

“I’m sorry to worry you.”

“‘Why do you apologize for that?”

“As an adult, sometimes you don’t need to apologize for something you didn’t do. Do you understand?”

“Yes, you are a great adult.”

“Of course, I’m an adult. I guess you don’t know, but my birthday is over two months earlier than yours. Even if we talked about flipping, I’m two months earlier than you! I held my head down two months before you!”

“Yeah, I envy you.”

Su-Gyeom glared resentfully at Lee-Gyeom, who firmly forbids his words. He would like to give him a big punch, but it was a pity that he couldn’t because there were many cameras.
“Hyung, drink this.”

Yoo-Chan, who knew how Su-gyeom was feeling appeared and brought him a glass.

It is a steaming, hot-looking green tea.


“I know you don’t like hot things, but you shouldn’t drink cold things when it’s cold like now.”

“Yoo-Chan, don’t ignore the Cold Drinking Association.”

“You can overcome it.”

“I’m not really freezing to death, I’m afraid I’ll catch a cold. I think members of the Cold Drinking Association will not catch a cold?”

Unlike usual Yoo-Chan, Su-Gyeom accepted green tea with playful words.

If it was another member who gave this to him, he would have made a fuss about not liking hot things even if he died from cold, but he couldn’t because it was the youngest, Yoo-Chan.

Su-Gyeom, who was trying to take a sip of hot green tea in consideration of Yoo-Chan’s sincerity. It only touched his lips, then he took it off his mouth in surprise.

“Hyuk, it’s too hot. I can’t drink. I can’t drink it.”

“It cools down quickly. Use it to keep your hands warm. I think it’s a substitute for a stove.”

Su-Gyeom couldn’t complain anymore after hearing such a story. As he said, he liked it because his hands were warm and not cold when he held it. He felt like he was relieved from the courage test due to the warmth spreading after the melting cold.

Su-Gyeom slowly looked around with a lighter heart. Then, when he saw a star stuck in the night sky, his eyes sparkled.

“Wow, there are so many stars. Yoo-Chan, look at the sky. There are so many stars.”

“I know. There are so many.”

“It’s pretty…”

“That’s right, it’s pretty.”

“No, look at the sky. Why do you say I’m pretty?”

“I’m looking at the sky.”

“Really? Well, then I have nothing to say.”

Su-Gyeom could no longer refute Yoo-Chan’s calm words.In the meantime, Yoo-chan’s eyes were straight on Su-Gyeom’s face.

Su-Gyeom blushed with embarrassment at the gaze that followed him throughout.Somehow, he felt uncomfortable facing his eyes, so he was looking in the distance and avoiding eye contact with him.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, hello, Mr. PD! It’s nothing much. I was just saying there are a lot of stars.”

Suddenly, a producer approached Su-Gyeom, and he becames nervous without realizing it.Considering the professional characteristics of being a PD, Su-Gyeom, a new entertainer, had no choice but to become timid compared to him.

Whether he knows how Su-gyeom feels or not, the PD did not intend to go, but intervened between Lee-Gyeom, Yoo-Chan, and Su-Gyeom.

“Do you know my name?”

“Uh, no… I’m sorry…”

Su-Gyeom laughed out of embarrassment. Then, the PD nodded and laughed, saying, “I knew it would happen.”

“It’s okay, that’s possible. I’m producer Oh Je-Hyun.”

“Ah. I’ll memorize it!”

When Su-Gyeom raised his fist and said, Je-Hyun smiled as if it was funny. Objectively, he was a good looking person with a pretty cool impression. Su-Gyeom glanced at his face.

“I guess U-PITE members are close to each other.”

“When I’m filming, I see a lot of groups that aren’t.”

“Yes, there are so many idols who hate each other even during the shoot.”

“PD Jae-Hyun led the conversation skillfully.”

Su-Gyeom forgot the inconvenience he felt for the first time and fell into the conversation. At the same time, he was so immersed in the conversation that he forgot to be careful not to make mistakes against him.

“It’s nice to see you are on good terms.”

“Hehe, thank you.”

Su-Gyeom replied with a bright smile.In order to survive in the broadcasting industry for a long time, you have to be self-conscious and gently curry favor with the PD.

However, the two men next to him, Lee-Gyeom and Yoo-Chan were born like wooden stones, so they were far from being tactless.Even now, they were not involved in the conversation at all.

Because of that, Su-Gyeom had no choice but to do their part. He smiled more and looked at Jae-Hyun’s face.

“What I was really surprised about was that Su-Gyeom went through something scary earlier, but he was more determined than I thought. I thought you look very timid and soft. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean anything bad.”

“You misunderstood, not at all.”

“If so, I’m glad. Anyway, it was amazing To be honest, even if you said you couldn’t film it, it was an understandable incident.”

“Well, I still have to finish filming.”

“Oh, that’s great. That kind of mind.”

Je-Hyun smiled, shaking his head to see if Su-Gyeom was really satisfied with what he said. At this time, Su-Gyeom vowed to make a good impression on him.

“It must have been scary, but are you okay now?”

“Oh, yes, that’s fine. There are members… Since it’s a horror experience broadcast, we’re going to experience this. How can I hear a ghost’s voice so vividly?”

“Why, I heard that many celebrities see ghosts, too.”

“Oh, that’s right. I’ve heard that before. But I’ve never done that before.”

“Then this must have been a big deal. But thank you for not running away and buttering me.”

“Of course! I’m so happy to be on a variety show like this. Isn’t that right, Lee-Gyeom? Right, Yoo-Chan?”

Su-Gyeom asked for the consent of the two people next to him to exaggerate. Then, the two nodded slowly as if they couldn’t help it because they couldn’t beat Su-Gyeom’s words.

“Haha, they’re a little slow.”

Su-Gyeom quickly made an excuse after seeing that. Je-Hyun nodded, saying to himself, “I see.”

Then suddenly, he raised his head and looked directly at Su-Gyeom.

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A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

A Failed Idol’s Rise to Bottom

망돌의 공식 수가 되겠습니다
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a ‘bottom’ in the coupling fans had pushed. But because I resented such an image, I attempted to change it by growing out a beard, tanning, and even packing on muscles. As a result of my transformation, an irreversible loss of fandom began… Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down. Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a ‘bottom’ and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be. Then one day, as I had wished, I inexplicably returned to my early debut days… Now all I wished for was happiness! As such, I had vowed to become the ‘bottom’ of U-PITE in earnest and walk only on the path of success. However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my ‘bottom’ act.


  1. Lala says:

    The PD is giving me weird vibes man.
    Thank you for translating!! I can’t wait for more chapter! ❤

  2. Sadie Woods says:

    This flattery of the PD sure could look like flirting to a jealous love interest or pervy PD. Our adorable Su-Gyeom is good at attracting bees and butterflies!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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